Tu Mera Hero 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Tu Mera Hero 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kamlesh saying he will ask Govind for an answer. She says this is not about mark sheets, that he will insult Govind, this is about her life. He says they have cheated us, what is Titu, he does not work and does not have any identity, who is he. Panchi says my hero, what he is today, its him, but now I will change him, I m sure I can change him by my love, not being blind, but with eyes open and with pride, I will say Titu is my hero. Titu asks till when will I stand, my legs are saying they want to sit. Surekha says he will come. Rekha jokes on them and laughs.

Surekha also replies back and says Kamlesh met Panchi after long, they might be talking about happiness and sorrows. Kamlesh says this is not movie, that story will end after interval and it will be happy ending atlast. He says Titu is lazy, you can change his clothes, not his soul. She says laziness is his habit, it can change. Govind hears them. Kamlesh asks how will it change if not in 24 years, you can get food and clothes in this house, but not respect. He asks what will you say your children, that your dad is useless.. She asks him is he saying she loses to her values and upbringing, I know Titu is lazy, his life does not have any aim, but there is one light of hope, that’s his heart, its very lovely and true, everyone does not have such heart, I m sure he will agree to me.

She says mum told me this marriage is my responsibility, leave everything on me. She says I know you are worried for me, but you have to trust me, I will not lie to you. She says she lost faith in love when she came to know Titu’s trust, but my trust on myself did not break, and this is my strength, I will change Titu, I will make him hero whom I dream, I will not take the relation ahead till then, as I don’t want to be speechless infront of my children. He asks how can he ask to be foolish. She asks for one chance.

Govind asks Kamlesh to trust Panchi, as Lord’s other name is trust, Panchi is my daughter and her every responsibility is mine, trust me. Mukund asks why did they not come. Rekha says maybe he took Panchi from the temple itself. Panchi comes and says sorry, you all had to wait because of me. Govind asks them to take rounds and tie threads. Panchi says yes, and ties the thread, praying to Lord about the bad thing in Titu that’s his laziness and wishes it ends in this fire, and wishes Titu has just goodness in next holi. Titu thinks they both don’t have any bad thing to put in the fire and end it, but if there is anything, then handle it Lord.

They do the rituals. Kamlesh prays that Panchi’s life has everything fine and her trust does not break. Govind says come, lets burn the Holika. Surekha does the rituals along Govind, and they burn the Holika. Govind requests Kamlesh for come for dinner. Mukund asks Vaishaili not to do anything, as Govind will not leave them then. Rekha asks them not to worry. A man comes and gives parcel to Panchi, saying Mukund’s friend has sent this for him. Rekha hears this and gets stunned.

A pic falls too. Panchi tries to take and Bhagwati takes it, asking Panchi to go to her dad. Rekha says she will keep it. Bhagwati says I can’t leave this to you, I have burden on heart to lie to Govind and Surekha, say this truth to Govind, if his trust breaks, he can’t bear. Rekha scolds her and takes the pics of Mukund and Vaishaili. She sees the marriage certificate and thanks Lord for saving her today. Kamlesh had dinner and sees Titu standing lazily and walks to him. Panchi comes infront of him, and smiles. Kamlesh blesses him and says Lord is always with you and me too. Titu asks Kamlesh is he annoyed with him.

Titu asks will he not bless him and jokes on his police duty. Govind asks is blessings a ball that he throws from here and you catch it, come and touch his feet. Titu touches Kamlesh’s feet and folds hands. Kamlesh says you said right, this hands has taught right way to many criminals and got them on right path, I hope to do this ahead. He blesses Titu and leaves. Govind says I will go to shop. Surekha says I also have work. Titu asks Panchi did she forgive him for Prasad mistake. He says I have two options, if you forgive me, I will bring kachoris, and second mistake, I will get kulfi too. She smiles and he laughs saying your smile has showed you liked the second option. He stretches arms and it comes on her shoulder. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam…………..plays………….She looks at him.

Bhagwati talks to Panchi about her first wedding night. Surekha asks Titu to give diamond necklace to Panchi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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