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TERA FITOOR (Hate Full Of Love)??
Caring for each other ..
Shot 8 …..
The Episode starts with twinkle entering their home and stepping inside her gaze falls on Kunj she saw Kunj sleeping on couch uncomfortably ….she moved towards him and stands …

Kunj wake up …..twinkle said shaking him a little bit while he opened his eyes by hearing her voice ..

You are back he asked with a tired voice
Yeah and why you are sleeping like this ? She asked while he got up and sat on the couch ..

Just I fell asleep thinking something Kunj said ..
Thinking what ? Twinkle asked sitting beside him ..

Uhmm about us Kunj said …
What ? Twinkle asked ..
Nothing what’s the time Kunj said looking here and there ..

It’s 2:33 twinkle said while Kunj was shocked ..
I slept till this time he said rubbing his eyes ..

You had any work ? Twinkle asked ?
Yeah Kunj said I’ll get freshen up he said …
Ok I’ll make something for you then twinkle said ..

No you may also be tired just order something Kunj replied …

Okay twinkle said and both moved to their respective rooms thinking how much they had kept their feelings in the dark …but none less every dark side will have a brighter path too …

Soon both had a quick shower and went changed while twinkle was in her PJ’s Kunj got ready in his formals ..

Is it necessary to come ? Arhaan ??? Kunj asked him talking on phone ..
Yeah Kunj it is or else I wouldn’t have called you arhaan said ..

Acha I am coming Kunj said ..
Haan come attain this meeting and go back asap arhaan said while Kunj hummed and ended the call he heard the door bell and took the food delivery while twinkle came out both looks at each other with an instant craving but twinkle broke their eye contact and went to take plates she served Kunj and served her while both had their brunch in peaceful silence and they were done with Thier brunch …

I had to go office it’s an important meeting Kunj told her while she nodded her head ..
Haan go and best of luck twinkle said with a fake smile..

Yeah you sleep and take care of yourself if you need anything just call me Kunj said …and twinkle nodded again ..

He looked at her with a prick in his heart he moved closer to twinkle and cupped her face with his both hands …he pecked her lips slightly with all the love he had for her still which he kept it cocooned …
while twinkle was shocked ..

Kunj looked at her with a smile …he wanted to say something but words refused to come at that moment he was confused …and shocked’ with what he did he just faked a smile bye he said and took his stuff and left while twinkle stands startled ..she bend on her knees tears started brimming in her eyes soon they travelled down her cheeks …

Why is it too difficult ????
Why can’t we have a normal life ??
When everything was going on so smooth why it again went back on the same track from where we have started again ???
What I should believe ? His words or his actions ????
I still can’t forget what I heard that day
I still can’t forget those 3 sentences changed my life forever changed my love forever …
I hate it I can’t let myself go through that again …
But I can’t even deny that those were the best thing happen on my life ..
He was the best thing happen to me
I can’t regret ever loving him I loved him with all my heart and soul …

Twinkle pov ::: { much awaited ?}
Yippeeeeeeeeee I shouted when I saw my allotment in my dream college J.S.S Dehradun …I was having my joining report in my hand and I twirled dadi with happiness ..

Twinkle twinkle hold on dadi said …
No I can’t today dadi I feel like on the top of the world I finally got admissions there I said while dadi smiled soon dadu joined us brought sweets for me …

Mubaraka puttar I wish you all the success dadu said and I hugged him
My dadu and dadi was my life though I was more attached to them before my mom dad who were settled in abroad and I have an elder brother too though I didn’t spend much time with him but I shared a great bond with him ..

Me dadu and dadi celebrated Nd I got my joining report I was so happy I always wanted to study there I heard alott about that college and I am damn excited to be there ..

I was really excited before joining only but I never imagined I’ll get my life there my husband who was probably my boy friend and best friend as well hah ? my life is really complicated ..

Soon I bid off to dadu and dadi and went to join college and it was out first day everyone were nervous because of a new environment and scared to because of ragging but our seniors didn’t got that chance because our exams were pretty soon …hah we were spared ..

