Siam n lakshmila: Time machine travel (episode 8)

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The epi starts with the thorns of rose pricking siya’s finger. Siya shouts. Blood drips from her finger. Ram says what happened, and holds her finger, trying to stop the bleeding. Sita looks at him smiling. Ram asks what happened, why did you pluck rose carelessly, and why are you smiling even in pain? Siya says nothing, it’s ok, my finger isn’t paining at all. Lakshman tells Urmi, see how brave your sister is, and you’ll be hoping jumping like a mad girl. Urmi says shut up you fool. Lakshman says what did you say?? Vishwamitra beats his head. What had I come for and what has happened.. Get calm..! He shouted.. Everyone stands still in their place. Now I’ve to ask mahadev what to do next. And don’t disturb me in between. Urmi says I’m sorry rishivar.. Ram assures him that there’ll be no disturbance. He goes to mountain top and starts doing tapasya.

Siya goes deep into the jungle to explore the nature. Urmi shouts didi don’t go there that’s a dense forest. They hear a roar. She turns to Lakshman and says you boast about your bravery go just save my didi. Ram takes his bow and runs to save siya. Lakshman pulls Urmi and they fall on each other. Urmi shouts at lakshman. Are you mad? Lakshman asks do you’ve any doubt? Urmi says, yes I had confusion, but now I’m sure. An eagle comes flying behind them. Lakshman says you’re mad, see behind you’ll know who’s mad. Urmi says ooh Narayan where I’m trapped, no TV, no siya ke ram, no phones, no books, what a boring place it is, and there’s one boring angry man here. Lakshman says what did you say, see bhaiyya this girl is…… He notices ram is missing. Oh my lord, bhaiyya must have gone to save siya ji. I’ve to go. Urmi smiles. How dedicated he’s to his brother.. No matter how much he fights with me, still he’s not that bad. I only keep adding fire to the fights.. But only god knows how I’ll live without my TV.. I’m unable to see Tv because of him. First he broke the TV. Then because of his ornaments I got trapped here. But where’s didi, what’s happening to her? Hmm urmi ur foolish talks have dragged a bit too much dear, go and check what’s happening to dii..

She reaches on the spot to see siya and ram on the floor eye in eye. She gets shocked. What’s happening.? Siya says nothing urmi and gets up. Actually……
Fb shows:- Siya is trying to catch the butterflies and runs behind one of them.. Suddenly siya hears the same lord shout again. She shouts oh Narayan save me. Where did I come.. Shitt… the same big eagle was in front of her. She got shocked but an arrow came and hit the eagle. Ram was standing in front of her. She smiled seeing him. But the eagle wasn’t affected enough by the arrow ? . It got up and flew over siya. Ram pulled siya down and eagle flew to its own path… Fb ends.

And where is that so called bro of yours, urmi asked ram. Ram said he was with you Right?? Urmi says no, he was with you, he left me and went away. Lakshman comes running.. Bhaiyya, siya ji, urmi you here? I was finding you every where.. Urmi said look at yourself..! The trio started laughing when they saw Lakshman carefully. He was looking like a forest; leaves and twigs in his hair, mud on his clothes, his face was red,..! Lakshman says actually.. I was looking for bhaiyya in the forest. I got lost and trying to find bhaiyya and you two I kept searching and searching. I didn’t lose my courage. Urmi says tell what happened to your clothes and hairstyle, not this long Ramayan of yours… Ram says what’s Ramayana? Siya moves her eyes up and down and says it is a famous book, understand that only right now, name is ram and don’t know about Ramayana…

Lakshman says then while going I fell into a deep pit… in a haste to get out my clothes…
What about your hairstyle, asked urmi.. Lakshman says will you first let me tell? Urmi says you’re stretching it. Lakshman says no, I shot an arrow and then making a series of arrows I climbed out. I heard the shouts of siya ji so I walked off in the direction of the sound while I slipped and some leaves fallen….. Urmi says OK OK I understand.. Now tell me how to go home asap…!

Precap – siya Urmi come to know that real ramlak are in front of them. Ram lakshman too shocked. What’ll happen next??

Plz plz do leave a comment dears. Thanks for reading, hope you liked it..

