Kalash 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Saket comes to Savitri and family, Rekha thinks wasnt it enough that he cameback to insult more, Ravi comes there too, Saket folds his hand and says i am sorry, Devika listens this, Saket says i am sorry from my family’s side, it was jeweler’s mistake and i alleged you people, i love your daughter, marrying her then i should not have doubted you people, i will not go to jeweler, Ravi will go and handle him, he leaves, Shekhar says to Ravi that we cant thank you enough, Rekha says it was our fault but you saved us this time too, we didnt had money to buy ring and you gave your ring to us, and now you solved this matter too, you have favored us alot, Ravi says i just helped you a little, if it was someone else then he would have done same, Devika is shocked listening this hiding behind pillar, Savitri blesses Ravi, Dada says if you were not there today then dont know what would have happened.
Manju says to Saket’s mother that you should have not left like this, you should have insulted them more, Saket comes there and says enough, this all happened because fo you, have you ever thought what Devika must be thinking, you are taking revenge from SAvitri but dont involve, dont do this again.

Scene 2
Ravi is winding up things, Devika comes there, Ravi ask her to go and take rest, Devika ask why you did that, i listened you and Rekha’s talk, i know what you have done for me and my family, first you gave your ring then you saved my family from insult, why you did all this for me? they are your relative too, what if they know that you lied, it would have been problem for you but you didnt think all this, you did all for me why? Ravi says you had set my mother’s feet knowing that your dadi and my mother are enemies, why you helped her? you left your job for me why? you helped me in competition leaving your dream aside why? you didnt once before doing all this, i know you dont have answers of all this, wsame way i dont have answers, some feelings cannot be defined and also i cant take your favors, i had to return them so i did, Devika says reason can be anything but its a big thing for me, what you have doen for me and my family, i can never forget that, i promise you that whenever you need your true friend, just remember me, i will be with you in every walk of life, you are much respected my eyes now, Ravi says dont cry, you have dreams in your eyes, tears doesnt suite your eyes, its my fault that i did something which made you cry, you dont know that i hate tears, you look good when you smile, he wipes her tears, Seene main dil plays.
Saket’s family is leaving, Ravi says misunderstanding is gone then why you people are sad, if both familes doesnt smile then i will not take arrangement of marriage, cancel my contract, Saket says dont say this, you have done great work, all were praising you and Vikas, Ravi says so all talk to each other, Saket says lets start a afresh, you and Manju should be friends, forget past, what happend today should not happen again, shake hands, Manju and Savitri shakes hands, Manju thinks that i am helpless else i would have killed her, SAvitri think once marriage is done then i will see her, Saket says i will leave now, Ravi look up, DEvika is standing in balcony, she thanks him, he ask her to smile, she msiles, Kabhi na sukoon aya plays.

Scene 3
At night, Rekha is not sleeping, she says to Shekhar that Ravi is very nice guy, if he was not there then what would have happened, Shekhar says it feels like Raiv has come for us only, Rekha says i just thought a random thing that it would be good if Ravi was Devika’s groom than Saket, Shekhar ask her to not think like this, Rekha says i am just asking if it was case then would you agreed? Shekhar says Ravi is very nice guy, he is like family now, if it was the case then i would be most happy, Rekha sys see i told you Ravi is so nice, Shekhar says we should not think like this, Ravi and Devika are just friends, if they dont feel like this then why you are thinking, just sleep, Rekha thinks if this happens in real then..
Ravi is trying to sleep but cant, he thinks what has happened to me, why i am not getting sleep, he recalls how Devika promised him that she will always be there for him, he smiles. otherside Devika is not sleeping too, she recalls how they became friends, how Ravi promised her that he will always help her, then how he helped her at every step. Sakshi Pallavi comes there, they tease Devika, Pallavi says i wanted to dance with Ravi but Sakshi didnt let her, Deviak says first Sakshi thought he is my groom then when she knew he is single, she liked him fro herself, Sakshi says there were many girls for him but he was looking at Devika only, Pallavi says i noticed it too, Devika says he is just my friend, Sakshi says i accept but he has special place for you in his heart, Devika ask her to shut up, i am engaged to Saket, dont joke like this, Sakshi says i am serious, he was looking at you only, he cares for you only, Deviak says because he my very good friend, i will not do anything which will bring shame to my family, she recalls how Rekha said to Ravi that he has done many favors on them, Sakshi says you are still thinking about him, i am telling you, Devika ask her to shut up, i wanna sleep, Sakshi says yes you wanna go to office tomorrow to meet Ravi, Devika says you have gone mad, Sakshi leaves.
Ravi is in thoughts, Monty ask him to sleep. Ravi thinks what has happened to me, i have never missed someone so much that i am not getting sleep. DEvika recalls how Sakshi said he has special place for you, Devika thinks is it true that Ravi has made spacial place in his heart for me?

Scene 4
Rekha says to Devka that you are going so you should make Sakshi learn hot to cook and do household work, Sakshi says i was confused between rat killer and sugar today when i went in kitchen, Savitri says dont let this girl go in kitchen, she will kill us all, all laughs.
Vikas comes to Ravi, Ravi is smiling in sleep, Vikas ask were you thinking about someone before sleeping? Ravi says dont ask weird questions, Vikas says you were smiling in sleep, who was in your thoughts, Ravi says leave it, tell me why did you wake me up, VIkas says we have to go to Devika’s house, we have to pack tent, Ravi says i told you to pack things yesterday only, i have to go to office, Vikas says you come with me then go to office, not for me then come for Devika, Ravi says ok i will come then. Vikas says you cant come for brother but for her.

PRECAP- Saket’s mother says to Savitri that the ring which you gave to Saket in engagement, give its bill to me, Rekha and Savitri are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    1. No precap is awsum. If saket will come to knw d truth, marriage will be cancelled. And Ravi will get a chance to win Devika’s heart. S RaviKa jodi roxzzzz… 😀 😀

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