Guilt (A RAGSAN FF) Chapter 23(Don’t forget to read the author’s note)

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“Yohan” screamed Ragini when he covered her eyes like he used to do from childhood. Though they were away for years the distance and time did not change their friendship a bit also. “How you recognize me always” said Yohan pouting and coming in front of her. “Budhu ram. You are the only grown up kid in my life” said Ragini and chuckled. Yohan looked her smile and it cheered him. His phone buzzed with a message from Kavya. He read that and smiled and Ragini observed his blush. “Oh someone really special ha? Let me see who is that?” said Ragini snatching his phone. Yohan jerked and tried getting back his phone but Ragini was teasing him. They were near the ice cream parlor near Ragini’s house. Ragini felt her childhood was back and teased Yohan more. Sanskar parked the car near to his usual place from where he used to watch Ragini without her knowledge. He saw her playing with Yohan. How much he wished to see her laugh like that. Suddenly he saw Ragini was so lost in her teasing she was almost at the edge of the road. Sanskar saw a truck approaching her with speed. And Ragini was facing other side. As the truck neared her Sanskar screamed “Ragini” standing by the road side. Ragini jerked and looked back and was pulled by Yohan. She got scared and was breathing heavily. Yohan cupped her face and tried consoling her but her thumping heart was not relaxing at all. Sanskar crossed the road and came running to Ragini. He pushed the crowd surrounded her and neared her.

He kept his hand on her shoulder. Ragini’s heart recognized his touch. She immediately stood up and hugged him encircling her hands around his neck and closed her eyes tightly. Sanskar was surprised. When your mind becomes numb only your heart will be in senses. Her heart knew how badly she needed him. Sanskar placed his hands on her back hesitantly. Ragini hugged him more tightly shivering. Sanskar rubbed her back to cool her. Her heart started gaining steady pace and her breathing became even. She gulped a lump into her throat. She realized the situation and slowly dragged herself from Sanskar. All the people around were watching them shocked. Yohan was the most shocked person. She had seen the hatred in Ragini’s eye that day for Sanskar. And now she got consoled by Sanskar only. Though he was her childhood friend he failed to give her the comfort which Sanskar’s single touch gave her. “I’m sorry” said Ragini and ran from there avoiding everyone’s gaze. She reached her bus stop and got inside the bus still nervous. As she entered her office building she sat in her workstation still shivering and held her head to cool her nerves. She gulped half the water in the bottle at a go. Sanskar entered the office and looked at her painfully and headed to his cabin. Ragini took a deep breath and concentrated on her work. Sanskar tried concentrating on his work but could not. He was looking at Ragini and again. He wanted to console her but she was not giving him chance for that. When you cannot console your loved ones when they need you the most pains a lot.

“Ms. Gadodia. Please come to my cabin” said Sanskar over the intercom. Ragini got up and went to his cabin. “Excuse me sir?” said Ragini peeping inside his cabin. He signed her to come inside the cabin and sit on chair. She complied. “Ms. Gadodia. Are you fine?” asked Sanskar gathering courage. “That is none of your business Mr. Maheshwari. You have any work tell me otherwise I have my own list of works” said Ragini looking straight into his eyes. Sanskar could not tolerate her rude behavior not anymore. He held the water glass in his hands and squeezed it into pieces. And the glass pieces entered his skin and blood oozed out. Ragini who jerked due to the glass breaking noise looked at his eyes which were red and tear filled and her gaze went on to his hand which was bleeding uncontrollably. She could not see it. She got up from her seat and neared him and held his hand. The tear dam busted and her tears flooded from her eyes. She removed one glass piece from his hand carefully. His pain was squeezing her heart. She looked up at Sanskar who was watching her with tears in his eyes. When she removed the glass he did not even blink his eyes. The pain in his heart was more stronger than his physical pain. Ragini’s eyebrows shrank feeling his pain. She removed the pieces one by one and ran and brought the first aid box. Sanskar dragged his hand when she held it to clean it. Ragini looked at him with anger and dragged his hand and held it firmly. She cleaned his wound and applied the cream and tied the band aid. She wiped her tears and kept the first aid box on table and walked to the door.

