Jamai Raja 6th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Jamai Raja 6th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts wtih Roshni introducing Sid as Roshni Patel, Biji’s care taker. She asks Biji if she can call her Biji. Biji says of course she can. Roshni calls Sid sir and asks him to leave her hand. He leaves. She says Biji she will come tomorow around 9 a.m. Simran asks how dare she is to enter her house again. Biji says this is also her house and she does not need her, Raj, or Sid’s permission. Roshni will report only to her and only she can order her and if she someone troubles her, she will not spare them. She says Roshni let us meet around 9 a.m. tomorrow. Roshni says bye madam to Simran and leaves. Dumb Simran and ugly Kritka angrly leave behind her. Biji asks Sid to come near her. He asks if she is fine and not feeling pain. She says yes, but then acts as feeling severe knee pain.

Kesar who has joined back DD’s house enjoy dinner with her and other family members. DD asks Roshni who is her new job and what kind of job it is. Roshni says she is caretaker of an old lady. DD asks what kind of job it is. Roshni says she took care of NGO before and now children are happy in their shelter. Biji calls her and informs her about her tomorrow’s plan. Raj enters her room and she starts writhing in pain again. Raj asks if she hired Roshni as caretaker. She says yes and says Sid and Roshni love each other and due to some weird reason divorced, so she will reunite them at any cost. Raj hugs her and says his mother is great.

In the morning, Biji and family enjoy breakfast. Simran asks Sid why is he repeatedly looking at watch and asks why father and son have not left for office till now. Biji says Simran is right. Raj says he does not have much work at office and asks Sid to leave. Sid gets up and clashes with Roshni who is coming. He holds her and music rings into his ears. She asks him to remove his hand from her. He removes and apologizes her. She says her sari is under his feet. He removes feet and apologizes her. She then goes and wishes biji good morning. Biji and Raj wish her good morning. She asks Biji if she had breakfast. She says yes and asks Roshni to take her to her room. Sid continues staring at Roshni. Simran asks Sid to go. He says he has important meeting, so he will take Biji’s blessings and go.

Roshni in Biji room tells she is feeling embarrassed wearing revealing saris. Biji says beauty is woman’s weapon to lure men and Sid was drooling seeing her. She asks to do what she says. Sid enters and Biji starts acting. Roshni makes her sit on chair and asks if she wants to park for fresh air. Biji says yes as she is feeling soffocated and murmurs in her ears to continue drama. Sid starts staring Roshni again. Biji asks him what is he doing here and asks to go to his work. He says he came to take her blessings as he has his big meeting. Biji says today is remembering bii a lot and asks Roshni to get her goggles. Roshni walks and asks Sid to move. She bends and her hair fly in air. Sid gets mesmerized with her beauty and continues staring. She excuses him again and gives goggles to Biji. Biji wears goggles, raises her leg and asks Sid to take her blessings. He takes and asks if he can leave them to park. Roshni says she has a car and mows wheelchair over Sid’s leg and apologizes. Sid thinks Roshni comes in front of him in net sari and he cannot control.

DD and Kesar are in their car. DD says she will ask Roshni to come home soon. She calls, but Roshni does not pick call. Roshni brings Bii out. Biji says she wants to walk. Roshni asks her to continue her drama. Kesar sees Roshni on road and stops car. Roshni sees them and runs from there with Biji. DD and Kesar follow her. She hides behind Biji but DD catches her and asks where is she running. She says she is looking nice in net sari and says she wants her to come home soon to work on cards. Roshni says they can talk about it later. DD points at Biji and asks who i sshe. Biji covers her face with veil and with changed voice asks if Roshni is her daughter. DD says yes. Biji says Roshni is a good girl and asks Roshni to take h er room as she is getting vomiting. DD sees Biji’s bangle and thinks she saw someone wearing it before.

Sid at his office speaks to someone and then looks at divorce papers and thinks Roshni proved that a few papers cannot keep him away from her. He fulfilled all responsibilities and it is time for her to become a good husband.

Kesar gives DD her new car’s keys and asks her to go on a long drive. DD drives and rams a man. Man falls on floor unconscious. People yell that she killed a poor man. Sid comes there in his car and asks if she killed a poor man under her new car. DD is shocked to see man’s face. Sid checks man’s breath and says he is dead.

Precap: DD takes man to her house. He asks why did she bring her here. She asks if he does not know who she is. He says no. Roshni asks who is this man.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Biji ROCKS!!!!!!??

  2. see what I mean writers jumping to another storyline already and so it is dd knocked down a man and killed him come on writers take your time solving your other storylines before starting another one

  3. Nw that man must be dds husband

  4. Lovely episode biji hats off to you u rocks
    Maybe that man is dd husband n i think finally sid is realize his mistake
    I have to see how roshni look in that net sari cuz it mention that sid can’t control his self seeing her in that sari

  5. Roshinee’s father. Is the mystery man tat Sid is talking 2. DD husband to come in2 the picture!!!!!

  6. Biji makes the whole show. Love her – sooo funny!
    Having a great relationship with my own grandparents, i can totally see how biji is going out of her way for Sid and Roshni.

  7. Does Kritika not work? She just hangs around the house all day??

  8. Biji pls can u just get rid of those 2 Insane ppl in ur hour Kritika an Simran LOL, 2 most annoying people. Simran wants to save her son (Sid) frm misery but Simran is the biggest trouble maker of all and her daughter is manipulator of 2015.

  9. Lovely story. Pretty Roshni. Good serial and an interesting episode.

  10. Very funny episode! Biji is rocking this show!

  11. Biji is a rockstar not like Abhi from kkb he’s joker Biji character is a very nice addition to the show she’s funny she makes my day

  12. fan of jamai raja

    now.,biji makes this show complete in place of nanima……jus love this show…..love u sid n roshni……

  13. Nice love drama biji you are rocking

  14. Great show

  15. a big big fan of jamai raja specially sidni

    just loved the episode … love u biji…..♥

  16. Biji u ar rocking, great reply to Simran ‘my house’. U just put Simran an Kritika in her place. Biji u an Raj is the only 1 tat keeping this serial alive, (nice to see Raj playin a positive role for a change. As he normally plays a negative role ) so Raj kudos to u!!!!. Not talking about SiD , he is in my bad books for now Lol.

  17. Best episode ever….n sid’s expressions while seeing roshni….sppechless….awesomest one

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