Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raghav asking Naina what else her mum says, mum stories work more than balm. Rajeev says I won’t do this. Chanchal reminds she has his baby in her womb and tells her plan to see car coming and get infront of it. He says its dangerous plan. She says once we get money, we can sit home for 6 months and eat, it would be small fracture, come on do it. Asha is stressed. Zeenu asks what happened. Asha says I want to get my stents removed and get money. Zeenu asks what are you saying, wait, have water first. Asha says Naina is alone there, Rajeev won’t help her, I have no hope from her, who will help her. Zeenu asks her to tell what is the matter.

Rajeev is scared to go infront of the car. He tells Chanchal that there are other ways to earn money, if I die, you can’t digest the money. Chanchal asks him to go. Rajeev runs away seeing the car. She says he can’t do this. Asha says I have to tell Naina, Amit married a foreigner. Zeenu asks her to be strong, how will Naina manage there alone. Asha says who will marry Naina, I have sent her there.

Naina asks Raghav to check with some doctor. Raghav says my family will get hospital at home, my Dadi and everyone have much love. She calls him lucky. She says I will leave, take care. He says we are strangers and even then our ways match. She says we are Indians. He says fate brings us together, it can be friendship.

Chanchal finds Rajeev hiding. She asks him to come with her. He says I can’t do this. She says I promise I won’t let anything happen to you, follow me and practice. Veer is drunk and asks Ira to drive. Ira says I m too drunk, please manage today. He says fine, sleep then. Chanchal says fine, don’t come Rajeev. She sees a car coming and does not move. She gets hit and falls down. Rajeev asks Chanchal is she fine, open eyes, somebody please help. Veer gets down the car. Some people come there. Rajeev scolds Veer.

Chanchal thinks Rajeev has said good dialogue, I will go hospital and get much money to spent for years. Rajeev says I will not leave you if anything happens to my child. Chanchal thinks Rajeev is overacting, situation is in our favor. Rajeev calls police. Chanchal stops him and says take me to hospital, baby is not moving. Veer offers help. Rajeev says you will take us to hospital.

Raghav says its strange friendship, we don’t know our names, I m Raghav Mehra. She gets shocked. He asks what happened, I m not any criminal. She says I don’t believe this, Raghav Mehra of Mehra trust. He asks how do you know. She says unbelievable. She gets Rajeev’s call and gets shocked. She says what. I will just come. She tells Raghav that she will meet him later. He asks shall I drop you. She did not say name and went.

Chanchal says I m scared for baby. Rajeev says relax, doctor will check. Doctor says your baby is fine. Rajeev says its all fine. Chanchal thinks we won’t get money, I have to do something. She says I m a mother, if a car runs over pregnant lady, nothing will happen. Doctor asks what, you were run down by a car, this is police issue. Rajeev says yes.

Balraj gets Veer’s call and asks what, when did this happen, shut up till I reach there. He asks Pam to get up, Veer and Ira knocked down some woman by car. She asks is Ira okay. He says yes, Veer will die and get our daughter killed too. She says we will go and first inform police. He asks are you mad, both are involved in accident. She says Veer was drunk and did accident, how is this problem, first we will complain to police, then you will save family respect, you settles many business cases out of court always, you will do same. He says yes, so that we can make Veer’s parents dance on our fingers. She says we will keep Sanjana and Veer’s marriage demand. He agrees and says you do this good work by your hands. She says of course, pass me the phone. She calls police and gives accident report.

Sudha talks to Dadi about Sanjana and Raghav. She says she is elder bahu and has to maintain their dignity. She says charity news gave me peace. Pam comes and says we need charity at home, Balraj wants to do good for Veer. Sudha asks what happened to Veer. Pam says nothing, something happened because of him, he was drunk and run over the car on a 6 month pregnant lady. They get shocked. Pam says Balraj is going to save Veer, don’t know how much money will it take to settle this case, charity begins at home. Sudha leaves. Pam says I think Sudha is in shock, Balraj and I will save Veer any way. Dadi says what did you do Veer.

Chanchal says why did police come here. Rajeev complains against Veer. Veer says I think there is some confusion. Inspector asks are you drunk. Veer says no. Inspector says we have to do your tests, come, you have no choice. Rajeev asks Chanchal why did she stop him. Chanchal tells Rajeev that she was stopping him and signing for their benefit.

Naina comes worried and checks Chanchal. She tells doctor that she will pay for her expenses. Chanchal praises her. Naina says why to depend on others, keep this money, I will do two jobs and arrange money. Chanchal says day is bad, Rajeev lost job and I met with an accident, if we did not had you, don’t know what would have happened. Naina asks Rajeev to take care of Chanchal. Chanchal asks for water. Naina goes. Chanchal kisses the money.

Raghav comes home and sees Dadi crying. He says Dadi is sitting with Dada ji’s stick, it means something bad happened at home. He asks servant whats going on. The servant says everyone went to hospital for some emergency. He calls Veer and asks is everything fine. Veer says hold on, and talks to inspector, saying I won’t give this test. Inspector says you have to. Veer tells Raghav about the accident. Raghav asks him not to tell anything. He thinks my family is in problem, I have to do something.

Naina and Raghav meet in cafe and talk. He says this Ganpati idol was for someone special. She says for you, you are most special to me right now. She gives him the idol.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nice show….filled with emotions and love…. The reality is correctly shown by greedy people like family membes of raghav and nainas except dadi and nainas mother….keep going……

  2. The upcoming story will show a twist that occur in nainas life.naina keliye veer ka rishta.are an take toh raghav or naina ke beech mein pyaar shuru bhi nahi hua.ab Kya hoga

  3. Chithu

    Chalchal has cross the limits. How can someone be this greedy to put her husband in danger. She herself took the risk when Rajiv refused. What is something had happened to her baby. Which mother does tat purposefully. Chanchal easily convinced Naina to take night club job. Why cant she ask her husband to search for some temporary job till he finds a suitable one

  4. Aww wat a sweet precap can’t wait…. chanchal is such a money hungry Bit$h I just hate her baby doesn’t deserve to be born to her careless mother….

  5. Chill guys…marriage will bring some severe twists…and in the whole midst…Raghav and Naina will fall each other:-))Loved Naina today….and Arjun’s smile is so CUTE…Precap is awesome….love u ARJUN:-*:-*

  6. Today epi is Osum….!! LOVE you RÁÌÑÁ… Uhh both lukng superb today but Precab was Awwww ….waiting fr tomorrow.. and the chanchal how she so Greedy &Lol @ Sabrina dr uhhh said ryt the money hungry**

  7. Angelk1

    Chanchal is so cruel. How can she do that. Naina please see her true color and leave. Your brother is pathetic for letting this happen. And raghav your such a sweet heart, i hope he helps naina get out of that cruel house.

  8. Naina character has to get a backbone. Who behaves like that? Does she have an ATM machine in her bag? Just reaches in and pulls out money! Lol. Wow everyone should work in a nightclub for an endless supply of money. Show has to move forward faster. Too slow to develop story.. Grow up Naina. Open your eyes to reality. No one is that dumb or trusting.

  9. Guys whats the trp rating you know please share…

  10. Chithu

    Naina’s mother was hyper that who will marry Naina. Tat I felt was little stupid I mean Naina I well educated and a professor too. She can get good alliances from marriage sites. She should give courage to Naina to move forward in life. Raina scenes were very cute.

  11. Chithu

    Please update 18th Nov updates. I could not watch today’s episode.

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