“Ragini” said Sanskar. Whenever he called her by her name her world used to stop and she used to lose herself. She stopped but did not turn. “Please give me a chance to explain. I’ll go away from you forever” said Sanskar. “I will go away from you forever” this sentence stopped her heart beat for a moment and she turned and looked at Sanskar shocked. ” Haa I’m shifting my office to old office and I will never ever come here or anywhere near you. I promise. But please give me a chance” said Sanskar helplessly. She smiled sarcastically looking at him and said “Did you gave yourself a chance to save my Bhayyu? Did you?” Sanskar mouth was open and he couldn’t answer her. She smiled and said “When you get the answer let me know also” She headed out of his cabin banging the door. Sanskar closed his eyes frustrated and he let his tear flow.

“Ragini. Shall we leave?” asked Sahil standing in front of Ragini. Sanskar who was heading out of office looked at her when she smiled weakly at Sahil. “Which Chocolate Swara likes asked Sahil walking in the parking. Sanskar was walking slowly in front of them. “Shona dee likes all the chocolates” said Ragini smiling. She looked at Sanskar who was walking in front of her. Sahil observed her nervousness due to Sanskar. He has been observing changes in both of them from the time they returned from the trip. Somewhere he felt some kind of emotional connection between them. But memory of that night took over his heart and he brushed his thoughts. Sanskar was dangerous for Ragini according to his mind. He drove the car in front of Sanskar. Sanskar sat in his car and drove off to his house wiping his tears. Sahil kept talking to Ragini on random things but she seemed lost. Sahil observed it and tried cheering her. She smiled weakly at him.
“Shall I ask you something Ragini?” said Sahil. Ragini just smiled nodding her head. “Anything is bothering you? You can share it with me” said Sahil. Ragini smiled widely and said “Nothing like that sir. Just work pressure” Sahil was surprised. Ragini was one of his best employees. You load her with 10 people work also she will never complain about work pressure. Now actually her work load had reduced due to Sanskar’s work policies. “I feel you are stressing out yourself.

Anyways don’t worry Mr. Maheshwari will be out of the office soon and you will be relieved” said Sahil and analyzed Ragini’s expressions which changed rapidly. She just smiled at him trying to control her tears. Sahil felt the time was not right to talk about it and avoided the topic.
“Sahil” screeched Swara as soon as she spotted Sahil. She ran and hugged him like a small kid. “Look at her how shamelessly she is hugging a guy” said one of the woman who was walking by. Sahil heard it and felt bad. Sumi stood in front of the woman and said “Why are you bothered Mrs. Khanna. Mind your business. Nobody needs your character certificate for my Shona”
Swara looked up at Sumi with tearful eyes. Ragini looked at Sumi surprised. She heard Sumi calling Swara as shona after more than an year. Sumi neared Swara and caressed her hair and Swara hugged her tightly sobbing. The motherly warmth she missed from years was covering her. Sumi kissed Swara’s hair consoling her. She welcomed Sahil inside the house and let the children talk and headed to her room after serving tea and snacks. Ragini followed her and entered her room. “Maa” said Ragini standing beside Sumi who was standing near Shekar and Vikram’s portrait. “I’m the worst mom Ragu. I could never understand your pain. Nor I could handle Swara. I kept blaming her for the thing she was not responsible for. I did not support you in your struggle. I…. I ….. was never there for my kids when they needed me. I couldn’t be there for Vikram, neither for Swara nor for you” said Sumi sobbing. Ragini dragged her to a hug and caressed her hair. “Shhh maa. There can be never worst mom. You thought about your kid, nothing wrong in it” said Ragini consoling Sumi. Finally her mom was back in her life.

