A tale of love by Farin (Shivika ss) Chapter 5

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Hello everyone.Today chapter 5
Chapter 4: Here

Shivay P.O.V-

It had been a bad day for me.Such confusing turns in every coming pathway of that jungle!! And those assorted growlings kept echoing in my head.It was so irritating when I didnt find anything what I had gone there to find.There were no caves at all.Neither were they concealed in Darnels or under any big tree.Did some legs grew in them that all the caves had run away seeing me?Then the,unruly sun had to hide in his room leaving the darkness here.I really had a death near attack when I couldnt find the way to come back.Was I really a duffer?How could I forget to get my torch charged before leaving?


Suddenly the real light jerked my mind.She had kissed me!!! yeah…she really had kissed me and again I was such a tubelight to understand such a small and important thing after ages.I couldn’t believe my own flashback.She had her lips on me.She let that happen..seriously!! I didn’t know to be happy or be shocked or to be sad on leaving the right on her lips forever.Whatever the situation might have been,I was just happy,actually happiest,recalling our kiss.I wished I could hold her for more time.I was smiling like a fool siting under open sky in the floor mate.There was so cold outside,but I felt warm for the essence of her kiss,still being on my mind.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!”-Something just flipped my mind to the scream.It was from her tent,right?yeah,it was from her tent only.My heart beat had hitched me like a hammer hearing her scream.


I rushed to her.She was not in her sense.Her eyes were blinking weakly.I didnt know what just happened.She was fine some time ago and suddenly had turned into a pale brittle human.The bottle had fallen down from her hand.Her hands were moving groundlessly in her sideways to find support to stand on.She had no feeling on her body then,I guessed.

Before I could react,she was in a range of collapsing in the floor.Thankfully,my nerves worked faster than her and I held her around her waist.She really got unconscious and no movement at all.I think someone was burning my inside and out both terribly then.Seeing her eyes closed,I felt really numb.In that minus temperature cold of Africa,my body was being flushed.

“Anika..hey,Anika…wake up,na….Anika for God’s sake please wake up,dude”,I literally was shouting at her.But no response at all !!

SHITT!! She just passed out.I checked her body and suddenly I felt a wetness in my leg.I looked down and saw the most scariest thing in my life.Her left leg was fully soaked in blood and her blood had touched my leg.I laid her in the bed carefully and observed her leg.It had hole inside it.I didnt know what was that but I kinda knew something had bitten her definiately.

BEDBUGS!! The thing just turned up in my mind.I knew they bit people in that way leaving a small hole in the skin.And the worst thing was Anika’s leg being turned into blue slowly.It looked like someone was painting her leg in blue color.I got to know that those were venemous bedbugs.I didn’t know what to do at that moment.I got panicked.

I cupped her face,”Anika,please wake up.Don’t play with me like that,damn it!! I swear I will never forget to call you mam.I will always lose in front of you.Heyyy…wake up,baby..Trust me,you will always be the winner.Just wake up for once.Dont do this to me,jaan..Punish me anything but not this…wake upppp”,I cried out,holding her hair tightly in her neck.She didn’t respond at all.

I,thankfully,suddenly had remembered something about that blo*dy bedbugs.I went outside in a jiff and rolled my eyes everywhere it could go.

And that’s it!! I had found what I wanted to.DATURA,a perfect herb to brush off the poison of the insect.I,ripped two leaves from the tree and grinned it in through the tip of my fingers.Then,applied it in Anika’s wounded leg.I didnt know it would work out or not.But except of siting in nix and waiting for her to be conscious,I had Nothing to do.Wi-Fi had also some disturbance and hence,couldnt contact our medical officer.

I again touched her face and I felt a jolt of heat.She had High fever.And the remaining breath inside me had also betrayed me,going away from me.


I was complaining to HIM.It might have been a way to pacify myself in that position.

Anika was shivering in cold.I brought out the quilt and wrapped her inside it.Then filled a cup with water and gave some sponges in her head hoping this would decrease her temperature.It was 3:00 in the clock and I didnt know when I felt asleep beside her sitting in the floor.