Though we had a formal interaction with the seniors when I saw him …the breathtaking him uff I can’t even forgot how my gaze was stuck on him …his cheeks his perfect jawline his sharp nose …his perfect facial feature and his body was not that much good that time compared to what it is today ouch yeah I stalk my husband daily whenever he comes to my room balcony shirtless for gymming ? okay okay back to old times ?..

He was standing there with his” the demons” yeah there were really demons(devil’s the over speaker Samar the fuel adder Rhea the rude dude Naman Nd that drama queen aryan) I still hate them no doubt ..but in all of them I had my Kunj …he was very cute and I had love at first sight or you can say a crush on him I admired him from the very first day not only me my all classmates girls were gaga over him …which used to make me jealous …so as our exms were nearer we were hell busy in studying and soon our first semester exms ended ..and we were much happy ..

The seniors conducted a fun interaction session with us in which they had given us few dares I was really nervous as what I will get as Kunj was there too I don’t want to spoil my image Infront of him by getting any stupid dare but to my luck ..

They asked to propose any one of my senior Nd I literally danced inside I was searching for his face and shit he was there looking confused I walked towards him and proposed him in a very cute manner though he didn’t told anything ..but I was really happy that I told him that I love him …and ran from there …while the rest college were hooting for us …I used to stalk him since I entered there…

And the days passed quickly and it was time for our annual fest won again my luck betrayed me and i was ganged up with him …it was really an awkward thing for me but I always managed to stay calm and cool…

I met him that day he was quite surprised seeing me while I introduced myself ..
Hey I know your name he said while I was beyond shock ..
Than I am damn lucky I said and he let out a giggle …

So let’s be friends I said forwarding my hand…what he said next shocked me like anything ..

I think we already are he said and walked keeping his hands in his pocket with his lips twitched into a beautiful smirk ..while my cheeks were burning and I really don’t know why …

The things started heating up and we were really busy planning each n everything and me and Kunj used to have a lot of fun ..

I remember how he was nervous while I was giving him my number ?? …

So how will you contact me?? I asked him while we were walking off the campus on the streets we had the same routes to our hostels ..we were having our coke cans ..

Why I’ll contact you ? He asked sipping his coke …
Yeah why you will contact me you should contact my parents ? I said with a blushy smile ..

Wait ? Why ?? He asked why he is so innocent babaji I wished to kiss his cheeks ..oh I really kissed when I proposed him ??

Why means what ? You will contact my parents only na Asking for my hand I said smiling I love to tease him ..

Still he didn’t got what i meant but I didn’t take much time too to register it ..and he choked …while I started laughing seeing his expressions ..

You … .. me.. an that he said still coughing while I was rubbing his back ..

Hey I was joking don’t worry you will get a good girl to get marry I said and winked while he passed a death glare ..

You are so bad he said while I laughed again he was cursing me repeatedly ..

Haan to hum kaha thay I said while he looked at me …and I gulped down the lump that was formed in my throat …

Haha Kunj I was telling about how you will contact me when you have to share anything any idea regarding fest I cleared it …while he understood but still didn’t asked my number ..this guy and his guts

So ? He asked nervously I seriously needs to punch his sharp nose but hell he will look cute in that too huh…

So do one thing write a letter highlights all the main things and send it through a pigeon okay I said while his eyes widened ..

Kabutar ja ja ja I sang ..
Rubbish give me your contact number he said damn finally …

788******0 I said ..
Your number I asked him back and he looked at me with a smirk …

If I have any thought to share I’ll call you twinkle he said I didn’t realised we reached our hostels ..

Bye he said and I groaned in frustration and he laughed you are damn cute you know he said and and winked ..

I know love you I winked back at him though I used to tell him I love you daily I went back to hostel …

And then and there everything started going on very well though we used to clear of doubts when we met we never talked on calls ..it was few days since I gave him my number and I totally forgot it …

I was sitting on my room Penning down few things while I got a call from unknown number ..

Hello I said frustrated …
Hello mam I am from one of bank the caller spoke from the other side

Yes so ? I asked ..
Mam the loan you took you gave to pay more interest on him or otherwise many others are ready to pay interest on him the caller spoke ?

