Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later-Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya – FF By Luna (Episode 25)

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Hey guys, I’m back with another update of my ff. I know that u all want the suspense to get revealed now because it’s getting too much now??? Yes, I know it’s getting too much but to reveal the suspense I’ve to first reveal Ishkara past. From next episode I’ll reveal about Ishkara but it’ll take few episodes to completely reveal it. So plz wait. Here’s the link of previous episodes:
Recap: Arjun reveals about his love story with Anika to whole Oberoi family. Everyone gets shocked.

Scene 1(Dining table): The whole Oberoi family was shocked to hear that Arjun and Anika were in love. Shivaye was completely silent and was looking at Arjun with shock and anger. She didn’t understood what to say.
Anika: Arjun, plz don’t tell them about it???
Rudra(grinning): why Anika di??? Let him tell na??? u tell us Arjun bhaiya.
Arjun grins naughtily. Anika feels awkward and shy. The whole Oberoi family was silent, and great Shivaye Singh Oberoi was not in his senses. His mouth became wide open in shock and disbelief.

Arjun: Okay, let me tell u all.
Anika(shyly): Arjun, no!!!!
Arjun: C’mon Anika, why are u being so shy????
Anika blushes.
Arjun: okay, so I and Anika were in the orphanage since childhood. We were like Best friends forever. Like Rahul and Anjali of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai??? And as Anika told u all that I got adopted at the age of 16. That was the turning point of our lives. We never thought that a day will come when we will get separated. I got a family, a mom and a dad but the place that Anika had in my life wasn’t filled by anyone. She had a special place in my heart.

Shivaye again starts coughing loudly. Everyone sees towards.
Shivaye(still coughing but says in a meek voice): I’m fine..(taking deep breaths) I’m fine…plz continue, continue.
Pinky: Shivaye beta, are u fine???
Shivaye( says meekly taking deep breaths): yeah mom, yeah….(again taking deep breaths)….yeah, Arjun…what were u saying???
Arjun(confused): uh…so, I wa s saying that I realized how important Anika was in my life….at the age of 16 I realized it. U can call it a crush or infatuation but I know, that it was true love.]
Shivaye now starts getting angry. His eyes burn with anger and he glares at Arjun as if he’ll eat him alive right there. But whole family was hearing Arjun’s story with full interest. Anika sees that Shivaye is getting angry and gets scared.
Anika(thinking): Oh God…before Shivaye loses his temper I should stop Arjun.
Anika(holds Arjun’s hands and says): Arjun…plz stop na….that was enough.
Shivaye sees Anika holding Arjun’s hand and jealousy reaches to an all new level.
Pinky: Arre Anika…let him speak na, I also want to know your love story.
Dadi: Ha Anika, bolne de na usse. Arjun, u speak beta.
Anika gets tensed and wonders what to do.
Arjun: ha, so where was I???
Rudra: True love.

Shivaye(shocked): what?? True love???
Rudra(confused): bhaiya, he said na that It was his true love for Anika????
Shivaye feels irritated.
Arjun: yeah, true love!!!! I truly loved Anika. Infact I still love Anika(by saying this he looks in Anika’s eyes flirtatiously)
Anika blushes. Shivaye burns with anger and jealousy.
Shivaye(murmuring): what the f**k is going on??? I can’t even say anything here.
Rudra(hearing Shivaye): Bhaiya, what happened??? Did u said something???
Shivaye(stuttering): uh…uhm…uhm nope….nothing,…nothing!!!!(he starts looking here and there pretending that he’s not getting effected).
Arjun: I didn’t realized that I truly loved Anika until I grew up and became an adult. Maybe because I always took her for granted and always thought that it’s only friendship and not love. When we grew up, our bond became more stronger …we started spending more time together, became best buddies but still I didn’t realized that I’m in love with Anika.I had big ambitions in my life. I wanted to become a Fashion Photographer and make my career but doesn’t stopped me in loving Anika. And then, I got internship in a US based company. I had to got America to make my career, but then I realized that I had to Anika, yet again we will be separated and this time the boundaries will too huge to break. I didn’t knew what to do??? I wanted to be with Anika but I also loved my career. Then I decided to chose Anika over my career. I decided to tell my feelings to Anika, that how much I love since I was a teenager or maybe even before that. I decided to propose to her. I didn’t cared of what she will say, I just wanted to get my feelings. I didn’t wanted to keep it in my heart anymore. And finally, I proposed to her, in full hindi movie style!!!!!
Pinky(desperately): and what did Anika said???
Rudra(to Arjun): yeah, tell na…what she said???
Arjun(grins hearing the question): what she said??? Well…(he doesn’t says anything and grins)
Everyone was hearing Arjun’s story patiently and with complete interest like children hear when their grandma tells them stories. Anika was feeling very awkward. Shivaye was giving full attention. He was burning a s hell but was still taking interest in it because he wanted to know what happened. He was fuming and glaring at Arjun and Anika, Arjun was not noticing it but Anika was fully aware of Shivaye’s state but she was trying to ignore it by not looking at him and not having any eye contact.

