Swasan-divorce denied (Part 2)

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Recap -swasan raglak marriage

Sanskar goes to office where everyone ask about his marriage mystery. ..and heal missing Ragini very much totally he is heart broken so he goes to bar and drink 3bottles of brandy

In mm
It’s around 12:00 all where sleeping. Sanskar comes he was not able to walk properly …..he goes to his room and see Swara sleeping on couch she have wearing half Pant and crop top ….sanskar comes to her and next to her …and cares her hairs
Sanskar -Ragini. ..I love you
Swara wake up
Swara-hey go and sleep on bed
Sanskar-i want u
Swara-stay away…….

Swara by pushing sanskar get up but sanskar holds her hand he also gets up
Swara-leave my hand. ..plzzz sanskar ji…Laksh Lak..
Sanskar kiss her….from one hand he pull her more one him …swara struggle to free herself but all goes in vein. ..sanskar forcefully make swara lie on bed with out breaking the kiss tears were continuously following from her eyes he going to lie on her Swara all her strength kick his private part …..sanskar immediately break the kiss and cries in pain …….swara gets up in anger takes the vask from table and break it on sanskar head ….sanskar start shout in pain. ……..swara holds his collar and bring him outside the room and through him ….and start kicking him
Sanskar is shouting in pain. …by his sound all gets up and comes out and shock to see the scenario
Swara-how dare you touch me
Ragini shock to see sanskar He almost fainted and blood is coming from his head
Ragini -sanskar. ..swara what are you doing leave him
Laksh some how stops swara ….sujata and ap cries by seeing sanskar condition. ..Ragini gets up and comes toward swara and give her tight slap …sujata start cursing swara
Ragini -what you think about yourself. .are you gone mad ..
Before she could say she get tight slap twice. ..Ragini shock …because her younger sister has slapped her
Swara-first slap because u slap me it’s return gift … second will not knowing the reason you slapped me ..that bustard was forcing me….

Swara goes to her room. ..all takes sanskar to hospital nearly in 8 sanskar gain consciousness
Sujata -how are you beta. ..
Sanskar -maa what happen yesterday …I am not remembering anything
Voice -we will remind you don’t worry
Dp-inspector sir …you here any problem
Inspector -we are here to arrest Mr sanskar maheshwari
Rp-what my son has done
Ragini -you must mistaken
Sujata -who has complaint against my son
Inspector -Mrs swara Sanskar maheshwari
Inspector -Mr sanskar maheshwari you are under arrest
Dp-my lawyer is coming. …..don’t take him
Sujata -please don’t take him …….he is sick and our lawyer must be coming
Rp-u know us na
Inspector -yeah.. but if wanted also I can’t help nor I think your lawyer can get bail…because the charge on him is attempt to rape and torcher…and doctor also said he is fine know. ..
Police arrested Sanskar and take him …Rp and dp made clear this news is not leaked in media. …

In mm
All were very upset nor they blame swara nor leave sanskar and their lawyer also said it’s not easy to get bail…….sanskar will be released only if swara takes the complain back
Swasan room
Swara is sitting and eating pizza …Ragini comes in like tsunami
Ragini in anger-swara come with me
Ragini -to police station and you are taking your complaint
Swara-i am not coming anywhere with you
Ragini angrily holds her shoulder and make her stand
Ragini -swara i am not asking u
Ragini drag swara to hall…swara free her with jerk and Ragini falls but she get up
Swara-i said I am not coming
Rags -can’t you see pain in every one eyes
Laksh -it can be seen more in your eyes for your ex
Ragini -Lakshhhhh
Laksh -by shouting reality won’t change
Sujata -sanskar is your brother
Laksh -he has done something he is getting punishment. …swara u get ride of your problem for days but what will I do …..

Next day
Swara didn’t take complain back but asked the police to leave by giving warning ….sanskar comes back to mm All were happy …except swalakrag all are feeding sanskar and Ragini is serving. ..while serving Ragini hand touch sanskar hands they look at each other painfully
Laksh -characterless girl
Sanskar -Laksh mind your tongue otherwise you will see the worse of me
Laksh -what I have said wrong. ..one side she didn’t want to give divorce and another side she is romancing with her ex. ..I think u both want to enjoy with two
Sanskar loose his patients he get up and comes toward laksh and slapped him so both started fight …..adarsh adarsh rp some how apart them ….
In evening
Laksh friends payal and raj came to invite him for Payal birthday party….all are sitting in hall
Raj-you have to come …
Payal-buddy where is your wife
Ragini comes with a tray of tea…for all
Ap-she is
Raj and Payal see each other
Payal-don’t mind I thought your wife must be cool modern
Raj-and she is looking old than you
Laksh -and she is behenji. .guys she is not my wife mom want to say she is in her mother house. ….and she is guest
Ragini goes from their. …sanskar is holding his fist angrily