“Even I want to drink tea” said Swara pouting. Sahil smiled at her. He searched around and found a water glass. He emptied it and cooled the tea pouring over the two glasses. Sahil sat near Swara and held the glass and cooled the tea with his breath and made Swara drink it carefully. Swara smiled like a kid. Ragini who came out of Sumi’s room looked at them smiled widely. After Swara finished drinking she had a tea mustache. Sahil laughed looking at her. “What?” asked Swara. Sahil controlled his laugh and neared Swara and wiped the tea with his hands. Swara felt goosebumps all over her body. “You are really my best friend yar” said Sahil side hugging Swara. Swara jerked suddenly remembering her moments with Sahil. Till now her memories were blur. Now her memories were shaping up with clear pictures. “Ahhh” said Swara holding her head. “Shona” screamed Ragini as she panicked looking at Swara’s condition. “Ragu maa. It is paining. Please do something” screamed Swara holding her head. “Shonu. See Ragu maa is here only. Relax” said Ragini tearing and holding Swara in her embrace. Sahil had tears looking at Swara who was wincing in pain. “Shona” called Sahil and dragged Swara to his side and cupped her face. “Sahil my head is paining. I saw you. I saw me and you in some place” said Swara struggling. “I’m not able to recall” said Swara still holding her head. “Shhh baby. Relax. Don’t panic about recalling what you forgot. Create your new memories. Everyone doesn’t get this golden opportunity. You might not remember your memories. Look at the good point you don’t remember your painful memories also. Good na” said Sahil wiping her tears. Swara relaxed and hugged Sahil as she became weak. Sahil hugged her from shoulder. Tears flowed from his eyes. Ragini looked at him thankfully. He lifted Swara in his arms and made her lie on the bed in Swaragini room. He kissed her forehead painfully closing his eyes and got up to leave. Swara held his hand and said “Sahil please don’t go away from me” Sahil held her hand and said “where will I go leaving my world. You are my only world” Swara smiled in her sleep. Sahil wiped his tears and headed out of her room. He kept his hand on Ragini’s shoulder who was weeping holding the chair near the table. She turned and hugged Sahil. Sumi looked at them and smiled through her tears. “Shekar finally someone have come in my Ladoo’s life who understands her. I’m so happy. Kisiki nazar na lage” said Sumi wiping her tears. Sahil caressed Ragini’s hair. He knew how much she needed him right now. He rubbed her shoulder to console her.

“Okay Ragini. I will take your leave. Tomorrow we have appointment with Yohan in the evening don’t forget” said Sahil bidding her bye. “Such a sweet fellow” said Sumi standing beside Ragini who nodded her head smiling. Sumi caressed her hair and blessed her. She was happy as Ragini’s life was falling into place. Sahil seemed a good match for Ragini.

“You know when you smile the full moon gets jealous” texted Yohan to Kavya. Kavya who was having food looked at her message and her lips curved into a smile. “Why is so?” replied Kavya. “Because your face will have a eid ka chand which is more beautiful than the full moon” replied Yohan. Kavya read it and her smile widened. “Oh enough Mr. flirt. Chal good night” texted Kavya. Yohan fell on his bed stretching his arms smiling widely. “This is the problem with you girls, when we say truth you think we are flirting and when we flirt you think we are saying truth, fine good night” texted Yohan. Kavya smiled and nodded her head in disbelief at Yohan’s childish behavior. She looked up and found Dayal giving her suspicious look. “What?” asked Kavya. “Someone was blushing looking at the phone. I’m just wondering why” said Dayal looking around. “Poppy” cried Kavya in fake cry. “Fine. Now keep your phone aside and have food” said Dayal a bit strict. Kavya nodded her head like a kid and had her food. “Ragini was right. I cannot change my Doll’s destiny but I can make her strong to face the challenges. And before everything else I need to apologize to Sanskar. Then only I can live in peace” thought Dayal and concentrated on his food

My note: Hi guys I’m really thankful to all my readers who read my story and appreciate it. All the silent readers also thanks a lot. But somewhere I feel I’m misinterpreting Ragini and Sanskar. I feel most of you people are thinking Sanskar is in greater pain compared Ragini. And almost everyone want her to know the full truth and forgive him and accept her feelings. Guys just once place yourself in her position and think will she be able to forgive him? Is that easy. She might feel bad for his fate but how will she forgive him. Let me elaborate it. Compare both Ragini and Sanskar both of their pain. Sanskar lost Adarsh in plane crash. He came to know about it through phone and he lost Pari due to the shock she got and she breathed last in front of him. Where as Ragini and Shekar were searching Vikram and Swara like mad. In that one night she went through years of pain. One one second is like a year in such situations. Sanskar was rich and financially he grew but Ragini was from middle class family and in middle class family it is really hard to manage the house. She did that but she never backed off. She fought for two years for Justice. Ragini had people to share her problem but Sanskar did not had. Yup but sharing your problem and living in it are two different things. And Sanskar avoided Ansh and Ananya thinking they will remind him of Pari. But Ragini never avoided Swara. Eventhough Sumi spoke so rudely to Swara Ragini always forgave her sensing her pain. Major difference: I would like to give an example of song of Raj saheb. “Kisiki muskurahoto pe ho nisaar. Kisika dard mil sake tho le udhar. Jeena issi ka naam hai” this is Ragini’s agenda. Though she went through so much it did not change her behavior. Where as Sanskar became rude arrogant businessman who did not understand his employees plight before Ragini entered his life.

