Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabho and Babasa talking about Sooraj and like his self esteem. They say Sooraj will manage everything and also help the family, but they should also do something. She says we will name this house to Emily. Meenakshi hears them and is shocked. Bhabho asks him to say is she right. He says yes, let Sooraj come, we will talk. Meenakshi gets angry and says this house will go to Emily, I will not let this happen. She says she will not let Emily get this house and leaves.

Sooraj is on the way and think about Sandhya. He gains courage by her words. He reaches the place for audition and the guards stops everyone. The man gets angry as they need an answer, why did they give ad in paper. Sooraj offers water to him. The man scolds him. The guard says the new team plan is cancelled, and asks them to leave. Sooraj says we came from far and have hope, let us talk to Madam once. The guard says Madam has spoke to old team and is hiring it, so she will not build any new team. Sooraj recalls Aditi’s words.

He thinks it means she does not need new team now, how can she do this. Ved brings everyone to temple to pray for Sooraj. He says we should pray that Papa gets selected for kabaddi team and he becomes the best player. Bhabho guides Ved to pray. Ved goes out and sees few goons stealing in temple, and beating the pandit. Ved keeps an eye on them and looks on. Bhabho and everyone pray. Sandhya look for Ved. Ved tells her that goons are beating the pandit and asking for keys.

She goes and sees the goons taking keys. They take the bag and fill it with the cash and jewelry. Sandhya asks Ved to tell everything to Bhabho, and take them to the room and lock it from inside. He asks how will she manage alone. She says she is trained police officer, she will manage. She asks him to stay there till she calls him. She calls patrol team and asks for police force.

The man scolds the guard and lifts him. Sooraj stops him. The man says if I throw him inside, Madam will come. Sooraj says she will call police and send us to police station. The man says fine, tell him to open gate by folding hands. Sooraj asks guard to let them talk to Madam once, else they will not leave. The guard gets Madam’s call and says she said she will not meet you, and she will give fare of your trip. The people agree and start leaving.

Sooraj says he has one chance to fulfill his dream and says he will not go without meeting Madam. Sandhya tucks her saree end, and gets a box. She throws it and a goon comes out to see who is there. She catches him. She asks everyone to do hands up. She says she will shoot this man, if they do anything. She asks them to let pandit go. Ved tells Bhabho about the goons and says Sandhya asked them to hide. Bhabho asks where is Sandhya.

Sandhya says she is IPS Sandhya Rathi and she does not miss her aim. Bhabho takes everyone inside the room and locks from inside. Sandhya asks them to keep the bag, else she will kill everyone. She starts counting 3, 2…. They give the bag to her. The man sees the wood stick and says she does not have the gun. She takes the bag and runs. They run after her to get the bag. The ladies worry. Bhabho asks them not to worry, as Sandhya will manage everything.

Sandhya hides. They look for her. The goon aims gun at her. She puts sindoor in his eyes and runs. Ved says how will mum fight alone, shall we go. Bhabho says don’t worry, if we go there, it will be tough for her more. Sandhya gets tired while running. She hides. They see Bhabho and others hiding in the room. The man says some people are hiding there, get them out and kill then, then that police officer will come out. Sandhya comes out and says she is here. She comes near the bell and says don’t do anything to them, they want bag and they can take it. She removes the bag and keeps it down. She acts weak and cries.

Sandhya gets weak and falls down. Bhabho and Ved worry for her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sandhyas performance was nice.

  2. Very nice.

  3. Jeyam Ramachandran

    The robbers had every chance to shoot at Sandya to take back the cash bag. But let us assume that they are good enough as to not try such things until the police force arrives. Because it’s the writers privilege to present any nonsense and the viewers duty is to accept and believe all of them as is.

  4. Very well said jeyam…

  5. Why nowadays less comments for diya aur bati ham?

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