The Sweet world of Krishna and Sayyam (Episode 9 )

(Everyone smiles . Krishna gets up and shyly leaves the table . Everyone looks at Sayyam. That’s when they hear a scream)
Suhani:was that Krishna ?
(Sayyam gets up and hurries . He runs over to Krishna. Who unconsciously lies on the floor . )

Suhani:(worried ) what happened doctor ? Is everything OK ? Is Krishna and the baby both OK .
Doctor :there is nothing to worry about . She’s gonna be fine
Suhani:thank u doctor
Sharad:I’ll take the doctor (leaves with the doctor )
Krishna:(regains concious) Ouch…
Sayyam:how did this happen Krishna ? How did u faint?
Krishna :I was just walking to my room but I slipped and fell
Sayyam:what if something happened to the child ? How many times do I explain to u to be more careful. Why don’t u understand ?
Yuvraaj:beta r u sure ur OK ?
Krishna :yes dadu . I’m OK
Sunani:don’t get up . Ur resting all day until ur completely fine
Krishna :but..

Suhani:no but just do as I say
(Everyone leaves )
Sayyam:(kisses her on the forhead)
Krishna:it wasn’t my fault . U trust me right Sayyam ?
Sayyam:more than my self
(There eyes lock . Music plays )
“Sanam re… sanam re tu mera sanam huare
Karam re Karam re tu mera karam Hua re
Karam re karam re tere mujphe karam hua re”

Sayyam:by the way I was thinking . What would we name our child?
Krishna :if it’s a girl then ……..
Sayyam:how about Tina
Krishna :no sayyam that’s too common
Sayyam:(sighs ) true
Krishna :Krisa
Krishna :Krisa. The first few letters of our name
Sayyam:and what if it’s a boy
Krishna :kriyam.

Sayyam: yeah makes sense
Krishna :whatever u said yesterday about loving me it was true right ?
Sayyam:(smile) I wouldn’t have said it if it wasn’t true . And do u really like me and not yuvaan.
Krishna :I don’t like u
Sayyam:(eyes get wide )what…
Krishna :(puts her hands around Sayyams neck) in fact I love u
Sayyam:u almost gave me an heart attack
(They both smile)
(Episode ends )

Precap:Krishna stands at the Gua beach sayyam throws Sand at her eyes

  1. Aarti32

    Nice one..But y will Saiyyam throw sand in Krishna’s eyes!!

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    Good episode x please update soon

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