Ishqbaaz 20th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 20th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika comes and stands behind the golden frame. Shivaye looks at her. O jaana…..plays…….. He says she is beautiful, she is looking good. Tia looks on. Some time before, Shivaye asks what the hell is Dhanteras. His employee Mishra on video call says Sir, I told you about Dhanteras, when new utensils are bought…. Shivaye says who told you will get double bonus. The man says you said, and you called me cute. Shivaye asks did I say. The man says yes, and you said. Shivaye says you are not cute, you won’t get double bonus and 3 days leave, go back and work. He ends call. Anika comes and he senses her. Khoya khoya rehta hai…..plays…….. Anika knocks the door. Shivaye says yes…. She comes to him and asks what’s the date.

He says Anika, whatever happened last night… She says please, you don’t need to say anything. He says even then, I don’t anyone of us to have confusion. She says all my confusion got away, I have no time to waste, tell me wedding date fast, I have do much planning of your marriage. He says look…. She says look, tell me date, Pinky wants to rehearse for sangeet, I have to call choreographer, lightman will come, I have to give cards for printing, I will get dates written if you say, else what will I get printed. Shivaye holds her hand and says Anika. She looks at his hand. He says I told you few things yesterday night, I just wanted you to know that I was not in senses.

She says I told you, you don’t need to say anything. He says even then I want to say, those things…. She says those things had no meaning, I just heard human says truth in drunken state, but I forgot you are not human, you are different, you are Shivaye Singh Oberoi, we are ordinary cheap people, you are rich, you have great blood, you would not know blood group, you said right, this line of blood, family and lineage was there and will always be there between you and us. She asks him to say date fast, she has work. He says after two weeks from Diwali. She goes.

Jhanvi asks Shivaye are you sure, you took right decision, whats the hurry, you have your life, take your time. He says I took time, its late decision. She says sometimes, decisions happen right when its taken quick, and sometimes decisions get wrong even after thinking for years. He says you think I m doing mistake. She says don’t know, I don’t think this is happening right, I said what I felt, whatever I said now, think about it, okay. She leaves.

Shivaye goes towards corridor and sees Anika coming from the other side. He recalls love angel’s words. Anika and Shivaye see each other and walk towards…… Music plays……….. She asks herself to not see him and keep walking. He thinks the same. They both stop when their hands get tangled by her bracelet getting stuck to his coat button. Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays………. They see each other. He removes her bracelet and thinks shall I say something. She thinks if I say something then…. They look at each other and turn. They walk the other way and stand behind the wall………

Shivaye tries to look for her and does not see her. Anika looks for him and does not see him. She thinks whats happening. He thinks stupid love angel has put stupid ideas in my mind, it means nothing……..

Rumi and Rudra are in college campus. She asks whats the problem with Tia. Rudra says nothing, actually I feel if something wrong is going to happen. Rumi says you want me to do their breakup. He says you don’t know Shivaye, once he decides, he does it. She says Rudy baby, if I want, I can get their breakup done, because I have powers. He laughs and asks are you any superhero or Goddess. She says yes. He asks yes? Then why will you use your powers for me. She says because you are special, not like me, but you are special, so I did breakup with Ranbir.

He asks that 3rd year Ranbir? She says no, Ranbir Kapoor. He laughs and says you know Katrina has done breakup with Ranbir for my sake, it was her bad luck to get stuck in traffic and I got you. She says if you have problem with Tia, tell me, I will make everything fine. He says fine Mata. She blesses him and asks him to come home in evening if he has to talk more about it, now she has to go. He says you would be going to meet your devotees. She says yes and leaves. Rudra says she is a nice girl, I was so sad, she talks such weird things and makes me smile.

Tia says Shivaye, there are many functions and events, my outfits are not final, I m giving stress to universe and universe is giving me stress pimples, you help me in deciding the outfits, our outfits have to be color coordinated. He asks can we do this later. She says no, please just 5 mins. He says please Tia, I don’t have time. She calls Anika. He stops and turns to see Anika. He gets stunned by Anika’s beautiful looks. Nazdeek hai dil ke……plays………. Anika stands behind the golden frame and comes infront. He looks at her.