Hell ? What you mean ? And who the hell are you ? I said curling my hairs with my finger ..

Wait this voice ? Kunj ??? I said finally
Yeah he replied and I heard him giggling very soon you identified me he ended ..

Huh ? What rubbish you were talking ? I asked him ..
The loan means I ? I am seeing from many days you are not paying interest on me ..are you done with me if that’s the case them your classmates are in line for me he said and I was angry and jealous ..
Dare you look at anyone I hate you I said ..

Ohoooo ? your love disappeared so soon he said laughing ..

I hate you like I love you I sang while we both laughed I laid on bed talking to him …

We used to talk for hours and hours morning chai evening Pani Puri and dinner aloo paratha I still remember we used to have a hell Lott of fun with each other and finally the fest started though we had a good response it had sports week food fest marketing fest design quota and everything and last but not the least the FRESHER’S party ..

Everyone were damn excited so was I ..few days back I got to know that Kunj fav colour is black and I wanted to wear black …I designed my gown AND HECK it was damn s*xy should I wear this ? Yeah I should and it was ready …

And made my way towards the campus my eyes were searching for Kunj though my whole classmates was my friends but I never had any best friend bond with them they were just my common Friends

As I was talking my gaze lands upon my handsome hunk woahoooo he is also wearing back…and his gaze met mine I felt my cheeks burning …

He made his way towards me …. looking damn today he said his eyes glancing me while I smiled my hardwork paid off..

But I am jealous every boy is looking at what’s mine he murmured but I heard it ?
What I asked ..

Hmm Nothing dance ? He asked I nodded..
And we had burning dance on wajah tum ho all the while our eyes were locked burning with a different sensation …as the dance Kunj made his way towards his demons …

The fun round like ramp and all started and all my classmates were giving their best …and it was time for results me Arya Avika Ishita Taniya were in top 5
So our college this year freshers is …twinkle they said I was shocked …

I smiled at Kunj who clapped and then mr fresher was also choosen ..I was crowned …and everyone congratulated me

I was standing when Kunj came and tap on my shoulder ..

Can I have a picture with miss fresher he asked while I smiled and nodded in yes..
We are standing really close his hand on my waist and my resting on his chest he took the selfie while we both realised our position ..

Really hits me that from next day our classes with be there and I am not going to meet Kunj …I was sad and so was he may be that was visible from his facial expressions …

We went back to our hostels and as predicted our classes were scheduled from the very next day and it was hectic for us I was rarely meeting Kunj …and whenever I used to meet Kunj his so called besties used to taunt me I don’t know why they use to dislike me I never cared until it got severe …

Our next semester exms goes on and I got call from dadi about dadi health and I ran to my native place the same day Papa maa and Abeer bhai too came ..

Dadu wanted Abeer bhai engagement soon which was with his friend granddaughter and the engagement happened everyone enjoyed alott mostly dadu …after the engagement his health worsened .. and we took him to hospital it was almost a week and his condition was deterioting day by day and unfortunately we lost him ..

Everyone were sad about his sudden demise I missed him alott Papa decided to settle herre in India with dadi in Amritsar where he started his another branch …dadi sent me back to college after seeing my depressed condition so that I can be fine …while dadi shifted from village to Amritsar with Papa maa and Abeer bhai ..

I resume my college work but I was sad too I was missing dadu each day ..he was my everything …I was sitting in basketball court when kunj came to me that day changed my life as he confessed that he LOVES ME I was beyond shock ..

You are not saying this out of pity na Kunj ? I asked him…

No twinkle I really love you and I realise it in your absence he said and I hugged him …

Though my condition used to be same but he helped me alott he was there everytime when I needed him ..I was getting more and more attached to him I realise really what love is…he was the perfect guy anyone could have wished for …..but may be I wasn’t that perfect to get him ???
Her pov ends ::::

While thinking about the days when her life was amazing twinkle slept due to being tired …
Twinkle woke up after sometime and decided to do some work she cleaned the house and went to prepare dinner for Kunj as she loves cooking for him …for some unknown reason she decided to prepare his favourite food …she tied her hairs in a bun with some of the strands Falling down looking cute ..she started preparing dinner ..

