Tantra 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Niyati sent to mental hospital

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Tantra 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Prithvi and Akshat stood in Niyati’s room while the doctor checks on her. Prithvi asks Akshat if Niyati knew she wasn’t Sumati’s true daughter. Akshat says she knew, and was disturbed badly. But she vowed to win Sumati’s heart. He tells Prithvi that Niyati’s behavior today was exactly like Nirwan’s.
Sumati and family stood in the balcony. Everyone was in a disbelief about Niyati’s behavior. Sumati forbids them to speak about Niyati anymore, else she would consider they aren’t concerned for her son Nirwan at all.
The doctor tells Prithvi and Akshay that he knows what happened to Niyati.
Bharat drives Kanchan into the restricted area. Kanchan objects that Bharat cannot bring her here without a lady constable, it’s unlawful. Bharat taunts that Kanchan has learnt a lot of law from her friend Niyati in very less time. He stops the van, Kanchan walks down. Bharat says 20 km from the radius of this place, she won’t find a single human. Kanchan accuses that Bharat wants to trap her. Bharat corrects he wants the truth from her this way, he saved her from the torture of police physical remand. She must tell him why she got a fake sketch and lied to police? Kanchan denies any such act. Bharat strictly inquires why she mislead the investigations of police.
Prithvi comes to the hall. Damini was already there and explains she stayed because if Nisha was alive this must have been her in laws. Prithvi nods and asks the doctor what he came to know about Niyati. The doctor says Niyati seems to be mentally tensed. Akshat agrees that Niyati was disturbed when she found out that Sumati wasn’t her real mother, and when she was denied a participation in Nirwan’s Asthi Visarjan, she was even more tensed. The doctor says all this affected Niyati’s mental condition. Damini asks if the doctor means Niyati needs mental cure. The doctor agrees.

Kanchan was offensive when Bharat asks Kanchan why she planned her own kidnapping. Kanchan says she will now only speak to police through lawyer. Bharat says if there was a lady constable, Kanchan could have been slapped on face for not replying straight.
Prithvi wonders what’s wrong with his family. He never harmed anyone, still first he lost his son and now his daughter is claimed to be mentally unwell. Damini says one gets the fruit of his deeds in this world; it is said by elders. Prithvi sends doctor to start the treatment of Niyati.
Bharat asks Kanchan why she did all this. Kanchan cunningly moves ahead pushing Bharat away and drives the police van. Bharat holds the van from behind and was dragged.
Niyati wakes up in the bed and thinks about Damini’s warnings. She decides to save her family but finds herself roped with the bed. Damini comes there. Niyati asks what she did to her family. Damini tells Niyati she herself confessed of killing Nirwan. Her father has now decided to send her to mental asylum. Akshat comes to the room. Niyati decides to get the truth spit out from Damini but Damini changes her tone to pitiable. Damini leaves Akshat to take care of Niyati. Niyati requests Akshat to believe in her. Akshat was convinced that Niyati was unwell, and promises to come and meet her in the hospital daily. The paramedic staff comes to take Niyati.
Bharat was successful in climbing up the van and take over the drive forcefully from behind Kanchan. Kanchan stops the van’s door, both fell down. Bharat rolls down the cliff and his head hits a rock. Kanchan hit her head with a tree.
Niyati cries and requests Prithvi to save her as she was being dragged downstairs. The paramedics drag her anyway. Niyati pleads Prithvi to trust her, she isn’t mentally ill. Prithvi silently thinks he is doing all this for her better sake.

PRECAP: Bharat reads Damini’s messages on Kanchan’s cell phone that Niyati is going to mental asylum, now there is no hurdle in their path. He understands that the lady they are looking for is Damini. There, Niyati makes out of the hospital. As Damini appreciates Kanchan for finishing that officer off, they turn to see Niyati standing right behind them.

Update Credit to: Sona

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