Ishqbaaz ff by Dreamer Episode 11

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Priya POV
I watched Shivaay look at his house. I did not know what my twin’s secrets were? He never told me. One fine day, he had just appeared at the edge of camp.
He had told me that he was married to Anika Rana but even that had come out only when I pestered him to date Kanika, our neighbour.
Suddenly, I felt someone watching me. I looked in the direction. On one of the balconies was a pregnant woman. She did not look happy to see me. I moved out of her sight and helped Shivaay to pick some bags. The way she looked at Shivaay told me that it was my Bhabhi watching us.

Next to her another woman carrying a baby came. She looked clearly annoyed to see me and glared at Shivaay.
She was saying something to the other and then guided her in. Who was she? And why did she look so angry to see my brother?
As we put our suitcases into the house, a Rana maid was standing near the door.
“You have been called for dinner at the mansion.” she said.
I saw Shivaay pause. I knew he was going to say no.
“Yes, we will come.” He glanced at me.
The maid waited to guide us to the house.
“Are you crazy, Priya?”

I pulled him. “Come Shivaay. Introduce me to my Bhabhi.”
We followed the maid through the backyard and into the dining hall. Everyone was already seated. I saw all the ladies glaring at me except for the one I assumed was my Bhabhi. She was looking indifferently at us. She was talking on the phone.
I noticed that even the men were glaring at us.
“Mr and Mrs. Shivaay….welcome to Rana enterprises.” The man at the head of the table raised his glass.
Mrs…..they thought I was his wife.
“Ummm…..actually it is just Priya and Shivaay.” I interrupted.
“What Nonsense is this, Kiara?……what do you mean this is a mistake?……I did not pay you to do nothing……..Do it NOW!”
I saw Shivaay lift his head to look at her back. She had gotten up from the table and was facing the window.
“Utterly useless” She shouted and hurled the phone out of the window. I saw Shivaay’s eyes go wide.

Well… least I did not have that bad a temper.
She then stalked towards the stairs and was about to go up.
“Anika!” One of the men called.
Yup…..that is my Bhabhi…..Anika Rana……my brother had married a wild cat… did my calm and quiet brother marry her?
“Send the food to my room, Dev Bhaiya…..not in a mood.”
So that was Dev Rana. The man who was a legend among us officers.
Shivaay POV
Walking into the Rana Mansion felt like being a sacrificial goat.
“Shivaay, walk faster. I am so excited to see her.’’
As soon as the maid let us through the door, I saw Mallika coming down the stairs with a child.
Was that her child?
“Ayu….where is your Papa?” She was talking to the child when I saw Sid come down the stairs with another kid.
They had twins?
“Mal, I know you don’t trust her but you can’t keep him away from her.”
Mallika stopped on the stairs abruptly.
“You are telling me to forgive the woman that almost killed your sister’s kids. I can never forgive her.” The baby in her arms started wailing.
Then I heard quick footsteps. I stopped abruptly seeing her. She took the child out of Mallika’s arms.
It was TIA. How was she here? Was she here to hurt Anika again
“Ayu…..what happened, Baby?” She was rocking the child. She looked so different from the Tia I knew. She looked…….kind.
Then she turned to see me. Her expression immediately darkened and looked pained.
“Shivaay!” Suddenly, a voice interrupted my thoughts. I looked up to see Priya and the maid at the corner of the room. Priya looked annoyed.

Watching Shivaay walk in with that new girl bit my heart. I had destroyed Shivika completely. Anika was on the phone but I could see that her other hand was trying to comfort her children.

When I looked up, I saw Mallika staring at me and for once her expression mirrored mine.
She had said her name was Priya.
“Dev, I will take Ani’s food.” I said. But Dev just ignored me and looked at Mallika.
“Bhabhi, I think she needs you.”
Mallika looked at me with a smirk. “Dev, I think Tia should go.” Siddarth interrupted me and passed me Anika’s food.
I went upstairs and into her room. She was seated in front of her dressing table. Tears were rolling down her cheeks.
I went and sat next to her. She then hugged me and started crying.
“Tia…..he is back…but….”
Then there was a knock. “Bhabhi?” A voice called from the door.
Priya walked into the room. I got up. How dare she called me Bhabhi?
I walked towards her. She rushed passed me. She hugged Anika.
“Bhabhi…..I am so excited to meet you.”
Bhabhi? I turned to see Anika with her eyes wide. She pushed Priya away.
“Stay away from me. There is a certain distance that should be maintained with the employer and certainly a bit more when you are the employee’s wife.”
Priya recoiled. “But I am not his wife.”
This seemed to irritate and hurt Anika more. “I don’t care about your relationship with that man but I certainly have none with either. So please leave. Tia Bhabhi take her to the main hall.”
Priya got up. She seemed angry. “I can’t believe Shivaay ever loved you. The girl he talked about when he did was not like you.”
Anika seemed pained. “Just get OUT!”
I saw her legs sway a little and she seemed to tensely feel for the walls. I saw Priya rush to Anika side.