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  1. Jayani

    I can’t liv widout buks, tv, phones nd most of all, WIFI!!! It was as usual hillarious… Nd belated b’day wishes 2 u vanshu di… Saw d comment in d b4 epi… Waiting for d next epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Vanshika

      Hmmm hehe dear no one can live without TV ? Wi-Fi ? and books ? thank u so much for b’day wishes and sweet comment..?? love u btw whens ur b’day?

      1. Jayani

        Mine is on 9th April

      2. Jayani

        Ur welcum di

    2. Vanshika

      Oh okay.. Yep I’ve turned 14 this year

      1. Jayani

        Oh k?

  2. Astra

    awesome dear..haha..loved it…

    1. Vanshika

      Devi ji thank uuuuuu so much… ????? love uuuuu ?

  3. Inu

    Superb. Precap seems interesting.

    1. Vanshika

      thank uuuuuu so much.. Yep Precap is interesting because end depends on it only…

    2. Vanshika

      thank uuuuuu so much.. Yep Precap is interesting because end depends on it only… Otherwise they’ll jus kip fighting confusing and trapped in time ?

  4. Vanshu u r just fantastic and day by day u r becoming more and more sweet ? and awesome………..

    And YES dearie I remember ur birthday ?……… How can I forget my best friend’s birthday dear ??????? I could not wish you on 14th January bcoz I was vry much busy with all my project and class test………Sorry…….

    How r u ha ??????

    1. Vanshika

      Awwwww dearie thank uuuuuu so much yaarrr… ????? love uuuuu ??? I’m fine dear when I’ve my sister’s wishes what can happen to me, ha? Now y u said sorry ha? No sorry allowed… Love u

  5. Preethi12345

    amazing vanshu
    btw how was your bday?
    what all did u do on your bday?
    hope it was amazing!!!!!
    and love the ff !!!!!

    1. Vanshika

      Hi dear thank uu my b’day was Awesome ? we hd a party with cake cutting and there were many games lyk aiming at balloon and bursting etc etc and in WhatsApp skr fn group I git mny surprise and there ws pizza ? samosa, dosa sambar for food and I had fun ???

      1. Jayani

        M pretty sure u wud hav enjoyed dem a lot!? Anyways, dis year u r 14, r8 di???

  6. Amalina

    Wow! This epi was amazing and funny too. Loved the dialogue when urmila said, no tv, no books, no skr, no phone, it was soooo soooo soooo very hilarious. Words cant describe how much i laugh and enjoy your ffs!! keep it up dear!

    1. Vanshika

      Thank u very very very much dear
      Words cant describe how much happy I get wen I c ur comments.. Luv uuu???? Stay happy always..?

  7. amazing and funny too………….very well written ………..keep it…….

