Love is beautiful emotion SEASON 4 (Episode 23) BY ZAIMAL

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“are we going to meet her here?…”swara asked again to confirm.

“stop asking the same question again and again…’sanskar said in annoyed tone.

“i was just confirming because night ckubs are not where we should do such a important discussions.”swara said while looking around the crowded place.

“but why does its matter…you have already decided not to marry.”swara said dryly.

“can’t you keep your mouth shut for a minute…don’t you get tired by speaking this much.”sanskar glares at her.swara twitches her nose after hearing that.

“fine i will leave you alone with your silence…”swara said,gets up and walks away.

“i think she came…swara!”sanskar called her.

“handle yourself…”swara shouted back without turning back.

“damn!…”sanskar cursed and stands up to greet.

“hi!..”girl said forwarding her hand.sanskar smiles forcefully and shakes hand with her.both sits down.sanskar comes to the point straight and tells her his made up story which he and swara told everyone.

“there is my girlfriend and…..”sabskar points at swara who was standing at bar counter and forgot what he was saying because swara was drinking shots after shots.

“umm….long story short,i am not ready for marriage so please refuse for this proposal AND I NEED TO GO…”sanskar quickly stands up and walks toward sara,cursing badly.he takes shots from her hand and swara looks at him then forwards her hand to take it back but sanskar moves it away.

“no!…you have already drank a lot.”sanskar said shaking his head.

“blue berry flavor..”swara said while looking at her shot with puppy dog eyes.

“you have tested enough flavors for today..”sanskar said, looking at the glasses of shots.swara nodded her head vigorously.

“lemon,rasp-berry,strwa-berry…but you know tuti-fruity is the best,you want to try?”swara said with small soft smile.

“no thank you….i am fine”sanskar said,keeps shot(blue-berry flavor) on counter and pays the bill.he holds her hand and tried to take her with outside but swara holds his hand,stopping him.

“what?…”sanskar said with raised eye-brow.

“what about your date…”swara said worriedly.

“i think she is gone…”sanskar said while looking back.swara tried to walks,to see at his back but staggered a little because of unsteady steps.sanskar quikly holds her from waist,swara looks at him. while keeping both hands on his broad shoulders.

“can i ask something?…”swara asked in soft tone while starring in his deep eyes.

“hmm…”sanskar said and felt his heart going out of control.

“why don’t you want to get married?…”

“i don’t see a good reson for getting married.”sanskar said in deep tone.

“marriage is a good thing….its bring a lot of happiness in ours life and uncle is so worried for you…okay leave everyone else,get married for me.”swara said while giving him her cuttest smile.

“what?..for you?.”sanskar asked in quite tone,not expexting from her to say that.

“hmm…you know if you will get marriec then there will at least one week holidays in office.i am sorry but i will attend your wedding i stay at home and complete my sleep.”swara said in apologatic tone.sanskar released a deep sigh after hearing that.

“then you will go for honey-moon,i will also go for vacations and when you will come back then also it will be changes in your life…”swara said excitedly.

“changes like what?..”sanskar asked with smile.

“like you will come office late…i will also come late”

“and why will i come late?…”

“because your wife will not let you come early…you know morning romance.”swara said and blinks her eyes at him,innocently.

“then you will go home early to do dinner with her…i will also go home early”swara said happily and excitedly,making him laugh a little.

“nice planning…”sanskar said while laughing a little.

“its not funny…be serious”swara and punched on his chest.

“yes off course i am very serious…and i am seriously thinking that if you hate work this much then why you join the company,stay at home and play with kids.”sanskar said,controlling his laugh

“you are the one who gave me job….why you gave me job?”swara said glaring at him


Swara is shown playing cricket with kids, in some garden which is near main road.swara hits the ball with full force which goes out of boundary and breaks the window shield of BMW.swara covers her mouth and hides bat behind her.all children also gathers around her.

Sanskar who was sitting down and changing the tyre gets up with jerk after hearing the sound,looks at window shield then at swara.he walks toward her with furious eyes.swara gulps and gives him tight smile.

“are you nuts…….can’t you see such a big car”sanskar said in furious tone.

“i am really sorry for the damage….i will pay you for that.”swara quickly said in apologetic tone.

“do you even much damage you did,complete window shield is broken”sanskar was still in very furious tone,first he woke up late with bad headache,then his driver didn’t come therefore he had to come without driver then his car’s tyre got punctured and now this…he just had a bad day and his whole day frustration,he was throwing at swara.poor girl was listening his scolding silently with lowered eyes.after listening him for more 5 minutes,she had enough.

