Swasan- She and her Tenant (chapter12)

Chapter 12

{ “I love you. Will you marry me ?” Someone asked from behind.

I turned and looked it was my class mate Laksh. We have been good friends but this love and marriage was never between us…

I was thinking all this when he again said.

“I love you swara. Will you marry me?”

I was beyond shocked. I looked at maa and papa but they were having tears in their eyes and was smiling happily…

They nodded at me asked me to say yess…

I dont know what to do.. i looked towards Laksh.. he was looking happy and was having a ray of hope asking me all that and maa and papa was also happy so for their happinees O accepted him..

I told I will marry him but I dont know if i will be able to reciprocate his feelings or not.}

Said swara to sanskar..

Sanskar was looking at her all the while and rubbing the back of her hand assuring he is beside her and listening to her..

“Sometimes we want nothing more than a shoulder to cry and a lap to sleep on…”

And for swara, Sanskar was the one who was giving her both…

He wanted to take all the sorrows away from her and wanted to give her the taste of love..

He know this is not yet finished but has a lot more in her past which is haunting her from several years… the feeling of loneliness.

He didn’t want to force him but cant control on some questions rising in his brain..

But he kept calm on his mind and waited for her to continue….

He was waiting for her to continue when he felt her body getting heated up suddenly…

He touched her forhead and then realised fever have caught her. She felt unconcious because of fever murmuring something even in her sleep…..

He made her lie properly on the bed and was about to move back when he felt she is holding her hand….

“Please. Dont leave me.. please. Be with me..” she murmured in her sleep.

He get teary eyes on seeing her condition…

He slowly removed his hand from her hold and settled the quilt properly on her…

“I will always be by your side. Swara.. I love you..” he said promising her to take her side in any situation she faces and kissed her forhead and left the room..

He called doctor. Doctor came and examined her.. gave a few mediciness… and left the house…

Sanskar came again in the room taking a bowl of cold water and a cloth…

He kept the cloth on her forhead soaked with cold water forhead changing it whole night….

Nearly at 3.. he felt asleep in the sitting position over her head….

After sometime… Swara opened her eyes and saw sanskar sitting like this and touched his cheeks….

“I just wish you will not leave me like everyone did.” She said thinking him to be sleeping..

“Never.” He replied with closed eyes…

“Sleep properly. Sanskar. Otherwisr you will get pain.” She said with a concern..

“I will be fine. Dont worry. How are you?” He asked touching her forhead..

He sighed in relief aftrr checking that its quite normal then before..

She smiled seeing his care and shifted aside giving him space to lay down..

“Its ok. You sleep here. I wil go to my room.” He said and started to get up.

“I trust you.” She said holding his hand. He smiled and slept beside her…

she slept hugging him..

To be continued…

Sorry for extra boring chapter ..
I dont know what I have written.. now i am unable to open my eyes more…

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