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Hola guys I am sat
How are you all. I know you are all angry at me since I didn’t not post my ff. I promise it will be day after tomorrow
For now I just got an idea and I am starting this new ff. It is somewhat related to my life. So i am here with the promo

Person: Annika, your time is over, u need to accept me

Annika: Shivaay!! Please, u know I don’t believe in this relationships and stuff.

Shivaay: Annika don’t repeat the same lines again!! I gave you time, I gave you space!! I gave you freedom

Annika: (with tears in her eyes) I can’t do it!! I am not yet ready. Please leave me

Shivaay: (holding her) annika just stop!! Stop it I say, I won’t leave u. I want u. I only want u

Annika: (panting) shivaay, don’t try to talk like husband, i am exhausted, exhausted running away from u.!! U r no one to me. U r just some friend!!

Shivaay: just friends!!! What do u mean by just friends!!! Huh!!
You know annika I love u, I love u so much. I can do anything for u, and I will do everything to make u mine

Annika: (turning weak) shivaay, I am not interested in all these stuff, please leave me shivaay, I can’t face anymore. Please shivaay

Her eyes are becoming red. She is panting, she is weak on her knees, you can easily identify that she has run the whole university just by seeing her rate of breath..her eyes were pleading him to release her, but no, he was adamant, adamant on his choice. He is not ready to leave her soon. He is gone mad at her. If not her, it is no one for him. She is his world. His patience is exhausted now. He can’t wait for her anymore. He wants her to commit to him now, right now!!!

Annika got a chance, she tried hard, she was weeping badly, very bad. She bent down fast and ran away, ran away fast through the empty corridors.
She was trying her level best, her knees were paining, she is tired, tired running since half an hour. But she has no other option, her energy levels were decreasing down…..still she is running trying to escape from the devil and cursing her fate continuously

Shivaay: you didn’t do it right annika,!!!! You didnt do it right!!!! You shouldn’t have ran, I want u

He ran back of her as he completely lost his heart to her. He cant live without her. He wants her at any cost. He doesn’t want to lose her any means. Either get her or die

He is running behind her. Screams of the poor deer is barely audible. The tiger is fast, faster than a cheetah this time. He caught her through waist and held her tight. She was beating him continuously pleading him to let her go. No, he won’t.

Shivaay: annika, don’t you dare try to run away from me. I want u. U r my life. Y don’t you understand. Just listen to me dammit!!!

Annika: shivaay, please, I don’t want to, I won’t. Leave me, I have to go. I have many works. Try to understand. Don’t compel me in such sensitive matters

Shivaay: just because it is a sensitive matter, I gave you time to think about it. But it didn’t matter to u. U were not affective. I poured you love. Loads of love. I didn’t snatch your freedom, I took the punishments for you, I protected you, just because I love you from my heart, not for your beauty. Can’t u see the love and care in my eyes

Annika: no i can’t, I said no, I mean it, I never saw you as my life partner, you were my friend just a friend, not more than that, and it is a duty of a friend to protect when I am in trouble. I know I am weak, but please don’t trouble me, I am not strong enough to handle you. What all I can say is leave me, I am begging you.

Shivaay: (pulling her more closer) (now they could feel each other’s breath, they r more close, her tears can run down through his neck, while their noses are just milli metres apart) I want to marry u annika, or else I will die

Annika’s pov
She was dumbstruck, will he die?? Is he going nuts over me. Why is he behind me, what special feature he had seen in me that made him go head over heels for me. I am startled!!! What is he UpTo. I know he is very close to me. Holding my waist is not a little thing. I never allowed anyone to do that. But I can’t escape from his clutches. I thought for a while though his extra closeness is continuously disturbing me, I know he is rubbing his forehead to mine but I was deeply stuck in my thoughts. What am I supposed to do?? Anyways why will he die? He has such a good family, he won’t die, at least for his brothers. I know he is obsessed but I can’t help it I am not going to sacrifice my career. And I dont want to marry anyone. I want to be independent. I know he wont die. Somewhere in the corner of my heart, I am doubting if he would. But I brushed all those thoughts away. Wait!! He still didn’t leave me. I am exhausted

Annika: (gaining courage) go do whatever you want, I don’t care. Just leave me now

He left her in a second and she started walking fast. He shouted annika!!!!
She turned and she was shocked

Annika pov:
OH my god, he cut his wrist, blood is rushing through the hand, I shouted, but no one came. Since it was the farewell function rehearsals, all were in the auditorium. I rushed to him, tied my dupatta cloth which I tore as fast as I can and cried without a pause. He was looking at me smiling!!! What if anything had happened to him!! And why did he do that, he became completely crazy, crazy for me

Annika: y did u do this, are u mad, look at ur hand, it is bleeding. See how much blood came out. Come I will take u to the medication room. It is just a few metres away

Shivaay : yes or no annika??

Annika: what!!!

Shivaay: are u ready for a relationship with me!!!!