“Stay away from her. You have caused enough trouble.”
I walked to them and pushed Priya’s hands away. Priya pulled her hands to herself.
“Suit yourself. Anika Rana……I am surprised that my darling brother fell for someone like you…..Someone who just cares for money and status.” She shouted.
“Priya!” A shout came from the door.
“Shivaay…I” He just walked in and dragged her out.
Good! She could go with her darling broth….

Anika POV
Her darling brother……I walked after the two who just left.
I shouted. Shivaay and Priya stopped on the stairs. Priya turned around with a smirk.
“Yes Anika.”
I knew I was wearing my Anika Rana mask.
“Come to my office. I might have some work for you.” I said.
I watched as Shivaay’s grip on Priya’s hand tightened. But then Priya pulled her hand out. She came up the stairs then turned to him.
“Shivaay, you can go.”
I walked as she followed.
“Who are you?” I asked.
Priya had a smirk. “Well, according to you, your sautan but to me, well he is my twin.”
My heart stopped. TWIN screamed through my mind.
“So, how did my poor brother fall in love with you? I mean you are so ferocious and he is so calm.” She had a cheeky grin.
I choked. Him….calm.
“What do you mean by calm?”
Priya relaxed. “Well, he is so gentle and kind. He never raises his voice.
All our moments flashed in front of me. The number of times, he threw me into the pool and his glare and the number of phones he broke.
Then pulling me out of my daydream was a chuckle.
“Well, Bhabhi…..I did not know you smiled.”
Now it was time to surprise my darling nanand.
“Priya, have you been living under a rock?” I asked with a smirk.
The cheeky smile on her face was wiped off. “What do you mean Bhabhi? I mean yeah…I guess. I rarely had time to keep with the news…I always had assignments.”
I could feel fireworks of joy bursting in my tummy.
“Do you know the Oberois?”
She nodded. “Yeah…yeah…..they are your rivals. Some Rudra Singh Oberoi is their head.”
So she did not know. He he….
“Well, Shivaay used to be part of their company.”
Priya nodded. “Yeah I know….some manager or something.”
Manager….that is what Mr. SSO has told her.
“Yeah….you could say manager…..that is if you can call me manager in Rana Enterprises.”
She looked puzzled. I sat down on the chair next to me. “So-called Nanand ji, let me make it simpler. The Shivaay you call your brother is Shivaay Singh Oberoi.”
At first she stared at me blankly then her eyes went wide.
“Oh Bete ki!” My eyes went wide. Did she just say that?
“How did you meet Shivaay?” I finally asked. I had to know where he was for the past 2 months.
Then Priya started her story on meeting Shivaay.
“Well, Bhabhi…….we actually found Shivaay near our camp. He had a huge gash on his head and had a lost a lot of blood. When we took him to the hospital, from there we got to know that we were siblings and twins to make matters even better. After that I looked after him till he was well.”
Then she had a sad smile. “I guess I should have known that he was a rich kid when he spoke with such classy English. But he never told me. Even about you only came out by accident.”
I turned away from her. “Priya, I am sorry but I am not your Bhabhi. I would have been once upon a time but now I have moved on. Your Bhaiya and I are divorced.” I told her as a clenched my fists.
Priya walked up to me. “What do you mean moved on?” She asked. Her voice was so low. I knew she feared the worst. And I had to tell her the worst if I wanted to keep him away from my children.
“I have a partner, who supports me and loves me as well as my children.”
I felt her go still next to me. “The rumours are true about the Raichand’s youngest son and me.”
Viren was so going to kill me when he comes to know.
I heard Priya leave after this.
I picked up the phone and called Viren.
“Hey Princess!” His jovial voice answered.
“Viru…..I need your help.”

Viren laughed. “Anything for my darling maasi’s daughter.”
Yup… guess is right. Viren is Mama’s distant relative’s son. But he was more like close family. Rumours that he was dating me came up when he and I went to a cafe near our university together several times and our visits to the hospital. He and I are trying to finish our bachelors. For him, it was his second degree, apparently law was not the place for him and for me the first. He, Sid Bhaiya and Dev Bhaiya helped me cope with everything: pregnancy, college and company.
“Are you CRAZY with a capital C!” He shouted through the phone.
I gave a huge sigh. “Accha then I will have to ask someone else.”
I could hear him pacing in the room…..Yup…..go on…..Viren…… “No Ani, I will do it.”
“When will you come?”

He chuckled. “Did you forget tomorrow’s class and your doctor’s appointment?”
Oh shit. I had completely forgotten.
“And Anika…” his voice had gone serious. “Did you tell them?”
I kept silent. “Anika, are you mad? You have to tell them. I know they will break but…..” and he trailed off.
“I will Viru. I will.” Then I cut the call.
“I just don’t know when.” I whispered.
I looked at the clock. It was 1 in the morning. Hmph….time to check how much my children’s father can handle.
I called to the outhouse landline.

Author’s Note: Hey guys…..Priya is Shivaay’s Missing twin. Her story will be more clear in the next few episodes.

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