Lucky (Om and Ishu) Episode 13

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“Hey! Where were you?” he asked in his honey-like voice. His off-white coat’s neck embedded with stones threw little rainbows in the light and I focused on those while lying, “I was helping Jahnvi aunty. But then I got lost.” His pleasant face distorted into doubt and disbelief, as if he had caught on my lie. “There’s Mr. Oberoi’s study. How can you get lost there?” I looked up to see if he knew and what I saw made me forget all my worries. The anger was a camouflage for the hurt and I went back to the moment our roles were reversed at Ishana’s place. But that lasted for a second before I took on my arrogant and rude look.

“Do I need to answer that?” I asked him in an ice cold tone. But surprisingly, he didn’t back off! Pausing for like twenty long seconds, he simply stated, “Yes. I want to know.” Leaning towards him menacingly, I hissed out, “Why?” It was meant to be seething but it turned out to sound as if I was pleading. I was alarmed at my voice giving me away and tried to correct it. All in vain! “Om… let me go…” I whispered, again missing out on the scary effect I intended and ending up sounding scared instead. His fake anger melted and his usually warm eyes turned smoldering; so much so that I started to burn all over.
Peeling my eyes from him, I willed my feet to walk past him. As we crossed each other, I felt a sudden urge to break down. But I reminded myself that this wasn’t the time or the place and walked on. It was weird how I didn’t realize when my wrist was captured by another hand, but when I did, all my martial arts training kicked in and I used the hold on my hand to twist it around. I was about to knock his feet under him but my opponent predicted my move and stepped around me to face away from me, freeing his hand in the action. I was like a machine possessed by a madness to hit the person who dared to lay a finger on me, not realizing his identity in my sudden rage.

Holding him back from his collar, I swung him around with one hand and used the support to land a punch in his guts with my other hand. Only thing was I couldn’t hit him. As soon as I registered those dark chocolate eyes behind the locks that had fallen to his face, I froze in place. A few strands of my carefully rolled up hair had loosened up in my little act and they were now sticking on my cheeks and temple due to the sweat that came with the physical exertion, but I didn’t remove them as usual. I stood rooted to my spot, horrified at the idea of what I was about to do.

My eyes drank his shock and lack of horror or judgment at my inexcusable behavior and my throat burned in response. I left his collar and tried smoothening it a little to make up for what could have easily been a deadly mistake; deadly for him and a mistake on my part. I noticed the tremors coming back and decided to leave as quickly as possible. “I… I’m… so… sorry”, I stammered and made my exit.
Flying through the stairs I came to my room and finally dragged in a long breath behind the closed doors. When I was absolutely positive that I could speak, I said out loud, “I have to leave. Today.” Pulling out my mobile, I dialed one on speed dial. He picked up on the third ring itself and I asked, “Director, do you have any upcoming stunts for me?”


I still couldn’t wrap my head around it. The slight throbbing in my forearm where she twisted it was proof that it was all real, though it didn’t seem like it. I had heard the swish of soft fabric when she had turned and I had seen the fist that was about to crash into me and could crush my insides. But she had stopped. However much I tried to focus on the fact that she had attacked me, I could only see her mad fury melting into revulsion from herself. How could such a beautiful creature feel revolted from itself?
My desire to capture her expressions on canvas grew multifold after our small encounter. She was like a river, constantly varying in her moods and ways; and I was a rock that never changed, but only weathered with time.
I had returned to the party but Ishu never came down. All through dinner I was deep in thought about why she would lie. Didn’t she know her eyes were all but transparent? Anyone with half the normal eyesight could have caught on to that one easily! So what and why did she not want me to know? My thoughts were varied in matter but not in subject. ‘Ishu is a mystery’, I decided finally. I nodded to myself in my reverie and it wasn’t long before Shivaay was pushing and pulling at my arm to bring me back to the Earth.
“Om, where are you lost?” he asked with genuine concern. I nodded an “I’m-fine-just-thinking-about-stuff” towards him. “Till now, artists were considered to be working because they were playing with clay and colours. Now, they don’t even have to do that to appear busy”, Mr. Oberoi taunted. I ignored him for thinking aloud with his ‘practical mind’ and he kept his arrogant face on. Dadi seemed surprised with my silence and so were Shivaay and Rudy! I passed them a smile to let them know that I was fine with him now and went right back to picking at my food and my chaotic thoughts.