Annika: how many times should I say it shivaay. You need medication right now, it might be paining. Come with me

Shivaay: it is not giving more pain than what you are giving to me annika. Ok then if ur answer is no,
Then I can do this also

Annika pov:
Oh my gosh, what the heck is this, is he going to the world of madness where there is no life with me. How can he keep his knife near his neck. I know now he will do this also. Just let me live in peace God

Annika: shivaay, let’s talk about this later, now come to the medication room. It will be critical

Shivaay: until u answer, I won’t move an inch from here, and if u answer no, I will cut my neck

Annika: shivaay don’t do it!!

He put the blade very close to his neck, just a move would split his neck.

Annika pov
I can’t take a life for granted. Now he is furious to the core craving for my acceptance. I know he is good, loving but he is obsessed. He cant imagine anyone else except me. For now his life is more important to me . If I reject, there would no one more pitiless than me. I know it goes against my policies but I have to accept it. I am bound to accept it. I have to, no other option.

Annika: shivaay…..

Shivaay: did u decide annika, is it no

Annika: no,….

(Before she completes, he is about to cut his neck but she held hand)

Annika: no shivaay, it is not no

Shivaay: u mean yes

She barely nods her head and tears start flowing from her cheeks.
He hugged her tight, so tight that he would never leave her, and she submitted herself to his clutches. She is completely weak. She knew now she has to accept that she is his. She came out of the hug and took him to the medication room fast not giving him space to utter a word


That’s it guys, this is the promo. The next episodes is the flashback of shivaay and annika… And later I will continue with their future……

I will post my ff day after tomorrow, so please excuse me guys. I will try to comment soon, but it depends on my time issues. And moreover, tomorrow I have a weekend exam, wish me all the best.
PS: I completed my tenth????

And it all depends upon your encouragement, the more you support, the more energy I would get to write. So please drop down your comments below, will post the next epi after two days.

Till then take care guys, bubye……….

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  1. Hey sat welcome back. You came back with the superb ff. It was really fantastic. I want you to please update this ff asap.

    1. Sat

      Thanxxxxx Yar.keep reading and I won’t make it late

  2. Surbhi Sharma

    This is more than amazing. I loved it to the core. Totally different concept . U nailed it once again . Plzz post soon . And all the bst for ur exams ….

  3. OMG!!!!!! Sat What is that??? i mean it’s totally different dear….. really very excited 4 nxt….. Post ASAP…… & all d best 4 ur exm…..

  4. It’s awesome…eagerly waiting for next….

  5. Welcome back sat awesome story I loved it post soon waiting for next

  6. Nithu

    superb dr………..

  7. SAT… naam padte hi mai excited ho gayi.Wow…Imagine shivaay in the character. Mujhe to Goosebumps aagaya. It’s totally new. Enjoy ur holidays​ and do update soon.

  8. Hey sat! I recently only finished reading ur ff,nd I must say its really ‘AMAZING’…Nd I’m a big fan of urs after that…Nd plzzz that update asap!

    Nd this one is just mindblowing…like,where did u got this idea?…its a completely different concept nd I love it!
    Well, Eagerly waiting for the nxt…Nd all the best for ur Exams..

    1. Sat

      Thanks for this big Wala comment
      Glad that u liked mine
      And u r my fan Na!!!!
      I will update soon
      Keep reading!!!

  9. It is awesome dear

    1. Sat

      Thanks a lot. Keep reading dear

  10. Hey ya sat di
    I am a silent reader at tu but I have read all your works and have become a huge fan of yours.
    U r so creative and this ss is absolutely fantastic like your other ff!
    U said its somewhat related to your life is it?
    That makes it more interesting. U r an amazing writer.
    update ASAP and count me as your fan. All the best for your results too.
    P.S, will u b my friend.?

    1. Sat

      Sure vivikhitha, count me in ur friends list now. U need not ask me that question.
      And yeah it is somehow related to my life but I am ang going to add masala here.
      And glad that u r liking my works,pls read and comment

  11. Amazing update.. loved it.. Eagerly waiting for the next episode.. n all the best for ur exam…

  12. Renimarenju

    Sat…..my dear karan johar…..do u remember me or not ??? 100000000000000000 times i told u that u are really talented and here all will comment on ur ff….And promo sounds interesting….. And wow u completed 10 th …….it’s a big thing….congrats….so two years more…u have 2 be in school after that colorful college days are awaiting u…….ok post next one when u get time dear….i loved ur ff;s title…..which is really gud and catchy…..and a request…pls send links when u will post ur ff

  13. Pooja26

    awsm dear ……
    loved it !!!!!!
    welcome back darling…… 😉
    post soon…….

  14. Awesome yaar it’s too good I think this would be a painful ff I guess it won’t have a happy ending but I am eager to read ff n u will get my comment in all epi I assure u that

  15. Gayathri.visu

    Hi Sat. Its good to see u back.
    Wow!!! Sat this is completely different….. OMG..! Shivaay is a crazy lover!! Eagerly waiting for next part….

  16. Sanjana24

    Hey sat. This is an amazing ff. I loved it.
    Please continue soon

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