Tere Sheher Mein 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tere Sheher Mein 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dimple telling Pushpa that she knows her pain to be away from her daughter for 25 years. Pushpa says don’t know I can meet her again or not. Rachita gets angry on Amaya and Jaz. Kripa says Dimple cooked fav food and even then he did not have food. Dimple says he has much affect of it. Kripa says everyone got disturbed by this. Dinesh asks him to bring food. Rachita does not eat food and cries. Sneha asks what happened. Rachita says nothing. Sneha asks her to sit, she is her mum and understands.

Rachita says you told me to become responsible, I wanted to help you, I was trying, but I failed and failed Rama too. Sneha hugs her and asks what happened. Rachita says I went for job interview, I wanted to tell you after getting job and make you all happy, but I did not get job. Sneha leaves her and asks anything else happened. Rachita says no. She says I know she is upset as she is immature like kids, and scolds her. She asks will she make them happy like this, many people will lose job, will they cry, people face so much in life, they don’t cry, they fall and again get up to face troubles.

She says if people cry, they will die, you just talk big, do something and show me. Rachita cries. Amaya and Jaz pacify her. Sneha scolds them and asks them to sit and not show pity. She says pity is the root of failure, face the failure to win in life. She coughs and takes water, saying she does not need their help. She asks them to have food. Dimple recalls Gajanand’s words about Dinesh’s proposal breaking because of Sneha. Dinesh asks her about Neeti, is she fine. She says she is fine, no one talks to her, its good she did not know. He says she should not know.

She says if she asks me, even I don’t know. She asks him to say, she is his wife and has right to know. He says dad said everything that day, I forgot the past, I don’t want to talk. He does not eat and leaves. Sneha cries in kitchen. Pushpa looks at her window. Gajanand asks till when will she stand outside. She says she is standing to have fresh air. Amaya recalls Sneha’s words and thinks she can solve every problem, and first Jaz’s admission.

Its morning, Amaya prays and comes to some school. Rudra’s friends follow her and ask the man to reject Amaya’s admission plea for Jaz. She asks him to try and he says I m sorry. Rama waits for Rachita. A customer asks for oil. His dad scolds him and asks him to focus on customers. Rama puts oil on the man’s hand and his dad scolds him. Shamu comes and gives the oil. Rama thinks dad is right, I m donkey, I should have asked Rachita does she know pure hindi or not, I did big mistake, she will never talk to me now.

Amaya goes to another school and even there the admission is not possible. Rudra’s friends smile and bribe the man. Rachita comes to Rama’s shop and his dad taunts her. He says if she takes on loan, I will not give anything. Raman asks him not to say anything. Rachita says she wants items and gives the list. She asks can he meet her outside her house in some time. Rama smiles. Rachita talks slowly seeing his dad. Shamu gets the items. Rachita pays the money and his dad looks on. She asks Rama to deliver at home. Rama says fine, I will go. Rachita thanks him and leaves. His dad asks him to go, as he is doing loss for him.

Amaya gets tired of walking in heat, and sees water. She bumps into Mantu and says she came for Jaz’s admission. He says its Chiklu’s school, what did he say. She says everyone is making reasons, I will try, I know everyone here. She says thanks, Jaz will teach Chiklu soon. He says he will always help her. She asks but why. He asks whats this question. She says I can’t ask your help always. She leaves. Rudra’s friends look on and hide.

Amaya comes to have lemon water and counts money, and says she will see she has money for mineral water or not. The man taunts her. Neeti says she will pay for her, and Amaya thanks her, but she can’t take it. Neeti insists. Amaya smiles. She says I m Neeti Chobey. Amaya says I m Amaya, and shakes hands. She drinks the lemon water. She hears she is Gajanand’s grand daughter and looks at her. Neeti says glad to meet you and leaves. Amaya recalls Gajanand’s words and thinks she will not take any favor from his family. She keeps the glass and leaves.

She sees free water pots and goes there. She recalls Sneha’s words and drinks ordinary water by hands. She says thank you.

Rudra says its right papers and asks his friends to print this news, and send the paper to Mathurs’ home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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