Badi Devrani 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Badi Devrani 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhor calls Reeti,,Reeti picks up…Vibhor tells he wanted to meet Reeti…Reeti asks Now??Vibhor tells to come out of house in ten minutes…Reeti tells hi to Vibhor..Vibhor tells to sit in Car..Reeti asks Whats the matter???Vubhir tells to sit in the car..Reeti Sits..Vibhor proper’s Reeti’s dupatta..Reeti asks Where they are going???Reeti tells herself that Vibhor wanted to break the engagement..Vibhor take Reeti to Mall…Reeti tells why they came here????Vibhor tells to come indside..Reeti and Vibhor goes…Vibhor goes in Saree’s shop..Reeti asks why they came here??Vibhor asks What is Reeti’s favorite colour??Reeti tells Pink..Vibhor tells to show pink colour…Vibhor taks out pink Saree and Puts on Reeti and checks in mirror..Vibhor tells this is not good..Vibhor takes another Saree and tells this is good and suits Reeti..Vibhor tells to pack this..Vibhor asks How much it worth????Shopkeeper tells three thousand..Reeti tells no need of it..Vibhor tell its okey..Reeti takes Saree and comes…Reeti tells that she known Vibhor didnt like this relationship but why he is doing..Reeti tells let it be…Vibhor tells he is not doing under any pressure,,Vibhor asks what Reeti like in food Indian??Reeti tells she likes home food.. Reeti tells she like baking and Continental..Reeti asks What Vibhor likes..Vibhor tells he likes games…Playing games with other..Vibhor asks what Reeti likes???Reeti tells she like Comedy and she hate Horror movies..Vibhor tells Reeti didnt did good thing saying him that she hate horror movies..Now he will daily play Horror movies..Reeti gets shocked…Vibhor laughs and tells that he was just joking because Reeti said she like Comedy movies also..Vibhor tells that they will shop something,,VIbhor and Reeti goes…Reeti comes home,,Indira tells she cant believe Vibhor called him..Reeti tells she is also shocked Vibhor took him and was asking about her favorite colour,,Fav dish and what she likes..Indira tells that Vibhor is accepting Reeti,,Reeti tells VIbhor was very positive..Indira gets happy…
Divya comes and tells this is Yash,,Divya tells Reeti that Yash will Choreograph on wedding…Yash tells that main dance will be of Bride and groom..Reeti tells its not possible..Divya tells Yash that they will select the songs First..Divya and Yash goes…INdira tells Reeti to ask once Vibhor…Vibhor comes home..Prabha asks where was he??Vibhor tells that he gone to meet Reeti…Prabha gets shocked…Reeti calls VIbhor..Vibhor picks up and asks what happened???Reeti tells that choreographer has came to their house,,Reeti asks If VIbhor can come for Practise???Vibhor thinks..Reeti asks???Vibhor tells he will come..Reeti tells Okay done..Indira asks What Vibhor said???Reeti tells he will come..Indira tells that Vibhor accepted Reeti,,Soo Reeti should also accepy Vibhor without any question..Prabha gets upset..Kajal tells that today they meet and tommorrow also this “BADI DEVRANI” called for Dance practise…

Precap::Divya tells that Reeti will become now “REETI PUDDAR”

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Diviya and Yassh .. LOL .. they are fantaboulus

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