  8. some interesting point of Mahabharat also true………….
    Brief synopsis of Kurukshetra War———————————————————————————————–Day 1-Uttar and Sweta,sons of Viraat were killed on the first day of Kurukshetra.Shalya killed Uttar and Bhisma killed Sweta.The day belonged to the Kauravas.Day 2-2nd day belonged to the Pandavas.Satyaki killed Bhisma’s charioteer.Bhisma was dazzled in Kurukshetra and Yudhisthir was forced to think how to conquer the army having warriors like Bhisma.Day 3-Bhisma was furious and killed many soldiers of Pandava army.Day 4 to day 7-Bheem killed 8brothers of Duryodhan.Day 8-8th day spelled misery for Pandavas as Arjun’s son Iravan was killed.Day 9-Shri Krishna lost his patience and intended to attack Bhismathus was about to break his vow of not taking weapons in battlefield.Arjun pacifies him.Day 10-Bhisma’s downfall with Shikhandini’s entry in battlefield as Shikhandi.Arjundefeats Bhisma using Shikhandi as shield.Day 11-Dronacharya as the new Senapati of Kauravas.Arjun spoils plans of Duryodhan to capture Yudhisthir with the help of Susharma&Bhagdatta.Both engage Arjun.Day 12-Drona fights bravely.Day 13-Arjun still engaged with Susharma.In the meantime Dronadecides to go for Chakravyuh.Abhimanyu enters Chakravyuh.Jayadrath ensures no Pandav could enter with him,Abhimanyu fights fiercely&kills Brihadbala.He also defeats Duryodhan&leaves him alive only for the vow of uncle Bheem to kill him.Seeing Duryodhan defeat,Karna snaps his bows,Drona kills his horses and charioteer.All Kaurava attacks him simultaneously and kills him.Before dying Abhimanyu kills Duryodhan’s son Laxman with his mace.Day 14-Arjun vows to kill Jaydrath or himself if he failed.By trick of solar eclipse Arjun kills Jaydrath finally.Satyakikilled Bhurisravas.Karna killed Ghatotkach using Indrastra.Day 15-Drona kills Drupad and Viraat.Bhim killed an elephant named Aswathama.Yudhisthir confirms that killing of Aswathama without mentioning actually it was an elephant.Drona was confused and misaled.He kept his bow down&Dristadyumna killed him.Day 16-Bhim killed Dushasan,tore his arms&drank his blood.He brought the blood of Dushasan for washing Draupadi’s hair.Day 17-In the morning Karna spared Arjun&Nakul after a fierce battle.Nakul killed Uluka&Karn’s 3 sons namely Chitrasen,Sushen and Satyasen.Arjun killed Karna.Shalya became new commander of Kauravas.Day 18-Shalya was killed by Yudhisthir as he had the unique ability to grow stronger as the aggression of the enemy grows.However Yudhisthir could control his aggression and killed Shalya.Sahdev killed Shakuni.Bheem killed Duryodhan in Gadayuddha after breaking his thighs.This enrages Balram as it was against the rules of the war.Later in that night-Aswathamaslayed five sleeping sons of Draupadi to take revenge.He also killed the unborn child of Abhimanyu but it was saved by Krishna.Krishnacursed Aswathama.
    i have many intetesting part of mahabharat…………anyone tell me how i post any topics in this page……..

    1. Aman

      Joy bro, can you tell me the age difference of karn and yuddhisthir and also if kunti pregnancy was normal or fast as shown in tv

  9. Pragyashree

    Belated happy birthday vanshika. And love this episode especially no siya ke ram

    1. Vanshika

      Thanks didi ??

      1. Aman

        vanshika sis, tq

  10. Padmaja

    Lovely Epi yr ????.. lakshmilla always rocks ???… ur ffs r simply amazing…. waiting for the next one.. love u ???

    1. Vanshika

      Thank uuuu so so much diii.. Will update tmrw.. Love uuuu thooo..!!! ? ?

  11. Piyali

    Awesome dear……..LaxMila as usual sooooooo cute……cutest……..Urmi started realizing Laxman’s goodness……….Ramji and Siyaji as usual sweet………….aww……felt sad for Laxman…….precap so exciting……..Love you…….be happy ………

    1. Vanshika

      Thank uuuu so so much dear… Will update tmrw.. Love uuuu thooo.. Yep lakhshmila r cutesy, they’re the highlight always..!!! ? ?

  12. Tiyasa

    Wow what a work!!!!
    It’s a Fabb work…..
    love u vanshu……
    well ur asvi work was also gr8, I couldn’t comment there so I am saying here that I really really enjoyed it and the romance between Ashoka and Devi….
    well happy belated birthday vanshu…..
    I don’t know who u r and how u look still I love u and u have become my best friend…
    Well now we r of same age I.e. 14….. so our mind contact will be more and our love will increase too……
    I know u will be a little shocked to see my comment as I generally don’t write such a long comment. But I have written this as I really missed u a lot and I wanted to express my feelings for u.

  13. Tiyasa

    And I will continue my ff on asvi… don’t worry about it……
    I know u r very much excited to read it but the problem is that I used to write my ff in my laptop in MS word and used to post it but now I have jio sim and that’s why my father is not recharging the net of my dongle. So I am not able to update it.
    I think I will not be able to update it till March, so I am really very sorry VANSHU….

  14. Tiyasa

    And u know I really want to continue it as I really miss CAS too much….

  15. It’s fabulous one… I felt like I’m. In the world of Siya Ram… ❤❤❤❤

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