Anika P.O.V–

The furious sun light sprinkled in my face making me come back from my deep sleep.Seeing the intense spunked sun ray coming in my tent,I got to know then was definiately not a early morning,but a sunny,lighty day.The first thing came in my mind was I had to cover a big area of that jungle that day by itself and missing one was gonna cost me a lot.The project had to be completed in 1 month only and time was just running up.I damned myself for sleeping so long like a frog.

I had to wake up.I jerked my quilt as I was sweating in it.Just as I moved my leg a bit,I felt a dole in the left one.I kind of shouted as my leg pain was wasting my precious time which I never wanted to.And I guess my voice had waken up someone that too beside me whom I hadn’t noticed before.

“Anika?” A loving addressing came from shivay.

He checked my temperature patting my forehead making me utmost confused.Then,he gently rubbed the area of my wounded leg where it was paining.He seemd very relieved then.Her eyes were so swelled up and it seemed that he hadnt had a sleep over night Little did I know,he really coudnt sleep in night.

“Thank God!! Your fever has gone and thats why you are sweating.Do you even know how much you had scared me?Dont do this ever,Anika,I beg you.You took the breath away from me”,his voice was so weak and urged to me.


Before I could answer any bit of his question,he engulfed me in a tight hug.I hadn’t the strength in my body to reciprocate the hug and that was not needed even,his hug was so flushed that it didnt need any reciprocation.He kept arranging my untidy hair and kissing my back head while still being on that hug.

I was so confused in myself.He broke the hug and again kissed my forehead.

“Feeling better,baby??”he asked cupping my face gently.

“I had fever? What I remember is only a bedbug had bitten me while I was searching for you in the jungle..Then we came back and here I kind of passed out.Thats all.I don’t know I had fever also”,I told him,recalling about last night.I realized he,hearing my statement,suddenly turned into an angry young man from a caring lover boy.

“Had you gone mad?What was the need to come behind me in that dark night?And If you had came,couldn’t you be more careful while walking,stupid?Did you even know that was a poisonous bedbug!! I was hell scared seeing you like that.YOU HAD KILLED ME,ANIKAAAAAA!! “he snapped at me shaking my shoulder.

I kinda got shocked seeing his such attitude.He was hurting my shoulder.

“It’s hurting,Shivay”,I said fumbling.

“And what about my pain,haan?? The blood that came from your leg was piercing me in fire and you only care about your pain,right?” he retorted back while jerking my shoulder,actually he jerked me.I held the corner of the bed to get the support.

“You were not coming back and the night was coming down also.So,I thought going out to search you,would be the best decision.”I exclaimed him.

He composed his anger.He saw that I was very weak to talk.
“I am sorry..Its just that I got worried seeing you unconscious and couldn’t hold myself.I am really sorry for shouting at you”,he justified his action.Actually he needn’t do that.A part of me was so convinced of his shouting.Maybe,I knew he still cared for me.

He got from the bed making me lay down in the bed again.

“You need rest..so don’t you dare to wake up the whole day”,he kind of passed his order to me.

“Are you ordering me?I have so much to do and how can I rest when I have to visit the south part of this place toady itself?”I questioned him like a demanding kid.

“Dont worry..I will visit those by myself and I will call some of our officers there to help me out.Is that okay,mam?”
Suddenly the word ‘mam’ started pinching me.I didn’t want to hear the word which I always loved to be called by him.

I nodded my head unwillingly and rested my head in the soft pillow set by shivay.He wrapped the quilt beside me and adorded my wounded leg before leaving my room.

I started recalling his caring reprimand to me after he had left.Why did he shower so love on me when he better knew that our destiny was never gonna change?But I loved his care,his embracing,his touch…


No precap…

I am sorry peeps as I hadnt put their fights here as I didnt want to spoil their light moments by giving it a fight. Hope you guyz understand me.

I think,you all are being bored with my track or my SS as there were very less respond. If you want,I will put an end to this ss by the next episode only.I have a ending game in my mind.Just let me know your comments.Thank you☺

Farin ??

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