Swasan TS: My bride in a Veil (Part-3)

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Ragini saw swasan, she immediately stood up and run towards them.
Ragini: Sanskar..
Saying it she hugged him, he just kept standing there itself. He doesn’t able to understand how to react he saw towards swara who is looking at him only. She signal him to ask her.
Sanskar: Ragini what happened?
Ragini: All things ended.
He tried to separate her from himself but she just kept sticking. It was irking her but choose to keep quiet.
Unwillingly he hugged her and gave helpless look to swara, in replied of it she gave angry look. Whereas, ragini started to sob more.
Ragini: Sanskar, I went to mom dad. Like you they also not ready to listen me. They even not allowed me to enter inside house. At least please you once listen me.
Sanskar: first you relax…
Ragini; first you promise me that you’ll listen me.
He nodded in yes, swara about to move from there but he held her hand which forced her to stop at same place.
Sanskar in whisper; please stay here only.

Unwittingly, she remains at her place. Somehow he managed to separate her from himself and make her sit at near sofa. Swara passed a glass of water but ragini turned her face, sanskar took it from her hand.
Sanskar: Ragini, first drink it. And tell me reason.
Ragini drank water from his hands itself, it irked swara more but at this moment she can’t do anything expect of being silent Spector.
Ragini: That day I got call from my friend, her father met with accident. And doctor were not operating him due to money so I needed to go there. Trust me sanskar I don’t wanna run from marriage.
Before he could say anything swara spoke in middle.
Swara: But ragini ji you could send money by driver hand or transfer directly what was need of going there leaving your marriage.
Listening it her expression changed, she nervously rubbed her palm.
Sanskar: yes ragini rather than you yourself going you should sent someone else. By the way why you not inform anyone.
Ragini: vo sanskar I thought to not disturb anyone, if you not believe I can make you talk to doc.
She about to dial doctor no but he held her hand and took mobile from her hand.
Sanskar: not needed it’s okay ragini, you should act wise but leave it. Mistake was my also I should have waited for ….

Listening it, she moves backwards without his notice and went away not wanting to listen more “mistake was” just these two words kept repeating in her mind.
Sanskar continued ; You but truth is I am happy with her. Now we can’t change anything, it’s better we all love on in our respective lives.
…(He took break and breath properly) I promise ragini I’ll correct everything, after some days I’ll try to talk to your parents(social service)
She saw him teary eyes and stood from there.
Ragini: Hmm good night.
Sanskar : good night
Both went from there, Ragini wipe her tears and smile smirked. She noticed swara sitting outside and went near her.
Ragini: What happen swara ji? Feeling unwanted ? I also felt same when in college all used to praise you and ignore me.
Swara; please Ragini go from here before I do something wrong with you.
Ragini: not today swara you have to listen me, you’re his second choice not even choice just burden.
Today swara was not in condition of replying or mocking her because it’s true that she’s just burden on him.
Ragini: Don’t you wanna say anything.
She just looked at her.

Ragini: actually swara today I even not feeling angry on you just pity. On marriage day your boyfriend left you and today or tomorrow your husband will also leave you.
She somehow gathered courage and stood.
Swara: You don’t need to worry about me. At least, I am living here as this house daughter in law and his wife but what about you… Leave it you’ll not understand. One more thing about nikhil we both know what’s truth it’ll be better for you if you keep quiet or I have many things which can make you shut.
Saying it she went inside leaving ragini furious.
Ragini: This time you can’t win over me.
She also moved from there.
Swasan room
He was desperately waiting for her to say something, but his disappointment she came inside and just took her pillow and blanket.
Swara: You don’t need to take tension about me, I can manage myself. My parent make me that much capable that I can take care of myself.
She laid on couch leaving him confused.
He remembered their first night how she jumped on bed saying she can’t sleep on bed.

Thinking it smiled formed on his lips.
Sanskar :(monologue) What happen to her? Is she sad due to that moment but when that time I saw in her eyes she was looking happy ohh god nothing getting what happened to her but one thing is clear I can’t see her like this.
(Suddenly something clicked in his mind.) I think she misunderstood something.
He went near her while she was pretending to sleep.
Sanskar: Swara open your eyes, I know you can’t sleep on couch. So better not pretend.
She opened her eyes which was glittering with tears.
Swara: What? Don’t say you want to sleep here.
Sanskar: you tell me what make you sad? And tell me clearly no need to do any drama.
Swara: nothing just I felt sleep at couch.
She said while looking down, he cupped her chin and make eye contact with her.
Sanskar: Then why these tears?
Swara: Something…
Sanskar: Swara don’t need to lie or rotate things, Just tell me correct reason.
Swara: Are you really guilty marrying me? I heard that you were saying you should have wait for her it means you’re…
Sanskar interrupted her in between; have you listened properly?
She nodded in no.

