Jealous Love – Ishqbaaz – Part 4

Hi this is VHM back with my next part… First of all sorry to all the readers of my OS..i promised to end this OS in this part but couldn’t due to personal problems..also typing two versions is making me tired..but anything for the readers is delight…so please bear with me ..also sorry for grammatical and spelling mistakes…one more part after this and i am done with Jealous love os… Please pour in you comments as they encourage me a lot

without any further delay lets plunge into the OS

Anika turns towards Shivaay and tears start flowing from her eyes seeing his condition and with a shaky voice says
Anika: Billu ji, mein giri huin ladki nahi hoon, mujhe apni attitude, selfrespect aur sachayi bahut pyaari hain, par mere paas aur koi rastha nahi tha aapko bachane ka isliye mujhe ye sab karna pada.. ab mera yaha koi kaam nahi hain..mein hamesha keliye yaha se jaa rahi hoon..apna kahayal rakhiye ga aap aur ho sake tho…
(Anika: Billu ji, I am not a gal to fall low, I still love my attitude, self respect and honesty..but this time I had no other option but to do these drama…now I have no more work here..i am leaving from here forever..please take care of yourself and if possible…)
She couldn’t complete her sentence..Inspector who was dressed in civilian clothes came to Tia and Daksh and arrested them on fraud charges.
Anika turns towards Om and Rudy and says:
Anika: tum dono ke bina shayad ye sab mein kabhi kar nahi pati..tum dono ko kitna bhi thankyou kahoon kam hi hain..fir bhi Thank you…
(Anika: all this wouldn’t have happened without you both…how many ever times I say thank you will be less but still Thank you so much…)
She hugs Dadi , Pinky, Jhanvi , sumo, prinku and greets Tej, Shakthi and leaves
Shivaay sees her going he became lifeless …

Shivaay wanted to stop Anika but he felt he has lost that chance..he remembered all the bitter words he spoke to Anika…he was for the very first time feeling helpless and destroyed…he thought
Shivaay POV: mujh mein aur Tia/Daksh mein jyada kuch farak nahi hain …who peeche se Anika ko mujhse door karna chahthe the , aur mein saamne se Anika ko khud se door kardiya…aaj mein aisi halath mein hoon ki mein use rokh bhi nahi paa raha…kya keh ke rokoon…who jaa rahi hain mujhe hamesha keliye chod ke…ek baar bhi aaj palat ke nahi dekha…kyun dekhegi maine jo kaha agar uss halath mein , mein khud bhi hota tho wahi karta…kash aisa kuch hotha ki mein sab kuch badal sakta…Anika mujhse door mat jaooo…wapas aa jaooo…tumhare Billu ji ke paas…please…wapas aa jaooo….
(Shivaay POV: there is not much difference between me and tia/daksh… they have plotted from behind to separate us and I from the front have separated her from myself…today I am in such a position that I cannot even stop her…what will I say to stop her…she is going away from me forever…she din’t even for once turned back… why will she turn back, if I were in her position I would have done what Anika is doing today…wish I could change everything…Anika don’t go away from me…come back…to your Billu ji…please..come back)
Om and Rudra goes towards Shivaay but Shivaay was in his own trance..he was not speaking to anyone he was just staring at the door from where Anika left…OmRu shaked Shivay but couldn’t get any response..they were scared…they called up Doctor…
Doctor reached within no time entire Oberoi family was near Shivaay…everyone was questioning about Doctor and he took his own time and said
Doctor: Mr. Oberoi is in deep shock it will take some days to come out ..other than that he is perfectly fine…please assure he is taken outmost care and kept happy..i am prescribing some medicines use it as per instructions in the prescription…there is absolutely nothing to case you need me iam just a call away…
OmRu said to other members that they will be taking care of Shivaay…