So guys, this is a short update that I typed at 04:00 in the morning and in half sleep. So, sorry for not completing up to the given precap. I hope you guys won’t kill me for prolonging the suspense. 😀 😛
Waiting for your comments 🙂

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  1. Yashu

    Nyc….it was awesome

    1. Samm

      thanks yashu 🙂

  2. Deepika12

    It was just awesome di.??????????????????????

    But it was too short. Hope u will post a longer one next time.
    And shivay was seriously funny??

    When will ishkara love story began??? There is only attacks frm ishu’s side towards om???

    1. Samm

      haha! don’t worry deepika, it’s coming soon 🙂 i’ll surely make the next one longer 🙂 thanks a lot for liking it 🙂

  3. Priyali

    wow.. nice action!

    1. Samm

      thanks priyali 🙂

  4. Loved it! As always, so interesting!

    1. Samm

      thanks nia 🙂 i’m glad you liked it 🙂

  5. Renimarenju

    Samm….though its short,,,,,,its really a beautiful update….actually am in office…..and doing work…….and work only…….and……just now only i got a tea break and…….and thanks it was short….that…..amidst of work also…..i was able 2 ready it fully ……..dear……ur way of presentation and writing skills are mind blowing……u have beautifully described both ishu and om’s perspective with magical words…….and I just fall love with both characters with this part…….and suspense is still awaiting……as om said “ishana is a mystery”…….am eagerly waiting 4 ur ff’s next part……..and thanks 4 sending links…finally u did it…….so that it was easy 4 me to find and go through this wonderful ff……U really rocked…….keep the gud work…..

    1. Samm

      thanks renima 🙂 i’m so overwhelmed with your comment 🙂 i’ll try to post the next soon… 🙂 i’m excited to know how it will be received as well 🙂

  6. Superb episode…

    1. Samm

      thanks ankita 🙂

  7. JanviSingh

    It was simply awsm…..
    The story is getting interesting day by day….. Even I agree wid Om tht ishu is a
    Hey Sam how can we kill such a cute person…. N hatts off to u dear…. Tht u managed to update at 4:00 am….meri toh nend bhi nh khulti us time… Lol????????

    1. Samm

      thanks janvi 🙂 appreciated 🙂

  8. Kehkasha

    Hey samm u rocked it…….and I have become a big fan of ur writing style…….and the words u used…

    Amazing update dear……and as usual post the next part soon

    1. Samm

      thanks kehkasha 🙂

  9. Shivika22kapoor

    Samm di I suggest you start writing in half sleep only, if you write so wonderfully at that time than why to waste morning’s for writing ?. Perhaps jokes apart the update was brilliant and well your late latif is back to her schedule it seems like?.
    Dialogue of the day: She was like a river, constantly varying in her moods and ways; and I was a rock that never changed, but only weathered with time.
    You killed me with this and actually proved that Om is an artist and you the mind behind it is no less.
    But I really pity Om, how will he handle such a dangerous and unpredictable person, whom he can’t even understand.
    The action was mind-blowing as usual but bichaara Om. May he RIP once he falls in love with Ishu and before that only you know that how many times he would have to become a medical piece.
    Perfection at it’s peak plus my sleep also at it’s peak so I will read the next part tomorrow and comment also after reading.
    Awesome epi and Love ❤ you loads di.
    Plus I have a request do rad W.A.D. It’s my new S.S. And do tell me how is it. Please please please please as I am hell nervous about it.
    Okay bye ? bye ? and good night ? ???

    1. Samm

      hahaha! thanks shivika, but writing in sleep is not always a good thing. i can say i just got lucky! 😀

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