Are you excited to watch Love Ka Hai Intezaar?

Star Plus’ Love Ka Hai Intezaar is a romantic drama set in the backdrop of the royal state of Rajasthan. It is a love story of a royal prince and a Bollywood heroine. The promo is already
out. It stars Sanjeeda Sheikh and Keith Sequiera in lead roles. Keith was last seen in Bigg Boss Season 9, while Sanjeeda was seen in Ishq Ka Rang Safed. The show looks very much promising, with amazing chemistry of Keith and Sanjeeda. The concept gets known by the promo.

Sanjeeda plays Kamini Mathur, who wins the best actress award. She receives the award by Maharaja Madhav Singh, played by Keith. Kamini tells everyone that she is not any queen or princess, but an ordinary simple girl, who is finding true love. She is waiting for love to happen, while Madhav flirts with her giving her a hint that she has already stolen his heart. Madhav mentions Kamini’s words stealing his emotions. Both of the lead characters Madhav and Kamini are very much successful in their lives, and still waiting for true love to strike them. The concept looks fresh with the leads’ fresh pairing. Keith and Sanjeeda come together as leads for the first time with this show. Are you excited to watch Love Ka Hai Intezaar? Let us know your opinion.

  1. Sus

    Really sanjeeda is great actress and i really love her role of durga and i would really like to watch her.

  2. Sunanda12345

    Yes very exited

  3. Ck1234

    honestly Sanjeeda is an awsome actress…. No second thoughts on it…. But i doubt this jodi can be hit like Aamir & Sanjeeda or Vatshal & Sanjeeda…. Lets wait … BTW i am gonna give this show 3.5/5 …. And waiting for going it on-air….

  4. She’s so pretty and an amazing actress but unfortunately this pairing is so weird. They should have casted Vatsal Sheth opposite her again

  5. Sujie

    No doubt that Sanjeeda is amazing…. and Keith too is awesome… Will wait for first few episodes to see if KieSan’s magic will work or not…

  6. Devga

    Trailer is so fresh …. Very excited to watch sanjeeda back …. Sanju is back wow …. Already enjoying her web series …. Now an awesome avatar in Love ka hai intezaar …. Mujhe hai intezaar … Lol too much excitement …..

  7. Sujie

    I don’t know why I am eager to say this…. But let me express my feelings…. Let me make it clear….I am not going to bash anyone…just expressing my feelings here….
    Some might think this pair is not happening…if Vatsal would have been there…or Aamir…. But I want to say why are we not eager to see the content being presented ….makers have something called brains due to which they cast the actors….most obvious that they have something in their mind….that’s what makes them to form new pairs in various serials….
    Coming with the same co actor after some interval makes sense…but everytime when your favourite actor or actress is back…it is not necessary that the actor should be paired again with his/her former costar…. We viewers have to think about it….
    I was trying to express my views…have been hearing it since long…. Varun kapoor…is coming in new serial as a doctor and people want Helly there…. Helly is in new show…people want Varun there…. Long back when Dehleez came..people started bashing Tridha aka Swadheenta….and demanded Preetika to be paired opposite Harshad.why don’t people accept that actors also want variations and working with different co stars might be fun….
    So let’s think positively…. And wait for the new series….. I hope KeiSan will rock ??
    Hope I have not hurt anybody out there…. Sorry if I have hurt you by any means.and thank you

    1. Madhuchhanda

      I agree with you sujie .Waiting to see their chemistry and after seeing the promo I can say that keisan will look good together.

    2. Sujie

      Thank you Madhu ?

  8. Sanjeeda has already played a lead role as Durga.

  9. RANdomfANCreationz

    Excited for this show
    Sanjeeda and Keith interesting
    I love Sanjeeda as Durga in Ek Hasina Thi
    And also a big fan of Keith since Bigg Boss
    Happy to see him back in a new TV show

  10. But which show is finishing??? ?

  11. I love sanjeeda… But Keith… May be suhani si ek ladki s going off air… If this show will start then I will c his only for sanjeeda:-P ??? i lyk her in ek hasina this… She was so cute…. Waiting for this show.…

  12. Maha_Aijaz

    Story is fresh, pair is fresh so will surely gonna watch this serial. Looking forward to see the chemistry of Sanjeeda-Keith though I like sanjeeda but don’t know anything about Keith so yeah it’ll be new for me to watch him on television.
    Sanjeeda is an awesome actress so she’ll surely gonna rock the stage like she rocked
    in previous dramas (EHT and IKRS) ❤ just too excited for this story. Hopefully their magic will work!

  13. I liked Sanjeeda in Ek Hasina thi but I’m not sure about Keith.I guess we will see.

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