Sasural Simar Ka 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Saroj says to Vikram where were you? Its your wedding tomorrow get a haircut. Vikram says you went to meet Simar aunty? you shouldn’t have. Saroj says I had to. I wanted to know how would they react. Tao ji says now we know they will understand calmly. Agarwal says we don’t have to worry now. Saroj says let by gones be by gones. Promise me you won’t ever do any such thing again. Tao says promise her Vikram. Vikram takes his hand off her head. He says I can’t promise any such thing. Agawal says are you out of your mind? Vikram says my family comes first for me. If someone tries to harm my family they will have to pay for it and I would even choose the wrong path for it. He leaves. Agarwal says listen Vikram.

Mataji comes to prem. She says what is this Prem? When you and simar are here how can someone else tie Anjali’s wedding knot? Prem says simar is responsible for this. She wasn’t here when Anjali needed her the most but Khushi was here. Mataji says we didn’t leave her anyway. We closed all the doors for her. She won’t have done it otherwise. Mataji says she had done so much for us. She lost moments with her daughter and now when anjali is getting married its a mother’s most beautiful right don’t take it from her. Mataji leaves.

Pandit ji give the timings to KB. Prem takes it from her and gives it to Simar. KB says I will tie the knot why are you giving it to simar? Prem says I and simar will tie the knot. KB says but you said I will.. Prem says what will vikram and his family think if you tie the knot? KB says you can say that Simr is ill its not a big deal. Anjali says wait a minute its my wedding this decision should be mine. KB says you are right. Now my doll will decide who will do her knot. Matjai says why would she? don’t drag her in all this. Anjali says dad its my big day, can’t I decide this? See don’t you want that to be the best day of my life? After yesterday I will only have memories from this house. Don’t you want me to go with good memories. Prem says okay you will decide who does your knotting(Kaniya daan). Anjali says thank dad. Anjali comes to simar and says KB will tie my knot. Everyone is dazed. Kb hugs her and says I love you doll. Piyush says how can you decide that? Anjali says like your mom decided to leave me and chose you. You know what your mother used to sing you lullabies KB wiped my tears. She was there for me. Kb takes the paper from Simar. Kb says what will I wear please tell me. Anjali says done.

Piyush gives Anjali coffee. He says you will leave tomorrow I knew you would miss my coffee. So one last cup. He sits there. Piyush says you know i had a friend he used to fight his sister a lot but there was a special bond between them. They had a secret language. When his sister was in trouble she used to write him a letter. He would do anything to help his sister. Anjali says whats the point? Piyush says we should have a secret code too. I know we haven’t been together but we are siblings so whenever you feel like you need me write me a letter with pencil when my sister needs. Anjali says stop boring me. piyush says whenever you need me your brother will be there. Piyush says what brother? You know who you are? Because of you your mother left me.You are nothing to me. If I am dying I wouldn’t take your and your mom’s help. The biggest reason of getting married is because I will get rid of all of you. Piyush says anjali di.. She says I am not your di.

Scene 2
Vadahi says on call thank you so much for what you have done for me kirthi. I will start a new life now. Vadhai says Kirthi got a job for me in Lucknow. Now I will leave this city along with my past with a new beginning.

Everyone is busy in preps. Simar says to mataji she has fasted for anajli. KB says I hope I don’t die because of the kaniya daan. Sankalp says what happened/ Kb says that pandit asked me to fast. Sankalp says to get something you lose something. Stay hungry. You wanted to do it.
Piyush is decorating the house. He says decorate with flowers. Manager says it would be expensive. He says she is my sister. Her happiness is everything. Mataji says to sankalp anjali took simar’s right. Sankalp says what can we do to stop KB? Mataji says I have an idea. She tells the idea to sankalp. He says done.

SImar is preparing in the kitchen. She is lost. prem comes in and says what are you doing? you are packing empty boxes. simar says my focus was lost. ITs my daughter’s wedding. I don’t know why I feel agitated. I feel like there is something wrong gonna happen. prem says I feel the same maybe its because anjali is going away from us. anyway, get ready vikram and his family would be here. Rest, you haven’t eaten anything. I know you have fasted for anjali. I have too. We can’t do kaniya daan but we can do this for our daughter. He leaves a box there and says I brought this for you. Its a set. Simar opens it and smiles.

Precap-Anjali gets ready as bride. Simar says She looks so good Jhanvi. Simar says I should apply her teeka. Anjali says no that would spoil the make up. jhanvi says it will protect you from bad eyes. Simar applies her teeka. Simar says its behind ear it wouldn’t spoil your make up.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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