Kaira love story (episode 42)

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Hi everyone  m glad u liked first phase  of kaira engagment…today m uo with the second  phase?


Someone comes n says hello  everyone  i think i got late!

Singhanias n mehshwaris r blank as they dont know this person

In goenkas…manish suwarna keerti n kartik fume of anger .. 

Tht someone comes  n touches  dadi’s feet 

Dadi: ye h humara damad keerti ka husband aditya 

Kartik: dadi…ex husband

Singhanias n mehshwaris  knew about keerti’s divorce so they wondered  y aditya was invited

Kartik: dadi aapne kyun 

Dadi: kittu beta ..media ppl will be comming they should see we keep relations intact even if youngsters  break it unnecessarily 

Before  kartik could react ..

Manish:maa …not unnecessarily  …reason was pretty ovios…its my final decsion this cheap person wont even be under the same  roof as my daughter…

Seeing manish like this kartik gets surprised

Dadi: agar ye nhi rahega yahan then sab batien banayenge …so i will also leave

Everyone shocked ..

Dadi gives a look to keerti in a way blamming her

Keerti: papa ..kartik i dont want any trouble ..plz let this man  stay m not tht weak tht i will get affected by his presence….

Aditya gives a evil smile

Kartik: par keerti…u dont have to

Keerti: kartik …plz dont argue …plz agree for me ok kartik

Kartik forcefully agrees

All elders go to attend  guests ..kids r playing

All the youngsters(except nakshtara ananya n ranveer) just sit n enjoy ….suddenly aditya  comes 

Aditya: sale sahib i must say u r very lucky to get a girl like her(pointing at naira)

Kartik fumes 

Kartik  stands n stands  infront of naira

Kartik: m very lucky ….but u r going to be very unlucky  soon  ..wen i will be beating u hard

Keerti comes to naira consoling her tht dont worry

Aditya leaves from there ….

Kartik: naira …keerti u both will stay next to me …i dont trust  this  man!

Everyone goes to have food..the maha bhoj

Everyone enjoy the food except  dadi n her chamchi ….kartik is getting a royal treatmnt ..

Naira sits next to kartik…they talk whispering

Naira: jyada khaoge na toh phat jaoge mendhak .. n trust me i wknt marry u …shaadi karni h toh control  se khao

Kartik: dont worry janeman ..ik u want to enjoy my 6 pack body ….n garunteed u will get ..if u want then aftr this chale kya

Naira: bass bass ..i think u r forgetting …social media n milne ka vrat aftr engagment 

Kartik: yeah …ab mann nhi kar rha h …

Naira: lekin mera mann kar rha h

Kartik: par wo wo

Naira: mendhak jaise tar tar se ye kaunsa animal h wo wo wala

Kartik: exclusive  peice h madam sirf aur sirf for u

Kartik winks at naira

Media ppl come talk to kaira then  they come to keerti n ask her about  her married life 

Keerti was going to say good things as dadi would have left otherwise …but kartik comes n say sorry i think u dont know …mr. aditya is a cheap flirty man n thts y keerti left him ….u can add in ur news next tym about 100 of affairs of mr. Aditya sharma!

Media ppl r shocked…keerti gives a look to kartik  tht y he did this

Kartik consoles her

Media comes to aditya ..n ask him about affairs then aditya fumes n leaves dadi watches this 

Dadi:kittu i never thought u would do this ..n not follow my orders..u have changed n i can see y!

Kartil: dadi plz …i would have supported u if u were right ..dont blame anyone but u for seeing this change  in me

Dadi fumingly leaves with her chamchi (surekha)

Manish: m sorry naitik ji …maa ke taraf se 

Naitik: nhi nhi dont say like  this we can understand ur situation…i hope u sort it soon 

Goenkas take leave

Naira(whispers): ab seedha shaadi pe

Kartik (whispers): aisa zurm na karo jaaan

Naira winks at kartik

Goenkas  leave

At goenka villa

Dadi is in her room n surekha with her to consol her …chacha also goes to check on dadi 

In hall 

Suwarana keerti manish n kartik r present

Keerti(all crying): m sorry! Mere wajah se har jagah gadbad hoti h …m going back to delhi

Kartik: nhi keerti .. iss baar toh i said to media na toh not ur faulg let dadi think watever she wants to think 

Manish: beta nothing happened  coz of u …n tum kahin nhi jaogi ok

Keerti:dad pehle mujhe sehna tha uss cheap ki harkat woh theek tha ..lekin aaj naira

Manish n suwarna worry wat about naira

Suwarna: naira?

Keert: mom aaj he looked with bad eyes at naira woh toh achcha hua kartik tha wahan..nhi toh

Manish: how dare he …ab bohot hua ..he cant get away with troubling  two of my daughters

Kartik:mr. Goenka  naira ka side lene ke liye …n usko protect karne ke liye mein hoon yaha uske hone wala pati …u dont need to show unnecessary  concerns

Manish: She is ur to be wife … but she is my daughter  abhi se hi infact from the day rishta got fixed tab se …so i will do watver i feel ryt to protect my two daughters

Kartik is surpirsed hearing manish refering naira as daughter ..n talking a stand 

Suwarna is happy to see kartik getting a little  soft n thnks naira in her heart…

Precap-kaira romance
             -kaira sangeet preparations 
             – goenkas will have  fun while dadi                         again gets angry..but y?

Guyz i hope u likes it! Ik there were less kaira scenes but i needes to show kartik getting soft towards  his dad slowly for my future track which i hope u like…

Plz do comnent guyz i want to know ur review suggstions n everything  u wanna say about this episode

keep reading…commenting..n keep on watching  yrkkh at 9:30pm only on star plus?

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    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  1. Fenil

    Superb Hales !!:)
    Veer nahi aaya today…..?
    Manish’s concerns towards his daughters was lovely.Karthik as always Rocks…6 pack abs body wala scene funny.
    Waiting for Next

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much☺
      Veer thoda thak gya tha so isiliye apne age ke bachcho ke saath masti kar rha tha ..but next mein he will be back for extra fun?

      1. Fenil


  2. Vrushy

    Love this Manish. Hope this will be seen in the serial soon. Loved kaira moments that were shown in this Chapter.
    Please don’t get them married so soon.

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much! ☺
      I personally feel manish is actual mein like this only but due to bad company of dadi his good side remains hidden .. hopefully soon he will come out of tht bad company n then it will be awsum ?

      Veer next wale mein full on masti layega ..keep reading?

  3. Nice plz update the next soon

    1. Hales

      Next one soon …?

  4. Lasyashree.10

    di…awesome one….that evil adithya……

    karthik protecting keerthi and naira was good…..

    social media vrat….Starts….

    Dadi and her chamchi….. are annoying…..

    i hope karthik realises manish’s change soon…..

    missed veer today…..

    but okay awesome episode as usual

    1. Hales

      Thnk u yr! ?
      Veer dhamake layega next mein ..keep reading❤?

      1. Lasyashree.10

        if you say me not to follow your ff evn then i’m gonna follow di…

        kind of addiction!!

      2. Hales

        Aww … u saying this means a lot yr ??

  5. Good one….

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  6. Vinni05

    Excellent just loved it can’t wait for next

    1. Hales

      Thnk u so much?☺

  7. Anyan

    Good yr waiting for nxt

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

  8. Aadi

    Great episode di !
    Kartik has started to understand his dad’s POV . hope naira will make the ties of thier relation stronger . missed veer !!

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ?
      Veer will be back with a bang in next one for sure??☺

  9. Hales

    Thnk u ☺

    1. Hales

      Thnk u ☺

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