Code Red 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Code Red 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhanbad, Jharkhand:
Mining work is going on.

Bureau office, Dhanbad, Jharkhand:
Kabir is talking to his colleague. I have got ample material on land mining. My story will be complete so I am thinking of leaving by evening. A fellow colleague named Arun is distributing sweets as he has become a father. Arun requests Kabir to come to his village with him as he wanted to know more about the village and its culture. Kabir agrees.

Lakhaniya Village, Jharkhand:
Kabir reaches Arun’s house. A big celebration is going on. Arun introduces Kabir to his brother (Dhananjay) and SIL (Kaushalya). His brother’s son’s name is Becho (Sell). Kabir is amused hearing such a name. Arun says there is a big story behind his name. I will tell it you some day. Kabir agrees.

A lady (in battered clothes, disheveled hair and appearance) comes there. No one is happy to see her. Dhananjay pushes that woman out. Don’t you dare come here or I wont leave you. Arun too pushes her out. All the people follow him and pelt stones at that lady. Kabir tries to stop them but to no use. He chases the lady then. She runs fast and maybe hides somewhere so he doesn’t get to talk to her.

Dhananjay is angry. How dare she come here? She cast an evil eye on the newborn baby. Kaushalya tries to explain but he tells her to be quiet. They are a little relieved just because that lady has not done anything to the baby. Kabir returns. Why were you beating her? Arun calls that lady a witch. Kabir disagrees. She is a human being, a woman. Arun shares that that lady is his elder brother’s wife. She had married my brother 5 years ago.

5 years ago, 2009
Kaushalya welcomes the newlywed couple in their home. Kaushalya’s MIL notices a big black mark (birth mark) on that lady’s (Poonam) elbow.

Late at night, the family members hear the scream of Poonam. Her husband is lying dead on the bed. Her MIL blames her for her son’s death. She is a witch.

A few days later:
Kaushalya is in labor pain. Everyone is waiting anxiously for the good news. Poonam comes there buther MIL sends her away. Kaushalya gives birth to a dead baby. The MIL blames Poonam for it. Arun says new Bhabhi brought inauspiciousness home. There were no rains or any harvest that year. Bhaiya bought a motorbike on loan but nothing was happening right. Dhananjay meets with an accident. His mother blames Poonam for everything; it all comes down to Poonam even if someone in the village gets ill or dies. Our family was going through lot many troubles.

After some months:
Kaushalya is in very much pain. Doc advises Dhananjay not to rush as Kaushalya already been through a miscarriage and a dead baby. Don’t plan a baby so soon.

Dhananjay decides to do something with Poonam as she is the root cause of all their problems. He brings a Baba to get the witch out of Poonam. He beats her with badly; forces her to drink the urine of cow and even uses his legs to beat her (in the stomach). They don’t see the witch going out of Poonam so they drag her to the center of the village. Many people have gathered there as well. She runs away seeing them all. No one even bothers to stop her.

Kaushalya delivers a healthy baby. Her MIL makes a lady buy the baby in exchange of Rupee 1. Its been 8 years since they have been married. She now makes Kaushalya return the money to the lady. Now that witch wont be able to cast an evil eye on my grandson. We will name him Becho. Everyone likes the idea.

Present: I got married in 2014. I was lucky that I wasn’t affected by the witch or I too would have died on the first night only. Becho got saved luckily. Kabir is not ready to believe in all these superstitions. Dhananjay asks Dhanbad when he will leave for Dhanbad. Arun has also arranged for a car. Kabir watches Arun keenly.

Next day:
Arun is not ready as his son has a high fever. His family members blame Poonam but Kabir suggests them to call the doc. Dhananjay gathers all the people so they can end the witch (Poonam). They all decide to catch the witch together or no kid of their village will be spared. Kabir tries to show him sense but they don’t pay heed to him.

Sakshi asks Kabir why he is standing here. What will you do? He wants to do the right thing as Poonam is innocent. Sakshi agrees that he may be right. A few days ago Assam’s lady gold medalist was also called a witch. Similar kind of superstitious people had beaten her and had tried to kill her. Not just in Assam but this low thinking is still prevalent in many parts of our country. Statistics are a living proof of it. Go and save this woman atleast.

Kabir complains to the police inspector but he too sticks to the version of Poonam being a witch. He tells Kabir to go. Kabir decides to take the matter to the higher authority. Then there will be a breaking news on you. Inspector gets tensed.

Doc informs the Arun and his family that the baby has pneumonia. No one bathes a new born baby in the first 7-10 days. Dhananjay refuses to buy his logic. You wont be able to do anything. Baba will only be of help. Kabir tries to stop the doc but Dhananjay is clear about what he wants. Dhananjay sarcastically thanks Kabir for his help. Now you should leave. Kabir wont go back till this matter is sorted.

Kabir is walking in the village when he notices something. He finds Poonam eating leftover food. She gets scared as he walks up to where she is sitting. Don’t worry I wont harm you. I can help you but you will have to tell me everything. I know all the policemen here. I will talk to them for you. No one will be able to do anything to you then. He holds out his card for her to see but she runs away. He calls out after her to tell her where he will be staying at night.

