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Scene 1
Vikas says to Devika that you know Sakshi lives in this room who is Devika’s sister and whom you met just now, Devika says i have no idea why you are talking about this, i dont need to explain anything to you and i dont need to make up any excuse, Vikas says you wouldnt have to if you were Devika but you are Ambika and you have to tell me reason why you are here, Devika says you are crossing limits, you think that i am Devika? are you trying to blackmail me? Vikas says why would i blackmail such good person like you? you have freed us from hell, i cant do that with you, i dont have right to ask questions but if Saket or Nivi had seen you then you would have been problem, they would have found your truth, and about me, i care about truth, i am really happy that you met Sakshi, nobody wants to meet her, she is so innocent and they have forgotten her like she is not even present, i am happy that you made her happy, i pray that you meet her often, congrats for your marriage, he shake hands with her and says may God bless you always and i pray that this time your marriage proves to better than the earlier one, he leaves. Devika is emotional.
Ravi gets ready for reception, he says i am glowing but its because of Devika’s love, i lost my charm but Devika has comeback, i just want Devika to be happy by seeing me. Nivi cmes there and says you look so handsome, this suit looks good on you, its been longtime since i seen you like this, she tries to touch him but he says no, Nivi says let me put black spot to save your evil eye, she tries to come closer, Ravi says i am married now, keep distance now, Nivi says i am your fiance, i wont make any distance, this marriage was cheating, i love you, Ravi says even if it was cheating, marriage has happened and you should maintain distance. Nivi says to Ravi that why should i stay away from you? she hugs him, Ravi gently pushes her away, Nivi says i cant keep distance from you, Ravi says listen to me, she tries to hug again, Ravi says please, she hugs him tightly, Devika comes in room and sees them hugging, Ravi is shocked, Nivi moves away from him. Devika says i am really sorry, i should have knocked, i didnt you both were romancing here, Ravi says its nothing like that, Devika says you dont have to explain, he says but.. he holds her hand but she jerks him away and angrily looks at him, she leaves. Nivi says anyway, she hugs him again, Ravi pushes her away and says i told you i am married now, stay away from me, he leaves. Nivi thinks that i didnt know i would get this result from just hugging Ravi, Ambika made issue of it, this misunderstanding of Ambika will be benefit for me.
Devika comes to her room and cries, Janki asks what happened? why you are crying? you were so happy, what now? Devika says nothing, Janki says i am your mother, i can see your sadness, tell me. Devika says i went to Ravi’s room to tell him some work but i saw Nivi and Ravi together, i feel Ravi loves her only, i have lost even after winning, what kind of win is that? Janki says you knew that Ravi and Nivi are one team, you shouldnt feel bad, you have won, dont worry about such small things as then they will get your weakness and use it against you, you have shown your weakness rightnow, i am worried that Nivi will use it against you, we have to do something big in reception that will break their strength, Devika says what will we do? she saysi have no idea now but i wont spare them who have given pain to my daughter, they wont forget this reception ever especially that Nivi who is trying to deliberately come closer to Ravi, we will do something that will break her strength and that wont allow her to come closer to Ravi, before doing anything, she will think ten times, Devika looks on.

Reception starts. Janki greet guests. Gurvindar comes there and says to Jyoti that where is Manju and Shweta? she says they are getting ready in room, Gurvindar says what they are doing there for more than two hours? she says just enjoy party, Gurvindar asks how she is looking? Jyoti says you always look nice, she leaves. Gurvindar thinks that i want to look more good than Manju and Shweta, i did my makeover nicely. She takes selfie.
Ravi is finding Ambika in reception and says she left room being so angry, she thought wrong about me and Nivi and misunderstood me, wives have work to misunderstand and husbands have to clear it but how will clear it if i dont find her? he sees Devika talking to guests, he says how did she change clothes so fast? he was in such bad mood? should i talk? but i am her husband, i have right to talk, she asks guest to excuse her, guest leaves. Devika says what is your problem? what you want? she tries to leave but Ravi stops her and says i want to talk to you, how did you change your clothes to fast? she says you wanted to talk that? he says what you saw wasnt true, she says i dont care, i dont want to talk to you, i have many options here to spend time with, she leaves. Ravi says but i have only option to talk with and thats you, and only you, whom i will talk to? i will talk to you only, i will clear her misunderstanding but girls are like that, i will clear it. he leaves. Nivi sees all this and thinks Ravi never thought about me. She calls Saket, Saket takes her call, she asks where are you? why didnt you come to reception? Saket says my career is getting destroyed because of all this rubbish and fake wedding, i dont have time for this, Nivi says your career is important than Ambika? Saket says you know she is my weakness, she is my love, my stubbornness, tell me what i have to do? Nivi says come to party. I saw Ambika’s weakness today when she saw Ravi and I hugging, he asks what were you both doing? she says nothing special but think if we were doing something special then how she would have felt, i will take advantage of this misunderstanding, i will not let them make this marriage successful, this reception is good chance, i want to see their relation breaking, i need your help, come here, Saket says okay coming, lets see what you are going to do.
Ravi says to Rekha and Pallavi that its good that you came, i thought after what Saket did, you wouldnt come, Rekha says Janki insisted so i came, i have come to bless you and Ambika, your relation should be for births, Ravi says with your blessing, it will happen, Rekha says you remember you promised me something few months back, you promised me that you will keep my laado happy, i want to get that promise back, keep Ambika happy, keep her with you, Ravi says she might be Ambika for world but for me and you she is Devika, i will make her confess that she is your Devika, i promise you that i will keep her happy, i will fulfill all pheras, Rekha says i know you will follow your promise, she hugs him. Manju and Shwata comes to party after getting dressed. Shweta is wearing saree. Manju is stunned to see her, Manju says i wore new jewelry, when i saw mirror, it was glowing, you are looking like coming out of gold mine, Shweta says you are glowing and smelling good, Janki gave us such good jewelry for reception of wedding which hasnt even started, just think what we will get tonight? Manju says i am thinking how much she will give us, Shweta says lets talk to her, Manju says lets go. Manju and Shweta comes to Janki, Manju says you are looking so good but today you are looking thousand moon, Janki says you are looking good and these jewelry looks good on you, Manju says its all your blessing, tell me did you see arrangements? i arranged it, you gave me 10lacs, but i had to invest one or two lacs more, Janki thinks that they are behaving like i wanted, today i will use them and will shake Nivi so much that she will divert her attention from Ravi and will keep her attention on them, this way Ambika will get time with Ravi and will think about her next move, she says you have arranged it very nicely, i was just thinking that you should get something good as gift, Manju says you have such big heart, i should tell you that i dont like dowry, Shweta you know it right? Shweta says no, Manju says i hate greedy people but we cant deny gifts, Shweta says we cant say no to your gifts, Manju says its your right to give, i am mother in law of your daughter so we have to take jewelry, just to tell you that i am allergic to silver but gold and diamond works for me, i see dreams of 6tola bangles, Shweta says i like diamond necklace, Manju says now you have said so you will get it, Janki nods yes and thinks that they will now do as i want.

PRECAP- Ravi says to Devika that you said enough but listen to me, what you saw in room was not truth, it was lie, Devika says i dont want to listen, she starts leaving but Ravi holds her dupatta and it falls from Devika’s blouse exposing her, Devika is shocked and turns to glare him, he nods and they are both standing with mouth open at situation.

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