Swim Team 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Swim Team 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rewa runs near Reception and sees no one..Rewa shouts and tells Jai no one is here..Jai tells its 29 seconds..Jai tells Rewa broked Kanika jamwal record..Rewa gets happy and hugs Jai..Rewa tells thankyou Jai..Jai tells that he is Rewa’s coach and says to touch her feet and take blessings,,Rewa turns but beats Jai’s legs and Runs..Jai too run behind her..Coach along with Umang and other goes to aqua pro academey..He goes near pool and tells that its his dream,,Here big big people practise.Umang and other girl sees and gets happy..
Rewa swims,,Practises and do pushups..while Jai trains her..Rewa practises while song goes on background “Zinda”…Umang gives her lucky googles to Rewa..Rewa gets happy…Next morning Rewa do pushups..Jai tells that Rewa did it..JAi tells Rewa to take a deep breath as only few time is left for Race,,Rewa tells she is eager to win,,Jai tells one more excercise is left out..Jai tells Rewa to close eyes and think,,Rewa close her eyes tells that she is thinking that she won the compedition she got jersey of Team India..And she is in TK’s team..Jai tells this dream Rewa have to remember..Umang comes and tells yes and Rewa have to remeber to deafet Kanika jamwal..Rewa tells that she is only thinking about win..Rewa tells she have to go..JAi tells Rewa that she need to rest minimum of 8hours…Rewa tells yes..Rewa goes..At home,,Rewa’s mother to sleep her as tommorow is interview..Rewa tells that she is scared If she loose..MOther tells no need to as Rewa will win,,Mother tells that only choices will define themself,,Rewa that being successful is important..Mother tells that One have to Select good path,,And says not to forget and waste her sacrifices..Mother tells to sleep and goes…Rewa cries and tells that she cannot cheat her mom,,Rewa calls Umang but she doesnt picks up..Next morning Kanika vomits..Rewa asks If she alright..kanika turns and tells that she good..Rewa tells herself that is she doing right??Rewa cries..Kanika takes Rewa’s googles and makes it cold so that thick fog comes on the glasses and Rewa should loose the compedition…Rewa comes and thinks..Jai knocks the door and tells its urgent..Jai tells that Rewa’s mother came..Rewa tells to stop playing prank..Jai tells seriosly Mom came..Rewa goes and sees her mother,,Rewa runs and tells Hi,,Rewa tells that she would have gone to job..Mother says she will go later..Rewa tells no one parents came.. Mother tells that she should have said that at last night,,Mother say that she was wrong one should follow dreams..She tells that Rewa’s father was a sportsperson and never failed..She gives Rewa father’s watch and tells that Time will be always with her..Rewa gets happy..Mother goes..Jai calls Rewa..Rewa tells she is coming,,,Umang asks If everything alright??Jai tells yes it is…Umang tells its better Rewa comes in team than Kanika jamwal..Priyanka tells that she knew it Rewa wants to be a swimmer…….Priyanka tells that Rewa want to be infront of Coach she is being selfish..JAi tells that Coach TK offered Rewa,,but Rewa refused..Umang tells that Rewa didnt said this,,Priyanka tells that may be Rewa want to replace Umang,,Umang tells may be she did a mistake,,Jai tells let it be..Rewa wears swimming suit and gets ready for Race..

Precap:The race starts,,Rewa swims but stops in the middle..Jai tells that Rewa is unable to see..Umang tells rewa have to feel just..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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