Tia says nice na? Even Sonam Kapoor has worn this outfit, lovely right, look at the color and fabric, Anika please turn around. Anika turns and shows the outfit’s backless side. Tia says Shivaye baby…. He says ya… She says I think this border is not looking good, I could feel it, that this outfit is good, but not too good, Anika please wear some other outfit. Shivaye says no, Anika stops and looks at him. Shivaye says she is beautiful. Tia asks what. Shivaye says I mean this dress is beautiful. Tia asks really, you like it. He says she looks good, you asked me to help in choosing dress, I helped, I like her, I mean I like the dress, its good. Tia says well, if you like it, I love it, Anika final this dress for cocktail party and this one for mehendi, please wear this and come, hold it. Anika gets hesitant.

Shivaye says Tia, why are you making Anika do this. Tia says no model was arranged on short notice. He says this is not Anika’s work. She says I know, I want to see how these dresses look. He says Tia, this is good, amazing, its final. He selects 2-3 dresses. Tia gets a call and goes. Shivaye says Tia does not understand anything. Anika says but you understand everything…… She leaves. Shivaye looks on.

Soumya comes college and meets Rumi. She says I want to talk something imp, Rudra is very sweet and innocent till idiot level, he does not know your truth, it might harm him, please leave him alone. Rumi says Rudra has come in my Sharan/shelter, he is special. Soumya asks what. Rumi says yes, he called me Mata. Soumya says no, it would be confusion, are you sure he said Mata or Mat aa/don’t come… Rumi says he knows I m Devi and my powers, you also come in my shelter, whatever you want will happen by my blessings. She blesses Soumya and leaves. Soumya says psycho, how to save Rudra from this psycho.

Rudra goes to meet Rumi at her house and greets a man, saying I m Rudra, Rumi’s friend, she called me. The man says come, Rumi is having bath. Rudra says its fine uncle, I will wait. The man says no, come, go for bath. Rudra asks what, family’s sense of humor is good. Rudra goes and gets shocked seeing Rumi lying in bathtub with milk petals, with so many female devotees around her. Rudra recalls Rumi’s words.

Shivaye thinks of Anika. Rudra comes home recalling Rumi, and what she said. FB shows Rumi saying I m Devi, and Rudra is my Dev, we will get complete when we unite, we will make temple of Rumi Rudra name. She asks her devotees to go and do aarti of Rudra dev as they do aarti of her. The girls greet Rudra. He looks on shocked. FB ends. Shivaye and Rudra see each other.

Anika comes home. She closes eyes and sees Shivaye. Music plays…… She opens eyes and worries. Sahil comes and asks are you fine. She says yes. He asks when you close eyes, do you just see Billu ji. She gets tearful eyes and says its big problem Sahil. He hugs her. She says what’s happening, I always knew that Billu ji and Tia are getting married, now when its happening, why am I feeling so strange.

Randhawa says so Shivaye is marrying after Diwali. Inspector says yes. Randhawa says real fire crackers will be after Diwali, when all secrets of Oberoi family come out, but when family is rich, we need a ladder to see secrets. He looks at everyone’s pic and chooses one. He says found it, get all info about her, she is the ladder.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Heyy guys..
    It was painful to c anika 2day.. even shivaay baby avoids his feelings.. lekin kab tak ???? one fine day dey vil surely confess their love.. rudy is sooo sad :(((
    N nw wts dat inspector gonna do???? Will he be getting info abt anika???
    There is sooo much going on…
    Missing om?.. well let him enjoy in goa?

    1. Hey shama ma’am.. remember me??? can u pls tell me when vil u post next part of ur ff?? N i m SORRY if i disturbed u ?

    2. I remember u sweetie about due to climate change I am a bit sick but I will surely update it can be Monday or Tuesday Dr sorry !!!!

    3. No problem dear and please dont say sorry.. take your time.. and get well soon dear.. best wishes?

  2. Ishqkum

    Wow takkarka episode.I loved it let shiviya feel for anika

  3. Nice episode.. anika luked too gud is that true that anika is gona keep fast for shivay if yes than why??? And anikas speech about blood, class was gud one shivay was not able to say something… where is om missing him a lot has he went to live in art gallery.. romi is a physo case felt bad for rudy missing omru seen… sahil is a adorable brother just speechless on their bond.. gud nght guys..

  4. Nice episode…funny and romantic?

  5. I think randhava chose prinku s pic kz she s d weakest end of obro family…may b d letter which sm1was talking abt was from randhava..may b he ll fake some likings for her n dn she ll b inclined to him or smthing but sn when he ll find out how simple n good prinku is he ll start liking jer for real!!!
    Om is missing n I think dy will start wd his past in a couple of episodes kz his absence is creating suspense now!!