Sanskar: Why? I told you stay there then where you went leaving me?
Swara looked down and whisper sorry.
Sanskar: After that I said I am happy with you, I am not regretting marrying you. In fact I started to liking you. Today I want to say same thing to you but…
Before she could say anything he again interrupted her.
Sanskar: Swara every relation should have understanding but you still not understood me. I know one week is not enough to know someone properly but still swara how you thought that I am guilty. On first night itself I cleared everything but still it’s okay your choice.
Saying it he stood and sleep on bed.She was still frozen at those word itself where he told he started liking her.
Swara : (Monologue) can’t you stand there itself now see you hurt him but What should I do I also started to liking him when he said he should have waited for her I felt like hide myself somewhere.
She was busy in her inner fight but soon she came in sense realizing herself in air.

She saw him, he was carrying her in arm but not looking at her. He made her lay at bed and himself sleep at other side without even saying single word.
Swara: Sanskar…
He not turned towards her just asked “what”
Swara moved closer to him and back hug him with little hesitation.
Swara: When you said that words I felt like I am unwanted in your life. That’s why I ran from there, now turn towards me I promise I’ll never misunderstood you. And one more thing I also started to liking you.
She waited for him but he still not turned towards her. She about to separate from him, at that moment itself he turned towards her and took her in embrace.
Sanskar: good night, tomorrow is our reception I don’t want black circle around my beautiful wife’s eyes.
Swara: you too sleep and you not look good when you become sad.
She slightly kissed his chest, he smiled and tightened his grip.

Next morning,
Both were already awake but just not wants to separate from each other.
He slightly open eyes and found world most beautiful girl in his arms. He caresses her hair and move closer to her. Feeling his hot breath her cheeks turned red, she tightly clutched bed sheet for stopping her heart beat which was going beyond her control.
He kissed her forehead and gently put her head on pillow.
Sanskar: You really look witch..
Saying it he ran from there, she open eyes and found him entering inside washroom.
Swara: you wait now, I’ll show you what actually swara shekhwat no swara sanskar Maheswari.
She ran but before she could enter inside washroom he closed door. She fumes in anger and kick on door.
Swara: you just wait Mr ghost
She again kicked at door, At last she gets tired and sat there in Indian style and make angry face.
Swara: I’ll see you later.
Sanskar: keep waiting
She punched at door.
Swara: ahh!

This all seen by two pairs of eyes sujata and ragini.
Sujata came there for waking them.
Sujata: if they’ll act like this only don’t know what will be their future.
She worriedly went from there while ragini still there she definitely not liking their closeness, she thought that due to yesterday incident they both have fight and she’ll go there and give her shoulder to cry sanskar ( ???? keep dreaming)
Listening her scream he came out and sat near her. She was blowing air at hand lessen pain.
Sanskar: What happened? Did you hurt yourself?
Swara: no just my hands were feeling hot so thought to give air..
Sanskar: can’t you answer direct.
He took her hand and blow air.
Sanskar: now sit quietly don’t need to act as Maricom.
Swara: you just wait I’ll take revenge.
Sanskar: you can.
After 3 hours
Anjali (Sanskar’s dadi) came down and sat at sofa.
Anjali: Bacha you both still here, not went for shopping.
Swasan came there and knee down before her.
Swara: Dadi ma, again saying we should cancel reception today. See your health is still not good.
Sanskar: Dadi ma swara is right, once you get fine we’ll again marry if you want to but please cancel reception.
Listening about marriage she blushed.
Ragini: ha Dadi ji, I agree with them.

