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Bismillah, Hi.. i’m back to bore you, it’s treat for Hellyholics, please enjoy
sorry for grammatical error and spelling error…
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Swara looked at her sister with irritated face, she couldn’t concentrate to her study to
hear the nonstop nagging and pleading,
“Uggh stop it Devuu! you know i have exam tomorrow!” She showed her book to her almost
“But the rehearsal will happen on thursday, your exam will over already right ? ” Devanshi
said in stubbornness, “Shona please! it’s just about 2 hours na!” She kept nagging, sat on
bed in pleaded face.
“Hmmm…i don’t know about your dance, how if i do mistake or your teacher know about me ?”
Swara tried to give reason for rejection, but Devanshi felt a glimpse of defeat on her twin
sister’s voice.
“It’s the same dance i practiced yesterday, do you remember? ” Devanshi little bit excited,
gave the explanation, Swara tried to remember then nodded her head.
“So, don’t worry about it! moreover my partner will help you!” She walked toward Swara and
shook her arm,”please replace me! please please please!”
“OK! OK! stop it! i’ll go! happyyy!” Swara sighed, jerked Devanshi’s away.
“Reallyy!!! i love you twinnyyy!” Devanshi kissed Swara’s cheek in happiness meanwhile Swara
only gave a pout.
“stop disturbing me! let me continue reading!” swara was back to her book, Devanshi smiled
then heading bed arranged the pillow.

“By the way, tell me about your partner! is he hot ? ” Swara turned her head, looked at
Devanshi in naughty way.
“Hmm.. again starting, better you think about your exam, you know!” Devanshi lied on bed.
“But i guess he is more handsome than all boys at your college!” Swara gave angry glare to
hear Devanshi statement, Devanshi chuckled.
“What a nonsense huh! don’t underestimate science students!” threw a pen to Devanshi, “more
handsome than Vardhaan, right ?” she smirked.
Devanshi’s face turned shy, “don’t comparing to Vardhaan na, he is the best !”
“The best my foot! believe me, i will kill Vardhaan someday to spoil you!” Swara snapped.
“Spoiling me ? how? ” Devanshi threw pillow to Swara.
“Don’t you realize you try to bunk your rehearsal only for him ? ” she threw the pillow
“It’s not spoiling, it’s love! my silly sister!” again, Devanshi threw pillow to Swara,
Swara’s eyes widened, caught the pillow than walked closer to Devanshi,”what you say ha?
you call me silly ?” she hit Devanshi using the pillow, “having boyfriend doesn’t mean you
knew more about love than me.”
Devanshi fought back, hit pillow to her, and the pillow war berween twin sister began.


Thursday afternoon, wore blue jeans with simple t-shirt, Swara walked on corridor, looked
for dance hall at Devanshi college in hesitation step being afraid that she will gonna
astray somewhere as it’s first time for her to visit Devanshi’s college. Even thought they
are twin, they have different concern and dream, calm shy Devanshi want to be business
woman, meanwhile crazy Swara want to be scientist.

“Hmm.. i think it’s the right place!” swara observed a building in front of her then checked
the college map on a site displayed at her phone screen. She peeped in from the glass window,
few boys and girls spread there doing their respective activity.
“Where is my partner ? uugh stupid Devu, she didn’t tell me my partner name!” she blabbered
while taking her phone, messaging Devanshi.
“What is my partner’s name? ” then sent it. after sometimes, her phone beep “his name is
Sanskar”, she got reply.
“Sanskar? nice name! well Sanskar be ready to meet fake Devanshi!” Swara smiled wondering
what will happen later, “God! i dunno his face, how to recognize him without get suspicion!”
her face turned in confusion,”think Swara! think!” her mind yelled to herself.

Here, on Bose mansion terrace, Vardhaan waited Devanshi sat on a bench patiently. Once
Devanshi stepped out from the door gate with a beautiful red saree, he could do nothing but
mesmerized to see her lady love looking so breathtaking.
“So beautiful as an angel!” He whispered to Devanshi which produce red tomatoes on her cheeks.
slightly.”Will your grandpa like me ? ” Devanshi asked on worried. Both planned to attend
Vardhaan’s grandpa party along with Devanshi’s introduction to Vardhaan’s family.
“Stop worrying Jaan! no one can resist my Devanshi!” Vardhaan cupped her face giving her
assured look, kissed her forehead.
“Stop blushing or i’ll bring you to room instead of my grandpa’s!” Vardhaan said huskily,
made devanshi’s cheek more red in deep shy,”shameless!” she hit his arm playfully. Both
walked to Vardhaan’s jeep.
Beep..beep…Devanshi’s phone rang when she hopped in and sat on Vardhaan car.
“Who is that ? ” Vardhaan asked seeing Devanshi checked her phone and typed something.
“Swara is asking her partner’s name.” she sent the reply.
“Omg Jaan! i can’t imagine Sanskar’s condition to handle your crazy sister!” both giggled.

“Sanskaaarr! i’m coming!” swara’s voice filled the dance hall as she yelled once she stepped
inside the hall. People startled to hear a sudden loud voice, they gave her a weird look,
some of them shook their head murmured “pagal” but she avoid it. swara prefer to observed
one by one face wondering which one was Sanskar.
“what happen to you Vanshi, calling my name kinda like that?” a voice came from her behind,
she turned around, her eyes widened to see a boy walked toward her. Oh God!!!! is he sanskar?
damn it! Vanshi indeed right! he is soo handsome! omg! calm Swara! calm yourself! swara’s
brain yelled in excitement, she felt her heartbeat increasing rapidly, thousand insect
pondering her stomach mesmerized to see Sanskar.

“Vanshi!” Sanskar snapped his finger in front of Swara, waking up Swara from her lost thought,
Swara felt little bit embarassed as get caught,she changed her expression to cover it,
“i thought you may don’t recognize me or deaf!” she grinned trying to be casual.
“What?” sanskar surprised with her weird answer.
“Are you really Sanskar ?” swara asked acting innocent.
“No..i’m Varun Dawan!” sanskar sound little bit irritated yet amused, “huh! what’s wrong
with you ? and your dress…are you possessed or what ?” watched keenly to her dress, then
walked toward a bench to put his bag. Swara followed Sanskar.

