Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaka asks Mukhi if he has to say something. Mukhi joins his hands to him and says he is Sanvi’s father, its shameful if he has to instruct Kaka his responsibility and rights. Even if law says so, he can’t allow anyone to take Sanvi’s life. Kaka reminds Mukhi about an year old decision about a lady who was pregnant unmarried. He recalls Jamuna (Rami) was going to be a mother unmarried. Kaka says Mukhi didn’t differentiate his family and others while taking decisions, he would also not. Mukhi stops Kaka, he tells Kaka the decision would be taken from Panchait even now as well. He says people called this land as barren, but these villagers inhabited it only because of their patience. He says only Panchait would decide about Sanvi, if someone raises a finger over Sanvi before that, it would mean the finger was raised over Mukhi. The villagers back up. Dharmi makes a video to show Anshu whom she got engaged to. Aru was impressed by Mukhi. Sanvi comes to hug Mukhi and cries. He tells her not to worry. Aru introduces herself and her parents to Sanvi. Mukhi apologizes Papa and Mummy saying his village isn’t like this. Papa says if he is a village’s Mukhi, it can never be worse.
Jamuna boasts to children she is the one who told everyone in the family about playing GilliDanda. She marks the aim, it goes to hit someone. The children run away out of fear.
There is a roar across the village about Mukhi’s arrival. Villagers gather to welcome him. Mukhi greets each one of them. Sanvi gets off and nods at Mukhi before going inside. Aru watch Mishri gift a new horn to Mastana. She introduces Aru to Mastana, Aru asks if she should find a proposal for him as well. Mishri introduces Aru as Mukhi’s guests and sends Mastana to leave them to guest house.
At home, everyone was waiting for Mukhi. Jamuna says he must be about to reach. Arjun asks how she knows about it, Jamuna says she heard by the beat of her heart connected to him. She gets a call and poses for no signals. Over the balcony, she hears Kaka about the news of Mukhi becoming Sanvi’s shield. She was hurt that Mukhi didn’t side her, and says a lot of decisions would be made in the next few days.
Mishri and Mukhi were about to enter the house, Jamuna calls him to stay there. Everyone gather to welcome him, Jamuna with the aarti thaal. She takes him inside cheerfully. Mishri tells everyone cheerfully she had to do a lot of shopping, a lot is left. Jamuna says there is time in her marriage, all the preparations would now be done in village. Mishri says they have got what they all have been praying for since years. Jamuna announces that Mukhi is getting married. Everyone was shocked to hear about it first. Kailash hugs and congratulates Mukhi. Jamuna recalls the Panchait. Mishri tells them that the girl is in Panchait guest house. Mukhi watches Jamuna lost in her thoughts and comes to apologize Jamuna. Jamuna shows her happiness towards his decision, she says life partner is important in life; else the life gets destroyed. No one can realize it better than her. There was a moment of silence. Jamuna sends Mukhi and Mishri to rest, she leaves for temple to pray for his peace.
Mastana guides Aru and family towards the guest house. He narrates them about Mukhi’s life. Papa was about to tell him about their relation with Mukhi. Aru stops Papa and tells Mastana they don’t know what they should tell him about themselves. Mukhi would tell them who are they. They come across a rally passing by, Aru comes to take blessings by idols and was left behind her family.

PRECAP: Aru comes calling her family when she meets Jamuna. Jamuna scolds her asking if her parents didn’t teach her to behave. Aru forbids her get to parents else she would really misbehave, she came here with Mukhi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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