    1. Hope so… I lik that police opposite to Randhawa … He and priyanka are made fa each other

    2. I mean to say opposite to priyanka … Typo mistake

    3. Anika and shivaye are so cute together.

    4. I too have this feeling that randhawa sends that envelope to priku his gonna use her

  6. * anything

  7. Dear SSO plz cm to ur senses man..! Accept ur love for that beautiful lady (anika) plz don’t let ur ego (family lineage & blood) overtake ur love..!
    Anywayz tlkng abt rumi as devi lol 😀 Rudra ka phata hua reaction #soup#pub…
    Missed my hottie (omkara) today <3

    & here comes d joke of d epi abt ranbir & katrina's breakup.. Great job cv's #hillariously#interpreted…Still rofl 😀

  8. Nice episode,shivika scene s good.i feel pity for Rudy.And Precap I think ACP s talking about Prinku…

    1. I think he talking about Tia… I’m damp sure!

    2. I dont thi k it was tia kz she isnt family till now n how will she provide info to him abt obros(she isnt as dumb as she look guys)

  9. Its me d same aahana above as well dnt kno how my logo changed wn i commented frm another phone!!

  10. Today’s episode was nice. For the first time I felt shivay also loves Anika from bottom of his heart. Anikas acting was really good first time she reacted in correct manner and ignored him otherwise always she tollorate what ever he do she doesn’t even react on it. May be this kind of behavior of Anika will teach a lesson to shivay. Let’s hope for the best. Missing omkara he gives the best expressions in three of them. Over all episode was good.

  11. I think ACP was talking abt Prinku. Maybe he’s gonna blackmail her and exploit her phobia at first only for him to fall in love with her eventually. Gul Khan is jst awesome…. she’s talking every romantic cliche possible and turning it on it’s head.
    Shivika-Pride and prejudice
    Rumya-Vegas wedding(desi version)
    Prinku & Randhawa-Boy pursues girl with hidden motive only to fall in love with her eventually.
    Can’t wait for Om’s story
    *jumps in excitement like a 5 yr old*

  12. So in return gift, Anika hit over his head his own words and nailed down his mask from over his face. It is nice to hear her dialogues shattering his blood, family, lineage ideology . SHIVAAY was stunned and equally shocked finding cold bladed edge in her words. Only ANIKA knows, how much confused, non decissive this so called blunt and ironic man SHIVAAY IS ! She almost left him crying behind and compelled him to go her AUNT for justification of his decission who made him more confused! If RUDRA would have been there, SHIVAAY’s Image might have been washed out. I would like to add one more point over and above to his SHITTING BLOOD, FAMILY, LINEAGE IDEOLOGY, and that is he just can not tolerate a person around him having a more talent than him!

    1. Mishri

      Hehe ryt…got the taste of his own medicine dat 1!!!for once..dat too 4rm a gal!!hats off…

    2. Haha same here shivaay was shocked I loved that part

  13. Ok episode. I am impressed by Surbhi Chandna’s acting. Her reply to SSO about the divide between them was very fitting. I understand her heartbreak and her anger about her insult but I do not understand her resentment against Shivaay for marrying Tia. On that front, Shivaay has always been clean and never gave her hints of liking. So the episode when he lay down in her lap was the first time when she remembers him coming close to her. As I said, that she hadn’t planned on falling in love when she came for this job but Shivaay has not betrayed her . I am going in circles. Don’t know if I got my point across.

    1. Ok. So there was one more time when both were drunk. Missed that point.

    2. You are thinking wrong. What ever he(SHIVAAY) had done either during trans or intoxication was being expressed in his act, expression and meaning full words when he was out of trans and intoxication. Though LOVE was never confessed by either, but it was there, and both knew it. That stage never expected by either one while loving that he/or she will required a proof of love to prove it!!!! It is not done what you said and can not be accepted as excuse of anyone. It is another thing that such type of situation is being used as escape both by GIRL and BOY after having a better choice .

    3. If you have went through all episodes, you will come to know, the LOVE feelings started from SHIVAAY side when he was trying to OVER COME the talent of ANIKA. LOVE feeling from ANIKA started only after she came to know SHIVAAY’s dedication for his brothers and family. Looking at his this charectorstic i.e love for his brothers, sister. family, only after ANIKA started to think softly for SHIVAAY. If you noted the conversation between both during FIRST DATE of ANIKA and SHIVAAY framed by OM and RUDRA just before the MALLIKA entry, you will soon come to know, LOVE FEELING was there only in SHIVAAY , not in ANIKA>

    4. Hmm…you got a point there. I was very confused about this situation.

  14. We need another s*xy hero for Anika to make billo jeoulos


    1. I too want that to happen soon !!!

    2. Mishri

      Hehe i was thnkn..omru should try 2 make shivaay jelous by om acting lyk he has a secret crush on anika?????..i mean it will be nice

  15. I also want to comment about Tia’s character today. I see three possibilities.

    1. She is a complete idiot, making a woman, of whom she got insecure recently, wear beutiful dresses and model in front of her fiance. Making the girl twirl around to show almost her entire back .

