Swaragini 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swaragini 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sumi asks Laksh to say the truth else she will take him to his parents. Laksh says sorry and accepts to had kidnapped her. He says he was irritated with her and wanted to teach her a lesson. He says he was just played a prank and kidnapped her from outside the house. Dadisaa tells this can’t be truth. Ragini tells her that Dada ji is on the way. Dadi maa asks since when you know it. Ragini says she knows it from long time, but when she heard it from her papa’s mouth……and starts crying. Dadimaa tells her that bengalan people are very cunning and asks her not to cry. Laksh says he was just joking with her, and don’t know from where the real goons come there. I didn’t mean to hurt Swara. She will be alright. Dida slaps him hard. Sumi asks him to get out and shows the door. Ragini hears the scooter’s noise and goes out.

Dadimaa sees Shekhar going towards Sumi’s house and reminds him the way to their house. Shekhar says he will talk and come. Dadimaa gives him promise and asks him to come back. Shekhar steps back and goes to his house. Laksh closes the door and tells Sumi that neighbors will create drama. He asks do you think that I can kidnap your tigress daughter? I was just checking your reaction. Sumi says what? And asks him to leave. Laksh says he won’t leave until Swara gains consciousness. Dida asks why we shall agree.

Shekhar says I just wants to know about Swara’s health. Ragini is going inside. Shekhar asks her to stay back. He says I wants to know what happened to you maa. Dadimaa says bengalan said that shameless Swara is……..Shekhar says she is my daughter. Ragini gets shocked and the glass falls down from her hand. Dadimaa is shocked too and holds her head. Dadimaa cries.

She regrets to have given him birth. Shekhar says you said right. He tells indirectly that Sumi has suffered for 20 years and Swara has lived life without her father. Dadimaa says Swara is not your daughter. Dada ji comes and asks what are you saying. Dadimaa asks Dada ji to bring someone to take out the magic spell from him. Shekhar says she is my daughter. Dada ji raises his hand to slap him, but Shekhar holds his hand. Dada ji asks you are holding my hand. Shekhar says he is sad as he didn’t show the courage 20 years back. He says Sharmistha would have been with me, if I had showed the courage. I kept silent and they faced humiliation. Dadimaa asks Ragini to go inside. Shekhar asks her to stay back. Dida sprinkles water on Swara. She gains consciousness and hugs Dida.

Swara then looks at Sumi and tells she didn’t want to hurt her. She tells that she was in the colony when someone kidnapped her. She tells that when she gained consciousness, she saw three goons. They were holding the knife. I was scared and don’t know what to do. Laksh came there and saved me. She says she doesn’t know what has happened after he came there. She doesn’t remember anything. Laksh says when I have saved you, then I will bring only. Swara looks at him. Dida says he rescued you. Swara says yes, he fights with the goons and saved me. Laksh asks now can you trust me. Dida thanks him. Sumi asked how did you reached there. Laksh says his father threw him out of the house and tha’s why he thought to spent 2-3 days there.

Sumi says when we reached there, you was not there. Laksh says I went somewhere then. Sumi says I don’t believe you. She asks why did I get a message from Swara’s phone. Laksh gets tensed. Swara says I don’t have my phone. Laksh says I sent that message and takes out the phone. He says I messaged you for help, then goons reached there. He says sorry. Dida asks him not to say sorry and thanks him. Laksh asks her to take care and says bye. Sumi calls him and says sorry beta. Laksh says you are calling me beta and saying sorry, not done. Laksh turns and thinks thank god, I am saved and nothing happened to Swara also.

Shekhar apologizes to Ragini, and says I have the right to express my pain to my daughter. He tells that he has two daughters, Swaragini. Ragini is in tears. Dadimaa asks him to tell about Janki’s death and blames Sumi for it. Shekhar asks why you are instigating Ragini against Sumi. You knows well that Janki slipped because of you. You pushed her. Dadimaa says Janki fighted with her and slipped. Shekhar asks why you are lying. Sharmistha never ruined every respect infront of the society. I am sure she would have told the truth inside the house. Dadimaa gets angry. Shekhar says truth is always true. Ragini nods no and cries. She goes inside. Dada ji tells him that your past is hurting your daughter. Laksh hears Shekhar telling that he has two daughters Swaragini. He smiles.

Shekhar gives a fitting reply to neighbors when they talk wrongly about Swara. He says she is not their enemy. Laksh thinks if his father comes to know about Shekhar’s other daughter then he will break the engagement and will accept him instantly. Maheshwari comes to Dada ji’s house and breaks the engagement, just then Laksh comes there.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Good episode.I wish that Ragini will accept Swara soon.

  2. Good recap. I think after this Laksh will be having feelings for Swara.

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