Swim Team 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa tells she can eat choclate how much she want…Bhagat smiles and sees Rewa..BHagat snatches choclate from Rewa,,,Bhagat tells she is a professional swimer…Rewa tells she cannot face her team mates..Rewa tells she have to covience Jugnu to give them Day shift..Rewa tells its all over for her..BHagat tells in life there will ups and downs,,TOday you loose tommorrow other person will loose..Rewa tells why he is a pool cleaner???He should be a sportsperson..Rewa tells that Bhagat has that type of attitude..Rewa asks what Bhagat’s important thing is lost???BHagat tells nothing..Rewa tells they will do a deal She will find Bhagat’s important thing and Bhagat Rewa’a,,BHagat agrees..Rewa goes…Jai calls Bhagat and tells to help him…Sana calls TK and tells she is coming…Sana comes in TK”S room..TK changes his dress and comes..Sana comes and Hugs TK…TK tells lets go..Sana tells she cancelled the dinner..As Tk’s team lost the Race…Sana tells she known that TK promised that they will go for dinner and she known TK is upset..TK tells Sana she is very good..TK tells that there will do the dinner tommorrow..Sana tells that she have surgery..TK tells then they will do lunch..Sana tells that tommorrow his father is coming..TK tells he want to meet her father..Sana tells they will do dinner..Jai comes and meets Bhagat..JAi asks If he is standing here camera can see him??Bhagat tells yes…Jai sees CCTV footage of Umang seeing Rewa’s report..Jai tells he got..Bhagat asks what???Jai tells Umang would have not done like this she have to pay for this..Bhagat is confused..REwa tells Bhagat that they have to connect some evidence from Jugnu’s office that they can blackmail..BHagat laughs and tells did Jugnu is a murder that he hide some dead bodies..
Rewa tells Bhagat lets go They dont have time..Bhagat takes out her pin..Bhagat asks what is this???Rewa tells that this pin they can open the lock..Bhagat tells that Rewa is a professional thief..Jai tells he have to talk to Umang today only..Jai sleeps on Sofa..Umang comes and sees Jai sleeping…Umang puts blanket on Jai and kiss him..Rewa and JAi goes in Jhugnu’s office..Rewa search files..Bhagat tells he got a B-grade movie song CD..They will distribute and Blackmail jugnu,,,,Rewa tells Bhagat taste is very bad..Bhagat tells what more Rewa is expecting.. Rewa and Bhagat search..Bhagat sees something..Bhagat sees and smiles…Rewa asks what it is???Rewa tells to give..BHagat says no he will not show..Rewa and Bhagat fights..Rewa listens someone coming..Jugnu comes in the room,,Rewa and Bhagat hides under the table..Jugnu gets a doubt…

Precap::Jai tells that Umang is a lier,,Backstabber

Update Credit to: Ansari

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