Tantra 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati trapped inside Jalsa

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Tantra 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kanchan and Damini were together. Kanchan was afraid that this man will give Niyati the remedy to their Tantra. Damini says he won’t be left worth speaking a word. Damini works with the movement of her hands and a rod flies off towards Baba. He stops it with the movement of his hand and divert the direction of the rod. It was stormy at once, Baba stops a post of light from falling off. The windows of the house shatter and fell off but also stopped by Baba. This time, water from the pool takes form of tornado moving out. Baba wasn’t able to control it and runs for his life, but tells Niyati she will get the remedy for the Tanta in Tantra Nagri. Niyati wonders where she will find that Tantra Nagri now? Soon, the gates of Jalsa were locked. Niyati tries to escape through the car. The gates were locked, the bumper of car crashes but gate was untouched. The earth beneath her torn and she runs inside.
Inside Jalsa, Niyati screams while being terrified. She was determined to break the effect of Tantra. As she tries to open the main door again, the door pushes her back and she comes flying in the hall. Niyati thinks the house has kidnapped her and won’t let her go out. She spots her cell phone and decides to call Papa. As soon as she holds the phone, there was a spark from the socket. Niyati gets an electric shock and the cell phone catches fire. She now moves towards landline and cautiously holds it.
Khanna family silently drove in the dark. Akshat thinks he must have been with Niyati. Prithvi gets a call from Niyati but something strikes Niyati and the phone fells off. Prithvi was worried as there was no reply from the other side. Prithvi couldn’t connect to Niyati’s cell phone. He says Niyati never calls from Landline, he must not have left her alone. Akshat asks Prithvi to call Mama Ji (maternal uncle) who is in Missouri. He can check Niyati.
Niyati runs upstairs to save herself.
Baba walks in the midst of the forest and decides to tell that girl about the whereabouts of Tantra-Nagri. Some wild dogs gather Baba and drag him down. Damini and Kanchan watch this, Damini thinks her wild dogs will even chew the bones of this man. They decide to fix Niyati as she knows a lot about Damini.
Niyati knocks the window of her room’s door calling for help. She shouts for help to get out of the house. There, Damini sat in front of her Tantra and says even Niyati will soon meet Nirwan now, she herself would do her coronation as well. No one will find her dead body like Mohan, Shambu and Geeta. Kanchan stops Damini and asks if there isn’t any way to silence Niyati? Damini says Niyati would go to Tanta Nagri and will find a remedy against her Tantra. Her yearlong efforts and revenge of Kanchan’s father will be left unaccomplished. She tells Kanchan how Prithvi slapped his young brother for demanding his legal share, then disowned him. He had instead allowed Kanchan’s pregnant mother to stay, but her husband took his wife along. Later, Prithvi accused his brother will fake allegations, he was left jobless and ultimately took his own life. Damini had reached the body of her deceased brother in law. She asks Kanchan how she can forget the valuable blood of her father so easily. Kanchan questions Damini why Prithvi blamed her father of treachery? Was he really guilty? Damini replies it was a tactic to rid him of his rightful share only. Kanchan says she wants revenge for her father’s bloodshed. Damini continues her Tantra.

PRECAP: Damini and Kanchan watch Niyati being pulled into the mirror of dresser. Bharat Rathod arrive at Jalsa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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