Million Dollar Girl 13th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 13th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti comes in Virat office..Virat tells “Avanti bansal”,,Virat tells that hoe Avanti bansal learned something that she canot stand infront of VIrat,,Virat tells what Avanti will do As there is no kavya’s job..Virat tells that it will be a good example of Avanti who will try to messup with him..He tells that Avanti is nothing and lost everything from him..Avanti cries..Avanti tells that she believe that Virat defeated him..Avanti tells that atleast she has her family…Avanti says that Virat doesn’t have family…Avanti shows the video to Virat..Virat sees itt..Virat tells that its a lie..Virat catches Avanti’s nech He tells what Avanti did??Avanti tells she didnt did anything..Avanti tells that all Virat life is a lie.Virat gets shattered..Virat goes..At home Rajat’s mother tells Virat why he didnt gave money to Rajat..Virat asks her how his parents died???Virat holds his Maami’s hand..Rajat comes and pushes Virat away..Rajat tells what Virat is doing???Virat tells Rajat to ask her mother how her parents dead..Virat shows the video to Rajat and her mother..Rajat’s mother tells that its a prank may -be..Virat cries..Virat tells that he did alot since childhood..Rajat’s mother tells that Virat would have thrown in a orphanage..Virat tells atleast he would not have hate them..Virat tells that he knew that Maama and Maami all did because of his money..Virat tells he dont wnat money and tommorrow morning he will sign power of attorney.. Virat cries and tells that he cannot wait here anymore,,Virat goes to his room sees his parents picture packs the bag and goes..Rajat and his mother sees…Rajat tries to stop but her mother stops and tells let Virat go…As all property would be of Rajat’s..Virat goes…
Avanti tells DJ’s father to help her as it was not fake note.avanti tells to believe her As it was Virat’s plan..Dj’s father tells that he cannot help anymore..Avanti tells thankyou and goes.Dj’s father tells sorry…DJ tells Avanti to comes along with her as she known who will help them!!Avanti asks who?DJ tells “Bhuwan”..avanti asks why Bhuwan will help??Dj tells that Bhuwan is impressed by her and even unblocked on facebook..Ranvijay tells Rajat that what happeend is good..Ranvijay tells that Rajat’s father and mother grown up Virat,,And its Virat duty to be with Rajat’s parents and should be thankful to them,Rajat tells that it should happened with Virat..His father should have not lied..,Ranvijay tells that Rajat’s mother is not wrong..Vicky serves lassi and tells Rajat that In their Family Drama a girl pissed,,Avanti..Rajat tells why Vicky is thinking about avanti???Vicky tells that He will think as she is his childhood friend..Ranvijay tells Vicky he loves kavya As he had seen that night in party..Tells that he known its is onesided love story..Ranvijay tells its concern for Avanti or to Impress kavya..Vicky tells enough food and lassi ..Rajat tells to let it be..Vicky gets angry pushes Ranvijay,,Ranvijay falls..Rajat beats Vicky,..Vicky falls…Rajat beats with bottle to Vicky,,Vicky hurts and falls…Rajat and Ranvijay goes to beat Vicky..But Dhaaba’s cook comes and pushes both of them away…Rajat and Ranvijay goes..Avanti asks Bhuwan for help..Bhuwan tells sorry..Bhuwan tells he cannot help Avanti as all evidence is against her..DJ tells Bhuwan to think,,Bhuwan tells he cannot..Bhuwan says If avanti goes and talks to Bank staff Something can happened..DJ tells Bhuwan cannot do anything It was her mistake that she came here..Bhuwan tells he wanted to help but cannot do anything..avanti tells thankyou to Bhuwan and says she will talk with Bank staff..Avanti goes.. DJ and Avanti sits in Bank,,DJ tells how much more time they have to wait…Injured Vicky comes..DJ asks what happened??Vicky tells that Rajat and Ranvijay beaten him..avanti tells Vicky to sit..
Avanti tells the Bank person that fake note was not her,,One client came and gave her that..Avanti tells not to seal her shop..Bankperson tells that he understand that As Bhuwan called and said..He tells that Only Virat can help Avanti,,As Virat’s company is strong everyone listens to him..The Bankperson goes..DJ tells how Avanti convince virat??Virat tells there’s once way she convince Virat..VIrat signs the paper and give to Rajat,,Rajat tells that VIrat should not go anywhere he should stay here..Virat tells he cannot stay anymore as he is hurted..Rajat sees Virat goes away..Rajat sits in office and sees the file..Secertery brings File and tells to read and do signature,,Rajat tells He will read..Avanti tells Virat That she took FIR back which her father did..Avanti tells that she want her shop back now..Virat tells he cannot help now as he given all property to Rajat..Avanti gets shocked and thinks..

Precap:Virat tells Bank Manager to take the case back against Avanti,,Manager tells that why He should do so??As he did the deal with Company which is owned by Rajat now..Virat talks to Rajat’s father But he tells that will never give the shop back now..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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