Swasan TS (Now FS) – Made for each other (sneak peak)

Oh God I’m very happy.. I have only 459 followers but my FS got 2.31k votes… And 79th position in fan fictions category…  Thank you all of my sweet cute lovely  readers..  ?????????????????? So I thought to give a sneak peek of what happens next…

Sneak Peek

Scene 1:

Ragini is talking to a man and gave him an envelope..

Rag(smirking): your chapter is over Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheshwari… ???

Scene 2:

It’s evening time.. Swara is coming from the market… Sanskar is not with her… Suddenly some goons came infront of her… She became scared…

Goon: hey baby alone?

Sw: who r u?  Leave my way…

Goon: how can we? We are here to enjoy with you naa..

They came towards her.. She scared.. She somehow escaped and ran from there screaming.. 

Goons started to follow her… But she stopped seeing some more men came from opposite side.. Goons also stopped… Suddenly someone holds her waist……

Scene 3 :

At hospital..

Dr: sanskar is OK.. He is out of danger.  .But  the boy and girl with him has gone to coma…

Swara couldn’t believe her ears.. She stumbled but ram holds her…

Scene 4:

At hospital… Sanskar’s ward… Everyone are standing beside him.. He opened his eyes…

San: mommy, daddy, bade papa, bade ma… Who are they? (pointing to laksh, ragini, uttara, swara..)

Everyone looks at him shocked and confused.. Swara is looking at him in pain.. She couldn’t believe her ears… She can’t even believe that her sanskar’s DRAMA became REAL.  ?????

Scene 5:

Sanskar is lying unconsciously.. Dr.  is checking him.. Sujatha is crying and sitting beside him.. Swara is standing crying vigorously… She can’t go to near him because Mrs Annapurna Maheshwari is holding her hand tightly.. Swara is pleading her.. But she didn’t hear anything.. Shomi also trying to say something but ragini and ap are accusing her.. Laksh is looking at her evilly…

Sw: badi Ma.. Plz leave me. My sanskar needs me.. Please listen to me… Mom..

Ap didn’t pay attention to her words and drags her to outside..

Ap: we don’t need a characterle…..(stopped hearing a strong voice) …

So this is the Sneak Peek … Then punishment… After that epilogue with a Twist…. ???

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  3. Interesting… waiting for the next part

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    Interesting..waiting for the next part dear!! Update soon 🙂

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    Interesting dear.. Continue asap.. Eagerly waiting for the update

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