Tashan e ishq twiraj story episode 139

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Hey guys, sorry for late update. And thank you so much for your comments.

Recap: yuvi in hospital.

Two days past:
Yuvi started to get bored in the hospital. Twinkle, Anita and Rohan were there.
Anita was asking him to eat medicines, but he was getting irritated.
Yuvi:”mom, you and Twinkle, go. Ro will stay with me.”
Anita:”no i am staying here itself.”
Twinkle:”yes we are not going anywhere.”
Yuvi, irritated:”i said na Ro will stay with me, you both go from here. Plz go. I don’t want anything, just go.”
Rohan:”aunty, Twinkle, i will handle him, you both go”
Rohan:”aunty, trust me. I am with him.”
Anita and Twinkle unwillingly went from the hospital.

Rohan:”Yuvi? What’s this? Why are you getting irritated? What happened?”
Yuvi;”i want to go home….but my head is still paining, they are not even telling what’s the problem? That’s my head right? I want to know what’s wrong? You tell me.”

Rohan:”Yuvi, they only said that just because you already had a previous operation that’s why its paining”
Yuvi:”what yaar?”
Rohan:”Yuvi, calm down. Just relax, it will be fine in some days. Just don’t stress yourself.”

After a week,
Yuvi finally got discharged from the hospital and the pain also reduced. Everyone were at Luthra place to welcome him.
Yuvi seeing everyone decides to tell them about Rajesh.
Yuvi:”mom, i want to tell you something. I wanted to tell you before but then thought when i will return from the hospital.”
Dadaji:”what’s wrong, beta?”

Yuvi;”it’s about 20 years ago…”
Anita and Leela:”no plz…”
Yuvi:”mom, you will have to listen to me. Then you will know the truth.”
Twinkle:”which truth, Yuvi?”

Yuvi:”mom, aunty… 20 years ago, all that you went through was all created by Rajesh and Malhotra. Aunty, the one who misbehaved with you was not my dad, it was Rajesh…”
Everyone was shocked and especially Leela.
Yuvi:”he wanted revenge from your husband because of him, dad threw Malhotra out. Mom, dad broke his friendship with Malhotra from before but he didn’t inform you.”
Dadaji:”but how do you know this?”
Yuvi:”he told me… mom, those pictures too were morphed, it was not dad neither Leela aunty. It was them.”
He told them everything.
Anita and Leela felt guilty for what they thought about each other.
Anita apologized to Leela and Leela also apologized.
Anita:”I didn’t know… i was angry when you did the complaint and you also could have discuss with me before.”
Leela:”i know, but even i was angry… i am sorry… Raj committed suicide for something he didn’t do. I accuse him wrongly”
They both apologized and hugged each other. Everyone were happy seeing them and especially Dadaji. He always wanted that. He got his daughters back.

Yuvi:”aunty, there is one more thing…”
Everyone:”now what?”
Yuvi:”Your husband, twinkle’s dad’s death was also planned by them. The accident was planned”
Leela was very upset and shocked and even twinkle.
Anita hugged her for sometimes. And Yuvi went to Twinkle and hold her hand to console her, he knows that she was upset hearing about the death of her dad.

After sometimes, when all of them were calmed down.
Yuvi:”I told the police everything mom. They will be punished for whatever they have done. When i was at his place, i recorded him saying all this on my phone. And i gave it to Jay and he gave it to the police.”
Dadaji:”you did good. They deserved to be punished, they ruined two families. And in all this, we suffered a lot. Even you both (twiraj)”
Anita and Leela looked at each and whispered something to each other.

Leela:”Twinkle, let’s go now.”
Everyone looked at her with a questioning look.
Anita:”yes, Twinkle. You should go to your house…”
Dadaji:”but why? Now that everything is fine, you shouldn’t have any problem with them being together.”
Twiraj were looking at each other and they somehow fear if their moms would separate them again.

Leela:”Papaji, if she doesn’t come with us now then how will she come back here?”
Chink:”aunty, we are so confused, plz tell us clearly.”
Anita:”arey, even i should get a chance to welcome her”
Everyone was confused about what was happening.
Leela and Anita:”we want that they get married again with all the rituals”
Everyone smiled hearing this and twiraj were somehow relieved.

Anita:”every rituals: mehendi, Sangeet, everything again.”
Leela:”with our permission and blessings.”
Both Twiraj hugged their moms.
Leela:”come on, bring your bags.”
Twinkle nodded yes and went upstairs.

Rohan:”Yuvi, i think you should help her right?”
Anita:”yeah, go…”
Leela:”yeah, she doesn’t like doing packing alone”
Yuvi smiled and then went to the room while the others laughed. They started to talk to each other.

Twiraj room:
Twinkle was already packing. Yuvi hugged her from behind.
Twinkle turned around to hug him.
Twinkle:”i am so happy, Yuvi. Everything is sorted out. Everything. And we are getting married the way i wanted.”
Yuvi:”arey, even i wanted to get married this way with mom and all the others”
Twinkle:”sorry, in the way we wanted.”
Yuvi:”how am i going to stay without you for some days?”

Twinkle:”just like you stayed before we got married. Like that”
Yuvi:”ok… so as before phone calls… and secret meetings in your bedroom.”
Twinkle nodded yes.
Yuvi:”i love you”
Twinkle:”love you too…”
They hugged each other and Yuvi kissed her forehead.

They came downstairs.
Anita:”so, before marriage no talking to each other and no seeing each other”
Leela:”yes… and i will make sure that Twinkle’s room window is closed, you come from there itself.”
They laughed at him. Twinkle also.
Yuvi to himself:”plan of meeting, fail. But Aunty, i have other ways to meet my baby. Wait and watch, twinkle, how Yuvraj will come to meet you”

They left from there.
Rohan:”aunty, can i stay here? My family went outdoors…”
Anita:”since when you started asking me if you can stay here? This is your house too, you can stay here as long as you want.”
Anita left with Dadi as they decided that the wedding will be in a week. So they started with some works.

Yuvi:”where did they go?”
Rohan:”Pune, why?”
Yuvi:”nothing, lets go”
They went to Yuvi’s room.

Precap: wedding preparations.

Hope you like it and promise promise next one will be longer.

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