my love story (part 1)

i realised that i became a bit selfish and didn’t cared the readers who read my stories. i’m sorry for that so now onwards i will not sayanything like this

A temple is shown with beautiful art work of lords on the walls and in the centre there was a statue of lord Krishna . all people re reciting bhajans with full concentration and devotion

Man mohana man mohna
Binte suno na
Man mohana man mohna

. Suddenly “aree chor char ke aapne salim ke kali anarkali disco chali” was heard. The hall became silent and “anarkali disco chali” was echoing in the whole room.

All looked towards the direction of the sound and saw one girl hurriedly searching the source of sound in her bag. She took out the phone and hurriedly offs it.

She looks up and saw at the people who was looking at her with mouth “o” shaped. She looks at them her hazel eyes who was reflecting her worriedness looking at the people who was looking at her. She bited her lip in nervousness..

She quickly glanced the people and gave them a sheepish smile: aunties and uncles I have to say something very important. I know you all have been looking at me because how can anyone miss the chance to see the great swara goddodia(raising her imaginary collars) but but I have something to say which is very veryyyyyyy importanttttt

All looks at her her with a annoying look with thoughts now what this girl have to say now after ruining arti. Uncles were giving her you- are impossible-look and aunties while placing her hands on their waists i-m going- to –kill- you- look

While saying this she was moving backwards

Swara: sorry

Saying this she left from there in a nano second speed before anyone could register anything

All faces hung down seeing her childish nature

Swara: uff swara(sighs) you got saved thank you kanha ji(joining her hands) if you would have not helped me na those uncle and aunties would have mashed me like a tomato(making faces)and this dhabba phone huh you also have to ring at that time only(looking at the time)

She was blabbering continuously with herself just then her sight falls on something which leads to the formation of a small curve on her rosy lips.

Swara: hey bacha party ialso wanna join

With this she started playing with them and laughing


A name plate “S.M Mansion” is shown on a wall and besides it there’s a Big gate is shown with 2 cameras in each corner of it and an intercom with security guard. After entering the gate there are two gardens in both right side & left side where there are seven comfortable couches are there and at the center the way goes to the main door of a Big Palace like Mansion is shown which is designed like an Christian Church. Besides the main gate of the Mansion there are six cars of Red Ferrari, Yellow Linguini, Grey Mercedes Benz, White BMW, Blue Jaguar XE and the most ravishing Black Audi 2016 design. The Mansion is coloured in Royal Blue & Cream colour which shows the Royalty and taste of the Owner of the Mansion. The Mansion is surrounded by guards all over with their guns. Inside the Mansion there’s a big hall and besides every corner of the the hall shows the way to every room. Every corner of the wall has big pillars of white & black embroidery. The floor of the hall is made of wood and same goes to the stairs which is attached to hall in two parts looking marvelous.
Now there’s a big room is shown and a man of late 20’s is shown is working on his laptop. He was looking not looking less than a greek god.who has a strict expression on his face and his eyes were glued to the laptop

A knock was heard and tne servant enters the room with his black coffee.

Servant: sir your coffee
Man: hmm
Servant was keeping the coffee but suddenly he stumbled and the coffee fell on the man
Servant got scared and looked at the man in fear. The man was just gazing at the hot coffee which has felt on his hands. . it was feeling like that he was not feeling any kind of pain because a normal person starts winching in pain loudly when he gets burnt but for him the case was opposite he was looking at the burns like they were relieving his pains which is not visible to anyone

But suddenly he looked up and his eyes were in anger the servant shivered in fear seeing his sharp which was ready to bounce upon him

The man holded servants neck and was saying: how dare you?
Servant: s.orry sir(tears)
Man:answer me(shouts)

Listening to his shout whole servants in the palace got frightened and whispered to each other: whose death is today

While the servants were whispering to each other a man entered and seeing the scenario he frowned

Man: what’s happening bhai lok(happily chirping)
Servants: woh sir
Servants told him about the shout they heard from upstairs and the man immediately ran upstairs hurriedly and opened the room with a bang.

The scenario made him horrified because the man was choking the servant and his eyes werefully red with anger and aggression.

Man went hurriedly to him and holded his hand to free his hand from servant neck .

Man: leave him

No response

Man; leave him
No response
Man; you have my swear

The man frees his hold and the servant immediately runs from there
Man2: are you insanse or what/
Man; so what should I do? How dare he
Man: you are just impossible
He was talking to him just then his sight falls on burnt hand
Man2:sanskar tumhara dimaag kharab hai look at you(points towards his hand) are you not feeling any pain?
Sanskar: pain and me adi there is no connection between us leave me I have to go(angrily0
Adi: shut up are you listening to me
He again tries to go
Adi: you have my swear you will not leave until I did bandage(sternly)

He took out the ointment and started applying it on burnt areas he looked at him to see he was hissing but there was not any kind of pain in his eyes. His face was blank and he was just gazing the area of burns.

Seeing him like this a tear escaped from his eyes which he wiped before it get noticed by him.

Adi: bhai(sees him with tears0

Sanskar got up and left from there without saying anything and gazing him in his eyes and adi looked at the disaapearing figure teary eyes

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