Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 30

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“Aankho Ki Gehrai Ko
Samaj Nahi Sakte
Honto Se Kuch Keh Nahi Sakte
Kaise Baya Kare Hum Aapko
Yeh Dil Ka Hal Ki-
Tumhi Ho Jiske Bageir
Hum,Reh Nahi Sakte…….”

Anika is seen sitting in the hall holding the photo frame of Shivaay,close to her heart.She says in her mind-

“Where are you Shivaay?

Right that moment door bell rings.Anika gets happy and runs to open it.Opening the door she finds someone is standing with a big flower bouquet.Watching that closely,Anika turns her back.She says nothing.Waiting few minutes that person says behind the flower bouquet-See,I said na she is very adamant.Took the vow of silence when it’s time to attack.Smile appears in her lips but suppressed forcefully.
Shivaay Singh Oberoi peeps out of the bouquet.

Shivaay:Anika,look at me.I know I am late but……Without listening Anika pushes him aside with her hands then heads for outside.
Shivaay:Anika,where are you going?
Anika is in the lawn garden.She is standing near a wooden garden table crossing her hand over chest.Shivaay comes somewhat running and says-

Shivaay:I know you are angry but…..He could not finish his sentence as Anika turns to face him.Shivaay stops immediately watching her adorned with mangalsutra and sindoor.Anika’s face is glowing more beautifully.Shivaay blinks slowly.But Anika breaks his trance and starts searching something coming close to Shivaay.

Shivaay:What,what are you trying to do?
Anika:Where is it?Where?
Anika:My sautan your phone!Kindly bring it out.He takes out the phone then gets shocked watching it.
Shivaay:9…95 missed calls???
Anika:Great na?So sorry that I could not score century in calling you! Anika’s voice raises-

Where have you gone vanished that you could not make a call or bother to check the phone?Chinta kar kar ke meri adhi baal hogayi aur aap?Kaise kar lete hai aap?Do you have any idea what I have gone through in these hours?Shivaay tries to stop Anika but that goes in vain.

Anika:Don’t try to stop me.These husband species think they can do anything of their wish!
Honge aap Shivaay Singh Oberoi par aapke faltu nakhre noorjahake mere samne chalne nahi wala,samjhe aap?Anika turns her back on Shivaay once again.
Shivaay scratches his head watching Anika getting furious like that.He says-

Shivaay:I think you have not eaten anything in lunch that’s why you are so angry,no Anika?
Turning towards Shivaay she says-
Anika:Of course.How can you miss that point?As you know very well that I am a cooking illiterate so I will be in empty stomach and that’s my only concern right?I was sick worried and you are cracking joke?Shivaay tries to hold her hand-

Anika:Just don’t touch me.She turns her back in anger,again.
Shivaay is feeling helpless to tell anything.Then,stepping ahead,he back-hugs Anika.She tries to move out but Shivaay does not let her tightening the hug.He is getting the sweet scent of Anika’s hair which is quite intoxicating.

Shivaay:I am sorry Anika.I did not do it intentionally.Just did not realize the time.You know,it’s not your work to worry and take pressure but mine.Why did you bother yourself?I can understand what you went through but trust me Anika I………He could not finish.Anika turns suddenly and captured Shivaay in her arms.She starts crying putting her chin on Shivaay’s shoulder.All her tensions,worries,fear,anger are melting down in his arms.
Shivaay does not stop Anika from crying.Instead he wraps his hands around her more closely while caressing her hair.Few minutes pass like that.Finally Anika retreats from the hug.She is looking down.Eyes are still moist.Shivaay wipes out remaining traces of tears.

Shivaay:Next time you should be careful before crying like that Anika.It can cost your make-up budget in extra money.Is it a fair deal?
Smiling Anika hits Shivaay in his shoulder.Shivaay too smiles back at her.

Shivaay:Shall we go inside?He tries to move but Anika stops him holding his hand-
Anika:One minute.My sindoor got smeared in your face.Let me clean it.
Taking one corner of her dupatta,Anika starts cleaning the patch of sindoor from Shivaay’s face.He keeps looking at her with a smile in his lips.Anika’s hair flies around Shivaay’s face getting the touch of air.

Song Plays

“Aankhein Teri…….
Kitni Haseen
Ke Inka Aashiq,Main Ban Gaya Hoon
Mujhko Basaa Le,Inme Tu
Mujshe Yeh Har Ghadi,Mere Dil Kahe
Tu Hi Hai Uski Aarzoo
Mujshe Yeh Har Ghadi,Mere Lab Kahe
Teri Ho Sab Guftagoo
Baatein Teri,Itni Haseen,Main Yaad Inko Jab Karta Hoon
Phoolon Se Aaye Khushboo
Rakh Loon Chupaa Ke Main Kahin Tujhko
Saya Bhi Tera Naa Main Doon
Rakh Loon Bana Ke Kahin Ghar,Main Tujhe
Saath Tere,Main Hi Rahoon
Julfen Teri,Itni Ghani
Dekh Ke Inko,Yeh Sochta Hoon
Saaye Me,Inke Main Jiyoon…………..”

