Satrangi Sasural 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Satrangi Sasural 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
gautam is ferocious, while the lady and the son surface amidst them. She says that she isnt here to stop the marriage, but out of the love of her son, she has to do this, as she cant let this marriage happen. gautam says that he doesnt know her. She says that it doesnt matter he doesnt recognsie her, but he would have to recognise her son, who didnt have his love for the past 18 years. Arushi asks her to give evidence. The lady gives the pics and marriage certificate. vihaan and arushi, along with others are shocked. gautam vehementlyb denies any knowledge of this, and says that he may have committed many a crime, but not this. Rohit comes and tells gautam that he cant hide from the past. Gautam asks them who are they and why are they doing this, as he doesnt recognsie either of them and that the lady is a fraud. Rohit asks him not to insult his mother, or else he shall forget that he is his father. gautam vehemently denies that he isnt anyone’s father, and that they both are fraud. The boy gets enraged saying that he shall break his moiuth, if he says so. gautam is ferocious. Vihaan dares rohit not to create a drama nor say anything about gautam. arushi intervenes and says that papers suggest that gautam is married to sujata, the lady, and that the child is also theirs. Hence they cant let a person like gautam, marry nilima, and hence this marriage shall not happen. All are shocked, while nilima is boggled. Arushi presents the bottle of vermilion, and asks gautan to do the honours for sujata. he takes the bottle. Sujata stands tensed. The family wonders if this is all true, and what is arushi upto. granny asks why is she taking decisions, when elders are standing here. Vihaan asks if she knows what she is doing. arushi convinces them that she knows what she is doing. priyanka too asks her to stop, and think about the guests atleast. Granny too stops her. Arushi assures that she wont do anything that hurts anyone, and just wants to favour the truth. Mini and priyanka ask her to stop, but granny asks them to be quiet and let her do what she wants to. priyanka and mini leave. arushi again asks gautam to fill her head with vermillion. gautam stands tensed, and then takes some vermillion in his fingers and is about to spray it on her head, while she aand her son are visibly at discomfort. She finally shoves his hand away, shocking them all. priyanka and mini are visibly tensed. Arushi determinedly eyes her and asks whats the problem. the lady blurts out that she is already married, and that she did this for her son. they are boggled. She says that she needed education for her son and was offered money to do this. all are shocked. Arushi asks who offered her money. the lady stands boggled and looks around. She then points towards Priyanka, while vihaan and arushi, along with others are shocked. Priyanka asks what nonsense is this. granny asks how could she. priyanka continues to deny, while her son too says that priyanka gave them money. Granny reprimands priyanka for going so low. arushi says that it isnt so. priyanka asks her not to speak up. Arushi says that priyanka cant do this. She convinces them all, that priyasnka cant do this. granny says that she had the doubt when priyanka went out stealthily. Priyanka tells her that she can insult her, and scold her in front of everyone, if she feels that she did this. Arushi tries to speak, but priyanka again asks her to shut up. she then says that she went outside, as she had hired a private detective for gautam, and then asks granny how could she think that she could do this, as she knows her. all are tensed and boggled. granny tries to speak, but priyanka and mini leave. Arushi assures that priyanka would be okay soon, and then get to the lady and her son, and tells that gautam’s parents were after this, who had planned this all along. just then, gautam’s parents are brought in, by guards. Gautam is angry and asks them why are they spoiling his life, and decides to send them to jail. but nilima steps in and asks gautam to let be. gautam doesnt relent, but nilima insists. Gautam asks them to worship the kind of bahu that they have. vihaan reprimands gauta,’s parents for doing all this in this phase of their life. he also gets to the lady who agreed to do something so disgusting. nilima begins to feel the itch in her wig bconstantly. the lady leaves with her son.

The marriage rituals begin, while the lizard becomes conscious and begins to twitch around, causing nilima great discomfort in her wig. then the kanyadaan begins, and they wonder who can do it from their side. Then finally, vihaan and arushi sit for the honours, when granny asks them to do so, and all smile, as its due to arushi that nilima got this new life. Outside, Gautam’s mother is shocked at the way her son treated them, and he stood there doing nothing. she says that she didnt even get to see her son’s marriage. he says that she shall see when it happens. She asks whats the matter. his father says that nilima distanced them from their son, and now she shall face death. The screen freezes on Nilima’s tensed face.

Precap: The seven pious circles around the fire begin, while nilima goes through it, uncomfortably. The priest finally says that the marriage is solemnised. Nilima finally takes off the hair switch, and falls unconscious in gautam’s arms, while they are all shocked. From the wig, is seen blood, and a lizard twitching around.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. writers gautam when through toooooooooooo much to get nilima please do not let her die from that lizard poison and granny please release Vihaan and arushi from their promise because she has proven herself over and over again look how she saved gautam and nilimas marriage so please let them consummate their marriage now .

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