Meanwhile, sujata again going to jump but uttara and laksh stop her.
Laksh: ma sometimes let them handle also, why you always jump in middle.
Uttara: Ha ma you don’t know about bhabi she can well handle situation. So give some space to them also moreover ragini is not bad she’s mature enough.
Anjali( to ragini): Your reason?
Before Ragini could make any story swara interrupt.
Swara: Actually dadi ma sanskar promised her to help her.
Anjali: is it more important than reception also, first you all listen at any cost reception will not stop. And about helping Ragini, sanskar can do later.
Swara: no dadi ma, it’s okay I’ll do shopping alone. Let sanskar help ragini ji.
She made sad face meanwhile it went above ragini head why she herself helping her. Sanskar understood she’s taking revenge due to morning incident.
Anjali(to sanskar) : Sanskar what is this? Your wife should be more important for you rather than friends.
Sanskar( to himself) : tease her more.
Anjali: you get it, first you take her on shopping then help Ragini. ( She turned towards ragini) no problem?
She nodded in no.
Ragini: can I go with them? Actually I also have to purchase something.
Anjali: hmm.
Ragini happily went from there, swara also went behind her. And sanskar was busy in listening scolding by Anjali.
Ragini’s room
She started to select dress for herself meanwhile swara entered inside her room and closed it from inside.
Swara: Where is Nikhil?
Ragini: Why you wanted to know?
Swara: it’s none of your business. I know everything ragini, if I’ll say that to sanskar real reason behind your late than you can’t even think your condition.
Ragini: please swara ji forgive me(dramatically) think what you’ll tell him that I was with nikhil and helping him in running away and he’ll believe you then it’s your misconception swara because he doesn’t trust anyone easily. Think he still not even to trust me in spite of it we know each other from childhood but you only came before some days, do you think he’ll trust you? He’ll never trust you swara, he’ll choose me over you.
Swara smiles and said “ let see, whom he trusts his childhood friend or his wife”
Swara: And one more thing I was asking about him because I wanted to thank him but better leave it.
She went from there but this all conversation heard by someone.

After some hours,
Sanskar was standing near car and waiting for both ladies, first ragini reached there in white knee length dress. She saw towards him who is looking at her without blinking eyes she smiled shyly and looked down. She reached near him and fake coughed to broke his trances. She sided her hair and again looked down.
Sanskar: when you came?
Ragini: you didn’t notice me?
He simply nodded in negative and again started to see straight, she followed his gaze and found swara coming wearing red suit with open hair, she was trying to put earring and as usual making cute faces.
She thought to make fun of her but found sanskar moving towards her.
Ragini: huhh why every time this happen? But not worry when great ragini is here.
She called someone and tells something. Meanwhile, sanskar reached near her.
Swara: see na sanskar every time it happens with me. I told mom I will wear some other earring but she said it will go with my dress and I’ll look pretty. Tell me one thing do anyone looks pretty by wearing earring.
Sanskar just forward his hand.
Swara: you want earring?
She cutely asked him. Without answering anything he took it from her hand.
Sanskar: turn other side
She again looked at him, he mentally slapped his forehead and make her turned.
Sanskar: now just keep quiet.
She nodded in yes and closed her eyes.
He sided her hair and make her wear earring…. Ragini saw it with open mouth.
He makes her turned towards him self.
Sanskar: mom was right, you are looking pretty.
Saying it he moved from there her eyes were still closed and blushing little.
Sanskar: swara come fast.
She came in sense and moved there.

Swara about to sit in front of seat but ragini slightly pushed her and sat at that place.
Unwillingly she moved backwards and sat at back seat. After some time car started, She felt someone hand touching her fingers. She immediately turned and found sanskar sitting beside her and driver at driving seat.
She looked towards him who was smiling thinking how he do it.
After swaragini sat at respective places, his face fell frowned but soon it lit up seeing driver coming near them.
He immediately gave keys to driver and himself settle at back seat.
His trances broken by sweet voice and looked at her.
Swara: sanskar, every time you not need to make me comfortable.
Sanskar: Who said I did this for you? It’s just I don’t wanted to drive today so thought to seat here.
She smiled at his answer and thought to tease him little.
Swara: if I had sat there then as well.
He immediately looked at other side.
Their all moment ragini was seeing and just clutching car’s seat.
Soon they reached shopping mall, all step down.
Sanskar: You both do shopping, I’ll sit in car.

As ragini well know sanskar never go inside mall as he not like it. Seeing Swara she smiled as she knows what’ll be her next step. She mentally counts down and started seeing Swara.
Swara: please sanskar come, it’s our reception shopping. I need your help in selecting things as you know I never able to decide myself.
Swara started to plead him.
Ragini thought now sanskar will shout at her or may be slap her as he not like if anyone not follows his words. Her smile become big when he lifts hand but her smile faded away next moment itself seeing him touching her cheeks and saying yes.
Swara jumped in happiness and hugged him.
Swara: Thanks sanskar, now we both will shop whole mall.
Ragini angrily glare her but it unnoticed by her as she was just with her sanskar.
Ragini: guys can we go inside?

Precap: Ragini and sanskar stuck in lift.

It’ll be total 4 or 5 part, so don’t need to take tension.
Think who listened swara and ragini conversation? And precap ????
Sorry for mistakes

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