“Mrs Ahuja doesn’t come yet ? let us practice first then!” Sanskar checked his watch, took
his phone to switch on the music. Both did strecting and warming up. Sanskar signaled Swara
to get ready, she only nodded. Devanshi and Sanskar wanted to present a classic dance on
their competition next month.
They started their practice session, but since Swara is not Devanshi, she made a lot of
mistakes which irritated Sanskar. “I’m trying to make improvisation” she raised that excuse,
grinned apologetically yet innocently whenever Sanskar scolding her.
“Stop talking stupid nonsense Vanshi! what wrong with you, you waste time you know!” finally,
Sanskar yelled feeling fed up to whatever Swara done. Swara felt upset to hear his pitch
“khaddos!” she murmured.

Swara tried to focus but still it wasn’t enough and Sanskar again blabbered. Suddenly,
Sanskar stepped Swara’s leg unintentionally, which made Swara in her peak of anger. She
paid back, stepping Sanskar’s leg so hard. Sanskar hissed in pain , “Oucch!! are you
crazy ? ” Sanskar rubbed his leg, yelled at her.
“It’s you! the crazy one! the stupid one! you stepped me first you know!” Swara yelled
back at him.
“Whaatt! i didn’t do that intentionally! but you..!”He stood straight, looked to Swara’s
face while Swara pointed finger on him, but suddenly Sanskar just numb, mesmerized to see
her face, her red nose in anger, her sparkling eyes, her natural face, it was soo life,
it was so attractive for him, “she is soo cute in anger!” he never felt it before,
he couldn’t help but burst out laughing to see her condition.
“Whaatt! now you laughing at me? ” Swara was more angry.
“Look at you! your nose became red! so cute!” his arm came to her nose and pinched it
unconsciously. That action sent blushing feeling to Swara, shoved away few of her anger,
“Sanskar, i’m angry na!” she pouted her lips triggered Sanskar to be uncontrollable then
pulled her cheeks. ” Hahaha, you are more cute now!”
Swara stamped her foot trying to beat him, but he run away, “you can’t beat me!” he said
teasingly from little far. Without wasting time, Swara run to chase him.
“Huh! watch me! i’ll catch you!” Both played run and chase, roaming the hall.
As saw a pillar in front of him, Sanskar tried to avoid it by turned back, but he didn’t
realize that Swara was behind him. They both collide each other. sanskar caught Swara’s
waist prevented her from falling. For a moment, both shared intense eyelocks which brought
in butterfly oh Sanskar stomach yet his heart beat rapidly.
Oh god! what happen to me? why i see Devanshi so attractive today? Sanskar’s mind confused
with this new feeling on him. Damn it! she is Vardhaan’s girl friend sanskar! his other
mind remind him, made him back to sense, loosen his grip on Swara.
“Sorry!” he mumbled looking everywhere but Swara. swara only nodded in embarrassment.

CLAAP..CLAAP.. “Look at this girl! roaming to many boyz, sometimes Vardhaan and now romance
to Sanskar, so cheap right?” a group of girls walked toward them in arrogance.
“Mind your tongue Kavita!” Sanskar yelled at them in rage.
Swara who bit startled with the sudden attack, smirked to hear Sanskar’s words.
“Hmm.. so, they are the chipkali Kavita and Sakshi ?” her mind remembered how Devanshi ever
told her about those bugs.

“Sanskaar! stop defense this behenji na! why don’t you be my dance partner ? we can choose
modern dance than that silly classic dance!” Kavita talked to Sanskar seducely.
Swara whispered to Sanskar “doing tango ? “, sanskar nodded. Swara smiled, walking away to
her bag to take her phone, choose a song, signaled Sanskar to get ready.

Song -Sun Saathiya- started (i know tango mostly using certain music, but seem this
song so matching to combine with tango motions, try it!)

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

(Swasan walked slowly and elegant toward each other with intense eye contact, once they get
closer, swara put one of her arm around his neck, Sanskar put one of his arm on Swara’s waist,
others arm stretched, their hand folded then started took long step, moved a side)

Rang jaaun, rang rang jaaun ri, haari main
Tujhpe main jhar jhar jhar jaaun
Hoon piya bas teri main
Ho chhu le toh khari main
(Toh khari main khari main…)

(They took step back, side, forth, then sanskar’s leg swept Swara’s leg in smooth way,
turned her a side, twirled her body around and around in front of Sanskar, falling aside in
Sanskar’s support gracefully, back to step side, doing boleo )

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun re
Main ret si, boond ka zariya tu
Paa ke tujhe bheeg jaaun ri

(They made elegant, precise and full passionate motions, Sanskar felt so close to her, their
every steps so matching for each others, seemed that they know each others, that Sanskar
knew very single next of their motion, that their heart beat, mind and soul connected, so
understanding, so right, so sensual, indeed so s*xy)

Tar jaaun tar tar jaaun
Dariya ye tar jaaun jee
Ishq ye paake main tera
Nikhar jaaun ri…

Piya bas teri main
Ho.. chhu le toh khari main
toh khari main khari main…

Ho.. sun saathiya maahiya
Barsa de ishqa ki syahiyaan

(Swara fallen backward with Sanskar’s support, intertwined her leg to sanskar’s hip.
Both share eyelock for long time, felt the intimacy and passion between them forget the
surrounding, they felt that they made for each others in every single birth)

Clapping sound broke their eyelock and brought them to sense. Both composed themselves from
embarassment, adjusted the breath and calmed down their heart beat.
“que lindo bailas, senor!” swara said to Sanskar in low voice and winked, paralyzed him.

Swara turned only to see upset Kavita, she walked to her, “want another dance? salsa,
ballet? or even striptease ?” Swara whispered to her mockingly. Kavita hell upset.
“wait! omg! your acne cover up!” Swara pretended to look keenly to her face made kavita
panic. “Really ? omg! omg!” Kavita yelled in panic, covered her face then fly from there,
followed by her gang, hurriedly.Swasan couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“Waaahhh! Mrs Ahuja is absent today!” Sanskar said looking at his phone to check the
the message after sometimes.
“What ? damn it!” Swara felt upset, What is this!i came here to save Devu from the fail
mark and here that silly teacher is absent? huh! she grumbled, but whatever! i got my
Sanskar! her mind yelled in excitement.
“OK! we better go home! Vardhaan must be waiting for you!” sanskar said sadly feeling lil
jealous, coming to his bag and start going.
“What ? noo..can we go somewhere ? hmm..let us get food, please!” Swara created that idea
to spend more time with him,
“Get food ?” sanskar surprised with her demand, “But how about Vardhaan?”
“Forget Vardhaan, he isn’t here, let’s go!” Swara dragged Sanskar, he shook his head to see
her antic, let Swara lead them to a tiny cafe beside his college’s building.