Here Anika reaches her house and starts packing her bags ..she asks Sahil to pack his luggage …
Sahil: Anika didi ..ham kahi jaa rahe hain kya? Aap itni jaldbaazi mein kyun ho? Kabhi tho araam karo..kal subah challenge abhi ham kuch accha sa movie dekthe hain
(Sahil: Anika di..are we going somewhere? Why are you always in a hurry? Sometimes you need to take rest..we will leave tomorrow it’s already night now)
Anika: Sahil jyada zid mat karo aur jaise keh rahi hoon waise karo..kal subah ham ye ghar khali kar rahe hain..aur tum kuch salon ke baad yaha apne ghar lene tak tum mere saath rahoge kahi aor..
(Anika: Sahil, don’t be as I said..tomorrow morning we are vacating our house …you will stay with me for some years come back after few years to take back your house)
Sahil: Par, Anika di baat kya hain? Huan kya hain? Fir se uss bhagad billa ne kuch kaha kya?
(Sahil: but Anika did what’s the matter? what happened? Did that bhagad billa say something again?)
Anika: chup ..ek dum chup..maine kaha na kuch mat pooch..tumhe mujh par bharosa haina isliye jaise mein kehthi hoon waise karo..ham jaa rahe hain..iss sheher se kahi door…
(Anika: stop ..just stop…I have said right don’t ask me trust me right so do as I say..we are leaving this city and going somewhere very far)
Anika hugs sahil and cries silently
Here at Oberoi mansion under the medicine effect Shivaay sleeps but he continuously calls Anika…OmRu stand sad looking at the condition of Shivaay…they think of calling Anika and explaining the situation but they knew Anika was much more hurt and it was not they too became helpless…they sat and went into sleep because of tiredness…
In the mid of night Shivaay woke up and saw OmRu sleeping besides him..he slowly got down the bed and came out of house and started walking…
It was later part of midnight here Anika was feeling restless having intuition of something bad happening to Shivaay..she dearly wanted to meet him but the hurting words of Shivaay rang in her ears and she stopped herself…

Om woke up just to find Shivaay missing…he screamed Shivaays name which made entire Oberoi’s out of sleep…they were worried and decided to inform the commissioner of police..but Om stopped them saying..
Om: nahi Dadi..Shivaay yakeense Anika ke paas hi gaya hoga..iss waqt hame Police ko nahi Anika se baat karni hogi…maine aur rudra ne pehle hi socha ki Anika ko Shivaay ki halath bata de par jis tarah se Shivaay ne Anika ko batein sunayi uske baad Anika se Shivaay ke bare mein baat karna hame sahi nahi laga..par ab mujhe lagta hain ki agar koi Shivaay ko sambhal sakta hain tho who sirf Anika hain…
(Om: No Dadi..i believe Shivaay would have definitely went to Anika…this is not the time to inform’s time we speak to Anika…initially I and Rudra thought of explaining Shivaays situation to her but the way Shivaay has scolded Anika made us think that it was not correct…now I feel if there is someone who can bring back our Old Shivaay it is only Anika)
Dadi: tu sahi keh raha hain puttar..ham mein se koi ye samjah nahi paya ki Anika aur Shivaay takkar ke ishqbaaz hain..unko dono ke beech koi aa nahi sakta..tu jaa Anika se baat kar…
(Dadi: Whatever you have said is absolutely correct…none of us has understood that Shivaay and Anika are equally proportionate one can come between them..go and speak to Anika)
Om turns towards Pinky and Shakthi and says
Om: Choti maa , chote papa…kya mein ye maan loon ki aapko iss rishthe se koi aitraaz nahi hogi…Shivaay ki kushi ko aap poore dil se apna payenge? Agar aapke mann mein zara sab hi shak hain tho mein Anika se kuch bhi nahi baat karoonga. Aap Shivaay ke mata pita ho isliye mera farz hain ki mein aapse poochoo…aap dono ka jawaab sunne ke baad hi mein Anika ko call karoonga…
(Om: Choti maa, Chote Papa…can I take it for granted that you both don’t have any objection with this relation..can you whole heartedly accept Shivaay’s happiness? If you have even a small doubt I will never speak to Anika…you both are Shivaay’s parents so it’s my duty to first ask you …after you give your answer I will speak to Anika then)
Pinky: Om , Shivaay agar khush hain tho mein khush hoon…who mujhse jyada baat nahi kartha aur mein maa hoke use samajh nahi payi..uski duniya, mummyji, tu , prinku aur Rudra I hain..tum sabko jaise theek lage waise hi karo..rahi baat Anika ki, Anika se mujhe koi problems nahi hain.
(Pinky: Om, my happiness lies in Shivaay’s happiness…he doesn’t talk to me much and I being his mother couldn’t understand him much…mummy ji, you, rudra, prinku are his world…whatever you all feel correct do that…coming to Anika I don’t have any problems with her)