Just a sorry and feeling guilty is not enough sometime. Ragini was not responsible for Sanskar’s miseries but Sanskar was responsible for her miseries, though indirectly but he was responsible. You kill some one purposefully or accidentally; you have killed the person. I will have a brief chapter to depict all my points briefly. And I know you people are not feeling good about being this ff painful but I cannot avoid it. Sorry if anyone felt bad with my analysis. I’m not against Sanskar but if Ragini forgive him then her character will loose its charm and the story will become clumsy. Trust me you will not be disappointed by my decision. I cannot disclose anything now. Running away from your sins is never an option. Ragini will know Sanskar side story but do you think she will forgive him. As I have told before. Forgiveness is totally a strong emotion. You just tell me can you forgive someone who killed your brother just because you love him. I tho cannot do. Even if there is slight scratch on my bro I will feel like ripping of the other person who is responsible for it where as Ragini lost her Bhayyu. I hope I justified her character. Please drop in your views. I would love to listen.

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  1. Nice part, your pov is really good, I agree with you

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      Thank you so much lovely. Thanks for your view

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Sindhu

  2. Hey this is my first comment…..I was a silent reader till now…..ur point of view is justified…..and I agree with u….I wouldn’t mind even if u end with ragini and sanskar staying separated…..However for me too ragini forgiving sanskar wouldn’t be convincing…proceed with ur storyline I’m with u.

    1. Sally_blr

      Hey Lily. Thank you so much dear. Thank you for your love and support it means a lot sweetheart. Hope to entertain you.

  3. Ragz_teju

    it’s an amazing chappy dear… I agree with your analysis… the story is going prety well… Sanskar and ragini both are correct in their pov and even mine…. feeling bad for Swara…kavya and yohan are cute…

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you yaar Ragzee. Thank you for your view. Love you.

  4. Asw

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  5. Sreevijayan

    Amazing update my dear…ur point of view is can i pls tell mine..i have a brother whom i love mre dan anytng and evrythng in dis world…nd i cannot tolerate a scratch on him…frget abt scratch….i cnt tolerate smeone evn scoldng him..nd ragini is right in her point of view…

    Bt think sanskaars cndition..he is guilty…he also lost d most precious people of his lif evnthough ragini is nt d reason….. bt wht shud he do? Shud he die bcz of d guilt… it was just circumstances and fate played a cruel game..he dint do it intentionally….bt i f a persn is guilty fr wht he did thr is ntng mre dan dt…

    I wil nvr force u to unite ragsan…bt heart is wid both ragini and sanskaar..can understand both their feelngs…bt if ragini can frgive him nd unite wid him..atleast sanky wil b happy nd ragini can also try to move on…since they both love each other nd if dey get separated..noone wil b happy in deir life…..d wrst thing in life is to livng wid a guilt….whn one goes thru it dey wil undrstnd

    1. Zoya

      u r right but ragini is not in a state to understand his point of view if she gets to knw d truth then she will surely frgve him

      1. Sreevijayan

        Hope so zoya

      2. Sally_blr

        And Zo is right but upto an extent. Thank you sweetie for your support.

    2. Sally_blr

      Achu sweetheart. You are absolutely right. But you are getting to a conclusion. I mean you are running to the end of the story. My view is just for the current scenario not for the whole story. So have patience. The really story has just started and I hope you will enjoy the turns. Love you. Glad to know that I’m not the only possessive sister here. Same pinch

  6. ya sally i agree with ur viewsand i totally agree with the point of view of ragini

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      Thank you so much Sadia. Love you. And thank you for the support.