Sanskar only starred at Swara which busy at her food wondering what happened to her, why
she changed, why did she so different, the calmness on her eyes no more, she was so
energetic and full spark on her eyes, sanskar felt so life around her.
“sanskar! why do you let your cappuccino getting cold ?” Swara surprised him as he felt
getting caught.
“Hmm..i don’t know that you know tango!” He asked tried to cover and divert.
“you don’t know!” swara felt confuse.
“Of course, how should i know if every times we only dance and you will fly away once the
practice session over!” Sanskar amused, “do you know ballet also?”
“Devanshi is best in ballet than me!” Swara spitted out unknowingly.
“Whaatt ?” sanskar narrowed his eyes, felt something fishy on her statement.
His question tone brought Swara to realize her carelessness.
“Ha.. i mean i’m a master in ballet na!” She grinned. sanskar nodded, seemed to be convinced.

“Emm..mm oh my god! this is the best panna cotta i ever taste!” Swara closed her eyes, felt
the taste. Sanskar smiled. “Wanna try? ” She offered a spoonful of it to him, he was in verge
to shook his head in no but canceled to see Swara’s determinant face. Swara stuffed the
panna cotta to his mouth. Sanskar chewed it, tried to felt the taste.
“It’s really kinda guilty pleasure isn’t it ? ” swara asked in excitement, he nodded.
Indeed it is guilty pleasure Vanshi! sanskar’s mind yelled, My new feeling for you yet
knowing that you belong to Vardhaan! i want to resist you but i can’t, you are shucking my
soul today!
Sanskar somehow felt guilty but couldn’t stop himself to enjoy the moment.


“Your everything still complete right ? “Swara observed Devanshi’s body keenly once she
arrived at home in evening.
“Hello pagal!” Vardhaan greeted her, Swara stick her tongue to him, back to Devanshi.
“Of course! why ? what happen ? “Devanshi confused with Swara behavior.
“I just afraid as you went with this monster!” Swara pointed her finger to Vardhaan, he gave
angry glare to her. Devanshi chuckled. “Swaraa! stop it!”
“Let it be Jaan, she born to be pagli! better i go now than get contaminate!” Vardhaan cupped
Devanshi’s cheek and gave a glimpse of anoyyed face to Swara.
Swara’s mouth opened seeing Vardhaan kissed devanshi’s forehead, “Devuuu!! your forehead
impure now!” Devanshi blushed hard.
“And it’s by me!” Vardhaan winked, “Bye Jaan, bye pagli!” before leaving he pecked Devanshi
lips to tease Swara and run from there waving his hand.
“Omg! Devuuu! what is that ? you get your first kiss already ?” Devanshi only quite but
her cheeks turned soo red, nodded. “don’t you have it ? ” she asked innocently.
“No..i’ll wait to Sanskar to kiss me!” Swara said in low voice dreaming as somehow she was
imagining Sanskar when saw devdaan.
“Whaatt ? what did you say ?” Devanshi surprised.
“Naa.. uughh i’m waiting for you since few hours ago!” Swara dragged her twin sister to
their room.

“Can you tell me about Sanskar ?” Swara asked after sometimes she waited Devanshi to freshen
up.” Ohhooo.. my twin sister interesting to boy now!” Devanshi threw herself on bed, joined
Swara.” Stop teasing me! hurry up tell me na!” Swara beat her playfully, blushed.
“Ok! well i’m not much knowing him, but he is single, nice and he is Vardhaan’s brother,
anything else ?” Devanshi smiled teasingly.
“Whaatt ? he is monster’s brother ? how come ?” Swara perplexed.”Wait! so today you meet
his parent na ? tell me their parent!” she was enthusiasm.
“Unfortunatelly no!” Devanshi said sadly. “Why?”
“They aren’t real brother, only cousin, Vardhaan is Chaudary meanwhile Sanskar is Maheswary,
and their both families seem to have enmity, that’s why we don’t close to Sanskar!” Devanshi
explained, “Do you need my favor ?” She pulled Swara’s leg.
“Huh! noo.. i will do it myself! i want to taste the fruit of love effort!” Swara said
in determinant face proudly.
“waahhh…someone turn to be wise because of love!” Devanshi chuckled.
“i told you that i know about love.” Swara pulled her cheeks, “Now tell me about your
future family in law!” Devanshi blushed hard then both sibling engaged on stories, gossips,
everything as usual.


Next few days, life went in smooth way for 4 of them. Vardhaan and Devanshi enjoyed their
relationship, little bit romance or study, but life changed for Swara and Sanskar.
Swara had extra work, doing investigation about Sanskar, where was he live, his habit,
meanwhile Sanskar suffered by his love feeling for his brother’s girl friend, guilty and
jealous yet frustrated to face Devanshi.

Afternoon, Devanshi and Sanskar had rehearsal schedule. Sanskar felt so nerveous to facing
Devanshi, he didn’t know what to do, he didn’t know how to handle his feeling toward her,
moreover they should get closer being dance partner.
But for his surprise, he felt normal being so close to her somehow, despite, his nervous
feeling distracted him to make some mistake during their practice session which made
Devanshi in doubt.
“Anything happen sanskar ? you made many mistake today!” Devanshi asked him calmly on
their break time. “Nothing !” he avoid to face her, covered by drinking water.
“You can tell me if you have any problem!” She insisted.
He composed himself to face her, but felt confused to see something missing on her,
Where is the spark on her eyes gone ? now it full of calmness! Sanskar’s mind wondered.
“I’m OK Vanshi! can we just stop this practice now, i have to go!” Devanshi nodded.
Sanskar tidied up his bag and left.
Devanshi felt weird with Sanskar’s behavior but shoved it away, she called Vardhaan that
her rehearsal over early.

Sanskar sat on bench in front of a pani puri stall after one hectic day when suddenly he
heard someone called him, “Sanskar! oh my god! you are here ? it’s so coincidence !”
Swara walked toward him cheerfully. Coincidence my foot! Swara’s mind giggled to remind
how she turned to be a stalker and came to know that sanskar likes to stop by this stall
at his way home.
“Vanshi! are you here too!” Sanskar surprised yet felt goosebump to see her glowing face.
God Sanskar! she is belong to Vardhaan! she is belong to Vardhaan! his mind slapped him
to the reality.
“Where is Vardhaan ?” he asked, surpressed his jealousy.
“Vardhaan ? i don’t know! huh! why should you always bring this monster name!” Swara pout.
But then she realized that Sanskar misunderstood her to be Devanshi.
“Monster ?” Sanskar confused.
“I call him monster!” Swara grinned, “hmm..better we order the pani puri first right ?
i’m starving!” Sanskar nodded in agree then walked toward the seller to order.
This is wrong Sanskar! his mind scolded him as he felt happy to see Devanshi alone,
Whatever! just enjoy this moment Sanskar! his heart retorted. He sighed, seeing Swara’s
face then decided that his heart is the winner. He back to Swara, brought yummy pani puri
and put it on table. Swara made little clap, murmured “thank you” then took the plate in
excitement. sanskar only saw her very act in amusement, starred at her way of eating.