Shakthi: Pinky sahi keh rahi hain Om, jaoo der mat karo Anika se baat karo
(Shakthi: Pinky is saying right om, go donot delay, speak to Anika)
Om picks his mobile and dials Anika’s number…Anika thinks it’s from Shivaay and doesn’t see who dialed and disconnects…Om tries again..finally frustrated Anika picks Om’s call
Om: Anika, Shivaay waha aaya hain kya?
(Om: Anika, did Shivaay come there?)
Anika: Billu ji yaha kyun aayenge Om, mujhse kya kaam hoga unko?
(Anika: Why will Billu ji come here? What work will he have with me?)
Om: Anika ,..tumhare jaane ke baad Shivaay ki halath bahut kharab ho ne Shivaay ko araam karne ko kaha…mein aur rudra shivaay ke paas the tab who so raha tha..isliye ham bhi so gaye..jaise meri aankh khuli shivaay kahi nahi nazar aaya…..woh poori raat tumhara hi naam leta raha…isliye hame laga ki who shayad tumhare paas aaya hoga.
(Om: Anika,.. after you left Shivaay state deteriorated…we had to call doctor..Doc has asked Shivaay to take rest..he even slept so we too fell asleep..but when I opened my eyes Shivaay was missing…during his entire sleep he was calling your name..thats why I thought he might have come to you)
Anika gets shocked and says
Anika: Om, tum pagal ho gaye ho , jab Shivaay nazar nahi aaya tho tumhe tab mujhe kehna chahiye tha,woh yaha nahi aaye, tum unko dhoondho mein bhi dhoondhthi hoon…
(Anika: Om, have you gone mad, you should have called me the moment he was missing….he didn’t come here, you search there I will search here)
Anika in her usual style thinks
Anika POV: pata nahi ye Billu ji hi kaha kaha chale jaate hain, na khud sothe hain na kisi ko sone dete hain.
(Anika POV: I don’t understand where Billu ji roams, he doesn’t sleep and doesn’t let anyone sleep)
She comes into senses and thinks why should I worry for him let him go anywhere, why did I panic listening to Om’s words of Shivaay missing..let him go anywhere I don’t care, tomorrow I am leaving, I will not go in search of Shivaay , he is not a small kid, let it be
She feels desperate to meet Shivaay but his taunts rings in her ears and she breaks down again….she cries uncontrollably..she finally decides to search him and remembers the place where he called her downmarket gal… she goes there…