Rudra(to Arjun): tell na bhaiya, what Anika di said????
Everyone starts asking the same question and start creating noise, but Arjun remains silent and doesn’t says anything. Shivaye gets irritated with noise and finally breaks his silence.
Shivaye(shouts in a loud voice): Okay, just sop it!!!!!!!!
Everyone gets scared seeing Shivaye angry. Yes, he always acts like an angry young man but he never ever shouted in such a high pitch. This was a new record. Everybody’s mouth gets sealed and there was pin drop silence. Shivaye without saying anything, takes the glass of water and drinks it. Ebveryone looks at him with confused expressions. Shivaye after drinking water takes deep breaths. All still look at Shivaye and wonder what’s wrong with him.

Shivaye: uh…uhm….I…I…uhm…(makes irritated faces)…uh…I was saying that…let…. Him…. Speak
Everyone looks at Shivaye with confused and scared faces.
Shivaye: what??? I said na, let him speak!!!!!
Arjun(taking a pause): uh…okay…Mr Shivaye…are u fine???
Shivaye(arrogantly): huh, …yeah..yeah…I’m fine…why are u asking me???
Arjun: No…I was…
Shivaye(angry): Just shut up okay…just do what I say…tell us, what happened next???
Arjun gets embaressed. Anika gets angry seeing Shivaye being rude on Arjun.
Anika(to Shivaye): Sir!!!! U can’t talk to my friend like that.
Shivaye(irritated): fhat the wuck!!!!! Why are u calling me sir???
Anika(to Shivaye0: Listen Mr Oberoi…
Arjun(interrupts in between): uh…Anika…let it be.
Anika: No Arjun….just because he’s my boss doesn’t means that he can say anything to u. I’m his employee and not u.
Shivaye(losing his temper, he gets up from the chair, bangs his hand on the table and shouts): Okay just stop all this nonsense!!!!!!!
All again get scared. They wonder what’s wrong with Shivaye but Om, Rudra and Anika knew why he’s reacting like this.
Om gets up from the chair and puts his hand on Shivaye’s shoulder to calm him down.
Om: Shivaye…plz,calm down.

Pinky: Shivaye, what’s wrong with u??? why are u behaving like this???
Shivaye: mom….I….I’m….really….really sorry for all this….I…I should go.
By saying this, he directly leaves from there. All get confused and shocked with Shivaye’s behavior and wonder why he reacted like that.
Dadi(to Pinky): Pinky…do u know why Shivaye got so angry???
Pinky: No mummy ji…I don’t know anything…..Omkara…do u know???
Om(tensed): uh…..uhm…I…..
Rudra(interrupting): No choti maa, we also don’t know anything.
Dadi: pata nahi, why is he acting like that??? he was completely fine some time before.
Rudra(grinning): well….we all forgot one thing!!!!!
Pinky(confused): what???
Rudra looks towards Arjun and Anika and grins, all remember that Arjun’s story is not yet complete. Anika(thinking): Oh God….this is too much now….what the hell is this Arjun doing?? How to get rid of all this.
Anika: Okay Dadi…we have to leave now. I have to go Canteen and Arjun also has some work…Arjun lets go.
Rudra(grinning): Arre wait na Anika di…let him finish the story.
Arjun(smiling): yeah Anika…..I don’t have any work now and your alo puri is also not going anywhere.
Anika was now getting Arjun. She glares at Arjun, but he ignores her anger. Shivaye, whom everyone thought has left the sight was still there hiding behind the pillar, peeping and was listening to the conversation. How can he leave without knowing that Anika said yes or no to Arjun’s proposal??? He was the most desperate to hear the answer of Anika. Shivaye’s heartbeat got faster and he starts sweating.
Arjun(grinning): what do u all think??? If she would have said yes, then would I have been sitting here as a friend??? We would have been in our home, fighting with each other.