“what? ” Swara stopped her eating when she felt Sanskar’s intense gaze on her.
“Can i ask you something ? why you are so different! i mean you kinda changed ! ” Sanskar
couldn’t hold his curiousity more.
Swara startled with Sanskar’s query, she cleaned her hand with tissue, her face turned to
be serious.
“Well i should talk to you, i wish you didn’t angry to me as actually…….ouuuch!” Swara
wanted to tell the truth when a ball hit her head suddenly. Some kids run to her in worried.

“Sorry didi! we didn’t do that intentinally!” they said in unison.
“Sorry ha ? don’t you know how to kick and the gate’s place ? ” Swara yelled at them.
She took the ball, walked away to the play ground beside the stall then kicked the ball to
the gate, “aanndd.. Gooaall!!!” she shouted and jumped.
“I’am 1 and you all zero!” swara said in teased way. All kids who thought that Swara was
angry only opened their mouth surprising to see Swara.
“Didi, since when you play against us ?” they protested.
“Since just now!” swara grinned, “You accept this or i’ll report you to police to spoil
my cute face ha ?” she turned to fake anger.
“Huh! it’s unfair!” one of them complained.
“Ohhoo.. noway! don’t you ever heard that everything is fair in love and war? ” Swara
retorted back, with attitude.
“But teacher said that we should fair in sport na ?”
“Huh! it is so ? i never heard that! i must be sleeping when teacher said that!” She put
her finger at her chin, pretending to think, “Whatever ah! you should allow me to join!”
She run to the middle ground and shouted to them, “Come on! i’ll treat you all ice cream
later!” which made all kids follow her in excitement.
“sanskaarr! you wanna join ? ” She waved to him from far, Sanskar shook his head, waved
his hand. She smiled, continued her game. He admired every of her movement and her antic
silently from his bench.

They enjoyed the game for sometimes until Swara got call. She stopped the game then gave
money to kids for ice creams she promised.
“I should go now!” swara said in hurry to Sanskar when heading him to take her bag.
“sorry and thank you for treat! see you soon!” Sanskar only nodded as he puzzled with
this sudden situation in front of him, his eyes followed the hurry Swara until she
dissapear from his sight.
God! i love this crazy girl! he murmured remembering her silly actions, But she belong to
Vardhaan! he turned to be sad and jealous, remember the fact.

Damn it! i forgot to tell the truth to Sanskar! Swara yelled to herself once she realized
that she missed the opportunity to tell him that she is Swara and want to be his friend.
Ugghh! i must tell him on next meeting! she determined.


Vardhaan felt surprised when Devanshi called him as it was the rehearsal time for her.
He went to the dance hall hurriedly to meet Devanshi.
“what happen Vanshi? why your rehearsal canceled ?” he asked to Devanshi once he meet her
in front of the hall.
“Sanskar doesn’t show up today! do you know what happen to him ?” Devanshi asked sound
“I don’t know, but he attend the class this morning! something wrong ?” Vardhaan shrugged.
Vardhaan and Sanskar are classmate.
“Ummm, i don’t know but he acted weird on our last rehearsal, seem something bothering
him! maybe something happen to your uncle family? ” Devanshi said in concern.
“No, i didn’t hear anything and Even he avoid me on class this few days also!” Vardhaan’s
statemment grown a curiousity on them.

“Ah forget Sanskar na! let’s we enjoy this extra time of romance, right Jaan ?!” Vardhaan
whispered huskily, he tried to cheer up his love as she is too sensitive about people’s
matters, a crimson red color oozed to Devanshi’s cheeks.
“Shameless! better we go to library!” She hit him playfully.
“Hmmm.. romance in library ? let’s we try!” Vardhaan winked, Devanshi cuckled to see it.
Both walked to library hand in hand.
There was a pair of eyes watching them behind pillar, little far away., sanskar’s eyes.
He felt broken and so jealous to see their togetherness.


Never ending exam along week made Swara so upset as she couldn’t meet Sanskar due her
hectic schedule, so, she sent a gift for Sanskar to express her feeling.
Sanskar was arriving at home when he saw a package on table for him. he grabbed it on
the way to his room.
“Let’s see what is this!” he unwrapped it in curiousity. His eyes glowed suddenly to see
the gift, “oh my god! newest edition of marvel comic? who sent this?” he took a note
from it.

please enjoy it

your admirer

“Huh! no name!” he sighed, “and who is my admirer ? if only the sender is Devanshi,”
he faintly smiled, but then his heart wrenched in pain to realized the reality.


Time passed in happiness for Devdaan, agony for Sanskar whenever he saw Devdaan and hectic
schedule for Swara until it’s end.
Swara decided to meet Sanskar at pani pury stall on her last day of exam.
“Sanskaar” she called his name, and run toward his table only to see Sanskar busy on
“Hai, you are here again ?” Sanskar smiled in uncomfort manner as he didn’t want to hurt
himself again by Swara’s presence.
“Yups, but it’s not coincidence as i want to talk to you about something!” Swara grinned.
“Oh OK! talk then!” sanskar put his magazine aside, but Swara’s face changed to notice
the magazine, “Waaa.. you read the comic i sent to you ? ” she shouted in excitement.
“what? it’s from you ?” Sanskar startled. Swara smiled sheepily and nodded.
Swara’s answer made him furious, he felt being played by her, she called herself his admirer
but in the same time she did romance with his brother.
He stood abrutly in rage, threw the magazine to Swara, yelled “How could you do that ?”
and walked away ignoring confused Swara.
“Sanskaar! wait! i want to talk to you!” she run after him.
“Get lost! i don’t want to talk to you anymore!” he yelled again made Swara scared and
numb on the spot.
“What’s wrong with him ? he doesn’t like the gift ? but he read it na!” she confused, her
eyes turned moist feeling disappointed, “wait! he think that i’m Devu! did he hate her ?
did something wrong with them ?” she rubbed her forehead ,”oh god! it’s so confusing”
She took deep breath to composing herself then ordered the pani pury, no matter how sad
the situation, we should eat, right ! silly Swara.