She sees Shivaay sitting in the middle of road not caring for one or two vehicles passing by and deep down in thoughts as if he is not in this world…
Anika calls om to inform she found Shivaay, Om replies asking her to bring Shivaay home, she replies she will try, Om says to Oberoi members about Anika’s words…
Anika starts moving towards Shivaay, she calls him but he doesn’t hear anything, she runs to him and shouts keeping her hands on Shivaays shoulder and shaking him
Anika: Aap pagal ho gaye ho kya Billu ji, aise koi ghar chod ke beech sadak pe bheth kar apna thadi dikhatha hain kya…kisiki champa ya chameli aapko takkar dede tho aap ka kya hoga?
(Anika: have you gone mad Billu ji, does anyone sit like this at the middle of road leaving his house? What happens if someones Champa or Chameli hits you?)
Shivaay comes into his senses after he feels the touch of his love Anika..all the while Anika was shouting he stares at her with tears rolling down his eyes…
Anika observes Shivaay’s tears and says
Anika: maine kuch jyada bol diya kya Billu ji, accha Iam sorry par aapke gharwale aapka intezaar kar rahe hain..chaliye aap aapke ghar…sab pareshaan hain waha..
(Anika: did I say much Billu ji, okay I am sorry, your family is waiting for you, please go to your home, everyone is tensed there…)
She makes him stand up and turns other side to leave when he holds her hand and says…kaa…
She turns around and looks into his eyes…shivaay was crying yes he was actually crying …his tears were uncontrollable…he was not able to forgive himself, he was crying out of pain, guilt and anger on himself…
Anika for a moment got melted seeing Shivaay crying , came near him and wiped his tears…he held her hands..he wanted to speak but his voice was not coming out..he was crying like a kid….
Anika said infact Taunted..

Anika: Billu ji kya ho gaya hain aapko…jis SSO ko mein janthi thi who pattar tha…aaj who SSO nahi nazar aa raha…aap aise kaise ho gaye? Koi baat nahi Billu ji mein pakka kal subah chali jaoongi..woh kya haina aaj raat mujhe koi tarin nahi mili isliye kal chali jaoongi..aap apni zindagi mein khsh mein apni zindagi mein khush…
(Anika: Billu ji what happened to you..the SSO whom I knew was a rock..he is not seen have you become now? Don’t worry Billu ji I will for sure leave tomorrow was just I couldn’t get train tonight so I had to wait till morning..then you would be happy in your life and I in my life)
She turned away and cried silently…finally Shivaay spoke
Shivaay: Anika tum yehi kehne aayi thi yaha par?
(Shivaay: Anika did you come to say this?)
Anika: nahi Billu ji mein ye kehne nahi aayi, aap nahi mil rahe the isliye Om ka phone aaya insaniyat ke naate aapko aapke ghar pahunchane aayi ka kehna mein kabhi taal nahi sakthi who bhi ek wazah thi…
(Anika: no Billu ji,..i haven’t come here to say all these, you were not to be found, Om had called me up so for the sake of humanity I have come to make you reach your home…I can never deny Om’s words that is also a reason)
Shivaay: aur mein? Meri baat ?
(Shivaay: what about me? My words?)
Anika: abhi unka koi value nahi hain mere zindagi mein…Sab khatham ho gaya Billu ji aapne sab khatham kar diya
(Anika: they don’t have any value in my life… everything ended Billuji, you have finished everything)
Shivaay: tho tumhari aankhon mein ye aason kyun? Kis keliye? Mere liye tho nahi ho sakte..mujhe pata hain fir kiskeliye?
(Shivaay: then why are those tears in your eyes? For whom? They aren’t for me…I know..then for whom?)
Anika: mujhe aapko jawaab dene ki jaroorat nahi hain.. ab chale
(Anika: I don’t owe any answer to you..shall we leave)
Anika once again turns and hears Shivaay crying loudly sitting on his knees
Shivaay: Anika please mujhe maaf kar do..mein samjh nahi paaya mein kitna galat kar raha tha…aur jab tak mein samjha tab tak bahut der ho chuki thi…Anika mein khud se nazar nahi mila paa raha hoon..ek baar ek akhri baar mujhe maaf kar do..mein aise nahi reh sakta
(Shivaay: Anika please forgive me..i couldn’t understand how much wrong I was doing and it was too late by the time I understood..anika iam not able to meet my own eyes…once for the last time forgive me…I cannot live like this)