Shivaye gets a sigh of relief.
Arjun(sighing): She said no to me and my heart broke. I came to know that she never had such feelings for me and always considered me only as her friend. Phir kya tha, I sat on the flight to New York to make my career. Ten years passed and I still love Anika.
Anika gets shocked hearing that. She looks at Arjun in disbelief. Arjun also looks at her and smiles.
Arjun(smiling): Don’t worry Anika, I’m fine…I’m happy…I know…that u don’t get everything in your life that u want but I’m still having hopes and that’s why I returned to India to meet u, to give one last try that u accept me.
Anika(shocked): What????
Arjun(grinning): hum…I was just kidding Anika.
Arjun pats Anika in her back so that she doesn’t feels bad. Anika remains silent.
Arjun: So Anika…In these 10 years, did u fell in love with anyone????
Shivaye hears Arjun’s question and wonders what will Anika say….Anika wonders to say and remains silent. O jaana plays. Anika goes back in flashback remembers her happy moments with Shivaye. She gets lost in her thoughts.
Arjun pinches Anika in her arms to bring back in real world.
Anika(in pain due to pinch): Ouch.
Shivaye gets angry seeing Arjun doing that but controls himself.
Arjun(grinning): Hey Anika??? What happened???
Anika(giving a weak smile): uh…nothing.
Arjun(grinning): So…did u fell in love with someone???
Anika(taking a pause): No!!!!!
Om(smiling, asking to Anika): Really????
Anika looks at Om becomes silent…O jaana plays…..She didn’t knew what to say but she controls her emotions doesn’t lets her come in her face.
Anika(with a straight face): No Om…never!!!!!!
Dadi: But Anika…..u have to get marry some day na,.
Pinky: yeah Anika, your age is also passing. See my Shivaye, he’s already married and a father of a kid and u r still single. Both of u r same age and I thing girls should get married before men. If u want, I’ll find a suitable groom for u.
Anika get silent and thinks for few seconds. Shivaye was still listenining the conversation.

Anika: Thanks Pinky Aunty but…I don’t to get married right now.
Pinky: Arre…If u will not marry now then when will u marry????
Dadi: Anika…Pinky is saying right…u should get married now…..we all need someone in our life who can complete us and support us in every path of life.
Anika: I respect you all and thanks a lot fo thinking so much about me…but I don’t want to get married.
Dadi and Pinky get silent with Anika’s answer.
Anika: Arjun…I’ve to go to the canteen…will u drop me there????
Arjun: uh…yep, why not???
Anika: great….lets go.
Both Arjun and Anika get up from the dining table.
Anika: Okay dadi, I’m leaving…Thank you everyone for inviting both of us.
Dadi: Okay Anika puttar, bye.
Pinky: Bye Anika, see u later.
Jhanvi: Bye Anika and Arjun.
Everyone says bye. Anika and Arjun leave. Shivaye sees them leaving and he also leaves from there and he also leaves, before anyone sees him listening to the conversation. Om and Rudra also leave. Now there are only Pinky, Jhanvi and Dadi on dining table.
Pinky(to Dadi): Mummy ji, this girl has always helped us in problems. She takes care of Tara as her own daughter. Now it’s our responsibility to find a suitable husband for her
Jhanvi: But Pinky, she doesn’t wants to get married right now so it’s not right to force her. It’s her decision.
Pinky: Jethani ji…..youngsters are like this only. They never want to get married, it’s he responsibility of the parents to get their children married. And u all know that she doesn’t has a family so no one is there to force her…so we only have to take this responsibility….If she will not marry now na, then she’ll remain single forever and u know how difficult it is for girls to stay alone…. mummy ji, I think u should talk to her and make her understand.
Dadi(after thinking for a while): hmm…u r right Pinky…I will talk to her.

Scene 2(Rudra’s room): Rudra is listening to music putting a headphone and was dancing. Om enters. Rudra doesn’t sees Om as he was standing behind
Om: Rudra!!!!!!
Rudra doesn’t responds as he has put headphone.
Om(shouts): Rudra!!!!!
Rudra again doesn’t responds. Om gets irritated. He goes to Rudra and removes his headphone. Rudra sees Om and gets angry on removing his headphone.
Rudra(angry): What happened O??? why u removed my headphone??? Don’t u see I was listening t music??
Om: Stop all this and go to mom’s room…she’s calling u.
Rudra: Mom??? Why????
Om: I don’t know…maybe u again created some trouble.
Rudra: what??? No, I’ve not done anything.
Om(grinning): Hmm…lets see.
Rudra(confused): why are u grinning???
Om(grinning): just go.
By saying that Om leaves from Rudra’s room….Rudra gets confused.
Rudra(confused): why was Om smiling??? What did I do now???? Why my memory is so weak???

Scene 3: Rudra enters Jhanvi’s room. Jhanvi was waiting for her.
Rudra: Mom…u called me??? What happened????
Jhanvi: Rudra…I’m very angry on u!!!!
Rudra(grinning): but I know u will not anything to me because u love me a lot…so I’m not scared. Think what if papa had been angry on me???
Rudra giggles after finishing his sentence. He notices that someone is standing behind him He turns back and sees that it’s Tej. Tej was very angry and was glaring at Rudra. Rudra gets scared seein Tej angry avatar. He starts taking deep breaths(just like his bade bhaiya) and makes puppy face.
Rudra(giving a weak smile): he he..Papa..what happened????
Tej continues glaring at Rudra and Rudra became very scared of Tej.

To Be Continued……

Precap: Ishana enters Tia’s house.

Thanks for reading guys. Plz comment.

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