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  8. Zoya

    sally i am a silent reader
    i am soo tchd by this and prvs episode wht ever u said fr grls in prvs episode is rght
    generally girls are very attached to their fathers
    ur wrtng is sprr sally

    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much Zo(I hope I can call you that if you don’t mind) It means a lot dear. Thank you for your support dear.

      1. Zoya

        u can sally nd ur updates r superrrr i’m not hvng time so i’m nt able to cmmnt on all bt i’m fllwng dm

  9. Superb Sally. Update was awesome. I feel Ragini is back in her form only after coming home from the trip.. Ur justification is correct… I agree with you after reading ur note… That too a person like ragu who’s fully dependent or maybe fully secured by her bhayyu, papa and didi, it’s very difficult for her to come out of it nd forgive or forget abt it… Sanskaar’s loss is by fate but Ragu’s loss is by his carelessness. Eagerly waiting for the story to move… what ll be her reaction after knowing his side. She may feel for his loss but abt forgiveness we have to think abt it… U have clearly explained their pain in note… I think now no one will complain abt forgiveness even me.
    But at one point of time she has to come out it, so atleast rest of her life ll not be in pain. If they both didn’t unite, none can be happy… Atleast if she didn’t feel for Sanky, she can be happy. now she has to fight between her heart and mind… I don’t know what’s in ur mind. But I’ll support ur decision… So continue ur writing nd take care…

    1. Sally_blr

      Kutty where were you ha you know how much I missed you. I love you. You know why because you sense the emotions exactly the way I want to convey. You are absolutely right about her plight. And as I told to Sree, my note is only for the current scenario but not for the whole story. You guessed it right now it is really difficult for her. So this is why I always say you understand me so well. If I have brought a twist that Ragini has started feeling for Sanky that means I have something stored in. Thank you for trusting me.

  10. Fairy

    Sally again a marvellous update .loved it!!it ws sooo emotional dr…ragsan r reallly in painful state..both r broken !!!
    I loved dat sumi supported swara 🙂 ..sahil swara scene ws soooo amaznggg…even i too smiled readng kav-yohan messege convo ..;) 😉 ..dey r choo chueet!! D bst part ws wen rags frst aid sanky…it showed dat how much dey love eo..
    Ragsan hug ws soo heart touchngg!!

    Now coming to ur note!
    -i totallly agree wid u dr ..dey bth r at pain bt rags pain is more…n d way she fight wid her problem n face every situation of her lyf made me love her charecter d mostest…..she had always fullfilled her responsibility widout ny complain..she always had spread love n happiness, no matter how much pain she had inside her…shez a selfless person,who is alwYs ready to help others..her bst quality ws dat she cn make nyone smile 🙂 ..
    Even now also shez thinking about her responsibilities n her family more den d fact dat she also love sanskaar…no body cn deny d fact dat she cares n started lovng sanskaar bt being a girl lyk her she”ll nver let her new formed love to overcome d love n attachment of her family…
    I jst pray for her happiness..

    About sanskaar…hes also a sufferer dr..its jst dat hez nt as strong as side is ragz who had faced all d problem n truth of her life bravely n other side is sanky who always runs from d truth.. n now hez realising it!!…
    U totally justified ur title….
    Sanksaar is really in a state of” guilt”..
    N dis feelng is eatng him from inside…d person who he loved d most(rag),he cant believe dat he is nly reason for her misseries…
    Hes totally broken n shattered!!
    He is now realising dat how big sin he had done even though it is unintentionally bt still its a big crime dat he had done..he had ruined a family!!
    Family of his lady love…n even he had not beared d punishment for his crime….n dis guilt is not lettng him live.!!!!
    M jst feelng pity on him!!

    Hope everythng gets well soon!!!..thnku sooo much for coming in our lives n gvng us such precious stories…n one more thng..d way u compared d situation n charecter wid dat song ws sooooooo wonderfull yaar..sallly really hatts off to u..a biggg hug from me…keep rockng n stay blesssed dr…tc of urself…u r such such such a talented perrson :)love u lotzzz 😉 ;)post nxt part sooon..m soo excieted to see wt wl happen nxt …n m sooo curious to know dat wt hve u planned for dis story!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Sally_blr