Anika started melting from inside but composes herself ,makes him stand and says
Anika: Billu ji bahut der ho chuki hain, mein apna faisla badalna nahi chahthi, mera jaana tey hain, rahi baat maafi ki..maine zindagi mein bahut kuch dekha hain suna hain aur saha hain..isliye mujhse maafi maangne ki jaroorat nahi hain….
(Anika: Billu ji it’s late…I cannot change my decision of leave is made and cannot be reversed…coming to forgiving you..I have seen, listened and lived many things in my life there is no need to ask forgiveness from me)
Shivaay again fell down and couldn’t understand how to make up with Anika … Anika on the other hand was reminiscing what Shivaay has just said..she feels sad seeing the state of his love..she wanted to go back to him, hug him and carees him..she walks and turns around to see a vehicle coming very fast towards Shivaay ..
She runs while shouting Billu ji and pushes him and they both roll down clinging to each other
Anika: Billu ji aap ka dimaag kharab ho gaya hain kya? Aise koi karta hain kya? Agar woh gaadi aapko takkar deti tho?
(Anika: billu ji have you lost it? Does anyone act such? If that vehicle would have hit you then?)
Shivaay: tho kya Anika, aise jeene se accha hain ki mein…
(Shivaay: then what Anika, living in this manner is not so worst than..)
Anika cups his mouth waving her head horizontally and crying says
Anika: agey se kabhi aise batein mat karna ..mera matlab hain mat kijiye…
(Anika: never speak again like this I mean..not like that(in a tone of respect))
Shivaay: kyoon?
(Shivaay: why?)
Anika: aapko kuch hothe hue mein nahi dekh sakti aur agar aapko kuch ho gaya tho mein …
(Anika: I can never see something bad happening to you and if something happens to you then I ..)
She couldn’t complete her sentence…Shivaay moves towards her and hugs her tightly and says
Shivaay: I am sorry Anika..maine naa jaane gusse mein tumhe kya kuch keh diya..please mujhe maaf kar do…mujhe chod ke mat jaoo..mein tumhare bina kuch nahi kar sakta….mujhe tumhari har pal jaroorat hain…mat jaoo Anika..mere liye mat jaoo..tumhare kanjhi aankhonwala bhagad billa keliye mat jaoo…please
(Shivaay: Iam sorry Anika..i don’t know what all rubbish I have said you in anger..please forgive me..don’t leave me alone…I cannot do anything without you…I need you every moment…please don’t go..for my sake please stay back..for your khanji aankhowala bhagad billa stay back)
Anika reciprocates his hug for sometime and then breaks the hug and says
Anika: par Billu ji

(Anika: but Billu ji)
Shivaay cups her mouth and says
Shivaay: Anika meri baat abhi khatham nahi huin hain…aaj mujhe kehne do..mein aaj tak emotions samjh nahi paya…khoon, khandaan ke peeche bhaagtha raha…par aaj ye sab mujhe dhoka de gaye…aur jo mera saath diya who sirf meri tumhare liye ehsaas hi thi…mein kitna bewakoof tha..mere saamne pari ko nazarandaaz karke ke asmaan se pari aane ka intezaar kar raha tha…mujhe mere galathi ka ehsaas ho gaya hain..tum sahi thi mein galat tha…
(Shivaay: Anika I haven’t completed yet…let me speak out today…till today I haven’t understood emotions..i ran behind blood, lineage…but today those deceived me and the one which stayed back was my feelings towards you…how stupid I was..i have ignored the angel that stood before me and was waiting for an angel to come from the sky…I have realized you were right and I am wrong)
Anika : Billu ji …mujhe ye badi badi batein samjh nahi aati…par mujhe itna samajh aa gaya hain ki aap abhi bhi bahut dukhi ho..aur agar aapke dukh ki wazah mein hoon tho mujhe isse jyada dukh aur kuch nahi hoga
(Anika: Billu ji ..i can’t understand such big statements…but I understood that you are still very sad..and if I am the reason for your sorrow then that’s the worst thing of mine)
Shivaay smiles and looks lovingly at her and says
Shivaay: tumhari isi baton se mujhe tum pe bahut pyaa…
(Shivaay: these words of your make me fall in lov…)
And stops midway..Anika blushes and looks at Shivaay…and says
Anika: aap kuch bol rahe the…
(Anika: you were saying something..)
Shivaay: na..nahi kuch nahi..
(Shivaay: No..nothing)
Anika: theek hain fir ham ghar chale aur haan ek aur vaada kijiye aap apne aapko kabhi itni takleef nahi denge aur hamesha khush rahenge
(Anika: okay then let’s go home and yeah promise me that you will never ever hurt yourself and will always be happy)
Shivaay: Mein vaada karoonga agar tum mujhse ek vaada karogi ki tum hamesha mere saath rahogi ,meri Panika banke, mujhse ladthe hue, thane marthe hue aur ….
(Shivaay: I will promise only if you promise me that you will always be with me like my Panika, irritate me, taunt me, fight with me and ..)
Anika: aur?
(Anika: and?)