Poonam tries to drink water from a hand pump but a man shoves her away.

Panchayat Ghar:
Kabir explains it to Arun that this is a very big problem in their country, especially in villages. The reason behind it is only superstition. This happens with all those women who are alone, or are a widow; with all those women who have no support. Arun nods but is not so convinced. He gets up to go as it is quite late. He notices Poonam coming there and panics.

Poonam comes and sits on the ground. Kabir offers her water. She drains the whole glass empty. Kabir tells her to share her story.

Poonam says I am not a witch. Kabir says I already know it. Poonam tells him about the wedding day.

5 years ago, 2009:
Poonam is waiting for her husband in their room. He comes in drunk. He has celebrated with his friends. She gets to know that he drinks daily. She tells him that her father says it is not a good thing. It affects liver. He tells her that his liver is already damaged. My brother tells me (Mrityunjay) to marry before I die. He laughs loudly and falls on the ground. He starts coughing blood and eventually dies. She screams in shock as she tries to wake him up. All the family members come in and end up blaming Poonam for Mrityunjay’s death.

Next day, Dhananjay comes to Poonam’s room while she is sleeping. He forces himself on her. The same thing happens the next day and thereafter. Poonam tells him one day that she is pregnant. He meets the same fake Baba and tells him to end the baby (this is why he stomped on her stomach). Later, Poonam is screaming in pain and bleeding as she has a miscarriage.

All the men and women of the village change their ways as they see Poonam. Even the kids throw stones at her. No one in the entire village is ready to help her or even give water to her. She meets Kaushalya one day outside the temple. Kaushalya wants to talk to her or help her but steps back.

Present: Poonam says my mother too had come one day. She saw me and said, a witch is a witch everywhere. Wherever you stay, the news will anyways spread around. Arun apologizes to her. Kabir has recorded the entire story. Arun had no clue about what all had happened in reality. He just told me that Poonam bhabhi is the reason behind Mrityunjay Bhaiya and of the death of Kaushalya bhabhi’s one baby. He cries badly as he begs for forgiveness from his bhabhi.

Next morning, Arun comes home. He confronts his elder brother about what he has done. Dhananjay denies but Arun knows the truth now. You made her a witch. You gave her that title. You made her lose her child with the help of that Baba of yours. Dhananjay walks out to find Poonam. Arun tells Kaushalya but she knows everything already. I have seen him going to Poonam’s room so many times but I couldn’t do anything. He has made Poonam a witch. He would have done the same with me if I would have said anything against him. Arun wants to lodge a case against his brother. Come with me and give a statement against him. Kaushalya declines. I will lose whatever little I have then. There is only house and her husband in a woman’s life. A man can do anything. He can kill in one go or in installments. Arun stands there helplessly. His wife comforts Kaushalya.

Dhananjay is filling the ears of all the people of their village against Poonam. He and his friend (Baba) propose to end this matter once and for all. They decide to burn her alive.

Kabir is talking to his senior that he will come only after sorting this matter. Arun comes rushing there. I confronted my brother but he refused to admit his mistake. Kabir is tensed to know that Arun has told everything to his brother. You have put Poonam’s life in risk. I had told her to stay here only but she is not here. We will have to do something asap or they wont spare her life.

All the men and women are taking Poonam to the outskirts. Kabir and Arun find a few people heading to somewhere. Kabir tries to talk sense to them but they are not interested.

Baba has tied Poonam to a wooden stick. There are a lot many small sized wood log kept around her feet. He throws kerosene on her and the woods. Kabir reaches there with police but the people instead pelt stones at them only. DHananjay and the Baba escape. Police inspector has to fire a bullet in the air to stop them. Kabir address them all. Poonam is not a witch. There is nothing like a witch in real life. She is an ordinary woman. Arun tells the truth to everyone. He tells them all the right logics this time as to why people died, there was no harvest, etc. BHabhi is not a witch. Both the men free Poonam.

Arun gives his baby to Poonam. You will do his upbringing now. Poonam is touched. She hugs the little baby. Kabir too is happy to see her happy.

In our today’s story, Poonam’s BIL not just saved her at the right time but he also took her with him to the city. You can call it his penitence! Dhananjay was arrested and sentenced to a punishment of 10 years & life imprisonment for raping her and for killing her baby under sector 376 and section 313 of IPC respectively. That Baba and a lot many other people of the village were sentenced for 7 years in jail under section 307 of IPC.

No logic can prove a shameful thought of witch true. This is not a result of superstition but of a man’s lust and selfishness. Old enmity, internal arguments, jealousy have been some of the reasons behind women exploitation. World has advanced so much today yet this old mentality needs to be changed. There is a need to change this thinking of people. There is no witch. Those who think that ways are surely not people with good intentions.

Sakshi says we have to be aware to end such superstitions from our country. You must raise your voice in case you notice something wrong around you. Maybe your one effort can help change the outlook of our people. This can ultimately help in changing the society for good.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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