    2. She is very pure hearted and innocent and has complete faith in her fiance and other people.

    3. She does not want to marry Shivaay. But she is too afraid of her mother to back out from this. She is intentionally trying to intensify Shivaay’s feelings towards Anika so that the marriage does not happen and the same time Tia herself doesn’t get blamed for backing out. You will notice, she is constantly pushed by her mother to pressurize Shivaay for marriage date and Robin and Tia seem to be just going with the flow.

    Interesting times ahead?. BTW, Randhawa pukka picked Prinku az he got to know of her timid and weak personality.

    1. Diya,
      sorry to say NO but it was definitely awful dress for Anika! Too pale for her skin! She is beautiful, and dress is beautiful, but she needs strong colors. This pale color killing her personality. She was amazing in yellow, red, black and even white, but this… it’s very similar to Malika’s wedding gown.

    2. Agreed shivaay was giving jaw dropping looks to her

    3. You are right. She does look better in bright colors.

    4. There is also 4th, its what if Tia is not so stupid, she just thinking that she knows Shivay very well, also knows about how much importance he gives to khun khandaan, and bcz of this she just never can immagine that her fiance could fall to Anika, the poor girl who even doesnt have surname:))

    5. Yes. Didn’t think of that. The shrewd Tia using this situation to humiliate Anika and rub it in her face that she is just a poor employee.

  16. Shivaya is simply playing with His anika and Tia feelings…. I guess Shwethalana behind Gayatri murder.. Pls don’t include some1 frm oberoi family….

  17. I hope Rumi track is coming to an end. I am so fed up of it.

  18. Aarya

    Oh god wat an episode…….
    Anika u r just wow…..ur dialogue…..? i just hope billu ji ko thoda akal aaye….sach bolo tho i had tears in my eyes while watching todays shivika scene……. I just hope koi us lady baba ko….ek rocket mein bandh kar universe se bahar hi karo…l jst wish randhwa do something so that this marriage got cancelled nd all confusion got solved.
    Shivaay accept ur love… Bhaad mein jaaye aapka status, huhhhh

  19. Jo khwaab khuli aankho me hai
    Us khwaab ko kaise bhooloon main
    Jo dard Teri aankho me hai
    Us dard ko kaash ki chhooloon main
    Jo aah bhari si hai dil main
    Uus aah ki aahat sun le tuu
    Jo zakhm diye tujhko Maine
    Uus zakhm pe marham main Kar doon
    Meri rooh mein tu ik khushboo si
    To kyaa gar Hum Tum saath nahi
    Mere dil me tu hai dhadkan si
    To kyaa gar haatho mein haath nahi

    Inspired by Shivika

    1. Disha

      Very nice lines

    2. Thanks Disha.

    3. wow you wrote it???
      it’s amazing

    4. Hehe. Thanks. Yes I wrote them. Every once in a while, a situation is so compelling that it forces poetry out of me.

  20. I seriously think Anika’s lineage is rich family too…. my gut is telling me this….
    Anyone else feel this way?

    1. Even I feel the same

    2. mabye yh that’s wat I felt as well

    3. Yeah I feel like that

    4. Shaza

      I always want that to happend but I don’t think it’s gonna happend though …maybe just shivaye will realize that love is higher than sarcastic things like blood lineage and all ..

    5. Even I feel that Dr and want it to happen soon !! I mean want to c anika past in detail and maybe she should have a bf in it for making our billu jealous

    6. Shaza

      Absolutely , even I want the same ..and in ur next ep I will surely comment ?…actually a lil free now cuz prepared everything for exams ..and tomorrow is science , easy for me ?..but then maths ,

    7. Disha

      I feel same

  21. superrrb!!! anika

  22. What if the inspector falls in love with anika and then billue Ji will be jealous an will convey his love

    1. Hey I thought the same dear

    2. Mishri

      I actually thght…acp will choose prinku to use her thn eventually fall in love with her…and anika will be related to guess only…

    3. I too guess the same let’s assume that ranveer ( acp) comes to know anika past and she was his bestie so what equation they will share but whatever they share bhagad billa SSO will kill him and be4 that he would punish anika for hurting him just guessing…

  23. I liked today’s episode. I always wanted Annika to use Shivay’s insulting words against him and I am glad she did that today. She kind of made him feel bad today. That Rumi is insane.. lol poor Rudy. all his efforts are in the waters now.