Next day, afternoon Devanshi sat alone at college garden sadly when Vardhaan found her.
“Jaan! what wrong with you ?” vardhaan cupped her cheek worriedly.
“I just come to know that Sanskar draw back from this dance competition,” Devanshi said
almost crying.
“Whaatt ?? no way! he loves dance ! it can’t be happen! do you know the reason ? ” Vardhaan
“I don’t meet him yet, i don’t know his reason,” Devanshi took a deep breath,”can you
please talk to him ? i felt something bothered him this few days.”
“Sure, i will talk to him after class over, you don’t worry OK ? ” Vardhaan gave assured
smile, “But maybe it’s difficult to find other partner in this short time” he sighed.
“Better you talk to him first, wish we can help him to solve the problem right ? maybe
he will back as i don’t want to make adjustment with new partner. ” Devanshi said wisely.
“Even i don’t want to see you with other boys except my brother.” Vardhaan made a face,
Devanshi couldn’t help but pull his cheeks, amused.

Afternoon, as his promise, Vardhaan called Sanskar after class over.
“Sanskar! i want to talk to you!” Vardhaan stood beside Sanskar’s chair while Sanskar
busy with his bag.
“But i don’t want to talk to you!” Sanskar stood up, walked away ignored him.
“Sanskaar!” Vardhaan bit shouted to see his ignorance, “what happen to you ? why you draw
back from the competition ?” he followed Sanskar, tried to be calm.
“Mind your own business! don’t try to interfere,” Sanskar said annoyingly.
“I should! no matter what i’m your brother!” Vardhaan started to loosing control.
“You are not my brother you got that ?” Sanskar yelled to hear word “brother” as somehow
he felt he is not good brother for Vardhaan by betray him.
Vardhaan fumed in anger yet sad to hear Sanskar’s statement, how could he doesn’t count
him as a brother, he felt the pain of dejection. “I’m not your brother ? OK fine! i just
try to talk to you as Devanshi asked me to do so!”
Heard “Devanshi” name, Sanskar lost control,” Oh Devanshi ? so now she made you her slave
to talk to me ?i advice you to leave her before you regret it!”
“Sanskaaaar! mind your word!” Vardhaan hold Sanskar’s collar almost punch his face, luckily
there were some boys who separated them immediatelly.
Vardhaan struggle to release himself yelled to Sanskar, “Dare no to spoke nonsense about
Devanshi or i’ll show you the worst!”
Sanskar only walked away after he got released, i’m facing the worst now, brother!
his mind yelled out the pain, his eyes became moist.
“What happen to him, how can he speak nonsense about Devanshi!” Vardhaan grumbled after
his friend released him.

Devanshi waited Vardhaan at garden when Kavita’s gang approached her, she started her
bullying session, “look at this cheap girl, she is waiting Vardhaan or Sanskar guys ?”
“Stop talking nonsense Kavita! it’s you the cheap one! try to flirt to boys but no one
interesting in you!” Devanshi said mockingly. Kavita stammped her foot in anger.
“Be calm Kav! maybe after this she will cry and ask Vardhaan to punch you kinda she asked
him to beat Sanskar because he refused to be her partner!” Sakshi tapped Kavita’s shoulder,
her news made Devanshi perplexed and broken, Oh god! they are fighting because of me?
Devanshi screamed on her mind.
“Poor Vardhaan, she made him as her slave but she give nothing in return, only crying,
crying and crying,so boring, such a big burden for Vardhaan! challo guys leave her” Sakshi
taunted her more tried to create mess in Devanshi mind and she success to break Devanshi.
After their departure, Devanshi couldn’t hold her tears, she felt horrible to think that
Sakshi’s words were right, that she gave sadness to Vardhaan’s life.


Night,the twin room, same as previous occasion, Devanshi asked and pleaded to Swara to
replace her AGAIN, not for attending class or something but for going out with Vardhaan
“Look Devu, people called me as the crazy one, but you are the crazy one now! how could you
ask me to go with Vardhaan ? what your plan ha ?” Swara was out of mind to hear Devanshi’s
odd demand this time.
“Please Shonaa! only this time na! i’ll follow you both from distance, please!” Devanshi
sound desparated.
“You ask me to go with him and you ‘ll follow us ? you upto something, right ? omg!don’t
say that you want to give test to Vardhaan’s love ?” Swara’s widened in disbelief, Devanshi
only nodded, her eyes briemmed with tears.
‘It’s wrong Devu! you knew it right ? what happen na tell me the problem ?” Swara said
calmly, she felt bad to see tears at Devanshi eyes, but Devanshi shook her head refused to
give explanation.
“Hmmm… OK i’ll do it! but please tell me about it later! i don’t want to see any problem
between you both!” Swara let sigh out, she knew well that her calm sister is stubborn to
decide something. Devanshi shed her tears murmured thank you to her twinny.

“You know what Devu ? it’s not fair, you drag me on your love problem, but here i kept my
love problem myself!” Swara said casually to tease her sister, but regret it next second
as Devanshi raised an interogation to her, “Do you have problem ? with who ? did you meet
Sanskar again ? did he reject you ? did he know the truth ?” Devanshi socked feeling guilty
as she knew nothing about her twin problem.
“Relax Devu! huh! i just teasing you! ” Swara was laughing to cover her outbrust.
“Are you sure ? really tell me about you and Sanskar ? ” Devanshi insisted.
“Yups! nothing to worry na, better you tell what should i do tomorrow!” Swara smiled faintly,
Sorry Devu! i don’t want to trouble you more with my problem! her heart said apologictly.
Then both engaged themself for tomorrow plan.


Swara wore Devanshi’s dress when vardhaan picked her up next early evening from her mansion.
Both went to a mall for shopping as vardhaan want to buy a present for his sister.
Swara tried best to be calm as Devanshi till begining, but a cute crop top dress that
hanging on display rack little away from her spot distracted her, made her couldn’t help
herself to run toward it forgetting the surrounding, some dress were fallen by her clumsiness.

