Swim Team 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa tells Bhagat its her problem..Bhagat holds Rewa’s hand and stop her..Bhagat tells atleast to listen to him..REwa tells it was not just a challenge for her as its her carrer,,And if she have to train at night her what she have to answer her mother.. Bhagat tells Rewa she dont know why he want to become swimmer..Rewa tells because may be hobby or passion..Bhagat tells Rewa wont understand..Bhagat goes…Umang tells Rewa what Jugnu did,,Umang tells technically he has used Rival team weakness..Umang tells what can they do???Rewa tells confession,..Umang asks what the plan???Rewa tells she want compact…Umang tells she wil trap jugnu..In the party Deepum plays music..Jugnu dance…Rewa tells Jugnu to dance as much as he want..Rewa goes and dances with Jugnu and tells he want to talk in alone..Jugnu tells may be Rewa wanted to tell not to say about her stupidity..Rewa tells they will talk somewhere…Jugnu tells Rewa to tell..Rewa tells she have decided to complain at association..Jugnu tells he dont know what Rewa is talking..Rewa shows Jugnu photo and tells this man only changed the blocks and is ready to go and complain about Jugnu..Jugnu laughs..
Jugnu tells he hired the person and he changed the block..Rewa laughs and tells that thkyou soo much…Rewa tells she have the recording of Jugnu confession..Jugnu tells what Rewa want??Rewa tells Jugnu to go and announce in the party that team TK can train in morning..Jugnu tells why he should do???Rewa tells that Jugnu dont have aa choice..As she has the recording..Jugnu tells okay..
Rewa tells to stop the music..Rewa tells that Jugnu have some important announcement…Bhagat and Umang comes,,Jugnu thanks Umang for the party…Umang tells he have to do a announcement as Academy swimmer’s are present..Jugnu tells that Rewa mathur teached him a lesson..So from tomorrow both teams..TEAM JUGNU and TEAM TK..will share train in day slot…Bhagat salutes Rewa..Deepum gets happy…Umang tells Rewa how she did???Rewa hugs pixy and Deepum….All dance…Jugnu sits ..Rewa tells Jugnu If she dont have any wife or girlfriend??Jugnu tells he dont have..Rewa tells that why Jugnu dont know…Rewa tells this is not a recording device its a compact..Rewa thanks Jugnu and tells he is great…Pixy tells Deepum is her bestie..Deepum and Pixy drinks…Deepum tells they have did a bad thing…Pixy tells they should say sorry…Rewa opens bathroom door..Pixy and Deepum falls..Rewa holds them..Pixy tells they are stupid because they treated Rewa very badly…Deepum tells they are very disgusting…Deepum tells Rewa helped alot and they treated very badly..Rewa tellss he did all this because of Team..Kanika comes and tells that her daddy talked to Jugnu..Deepum tells Kanika shut up as her father was out of Country…Rewa takes Deepum and Pixy in the room..Deepum tells Umang’s trophy is increased,,Kanika tells she will win the trophy next year..

Precap::Bhagat dances with Rewa ..Bhagat tells Rewa looks cute…

Update Credit to: Ansari

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