Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kaira on Babymoon

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira asking Kartik to stop. Kirti asks Naksh about the girl who was working with him there, was she beautiful. Naksh says now you are talking like my wife, yes she was very pretty, she used to give me hugs and kisses, won’t I return the hugs if its a 62 year old grandma missing her grandchildren. She smiles and says you are so bad. He says you are doubting on me, I m made for you in this birth. They hug. Kartik comes downstairs. Servant, manager, courier guy and family members get shocked seeing him having a fake baby bump. Naira says Kartik don’t do this please. The manager smiles. Manish gets angry. Naira thinks if you are upset with me, you should talk to me, why are you making a fool of yourself here. Lav and Kush come and say wow, you are also pregnant, how did you become fat so soon, Naira had taken much time to get fat. Staff smiles. Akhilesh asks kids to go and study. He asks Naresh to go to office. The manager leaves. Manish asks staff to go to outhouse. Manish, Akhilesh and Dadi scold Kartik a lot.

Suwarna and Surekha look on. Naira thinks I m stupid to doubt on Kartik. She comes downstairs to Kartik. She says sorry, its not Kartik’s fault, this happened because of me. Dadi asks did you tell him to do this drama. Kartik says no, she didn’t know this, I decided this. Manish asks will you humiliate us in front of the world. Kartik says we always tell pregnant ladies that we understand their pain, we don’t understand anything, we don’t know their physical and emotional changes in them, doing this I just realized that how one feels when people laugh seeing you, confident falls down, I couldn’t understand more. Dadi goes away. Everyone leaves.

Naira asks are you crazy, why did you do this, for my sake. He says for our sake, I m sorry, Naira if you felt bad, and thanks for doing this, its a big thing. They hug. She says remove this, hug can’t happen with two baby bumps. She removes the cushion and says don’t appear like this again. He says I m not afraid of anyone, except my tigress. She says I just want your love. They hug.

Naira is sleeping. She sees someone dead in her nightmare and wakes up, shouting Kartik. He wakes up and says no, don’t think about it. She says I m tired of this, what does this dream mean. He says Kirti and you, both babies are fine. She hugs him and says you can’t stop me from thinking. He thinks I will try that you don’t think about this, sleep. Its morning, Kartik says doctor, is the clot the reason of this dream. Doctor says I think stress is the reason. Kartik asks why, we have no problem at home. Doctor says maybe stress is about baby delivery and complications, you said Naira had almost met with an accident, maybe she is scared. Kartik asks what shall I do to make her forget this. Doctor says change her surrounding, that can benefit her, take her out for a few days, shift her focus, break her routine, talk to Naira’s gynac first. Kartik says I will take her soon, suggest where could I take her. Doctor says I had taken my wife when she was pregnant, the medical facilities are good there. Kartik agrees. Doctor asks him to talk to Naira.

Kartik comes to Naira and signs to explain surprise. She asks what are you trying to say, say it clearly. He says surprise, I want to you give a surprise. She asks what surprise. He smiles. She says tell me. He says we are going outside Udaipur on a trip. She asks will anyone let us go, my happiness lies here, no one will agree to you. He says we will go on babymoon, we will see. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani ask trip in this month, baby may come any time. Naksh says I spoke to doctor, he said we can go. Kirti says Kartik and Naira are insisting, we can’t refuse. Dadi and Manish ask them to just have a city tour. Kirti says let us go, its my last wish, sorry I mean its my last wish before baby comes. Devyaani says just go before you utter any nonsense more. Bhabhimaa says you have to careful, Naksh its your responsibility to get Kirti and baby home safely. Kartik says doctor asked me to take Naira on a trip, you can ask him.

Dadi says we trust you. He says I will take care of Naira and Kirti. Naksh says I promise I will take care of everyone. Naira says if Kartik messes up, I will call you. Dadi asks Suwarna and Surekha to come with her. Naira says baby, we will have fun and have lot of chaat. Kartik asks what are you murmuring. Naira says its mumma and baby secret, baby has okayed my talk too. They smile. Dadi wards off bad sight and does their aarti. She gives a dagger to Naira and asks her to give one to Kirti as well, it will protect them from bad sight. Naira nods. Bhabhimaa says its a knot of prayers, when you come back safely, I will untie it, keep it with you always. Kirti nods. Kartik says we will get late. Dadi pulls his ear. Manish asks is Naksh coming along.

Kartik says Naksh has some work in Krishna, we will leave and meet him on the way. Dadi asks him to be careful and come back soon. Aditya flirts with a girl and says you are very special to me, Vaishali has gone to bangalore for two days, we will not waste these two days, I can’t stay away from you, you are so sweet. Naksh says its a beautiful place. Kirti says I m liking it, we got a good chance by luck, lets enjoy these moments. Naira talks to baby. Kartik says this isn’t fair, you have secret conversations with baby, I have to talk to baby now. He asks baby to sleep, so that they spend some time alone. He says madam is busy on social media. She says no, I was messaging Surekha, Dadi asked us to update them timely, we will enjoy. He says this will be best babymoon ever. Dadi and Bhabhimaa pray for babies. Devyaani says they are doing puja so that everything gets fine. Akhilesh asks Dadi not to take tension. Manish says I m also worried for them.

Suwarna says if they know everyone is so worried, how will they enjoy. Lav and kush say we can design the baby’s room to divert your attention. Everyone likes the idea. Manish says hurry up, babies can come soon. Aditya is with the girl and says I m going to spend time with you. Naksh and Kirti pass by. Kirti doesn’t see Aditya. She attends Naira’s call. Naira says we will stop at the dhaba, we can have food and use washroom. Kirti says we will make a stop ahead, we have gone ahead of that dhaba, you freshen up and join us. Naira says we will meet you at the resort. Kartik and Naira reach dhaba. Aditya is close. Kartik asks shall I come alone. Naira asks will you come to ladies or gents washroom. He says fine go, be careful. She goes. He says I will check the car till then. Naira looks towards Aditya.

Kartik feeds Naira. She likes the food. The dagger falls down. They leave in the car. Naksh and Kirti are also on the way. A truck approaches….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So nw u want to kill kirti r again miscarriage to make ur naira mahaan by new way
    If nt atlst spare us u should hav explained d preg bump by another way instead of as always showing kaira great
    Nd naira no words to her she wants to eat evtythn bt still she has to luk beautiful nd karthik should b her ghulam always nd ystrday she showed dat too
    Nd ya naira fans r d worst seriously
    It was just a preg track being a women these chepo fans r bashing mohena fr lukn like bhains n preg gtup
    I think evn u cl ur mother any girl n ur family who s preg
    Keesh fans r better than sick minded cheap naira fans like their idol
    Nd taking abt shape nd look font make me puke naira luks like bended skeleton nd her makeup sucks n todays epi
    Nd she should hv atlst a lil common dressing sense fr godhbharai she s decked up like bride

  2. So naira dream pregnant died deadbody will be kirti.
    Did anyone know.

  3. Y u are killing babies everytime

  4. Yes Priya I agreed with you., Naira is so pretty and so caring, she is not only smart she is so considerate!!! We really love her,.

    By the way., why kill Kirti?? Why can’t the writers end this drama in happy ending?? Why you need to kill another character in this drama n somemore its Kirti?????? If u got no more story line just end this serial on a happy note!!! We want a happy ending please!!!

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