“look mister…it was your mistake also,you parked the car in no parking not my mistake completely.i already apologized for it.”swara said,getting angry a little.

“my tyre got punctured therefore i parked it to change it…”sanskar said angrily.

“your tyre or your’s car tyre?..i didn’t knew that men also have tyres……must be rare case.”swara asked and laughed loudly.children who were also listening his scolding,laughed loudly.sanskar was starring at her as she was laughing whole heartedly.there was something special about her laugh that he was not able to blink his eyes.

Swara controls her laugh after long time,walks behind him,opens door,takes out ball and throw it toward a boy.children gets happy and runs from there after taking bat from swara.

“sorry i took these from your car without permission…”swara said,showing him one pen and a small square page.she writes her address on it and forwarded it toward him.

“send bill…i will pay for it.i have very important interview otherwise i would have come with to the shop”swara said,holds his hand and keeps page on his hand as he was not taking it.she turns and walks few steps but again turned back.

“control your anger because in anger you don’t know yourself what you are saying.”swara said while giggling,turns back and goes to the bench straight,wears her sandals,picks up bag and leaves.sanskar saw her sitting inside the taxi.


“you know when i came to know,you are owner of the company in which i came for interview….i was confirmed that i am not going to get this job and you know i was gone for other interview when i got called that i am appointed….i was so shocked but now i understand,you wanted to torture me,just because i made fun of you…right?”

“that day i had lost my senses therefore i appointed you…but i still curse the day,why i did that,neither i would have appointed you nor i would have lose control on myself.”sanskar said in deep annoyed tone.

“i also curse that day..before joining your company,my life was perfect,i used to wake at 12 then luxurious breakfast then playing cricket as much i want…going for shopping whenever i wanted but because of you my life is messed up,my peace of mind is ruined,i don’t even remember when i had meal peacefully.”swara said in double annoyed tone.

“i have messed up your life?..’sanskar asked in shocked tone.swara nodes her head vigorously.

“you have messed up my life…..before you have entered in my life,everything was fine,my emotions,my mind everything was in my control but now the more i try to control myself the more i lose control on me.”sanskar said frustrated tone.

“now this is also my mistake that you can’t control your emotions…..”swara said while fuming in anger.

“yes!..whatever wrong is happening is because of you.”

“therefore…therefore i call you psychopath,can’t handle your own problems and put blames on others.”

“what did you just call me?..”sanskar asked in threatening voice.

“PSYCHOPATH….YOU ARE PSYCHO,CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW”swara said in loud shouting voice.

“you!…”sanskar greeted his teeth

“sir please continue fight with your wife outside the club,you are disturbing others”manager said in obedient tone.

“she is not my wife/husband?….”swasan shouted in union.

“what made you thought that this crazy woman can be my wife who don’t know anything other than playing cricket and sleeping”sanskar shouted at manger.

“oh hello mister…first see yourself in mirror,you will see a big psychopath written on your forehead.”swara said and hit her index finger on his forehead.sanskar points his finger at her angrily but swara moves it down angrily.

“and you thank God you don’t want to get marry….if you will marry anyone then your wife will die in empty house because whole day you stay in office,smiles once in all four seasons and romance…forget it,you are hopeless case”

“sir ma’am please…”manager said in pleading voice.sanskar and swara looks at him then at people who was tarring at them and goes out.

“i can go myself…no need to drop me.’swara said in angry tone as both were walking out from club.

“stop day dreaming…i was not offering you anything”sanskar said and continue to walk.swara removes her sandal and raises it high to throw at him.

“don’t you dare…..”sanskar said in loud voice without turning back.swara stamps her foot and drops sandal to the ground.sanskar smiles a little,hearing her loud curses,walks out and goes toward his car.he takes out car from parking area and stops it just in front of club.

“if something happened to her then my problems will increase.”sanskar said in loud voice,giving himself a good reason.he waits therefore for 20 minutes.

“what’s taking so long?..”sansakar said worriedly,steps down ¬†from car and goes inside.swara was again sitting on counter,she feels someone standing just behind her and turned her head back and up.

“blue-berry flavor was remaining..”swara said with her cute smile and giggled,seeing lines forming on his forehead after seeing number of small glasses behind her.

“drinking is injurious for health..”

“shush!…don’t talk like my dad.i am perfectly fine and…”swara stopped in mid,keeps hand on mouth and runs toward washroom.sanskar goes after her quickly and stands outside the owmen’s washroom for a second to make decision then takes deep breath and goes inside.

“fu*k..’sanskar muttered curse,seeing swara sleeping while sitting on floor and back attached with wall.he shook his head,cursing his faith badly then picks her up in arms and takes her out.