  24. Mishri

    Disha di..i wont leave…too patriotic to TU and ishqbaaz???…ANIKA WAS LYK AWSUM 2DY…!!without melting 4 explanations lyk othrs she spoke very well…wen she gave back all wat shivvay said about khoon and khandhan and all m lyk GOOO ANIKA..ATTA GIRL!!!???..watever reason shivay had
    .he jst hurt her…nd i hate him 4 dat..let him suffer with o jaana 4 sum days..!!!?????

  25. @ Lovey. I also think Anika is daughter of rich family. Even she does not know herself. She was adopted by Sahil’s father.

    1. I think the same but I guess her parents separated that’s why she is connected with her mom bracelet and when it comes to papa anika is silent and angry

  26. haha now a days i am liking rumya a lot . before i used like shivika the most , now i like both the pairs . hope they bring a new pair of om if vrushika has left the show

    1. Shaza

      Noooo not a new girl ?????, it should be Vrushy only or let him survive on bromance only ,no need of romance …I hope no girl should be ready to work opposite Om cuz they change the girl opposite Om constantly , first changed twinkle Patel ( idk who is she ) then Vrushika atlast they should bring Vrushika back ..and Vrushiak didn’t leave the show ? , she was removed from the show cuz of her “some” idiot fans …what abt other fans ???

    2. I feel ur wrong every girl would die for working with om but CVS is not letting them as om storyline is in silent mode now and I want both to happen I mean what if Ishana n the new actress enters the show one for taking revenge and ishu for healing wounds one is ex and other will be future…

    3. Shaza

      if the girl is professional and experienced actor then I think they would refuse cuz job security is also imp it’s like whenever the CV’s want they Change( without proper reason ) that’s not done

      But yea if they take auditions then I know many girls will be dying to work with him ..

      But that’s just what I want …they have left a girl like Vrushika then I don’t think they will be able to find anyone else btr than Vrushika easily …or if they find also , she won’t last I think ..

    4. Mishri

      Yup u have a point..and moreover we fixed vrushika as ishaana so i wont accept another ishaana? anthr character is ok…STILL ishaanas story will be incomplete…

    5. yes shaza di even i want her to come back . hope they bring her back . i liked her a lot . i was telling this because since vrushika left the show they r not showing anybody for om . shivaye has anika and rudra has soumya but sweet om is left alone . and i am unable to watch riddhima and om together

  27. Why I feel that Anika is very rich man’s daughter… And this track also come….

  28. Hehe I didn’t saw episode I juss red wrtn updat. ..I impressed by anika the way she reacted vid shivy those taunting words against sso is juss like a indirect slap to sso ha ha ha iam dam happy vid track they showed anika more powerful instead of showing like sensitive poor week etc…I love the way of anika…


    Good ans given by Anika to Shivaye… as both know about their feelings but hiding and shivaye is doing becoz of tez and shakti (i suppose) as they both are always behind family reputation and name…

    Anika was looking so prety in lehnga..

    And finally rumi truth is in front of rudra that she is psycho who consider herself as devi… i mean seriously she need to go to mental asayelam with her whole family..

  30. Shaza

    Hey guys m who all are watching beyhadh(Sony tv) here …it’s an awesome show yr ..try to watch it if ur free….
    @yazhu di , ur Jennifer fans I think , so try it out its superb love with it
    ..anyone else here watching beyhadh??

    1. Tridha

      I watch beyhadh it is lovely. Waiting for the elevator scene which will happen today. I m very excited

    2. Shaza

      Ikr ..that elevator scene ♥️♥️♥️..I was like waiting for it from years ( actually a weak ) ?..can’t wait for today …but after today tomorrow no Beyhadh ..sat sun ???….And I’m really curious to know why is she so damn scared of father…she starts shivering when she see him na …….and I love Jennifer’s acting ???, so damn natural na ? when she see her dad and all , feels like really real ?

    3. Tridha

      Really jenny is a very good actress. Even I wanna know what her father did as she os very scared of him. And I wanna see arjun maya more closer.

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