Shivaay : keh doon?
(Shivaay: should I say it?)
Anika: Haan , mein sunna chahthi hoon?
(Anika: yes, I want to listen it)
He comes closer to her, they both look into each others eyes while shivaay puts his hand around her waist..she was feeling happy…she wanted to rest on him, bring out all the emotions out of her, love him care him do everything for him…he comes towards her ears and says
Shivaay: aur mujhe pyaar karthe hue
(Shivaay: and love me)
Anika blushes and hides in his chest , shivaye lifts her face and looks into her eyes and says
Shivaay: kya tum ye vaada karogi?
(Shivaay: will you promise me ?)
Anika: ye kaisa vada hain Billu ji, mein aapke saath kaise reh sakti hoon? Ye kaise mumkin hain?
(Anika: what sort of promise you are asking me Billu ji? How is it possible?)
Shivaay comes close to her again and says
Shivaay: mein tumse bahut pyaar karta hoon Anika…tumhe hamesha mera saath mere paas rakhna chahtha hoon…kya tum mujhse shaadi karogi? Zindagi bhar keliye mujhe aur meri gussa ko jhelogi?
(Shivaay: I love you so much Anika…I always want you to be with me, near me..will you marry me? For an entire life can you bear me and my anger?)
Anika hugs him and says
Anika: ye baat kehne mein aapne itni der kyun kar diya? Mein bhi aapse bahut pyaar karti hoon..haan mein aapke saath meri poori zindagi bitana chahthi hoon..I love you Billu ji
(Anika: why did you take so much time to say this? I love you so much…yes I want to grow old with you..I love you billu ji)
Shivaay hugs her tightly and plants kisses on her face and neck, she feels fulfilled. He smiles looking lovingly at her Anika too reciprocates the same..Shivaay takes her to a near by place a beautiful park and makes her sit there he lies on her lap and says…
Shivaay: Thank you

Anika: Kis liye?
(Anika: for what?)
Shivaay: mujhe maaf karne keliye…meri zindagi mein aane keliye aur mujhe pyaar karne keliye
(Shivaay: for forgiving me, for coming itno my life, for loving me)
Anika: Thank you
Shivaay: kis keliye
(Shivaay: for what?)
Anika: mujhe ye sab bakwaas batane keliye
(Anika: for saying all this rubbish to me)
Shivaay stares at her and says
Shivaay: what the wuck?
Anika: Aur nahi tho kya? Itni raat ko itni khoobsurat jagah lakar ye sab koi kehtha hain kya? Filmein nahi dekhthe aap?
(Anika: then what? At this time of night in this beautiful place you are saying all such rubbish? Don’t you watch films?)
Anika starts saying something but Shivaay just stares at her after sometime he pulls her towards her and bites her lips..she widens her eyes and pinches his lips with her lips..he drags her closer and they both in a rage but steadily starts exploring the nook and corner of their mouth…when suddenly Anika’s mobile rings…

Who called up Anika? whats special in their marriage ? consummation and conclusion in my next part.

Trust me next part i will definitely end this OS..

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