      OMG. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I’m seriously crying reading your comment. You are absolutely right sweetheart. I don’t know how to thank you for so much love you show me. I hope I don’t disappoint you. You understood Ragini and Sanky so well. My heart is heavy. And I’m really greatful to you fairy. From the starting I have entered telly updates you have showered me with infinite love and support. I really love you for this. Thank you for coming in my life and spreading positivity

      1. Fairy

        Awww!!!dr plz plz dnt cry… dr i hve full faith on u …u always proved urself more den our expectationss……ur stories r sooo beautiful n amazng dr..dat i really cnt ctrl myself to praise u..u really deserve all dese 🙂 ..m soooo proud to hve u 🙂 🙂 🙂 jst always keep smiling n shining sweety 😉

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      Thank you so much fira. Thank you for your support sweetheart. And thank you for trusting me.

  13. Crystal089

    awesome yaar what ever u said was right its very difficult for ragini to forgive sanskar and whatever sanskar did was also foolish he ran from his responsibilty thinking of past which could not be changed but what ever it is both are suffering one more one less but they suffered their way of handling problems is different their upbringing up is also diffrent so everything is justified
    and one more thing we say to unite ragsan soon because as reader we can’t see them apart and if story doen’t have proper end we would be unstatisfied whatever it is we love ur story and its our excitment that forces us to comment so we love u anf ur ff
    update sooon……………
    If possible read my new story on raglak love u zindagi and suggest some ideas as frnd its request………

    1. Sally_blr

      Awwwwwwwwww crysti thanks a ton. I don’t know how to thank you. Im short of words sweetheart. Thank you for giving me a reader’s pov. I know sweetheart incomplete stories are my nightmare too. Love you too. As I told it is only for current scenario not for the whole story. I will surely read dear. I have bookmarked all the ffs including yours, only thing is just busy with organizing a football league yar. Dream project of our company so not finding time. Still I’m in office. But this Sunday I’m gonna finish all the reading. Please bear with me till then. I will surely read yar and you call me friend you request also not fair. Me and ideas are you kidding me. You are bank of ideas but still if I could suggest I will surely dear. Love you a lot wala.

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      Thank you so much dear. Thank you for your support and thanks a ton for trusting me

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    sooo here’ my essay heheeh
    sooo in starting when yohan pulled her i was like sally how can u do sooo it should be sanskar but when sanskar entered i was like now everything is alright
    and swara and sahil sxenes were superb awwwww how much he loves her soooo sweet
    and yohan and kavya chat was soooooooo sweeettt
    and now coming to ur note hmmm if u have noted when u told sanskar’s past i then only told whether he did it accidently but he did a biggg mistake and he should not be forgiven easily i totally agree with u
    he shattered ragini’s life and his family which is a biggg thing
    if he would have acted more matured then the scenario would have been different and maybe her bhayyu would have been alive but alas not possible
    i m just feeling ragini’s pain in this ff how much she is suffering one side due to swara’s condition, due to her bhayyu’s life who was her life and sanskar’s pain
    it is most difficult to hurt the one u love soooo much it is easy to run away or just ignore but difficult to stand sooo confidently
    i don’t know how they r going to be one bczzz it seems sooo complicated
    but i feel sanskar’s ansh and choti will play the role maybe for them they will get married
    oups sry fir such a long comment

    1. Sally_blr

      First thing I love your essays. So keep doing that. Yup sweetheart you were always with Ragini after knowing Sanskar’s past. You got that point right it is really difficult to hurt the one you love. All the complications will solve sweetheart you have to just wait. You really understood Ragini’s pain. I always love your long comments. And I love you too. Sorry for the short reply my fingers are swollen so not able to type.

      1. Jazzy

        nooo problem u reply sooo sweet comments thats enough

  17. Right. You can write as you want. I am enjoying it very much. It’s my favourite

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      Thank you so much Ima for your love and support. That’s so sweet of you

  18. Deesh

    OMG sally! I think I missed the previous episode. Just now read both the parts. You are absolutely right sally. I totally agree with u. Your title justifies your story and I agree. This realistic touch to the story makes me hooked on to it. Trust me sally, your ff is just going on the good track. I know that both of them are suffering. And as u said, ragini is suffering more. Empathising, I think any other girl in her place would not able to forgive him. I am just loving this more and more. I’ll keep supporting u my sweetheart!! Keep rocking like this!! Take care 🙂

