Tere Bin 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Vijaya searches something in room. Akshay comes from washroom and asks what she is searching. Vijaya nervously says her mobile. He sees mobile and realizes she is lying and searching something else. She says she found it, picks mobile and leaves.

Nandini gets ready to go to Akshay’s house to check Neeti’s diabetes. Shabana brings tea for her and Irfan. Irfan warns Nandini to spare Neeti at least. Nandini asks what… Irfan says he heard her speaking to Neeti about some secret and not to inform Vijaya, she should not use Neeti to get Ashay. Nandini says what rubbish. Shabana interferes and says Akshay is Nandini’s forever and she can do anything to get him. Nandini thanks for understanding her and hugs her. Shabana thinks she will make Nandini make so many mistakes that Akshay will kick her out of his life and she has to return back to Irfan.

Abhaya shows cafteria’s new interior designs to Vijaya. Vijaya says she has to decide herself as she runs cafeteria. Ratan says he told her that they only should decide interiors and walks out of Vijaya’s cabin. Abhaya tells Vijaya that she thinks Ratan is blackmailing Akshay and extractinng money from him. Vijaya asks her not to inform about it to anyone until she says her. She then calls her inspector friend Manjeet and asks him to investigate about Akshay as she feels he is having an affair. Manjeet says he thought she is doubting Akshay, but as per his experience, most of the time people doubt their spouses wrongly, asks her not to worry, he will find out soon.

Nandini checks Neeti’s sugar levels and says they are getting back to normal and soon her diabetes will vanish. Neeti says she is getting well soon because of Nandini’s treatment and she is best. Naani says Vijaya selected Nandini for her treatment, so who is best. Neeti says Vijaya. Nandini gets jealous.

At nursing home, Akshay gets busy chatting with his junior doctor. Vijaya passes by and sees his key bunch falls down. She hurriedly takes his cupboard key from bunch. Akshay sees her and walks towards her. She returns key bunch. He asks if she is having lunch here. She says she will go home and have lunch with Neeti. Naani calls her and informs that Nandini took Neeti to park for a walk. Vijaya asks alone. Naani says she had gone for a shower and lado was also not at home. Vijaya says it is okay, she will come home by the time Nandini and Neeti returns. She then thinks she will find out what Akshay is hiding in his cupboard.

Nandini buys sugar-free ice cream for Neeti. Neeti says she needs sweet ice ceam. Nandini says everyone eats sweet icecream, today they will try sugar-free. Neeti makes weird face. Nandini tastes it and says it is very tasty. Neeti makes weird face again.

Ratan at home sits tensed. Abhaya thinks why is he sitting so tensed, must be Vijaya has asked him about blackmailing Akshay. Ratan murmurs he is smart.. Abhaya says he used to be, but not now. She knows he is blackmailing Akshay and knew Vijaya would scold him, so she informed Vijaya everything, at least now he shold change. Ratan calls Akshay and asks if he is fine, if Vijaya asked him anything. Akshay asks regarding what. Ratan informs him that Abhaa doubts he is blackmailing him and informed Vijaya, so he needs to be careful and not inform Vijaya about him and Nandini, else their family willl shatter. Akshay thinks he cannot let Vijaya know about him and Nandini, at least till Neeti gets well.

Nandini drops Neeti back home and asks to hide her gifted necklace. Neeti leaves to her room. She hears Vijaya speaking to Lado and telling she will not doubt Akshay that he is having affair, though she has brought drawer key and will find out what is in it. Nandini gets happy that this is what she wanted. Vijaya goes to opens Akshay’s cupboard. Akshay comes home and sees Nandini there.

Precap: Vijaya opens Akshay’s drawer and sees photos. Nandini standing near door smirks seeing this.

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