“she fainted after drinking a lot..”sanskar said after clearing his throat.ragini and kavita was starring at like they got frozen in their posture.

“can i come in?..”sanskar asked,seeing them silent.both comes in their senses.

“yes sir please…”kavita said quickly and steps back.sanskar enters inside,holding swara in arms.

“you can put her down we will take her to room..”ragini said.

“are you sure?..she is sleeping.”sanskar asked with deep concern in voice.ragini stares at him then smiles a little.

“yes i am sure….”ragini said,sanskar puts her down,kavita nad ragini holds her from waist and takes her to room.sanskar stand there until they don’t vanish behind door then leaves from there silently.


“can i come in?…”swara knocks at door and enters inside without hearing answer.sanskar looks at her then narrowed his eyes at the glass jar in her hand.

“what is this?…”sanskar asked,looking at the jar.

“yesterday you gave me this list…take this list and here i bring all things you wanted.”swara said,keeps list on table just in front of him.

“see…you have made cocroaches,flying insects,ants…”swara said keeping her index finger on different words of his list.

“all insects are in this jar…”swara said and forward glass jar toward him.sanskar looks at jar then stares at her silently.

“your drwaing is so good…teach me also.”swara said in impressed tone and blinks her eyes innocently.

“there are many things i need to teach you….”sanskar said while nodding his head,gets up and stands in front of her.

“thank you so much for bringing this…i really needed it.”sanskar said while taking jar from her.swara giggled and nodded.

“you will not ask why i needed this?..”


“you know my secretory is very irritating and annoying,she don’t know how to behave with her boss.i wanted to teach her some manners…i will pour this on her head.i just hope,this will prove affecting on her”sansakar said and start opening the jar.

“on head?..”swara thought,gulped in fear and quickly keeps hand on jar’s lid,stopping him from opening and tries to snatch it back.

“you will not do anything like that sanskar…i am afraid from insects,especially cocroaches”swara said and glares at him.

“i am not throwing it on your head,you do everything which i saw,just like you bringing this…its just my secratory is very irritating.”sanskar said while smiling and snatches jar completely.

“that’s not funny…’swara said cryingly and in process of snatching,jar falls down with bang and breaks,freeing the insects.

“mama!…”swara screamed seeing the flying insects,flying upward and others dispersing on floor.she quickly hides her face in his chest,afraid from flying insects.sanskar’s muscles tensed up in a second,feeling her softness.

“something is creeping on my feet…”swara said in scared tone, feeling that she will get heart attack any time.sanskar shakes his head,breaks hug<picks her up in arms and make her sit on table.

“is it cocroach?..”swara said while looking at him with pale face.

“you are afraid from such small insects…”sanskar chuckled and removes cocroache from her foot with his hand.swara noddes vigorously and quickly moves her legs up and looks down with wide eyes.

“all is your mistake…i will not step down until floor is not cleared.get this floor clear as soon as possible”swara said in ordering tone.

“you are ordering me…”sanskar said,trying to be angry,because he deeply amused seeing her cute antics.

“affect of your bad company…now do something.”swara glares at him.sanskar picks up phone and calls peon.

“can i ask why you did this stupid act?..”

“i never saw you laughing..i just wanted you to laugh.”swara said as she was still looking at insects on floor.sanskar skipped his several heart beats while starring at her angelic face.

at that time there was knock on door,sanskar clears his throat and calls peon in.

“clean the floor quickly…”swara ordered before sanskar could have said anythin.peon looks at her legs as she was wearing short skirt.sanskar clentches his ist in anger.

“she said clean the damn floor…”sanskar shouted in anger.swara gets scared at his shout and looks at him with wide eyes.

“yes…yes sir.”peon also gets scared and starts cleaning the floor.

“why are you angry now?..”swara asked with confused scared tone,seeing his red face.

“step down right now…’sanskar whispered through gritted teeth.

“cocroaches…”swara said cryingly but sanskar don’t listen to her,holds her arm and makes her stand on floor.swara looks around her feet with scared face then looks at him with tears filled eyes,frees her arm with jerk,walks around the table from back and leaves from there as quickly as possible.Sanskar looks at peon angrily.


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  1. Nice. Waited for your update what is swara past which she forgot whether sanskar is also in her past pls tell

    1. Zaimal

      Thanks dear….to know swara’s past .you have to wait for other updates.

  2. hey zaimal awsm update Dr loved it , I m little confused in last epi sanskar confront swara about kiss from where she ran when it happened?

    1. Zaimal

      actually dear….wrong part was uploaded.that part is after several parts.which was uploaded first.

  3. Tejasvi

    Too good

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