    1. Sally_blr

      No problem at all. You read whenever you get time. Im all ok with it sweetheart. You are absolutely right any girl will not be able to forgive him, But let me tell you something. Girls are also called kshamaya dharitri.
      Thank you so much for your support.
      Most important thing thanks a ton changing your DP to Vidyut. I feel I’m talking to him ***blush*** I know I’ crazy but I cannot control myself when it is about Vidyut, Vishal and Shaleen. My cheeks start paining due to smiling all the time. Oh I forgot Tahir bhasin and Salman Khan. Ahhhh my list never ends. he he he he

      1. Deesh

        Does kshamaya dharitri mean one who forgives? Sorry dear I don’t know. That’s y I asked. He he?? even I am crazy about vidyut and shaleen.

    2. Sally_blr

      It is the way Indian culture define its woman, the way mother earth forgives everything bad we do to her woman is also a reflection of mother earth. Kshamaya Dharitri means the one who forgives like mother earth. Learn some sanskrit what is there in maths chemistry n all. Just boring. He he he he just was kidding.

      1. Deesh

        Thanks a lot for ur explanation sally. Will try to learn 🙂

  19. Asra

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    and coming to ur pov….
    am agree with you…ragini forgive Sanky s Vry hard for her…but i just want ragini know about Sanky side truth….Both r going through soooo much pain and suffering….no one s less than another one…Both r left their most important person in their life…ragini s strong and spread happiness to all means it’s her character and upbring…bcz her bhai sister everyone have teach that…In childhood also she is like that…but i think Sanky s not like that…He s playboy…He only share his feeling to his bhai and bhabi…but unfortunately both r no more…so he don’t share his feeling to anyone and become stubborn…i already told u ragini revenge made her strong and Sanky guilt made him weak… i don’t say forgive Sanky so easily…but i just say ragini want to know about Sanky side truth…bcz his guilty made his life hell…and am not say to remove a guilty feeling in his heart…if it happen means thz title s not good for ur ff…i want to give one satisfaction to Sanky…if he told his side truth to ragini means that give him a little relief from his pain…
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    Waiting for next one dear…love u lot dear…takecare dear…

    1. Sally_blr

      Asru relax chellame. Why are you stressing yourself. Yup Sumi misunderstood Ragini and Sahil, nobody mentioned that twist. Don’t ask sorry and all yar it hurts me ok. I love when you write such big comment. That doesn’t mean you stress yourself to write big comments every time. But whenever you feel like you can definitely share your feelings. And any confusions just ask me I will clear it. I feel like I’m a teacher and love to solve students doubts ha ha ha. Jokes apart you can share any confusions with me. Love you too. I will try to post it tomorrow da. my right hand fingers are swollen so I’m not able to type. And no sleep from two days due to football league. But I will try to update tomorrow. If I cannot I have planned something atleast that I will post.

    2. Sally_blr

      And I totally understood your points no confusion at all. 🙂

  20. Inu

    Superb epi. I am waiting to know what made ragini hate sanskarm

    1. Sally_blr

      Inu she doesn’t hate him anymore. But she cannot forgive him for what he did. I think it is clear in the previous chapters what he did. If you are pointing to something else can you please clear me dear.

      1. Inu

        I think its a mistake. I forgot that thing and commented sry for that.

    2. Sally_blr

      Ohhh thats ok dear.

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    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear.

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    But I know your thoughts and further story will be much better than mine’s…
    So keep going..

    1. Sally_blr

      Awww Thank you so much yaar Janvi. See you got that right. Like she loves everyone she need someone to love her also. And Sanskar loves her immensely but before she was not letting him to express and now he cannot express. Your angle is also apt dear but I have planned something. Hope you will like it. Your thoughts are actually apt end for the story actually. Let’s see what happens I cannot reveal anything for the time being. Once again thanks a ton for believing in my POV and my story. I’m really grateful to you

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    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you Ammy.

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    Dear I was so addicted to this ff especially last part made me so emotional, I dnt no how u written that part but each & every word was painful that when v r in that place only v can feel it.
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    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. Thank you for your support and love dear. Keep reading and keep smiling

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    1. Sally_blr

      Thank you so much dear. Thank you for your support.

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