“Vanshii ? what happen to you ?” Vardhaan said in concern to see the recent happening, he
helped Swara to clean the mess, “You know what ? i notice that you are acting weird since
then, don’t say that your crazy sister contaminate you already ?” Vardhaan was sound in
doubt. Oo… you busted Swara, she murmured under breath.
“Wooh.. nothing Vardhaan, i just to excited with that dress, i want to give it to Shona!”
Swara surprised herself to her ability creating such lie.
“Ohh.. i thought you are contaminate her crazyness, careless and clumsy, rude just look
like lady gabbar or donkey!” Vardhaan’s statement brought a heat on Swara, she greeted her
teeth to surpressed her feeling. She wanted to punch him hard but, Relax Swaraaa! you are
Devanshi now! her mind scolded her.
“But it’s good, right ?” Swara tried to defence herself.
“Yaa,, it’s good if you live at jungle.” Vardhaan burst out laugh. Swara left Vardhaan,
walked away from there try to composed herself, Wait and watch later monster! she grumbled.

Swara stood on a queie line little long in front of cashier when suddenly a boy cut the
line, stood in front of her. She irritated with people breaking rule, so she started her
lecture session, tapped that boy shoulder, ” Don’t you have manner about queie line, ha ?
come late gets last, don’t you understand that rule ?” She taunted him.
“Sorry, but i’m in hurry!” the boy answered in casual which made Swara in rage.
“It’s not just you! if we can count, everyone are in hurry, maybe a child is waiting this
didi or maybe that uncle should go home fast, but here everyone have manner and patient!”
Swara shouted, the boy’s face turned pale. Swara felt a doubtful gaze from Vardhaan upon
her hitting her sense.
“Woohh..sorry actually my mom need this medichine!” the boy said in scared tone, showed the
medichine on his hand. Swara’s face turned calm due 2 reason, Vardhaan’s gaze and the
medicine, “Hmmm…. give the medichine to me, i’ll send it to cashier along with mine, It’s
OK ? you no need to break the rule then.” Swara said calmly, grinned to Vardhaan. The boy
gave the medichine to Swara happily then walked to corner, waiting Swara.

Swara and Vardhaan went to food court after shopping session ending. In the middle of their
way, Swara saw a person, made her face glowing in happiness, “Sanskaaar!” she called him
in excitement, run toward him. Sanskar was happy to meet her but his face turned on gloomy
suddenly to see Vardhaan there.
“I want talk to you please!” Swara said to him when she get closer.
“but i don’t want!” Sanskar talked rudely then started to leave her when he heard her next
words, ” come with me or i’ll scream!” she threatened him. Sorry Sanskar, i should do this!
i should to explain everthing before to late! she talked to herself felt guilty.
Sanskar had no option but follow her and Vardhaan to food court, both Sanskar and vardhaan
only silent and glance each others full in enmity.

“OK! talk!” Sanskar said anoyyedly to Swara once they sat on the corner of food court.
Swara took a deep breath composed herself, then, ” I just want to say to you that..” suddenly
she realized something, that she couldn’t revealed her identity as she was Devanshi those
time, Damn it! her mind screamed.
“You want to tell me what ?” Sanskar seemed lost his patient.
“Umm.. let me order food first! OK ?” Swara grabbed the menu in front of her, pretended to
choose the food, her mind tried to create any idea to out this mess, “corn chesse, pizza,
or spagetti ? hmm which one i should choose!” she acted kinda thinking. Both Vardhaan and
Sanskar irked to see her act.

Vardhaan folded his hand on his chest,”Swara!” he called her, but Swara was out of sense,
replied, “hmmmmm”
“where is Devanshi ?” Vardhaan asked again.
“I dunno” Swara was still busy looking at the menu, ignoring him, out of sense.
“Swaraaaa!” Vardhaan yelled at her.
“Whaat!” she retorted, turned her look to him realizing that she was busted. She grinned,
scared to see Vardhaan.
“Hei… don’t be so rude!” Sanskar couldn’t stand to hear Vardhaan yelled to Swara.
“Stay out of it Sanskar!” Vardhaan warned him.
“Where is Devanshii!” again Vardhaan asked her again.
“She is Devanshi only, why did you call her Swara ?” Sanskar asked confusingly.
“woohh.. she is.. she is..!” Swara lost her words only smiled faintly to Sanskar, feeling
guilty. Suddenly Devanshi stepped out from behind pilar, her head down felt scare and guilty
facing Vardhaan. She walked toward Vardhaan who gaze her in rage. Sanskar surprised yet
perplexed to see 2 Devanshi in front of him. Swara turned her face to Sanskar saying, “We
are twin.”, but Sanskar shot her an angry look then walked away from there in anger.

“Sanskaar waitt!! please let me explain !” Swara chased Sanskar leaving her sister with
Vardhaan alone. “Sanskar please stop! give me chance to explain.” Swara pleaded still
chasing him until garden. Sanskar stopped then turned to Swara , “Oh finally care to explain,
after fooling me.. Ms Swara, right ?” Sanskar mocked painfully, Swara bent down her face,
her eyes moist, she felt pain to hurt someone she loves.
“I’m sorry, i didn’t mean to hide it! it’s just the situation that forced me…” Swara’s
words incomplete as Sanskar Snapped, “Was that you who dance tango with me ?” Swara nodded.
“Was that you who came to pani puri stall ?” Swara again nodded.

Sanskar closed his eyes and took a deep breath to composed his tears, “Don’t you know what
i should going through this few weeks ha ? can you imagine how suffer i’am to think that
i’m fall in love to Devanshi, my brother’s girl friend ? how jealous i’m to see their
togetherness every day without knowing the fact that i’m FALLING IN LOVE to YOU..just you!”
He yelled at her in pain to remember his agony.
Swara kept mum in guilty yet startled and no bound happiness to hear Sanskar’s statement,
he confessed his love, she was in tears to know that he loves her too.
“And I LOVE YOU too!” Swara closed her eyes, shouted that magical words, felt scared about
his reaction.

“Don’t you know how guilty i’m to betray my brother, to backstabbed…” Sanskar was still
yelling but stopped when he heard Swara, ” What did you say ?” Sanskar stumbled, “tell me
again!” he was disbelief his ear.
“I..I love you too Sanskar!” Swara repeated it, the tears flowed down continously wetting
her cheeks.

Sanskar dazed for a moment to hear it, the confession of his lady love, his soulmate loves
him, it’s beyond his imagination, he pulled closer her body, put it on his embrace tightly,
all of his pain shoved away replaced by happiness.”Oh God! thank you! i love you Swara!”
Swara burried her face on his embrace more, “I love you too, sorry for everything”

After sometimes, Sanskar jerked her away, “But i can’t forgive you!”
“What ? noo.. please forgive me Sanskar!” Swara shocked and gulped, She hold both her ear,
giving him puppy eyes, he couldn’t help but melted to see her innocent face.
“Ugghhh OK then, i forgive you with one condition!” Sanskar sighed, ” you should to be my
girlfriend,” he whispered naughtyly. Swara opened her mouth surprised, she whispered back,
“Only that ? i even ready to be your mother’s daughter in law” winked, then run away from
there leaving the shocked Sanskar, laughing.
Sanskar startled for a moment to see Swara’s act, What is this Sanskaar ? she always a step
ahead from you! his mind mocked him, astonished. This pagal girl! Sanskar murmured and
chuckled, then run following her.

