Tere Bin 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Tere Bin 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Akshay ewears new sherwani for diwali celebration. Vijaya from inside says if he is wearinng new sherwani, he should wear old sherwani inside. He says he did and says they should teach Neeti not to invite outsiders for their family function. Vijaya aks him to relax as Nandini and Irfan are getting married and they will be blessed during pooja.

Akshay goes down. Ratan with Abhaya comes and teaches safety rules of burning crackers to Neeti. Abhaya says he byhearted these rules. Akshay jokes if he had a cracker factory, he would have made him security officer and says let us take selfie. Nandini comes with Irfan and greets. Ratan says they are looking so good together and asks Irfan to hold Nandini’s hand and walk in. Irfan does hesitantly. Ratan takes their selfie. Vijaya comes down wearing a bbeauutiful red sari. Everyone say wow. Neeti presents her as Laxmi of this house, Mrs. Vijaya Akshay Khanna. Nandini fumes. Ratan takes their selfie and asks Nandini if they are looking pretty. Nandini fumes more. Vijaya thanks Irfan for attending her house diwali and ays she is very happy. Akshay says diwali after marriage is very special and even their diwali is special this time.

They all then perform pooja. Vijaya prays god that she got back happiness after 8 years from Akshay and she wants to keep him happy always. Nandini fumes seeing all this. Irfan says if she is not comfortable, they can go home. She says she will stay back.

Nandini burns crackers with Neeti. Akshay says she can burn only if her mom permits. Nandini angrily says forget it and says Neeti they will play something else. Vijaya says Irfan brought crackers with so much love, let her burn them. She gives box to Neeti. Neeti jumps in happiness. Ratan says they can play cards.

Akshay and Vijay go in. Akshay gets romantic with Vijaya. Vijaya says someone will watch them. Akshay says let them watch, they are married. Nandini watches them. Vijaya sees her and hugs Akshay tightly. Akshay kisses her and she signals Nandini. Nandini fumes seing this. Akshay then watches around and tells Vijaya that he has something for her and holding her tight gives his mouth organ and says he won it when he was in high school in a singing competition. She happily kisses his cheek. Nandini gets more jealous seeing this.

They all sits for a chat. Neeti asks Naani significance of diwali. Naani explains. Ratan throws his lame jokes. Irfan says bad joke. Ratan insists for a card game.

Precap: Nandini during card game bets her bangles and forces Vijaya to bet Akshay’s gifted mouth organ. Everyone watch in a shock.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Super fast update. Thanks MA. Really enjoying this serial. Hope Vijaya does not agree to gambling Akshay mouth organ Hope Vijaya slaps her right down with a smart reply!


    Toooo much maddness of Nandini… she is really reallly obssessed with akshay…..
    And now she is ready for gambling, but i hope vijya play with her and win and teach her lesson

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