After sometimes they go ….
Sanskar -Laksh don’t be imhuman. ..plzzz don’t humiliate her this much
Laksh -bhai i also don’t want to but think by seeing Ragini as my wife they laugh tomorrow when all know they will make fun of me ….Laksh goes
Ap-sanrag don’t make the issue bigger before they both do something which cross humanity divorce them
Ragini -maa but
Rp-i agree with bhabhi if we think about society 4 of your life will be destroye
Dp-from their behaviour it clear they won’t let you both live in peace
Sujata -and what you both get by forcefully keeping in the relationship which u both will also can able to keep
Sanskar -fine….tomorrow we goes to registerar
Ragini -free them
Swasan room
Sanskar from door scan the room but didn’t find swara some from behind tapping his shoulder by a figure
Sanskar -shh let me see where that lady Hitler is
Voice -your behind
Sanskar-fearfully.turn and see Swara
Swara-if ur scanning is over then move a side …
Sanskar run inside and jump on bed cover him self with blanket. ..swara smile by seeing his antique and goes washroom and comes out and sleeping sanskar
Swara goes towards the couch and see a box of dms and sorry note …swara through it and sleep
Next morning
Swara wake up and sanskar sleeping peaceful and dms is lying on the floor Swara go to washroom and comes out in black jeans and pink tank top ….and surprise to see their is lots of teddy with sorry note but swara ignore it and moves forward but stops by seeing sanskar sitting on his knees by holding white rose …swara moves to other side…
Sanskar comes in front of her
Sanskar -swara i am sorry yrr please forgive me
Swara-for rich guys like u …self respect of a girl is nothing. …if you realise just say sorry and ur work over u can never understand about meaning of respect for a girl …and goes from their …
Before could react swara already left sanskar comes down runningly but swara left ….
Sanskar comes out and ask watch man
Sanskar -how she left
Wm-on scooty

Sanskar run towards his car and sit in it and drive in full speed and spot swara in a distance he stops his car in front of her scooty ..in fear swara apply sudden break …..and comes out of scooty and sanskar also comes out of his car …
Swara angrily comes towards sanskar and hold his collar
Swara-don’t say after rape attempt you want to try murder attempt also…. an
Before swara could continue more Sanskar pin her to his car …they where we’re close to each other. …… they can hear each other heart beat …both were looking intimate each other eyes Sanskar with pain and anger and swara with extreme anger .
Sanskar -no more words come with me
Swara-no I wi
Sanskar place his index finger on her lips
Sanskar -no words …plzzz
Swara -nodes in Yes
Sanskar made swara sit in his car and drive off

Recap -swasan in farm house

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  4. Sus

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  5. I don’t understand wt sanskar wants from swara??
    First in drunkard state he was forcing swara and now??? Apologise snd taking her to farm house???
    I thing I must appreciate that swara over power sanskar and even filled a case against him….wonderful ……hatsoff. To her.
    And secondly she gave a nice slap to ragini back….instead of knowing the reason she acted insanely. Rags deserved that.
    I don’t understand one side sanskar doesn’t want rags humiliation on other side rags is caring toward sanskar and behaving fully typical Indian wife in front of laksk & his friends.
    When dp rp has agree for divorced for all 4 then y sanskar is behind swara???
    V.curious for next epi.

  6. Phoniex

    awesome it was good to see bold Swara. She taught him a good lesson

  7. loved this bold swara

  8. its so confusing
    weren’t San-Rag supposed to marry?if so,are the over with their feelings
    Sanskar apolozised but relations need freedom too
    why does he not let Swara decide for HER future
    its her life too
    Update soon

  9. Simi

    Swara did really good…
    Ragini is just caring about Sanskar.. Swara is her sister… Ragini is behaving as if it doesn’t matter to her…
    Awesome update

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    Please post next sooner I’m waiting eagerly

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  13. nice part what swara did is good
    cant ragini think before and she slapped swara how can she see this
    im not understanding oone thing in this ff is why he is not giving divorce her?
    he firstly came drank and said ragini i love you try to mis behave with swara and ragini is caring for him when laksh friend came she behave like wife but again caring sanskaar if sanskaar cant see ragini insult why they are not giving divorce to respective partners and unite… let decide swara aand laksh to their future and coming to precap why he talking her farm house.. sorry to say but im getting doubt as is it swasan ff or rag-san ff? its totally confusing sanskaar and ragini behaviour in this part..

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    M still unable to undrstnd wat u r tryng to show??
    No1 is clear wat he/she wants frm dere lyf… first dey somethng dan u show dey cntrdctng dere statement…
    First b clear wat u wanna show dan write plz its sooo confusing

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  22. Pramudi

    I’m confused. If this is swasan story, then dear don’t show how rag san feel for each other a lot. It reduce my interest for this story. Because swasan are married & they r husband & wife.Plz try to show about swasan.

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