On the other side, Vardhaan walked away ignoring Devanshi who stood in front of him with
teary eyes. He went to a dark corner of the food court to avoid people. Devanshi followed
him in silent.
“What is this Vanshi ? what’s your plan ?” Vardhaan shouted.
Devanshi gulped in fear,”I’m….i’m..sooo ssorry Vardhaan!” said in chocked, her head bent
“Chup! i don’t need your sorry, i want explanation!” again he shouted.
“I ..i can’t face you, i’m..i’m burden in your life!” Devanshi’s tears flowed continously
“What? what your talking about ?” Vardhaan shocked, widened his eyes.
“Maybe..maybe it’s better if we are separated,” Devanshi said in chocked voice.
“Whaattt ???? are out of mind ? what’s wrong with you ?” Vardhaan couldn’t hold his anger,
he hold Devanshi’s shoulder tightly. She couldn’t stop crying. Saw Devanshi’s tears,
Vardhaan composed himself as he can’t bear it.
“OK! OK! calm down now, stop crying and tell me what the problem ? you don’t love me
anymore ?” Devanshi nodded, but then shook her head as she saw Vardhaan shoot her with
painfull eyes.
“I..I love you Vardhaan, but i want you to be happy!”
“And you think my happiness is to separated with you ? God!! what is this Vanshi! how
can you decide that about me, about my love ?” Vardhaan yelled in frustration.
“I’m bad Vardhaan! i made you fighting with your brother, i’m weak that i only know to
crying and make you in hurdle everytime with my problem,” Devanshi seemed so vulnerable.

“Oh my God! is this the problem ?” Vardhaan tried to understand her situation, then chupped
her cheeks,” I love you Vanshi, i love you so much, not about your body or your face but
i love all of you, your calmness, your maturity makes me fall in love with you and you are
not weak, strengthen is not about phisic, that you can punch or shout or whatever, it’s
about heart, when you can bear every hurdle on your life wholeheartly without complain,
it’s called strengthen,” He gave a warm smiled, assured her, ” You know what ? you are
strong girl, in this 2 years in college, you can bear and facing other’s bulliying without
falling down, without fear, you just ignored them without create any mess, made them
frustrated, so….” Vardhaan lift up Devanshi’s chin, made her to look at him straight at
eyes, “Never underestimate this Devanshi’s power and never insult my love with this silly
thing, understand? ” Devanshi nodded vigoriously yet her tears still flowing. Vardhaan
felt relief.

“Now stop crying!” Vardhaan shed her tears, kissed her forehead then hugged her tightly.
Devanshi hugged back feeling so grateful. “By the way, if i did something for you,it’s
my love feeling for you because i love you!” He whispered, made her burried more on his
embrace, “i love you too”, smiled and blushed. They hugged for sometime but Devanshi pulled
herself remembered something, “But i’m boring girl, right ?” She sad.
Vardhaan shocked for awhile then chuckled, ” indeed you are boring,” Devanshi’s face more
sad to listen it, “But i love to spend my whole life with this boring girl than all of
any girl, moreover your crazy sister” He pulled her chubby cheek, she had nothing but
blushing and smiling.

“EHmmmm…..Ehhmmmmm..” a voice disturbing them, both looked at the source of voice only
to see Swara stood there with annoyed face. “Talk about devil and devil comes.” Vardhaan
whispered to Devanshi’s ear, made her amused and tried to surpresse her laugh.
“Badmouthing me ha ?” Swara asked in upset, Devanshi murmured sorry meanwhile Vardhaan just
nodded vigorously teasing her.
“Huh! whatever! Devuu come here let me introduce you to someone!” Swara dragged Devanshi,
leaving Vardhaan.
“This is Sanskar, my boy friend!” Swara was shy pointed to Sanskar who walked closer to them.
“Whatt ? oh my god! congrat Shona!” Devanshi shouted in happiness then hugged Swara tight.
“And congrat to you too Sanskar!” Devanshi said after releasing their hug, she looked
Swasan in disbelief yet happy.

“Thank you Vanshi and i’m sorry!” Sanskar took a glance toward Vardhan who gazed him with
“Sorry for what ? for drawing back being my partner ? it’s OK! Sanskar!” Devanshi smiled.
“It’s not about the dance, but i’m sorry for badmouthing you in front of Vardhaan,”
Sanskar felt uncomfortable,” i don’t know that you are twin, so i thought that you were
playing Vardhaan and me, that’s why i talked nonsense about you and draw back from
competition as i felt guilty to betray my brother.”
Before Devanshi replied, Vardhaan snapped “So, i’m still your brother ha ?”, felt surprised,
Sanskar answered it quickly, “Of course you are!” then he remembered about his awful statement
that day to Vardhaan, “I’m soorry about my words, i don’t mean it!”
“Damn it!!” Vardhaan yelled, pulled Sanskar’s collar made Swara and Devanshi in horor.
But suddenly Vardhaan hugged him. ” Never talk about nonsense again, stupid!” Sanskar only
nodded, hugged him back, overwhelmed that they united again as brother.
After sometimes, both released the hug, “this chaos must be happen because your crazy..”
Vardhaan turned to see her love, but both twin gone already.
“Where were both? ” Sanskar and Vardhaan looked to and fro the both sister only found them
already sat on chairs little far from them, fighting over menu.
“Don’t be shock! those sisters so different but they have 2 F similarity, face and food,”
Vardhaan amused to see Sanskar’s shocked face, “Let’s me show you something!” He dragged
Sanskar toward both sister and said ,”Bukhaad!!!”
Both sisters turned to them, yelled in unison, “Being bukhaad is the best thing” cheerfully
then both Hi-Fi, burst out laughing.
Sanskar’s jaw dropped, elbowed Vardhaan slightly, “i never know that your boring gf can do
this!” Devanshi pouted to hear Sanskar’s word.
“It’s your crazy gf influence” Vardhaan replied, both burst out laughing then Hi-Fi.
Swara stood up and stammped her foot to beat them, but Devanshi hold her, shook her head
and signaled something to Swara. The four enjoyed their times.