Anika:It’s done.Let’s go.
But Shivaay is still looking at her.Anika says waving her hand-What are you thinking?Let’s go.Otherwise your white skin will be tanned!Shivaay looks away smiling.He says-
Shivaay:Wait Anika.I have a second surprise for you.First one you did not like I guess.
Anika:Really?Where?Shivaay takes out his phone and calls someone-Send him in.
Minutes later a man comes with a basket covering in white drapes.Shivaay thanks him and he leaves.

Anika:What’s in it Shivaay?Looking so big in size?
Shivaay:Remove the cover.You will find out.Then smiling,Anika removes the cover.Her mouth gapes at the surprise!
Anika:White rabbit?Awwwww….They are so cute.There are two rabbits inside the basket.Anika touches them softly.

Shivaay:Are you happy?
Anika:Yes,khidkitode happy.Thank you Shivaay.She hugs him getting all excited-These two will stay with us from now on.
Shivaay:By the way,would you like to name them?
Anika:Hmmmm…Let me think…..Got it.First one’s name will be Chanchan and second one little in size will be called Chanchal.
Shivaay:Chanchan and Chanchal.Cute names.Anika starts playing with them.

Anika:Hello Chanchan,hello Chanchal.I am Anika and this is Shivaay,my husband.We will make a good family,together.One rabbit shakes its ear-Shivaay,are they wild?

Shivaay:No.These are specially trained pet.Will start recognizing you in few days.
Anika:I will play with them whole day right C and C?
Shivaay:Fine.Now can we go inside.Feeling really hungry.Anika says laughing-

Anika:Feeling hungry?What will you eat?Hawa?
Shivaay:Don’t forget I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi.Always ready with backups.Look over there.
A man is coming through gate with food parcels-I have ordered your favourite continental.
Anika:So much pampering?Are you trying to impress me?
Shivaay:You can think as you wish.

The man comes with order.Paying the bill,Shivaay and Anika move inside taking Chanchan and Chanchal with them,laughing and bantering,happily.

Night Time
Around 10:45
Shivaay is lying on the bed closing his eyes,with a file in his hand.Anika comes out of the washroom after changing.She goes to Shivaay’s side.She takes away the file then covers him with duvet.Dropping all the curtains of room and closing the door Anika gets in the bed.She slips inside the duvet next to Shivaay,cuddling him closely.The very next moment she sits on the bed getting worried.Anika checks Shivaay’s hand,neck and forehead.She says in her mind-

“Shivaay is running a very high fever!”………

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  1. ShivikaSCNM

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    Post it ASAP

    1. Luthfa

      Will try dear.Thank you sooooooo…very much for your love.Love you???

  2. Aniriya

    Hi angel
    Wow what a beautiful episode from the beginning till the end i was mesmerised the selection of songs, cute anger and pacifying. Awww loved it.
    Waiting for more keep smiling

    1. Luthfa

      Hello AA,
      Awwww….Thank you sooooooooo….very much for your love.Love you???

  3. Surbhifan

    Annika s cute….

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  4. Astmasiddika

    Hey lu
    Wow lovely update dear rabbit as a pet? nice , Anu di’s sautan? ?? o my maata !!! 95 missed calls ? , SSO ‘s way of calming down Anu di Awww.. nice baby waiting for the next ??? TC baby love you ❤️

    1. Luthfa

      Dear,your reply always make me khidkitode happy.Thank you soooooooo…very much for your love.I love you too???

  5. ItsmePrabha

    Pehle awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to my billuji for being such an adorb… Phir awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to our anudi for being such a cutie pie.. Phirse awwwwwwwwwwww to chanchan and chanchal.. I used to have two white rabbits.. And I used to play with them after my school.. Now they are no more ??..phir aakhri awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to you My darling for writing such a beautiful and cute Epi.. Loved it thoroughly.. Oh no!! Billuji ko fever Ho gaya.. No problem anudi hai na woh sambhal legi.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care.. Love you darling ????

    1. Luthfa

      Such Awww.. wala love???
      Do one thing Sweetheart.Buy another two rabbits.All problems will be solved.Thank you sooooooooo…very much for your love.Love you???

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    Hi dear..
    Ya I’m fine ND dad to dear… He is getting well… Due to breathing problem doctor has advised to give oxygen for him at home too for few days … Today dad mom ND sis r coming home dear( from plz)…
    Coming to episode it good nd sweet episode.. So tht was shivay only… Hoo so sweet of him the way he was calming down anika… With the cute ? ? ??…. They names r Chooo cute chanchan chanchal our anika style starting with cha… Now shivay is nt well ???.. Good episode dear… Will b waiting for next episode. Tc

    1. Luthfa

      Hello Jeevi dear,
      May your father get well soon???
      Thank you soooooooooo….very much for your love dear.Love you???

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