RagLak- Aliens at my house (chapter 2)

Hi dears…thanks for all the comments…here is the 2nd chapter…

Sanskar was standing before that flying saucer.
‘Is he alien..?’ Laksh amazes.

Then he hears a baby voice. Laksh amazes again.

A boy baby flies in air and comes aside Sanskar.

Now, Laksh also faints.

After sometime,

Ragini wakes. She opens her eyes. She shocks at once to see Laksh beside her. she shouts.. ‘kyaaaa…!’
With her noise, Laksh also awakes. They have fell at door.

‘where..? where is he..??’ Laksh stands and looks out.

‘who..? whom you are talking about..??’ Ragini stands scratching her head.

They hear a breaking sound suddenly and turns back. A baby is flying and he has broke a flower vase.

‘hey..! don’t brake anything..!!’ Laksh shouts.

‘a flying baby..??’ Ragini is about to faint again, Laksh holds her and shakes her, ‘plz ragini. Don’t faint always. be steady..!!’

‘Is it a dream..??’ Ragini asks with big eyes.

Then they hear a voice again from up..
‘No..! it’s not a dream..!!’

They both looks up. Sanskar was also in air.

Ragini shocks and hides behind Laksh.
‘Ghost…! Ghost….!!’ She shouts.

‘Don’t shout Ragini..!! more than that, your voice is scary..!!’ he tells to her and looks at Sanskar.

‘who are you..??’ Laksh asks seriously.

He comes down.
‘I’m sankeopidea..!’

Raglak makes a confused look.
‘what name is that..??’ they express their doubt in unison.

‘I’m from planet Pidea..! earth is new to us..!!’

Now a big question mark comes and crushes both RagLak.

‘I will explain you everything…!’ says Sanskar..

‘we are living beings from planet pidea. We look same as human beings on earth. We have additional quality of flying. This baby is my brother’s son. His name is ‘chotapedia’. We were traveling in this UFO(unidentified flying object) and we have missed our planet’s orbit and accidentally landed on earth.’

Ragini looks at him still confused… ‘I didn’t understand anything..!’

Laksh clears… ‘he simply came to our planet. And he is a alien.’

Sanskar… ‘I’m not a alien. You are aliens for me..!!’

Raglak glares at him… ‘you are in our planet. We aren’t in your planet. So, you are a alien..!!’

Sanskar takes a gulp and laughs nervously.
‘so, there is a problem in returning to our planet. We have to get signals again to return back. But, the signaling system has broke. And we landed in this house premise.’

Laksh asks… ‘so, what we have to do..??’

Sanskar nervously… ‘we need shelter until we return back..!!’

‘what..??’ Laksh shocks.

Then the flying baby comes near Laksh and Ragini flying. He pulls Laksh’s cheek and Ragini’s hair.
He calls them ‘Pappa… mamma..’

Raglak shocks.

Sanskar takes baby into his hands. ‘no chotapedia…they aren’t your parents..!’
Then the baby starts crying looking at Ragini and Laksh.
He keeps calling them… ‘Mamma…pappa..’

Ragini melts with his cry. She takes baby into her hands.
‘No baby..don’t cry. Mamma is here..!!’

Sanskar and Laksh amazes with her words. the baby laughs in Ragini’s hands.

Ragini.. ‘you both came from outer space. It is very hard for a small kid to stay far away from parents. So, till you return back, I will act as mother to this kid.’

Laksh looks on….

Sanskar… ‘oh my..! Earthlings are so kind..!! thank you very much..!!’

Ragini… ‘but, this is his house. He has to agree for it..’

Sanskar looks at Laksh.

‘I have no problem in giving you shelter. But, you shouldn’t create any problems in surroundings.’…laksh says.

Sanskar nods head happily.

The baby alien flies near Laksh calling pappa… Laksh holds him.

Sanskar– “Chotapedia… shall we sleep now.??”

“what chotapedia?? Sankopedia. I will change your names..! your name will be Sanskar… and the baby’s name will be chotu..!!” ragini says.

Laksh: and one more thing..! my brother Adarsh is a scientist. I will ask him help for your return..!!
Sanskar nods his head.

Laksh shows them a room, Sanskar and chotu goes there.

Ragini pov… ‘I thought to leave this house. But, I have to stay here for Chotu now. I don’t know how many surprises we are going to see further..!!!’


Adarsh is madly fixing these and those wires in his lab.
‘I seriously doubt..! some aliens might have come to earth. Still I’m getting slight signals..! I will find out them, and I will become famous..!!’
He smiles evilly.

‘Suniye..’ he hears a voice.

She is parineetha. ‘I have brought milk for you ji..’ she is wearing ghunghat on her head. She is very shy lady.

‘Pour it on my head..!!’ Adarsh says angrily.

‘No ji… If you want I will pour shampoo and make you bath..’ she says feeling shy.

‘Shut up..! I’m working out on aliens. Get out..!!’ he shouts.

‘Aliens..?? what are aliens..?’ she asks innocently.

‘Terrestrial living beings..!!’ adarsh says.

‘what is terrestrial..?’ she asks.

‘outer space..!!’ he tells controlling his anger.

‘what is outer space..?’ she asks. He glares. She runs away.

I will not leave those aliens..! Adarsh smirks.

Ragini tries to call her parents to tell about aliens. Her phone is not working. So, she goes to Laksh’s room for phone.

She just keeps hand on door.. ‘haa…Laksh…’
The door opens due to wind.

Laksh shocks looking at her as he is in just a short and he is changing his shirt exposing his bear top.

‘ahh’ Ragini shocks and turns back.

‘Don’t you have any other work..???” Laksh gets angry.

‘Don’t give buildup as Salman khan..! I didn’t come for you..!!” she says closing her eyes.

‘Get out of my room and close the door..!!’ he says. Ragini bangs the door coming out. Laksh closes his ears.

‘umm…it’s too hard with this girl..!!’ he thinks.

Next chapter: Ragini’s first day to college and Laksh’s crush…

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