On the other side
Kunj was done with his meetings he decided to go back home and went back on the way he saw a pastry shop and smiled he buyed pastry and chocolates for twinkle and went back …
Twinkle was done with preparing dinner she washed off her hands when she heard door bell and realised Kunj had came she went and opened the door while Kunj smiled seeing her messy state he was admiring her while twinkle snaps her finger before him ..

What ??? She asked ..
Uhmm Nothing Kunj said …

You go and change we will have our dinner then she said and Kunj nodded he handed the pastry and chocolates to twinkle …while she looked at him ..

For me ? She asked ..
Obviously twinkle Kunj said …and left to get freshen up while twinkle smiled teard eye ..

Soon the duo sat to have their breakfast and was very much glad that they had started opening up a bit towards each other …

Their were done with dinner ..
You sit I’ll bring it Kunj said and twinkle nodded ..

He placed the pastry and came back while twinkle and Kunj had it from the same plate …while sharing their glances just like the old times …

They decided to watch a movie and Kunj was selecting it when they heard door bell …

I’ll open twinkle said while Kunj nodded ..
She went and open the door she was surprised and shocked ..

Supriseeeeeeeee amaira Yuvi Karthik shouted while bebe stands all smiling
Bebe aap twinkle shouted with happiness and hugged her while she reverted back and Amaira Yuvi and Karthik smiles looking at them

Now will you let us in bhabhi ? Amaira said ..or should we stand here only Karthik asked flirty while bebe hits him ..

No no please come inside she said and took them inside while others were looking for Kunj

Bhabhi where is bhai ? Amaira asked while kunj came towards them happily and hug bebe and his siblings ..
Stay happy puttar bebe said caressing his face ..

Missed you all twinkle said ..
Yes we all too bebe said while the rest nodded happily …

Such a huge surprise Kunj said while twinkle too nodded ..
Haan wo bebe was coming to meet you so we decided to accompany her Yuvi said ..

Wow house is looking so good well decorated I am sure bhabhi would have done it hai na amaira asked ..

Yes and who else twinkle said while Kunj passed her death glare ..they all sat talking to each other smiling ..

Now I think Everyone should rest bebe said ..while the youngsters looked at her ..

Bebe we came just now we have to talk to bhai alott of things …Karthik said ..
Haan Kittu we are here for few days so don’t worry bebe told them while they nodded as they were tired too ..

Kunj was tensed about them finding about he and twinkle staying in different rooms and looked at twinkle while she blinked her eyes in assurance ..

Where everyone will sleep ? Bebe asked
Bebe you and Amaira share one room and Yuvi and Karthik the other one and me and Kunj will go to OUR room twinkle said linking their arms while bebe smiled seeing them close and hummed ..

Kunj I have to talk to you about something I’ll get freshen up then we will talk bebe said while Kunj nodded ..

Okay you go I’ll be in your room in 5 minutes Kunj said while they retorted to their rooms taking their luggage ..

Twinj went to twinkle room and closed the door behind ..
Don’t worry we will stay in one room twinkle assured ..

But my clothes are there Yuvi and Kittu will see Kunj says ..
No I took them out and they are in laundry actually twinkle said nervously biting her inner cheek while Kunj smiled ..
Thanks Kunj said ..

What ? Twinkle replied with wide eyes ..
Waste to talk to you Kunj said and left while twinkle smiled within …

Kunj went to talk to bebe while twinkle arrange bed for them nervously ..it’s the first time they are going to share bed together …
Screen freezes ..
Promo ::::
Socha tha unse khafa hongey to woh hume mana lengay ..
Par unhe to ye khabar tak na thi ke hum unse khafa hai …
(Think think what it will be ?)
Half of twinkle pov ? How’s it ..
Want next episode soon ? Comment soon …
Thanks to all who commented on last one …
Bye allahafiz ?

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