Sanskar and Vardhaan sat on Bose mansion’s living room, waited their princesses to dress up
as they will go together for Sanskar and Devanshi’s last rehearsal before the competition
next day after tomorrow, patiently.
That patient paid when they saw their girls shown up on the upstair looking so breathtaking,
one of them wearing a beautiful saree, so elegant and the other one wearing simple pant
with crop top dress, so georgious. Both Vardhaan and Sanskar mesmerized to see them.

The girl with saree came down the stair, smiled and walked closer toward Vardhaan, but
Vardhaan ignored her, walked away to upstair, coming closer to the girl with simple dress,
smiled at her made both girls perplexed.
“Vardhaaan! it’s me Devanshi!” the girl with saree shouted and pouted to see Vardhaan
ignoring her, but then she shocked when Sanskar walked closer to her and hug side her,
whispered, “Are you sure, Ms Swara Bose ?” winked. Swara widened her eyes, her cheeks turned
red in blush, but she covered with pout, “how do you know it!” both boys burst out laughing
to hear Swara’s statement.

“Don’t underestimate my love for you!” Sanskar pulled Swara’s cheek cutely. Meanwhile
Vardhaan hold Devanshi’s shoulders,” And my Devanshi won’t comfort with this type of dress”
he said lovingly. Both sisters felt overwhelming with love from their partner, forgeting
their flop plan. Vardhaan hugged side Devanshi and both walked down stair joined Swasan.

“Wait! but you didn’t recognize Shona when she replaced me those time, right ?” Devanshi
asked to Vardhaan teasingly.
“Who said ? i knew it but i let it go!” Vardhaan said proudly, ” i think you must be have
a reason to do so, but when i saw you hide behind pillar, i couldn’t hold it more!”
Devanshi looked at him apologiticly.” Moreover i can badmouthing your crazy sister in front
of her, oh my god Jaaannn! her upset face soo priceless, she couldn’t even payback!”
then laugh echoed the room.

Swara’s eyes widened and full of fire to hear it, she took her chappal trying to beat
Vardhaan, but he run away already. Tom and Jerry was happening on Bose’s living room,
run and chase games took over Vardhaan and SWara, Sanskar and Devanshi only giggled to see
their respective partner.
Vardhaan hide behind Sanskar, made Sanskar’s body as a shield, teasing Swara.” Please save
me, Bro!” he whispered to Sanskar’s ear. When Swara stood closer in front of Sanskar to
beat Vardhaan, Sanskar catched Swara’s waist to let Vardhaan run away to Devanshi which
then dragged him to upstair as she wanted to change her dress.

“Sanskaaar! let me beat that monster na!” Swara tried to release herself from Sanskar’s
grip, her face turned to and fro looking for Vardhaan, but Sanskar didn’t waste the
opportunity to kiss her cheeks, “How about me!” he whispered huskily kissing her earlobe,
Swara only numb as shocking, her body was shivering with his touch, “Sans,,kar,, what are
you doing ?” She stammered and shy, trying to push him, but Sanskar pulled her closer
instead.”Doing romance with my love!” they shared lovingly eyelocks for sometimes,” can
i kiss you!” sanskar asked in calm and husky voice, Swara nodded slighty in shyness and
closed her eyes providing her rosy petal lips.
Sanskar captured her lips slowly and smoothly, a sweet, gentle first kiss, being depart
after sometimes, both shared eyelock, smiled lovingly then again moulded their lips on
another kiss, the passionate one.

“OOOhhh, they are so cute, right ? ” Devanshi said dreamingly, She and Vardhaan pepped
Swasan from Devanshi’s room. “Ha,..can we do the same ? ” Vardhaan whispered huskily. Her
face turned red tomatoes. “Silly! they are new couple na, we are over that stages already!”
she hit him playfully.” Woah! don’t say we will do next level!” Vardhaan said in fake shock,
teased her. She widened her eyes, blushing more, “Shameless!” but then both engaged themself
on a passionate kiss.

———————-THE END—————————————————-

nothing to say..JUST LOVE YOU ALL…

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    1. Mica

      Thank you soo much Navuuu… huh! who is Yaz ? is she SNY ? send my pinch on her cheeks please.. thank you soomuch

  24. Meera_s

    Awesome story dear

    1. Mica

      thank you so much dear

  25. Kakali

    Waaaaaaa.! Can I make a deal with you?? Yooo, you teach me tango and I will teach you Naagin dance!?..! You know m blushing soo hard not being able to imagine Anyone except SwaSan!!
    Anyway, the combo was too good Micaaa.! To be frank I totally enjoyed reading!! It was too much fun to read specially cursing u to have curly hair!! :D..!
    Loved it Bae!! Hope now ur old lappy is fit and fine and u can continue ur FB/ Friend request wala TS..!!*crocodile hug..!!
    Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Mica

      huh! i told you i have naagin phobia naaa… so stop offering it.. i don’t want back to therapy πŸ˜€
      Huh! how do you know that i was searching much to combine tango with Hindi song… huft it’s took few time to make it, but then i couldn’t pull myself to be “Wow” πŸ˜€
      told you, there is a video on youtube step up tango, just try to combine it with sun sathiyaa song….it’s just perfect, imagine it’s Swasan and swara twirled around over and over in the middle of the music.. god damn it!!!!! thank you so much

  26. Vyshu10


    1. Mica

      thank you vyshu….. but no hidden hint in this story πŸ˜€

      1. Vyshu10

        Its gud that there is no hidden hint…it simple and sweet. Y to complicate the story using reptiles?

  27. awesome os..tc..

    1. Mica

      thank you dear, happy weekend

  28. Swarna01

    Amazing. Both couple r so sweet. Specially our swasan. Amazing.

    1. Mica

      Swrarnaaa.. you are soo right, thank ou so much

  29. Deeksha

    Awesome….!!!!!!! Awesome…..!!!!!! Awesome…..!!!!!

    1. Mica

      thank you!!!! thank you!!1 thank you!!!!

  30. Thedreamsoul

    This is the first time I am reading a ff which is not related to IB . This was so cute dear and I was laughing so hard . I loved this swara completely and Vardhan and her bond was crazy . Confusing episode ! A crazy story and it was awesome and keep writing !

    1. Mica

      Waaaa…. thank you so much dreamy to read my story…..huh! you confuse to read it ????
      No Doubt!!! even as author i confused too to read it πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
      thank you so much again

      1. Thedreamsoul

        Welcome dearie btw my name is Sana πŸ™‚

    2. Mica

      uughhhh.. Hi sana, finally got your name πŸ˜€

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