Swim Team 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Coach tells Rewa If She didnt improved her timing she shoudnot come here…TK whistle Rewa jumps swims,,,TK tells to do faster,,,Reporters Come,,TK tells to get out otherwise will call security…TK tells Rewa to Swim fast…Rewa swims and come outside..TK tells what is her mistake??Rewa tells that she finishes her breath before only,,TK tells that Rewa’s dream is to break the Olympic record and finish in one second,,,Rewa tells yes she will come before time..
Umang sees news of getting herself replaced by Rewa,”IS TK DUMPING REWA FOR NEW FAVOURITE”,Umang gets angry…Rewa reads the newspaper and throws it,,,Rewa Throws newspaper in dustbin Ritika sees that,,Ritika picks paper from dustbin reads and gets upset,,Rewa calls Umang but she doesnt pick up…Jai asks If newspaper news is true??Rewa tells no…Rewa sends Umang’s message about TK to Jai,,,Jai read and gets shocked..Umang’s mother tells that she has a friend in magazine she will take interview and photos that Umang is fast recovering from Injury,,,Umang tells yes…
Jai tells that Rewa hide a big thing from her,,,Rewa tells Jai to sit..Jai asks From when it is going on tht Umang likes TK???Rewa tells from before…Jai tells tha why she hide this much big thing..Rewa tells this is a big mess and she will clear all things…Jai tells that they are big..Rewa tells she will bring juice…Jai smiles….Anotherside Coach comes…Rewa tells that she came to talk about something else,,,Rewa tells to forgive Umang,,as she is passionate about swimming..And it is her life..Coach tells Rewa to think about herself.. Rewa tells that Umang came to known that Coach brought a ring for Sana,,,Coach tells what rubbish???Coach tells that he dont have times for girls gossip…Coach tells Rewa to go and practise…
Anotherside Umang does photoshoot,,,Reporter tells that its very good that Umang is recovering fast,,Rewa comes..Umang’s mother tells Rewa to as Umang is upset..Rewa tells no as have to talk something..
Rewa comes tries to talk Umang…but Umang ignores..Reporter sees Rewa tells that she is One whose news printed today in newspaper..Rewa tells that she is just Umang’s friend,,,Reporter tells that pictures dont lie..and already Rewa is selected a swimmer,,Umang listens and feels jealous,,Rewa talks to Umang but Umang ignores,,,,Umang tells that she is buzy,,,,Rewa stands in a corner and sees umang.. Reporter ask Umang how is her fitness going on??Umang tells that its all because of her brother Jai,,,Jai comes,,,Umang and Jai takes pictures,,Umang’s mother tells Rewa to go,,Rewa tells that she have to talk to Umang… Rewa tells Umang that no body gone on jwellary store…Rewa tells that Even TK didnt gave grass to Sana,,,Rewa tells Umang to go and talk to TK…Umang smiles and hugs Rewa,,Umang tells that Rewa is her bestie and she is her lifeline because of Rewa she won the race…Photographer take Rewa,,,Jai and Umang picture..Jai tells that why he dont understand what they are talking???Umang tells thats because Jai is a loser…Rewa goes to her home,,,Rewa and Umang chat,,,,Rewa opens Friendsbook gets friend request from bhagat,,Rewa accepts and sends message to Bhagat but goes offline..
Umang talks with Coach…Umang gives bottle of Coach and tells sorry tells that that time she took that,,,TK tells to forget and start working…Umang says okey,,,TK tells to apologise to Sana,,,Umang tells what does he mean that to forgot all what happened???TK tells not to talk about that topic infront of Sana,,otherwise leave swimming,,Umang tells that she cannot leave swimming as her parents never let happend that.. .Photographer tells Umang,,Pixy,,Deepsi,,Rewa to stand properly…He asks where is TK???TK comes and tells that Umang is out of team and he will not train Umang,,,Umang and everyone is shocked..

Precap:Precap:::Umang’s mother tells that she has done case on TK…Umang is upset

Update Credit to: Ansari

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