Their One Side Love (kkb os)

Again an one shot from my side.. If you have time read it & tell me your reviews..

Its purely fictional.. No intention to hurt anyone’s feeling..


College is a place where we learn so many things apart from our academics..

My college.. where my most of the beautiful memories resides..♥♥

Where I met my loved ones.♥♥

Where I started to live for myself..♥♥

Where I learnt so many basic things..♥♥

Some will say their school life is the best part of their life..

Some will say their college life is the best part..

Some will say their marriage life is the best part..

Some will say settling in a standard job is the best part..

Some will say after retirement is the best part of our life..

All have their own reasons to choose one among them..

I too have a special reason why I love my college life more than the others..

I don’t know how will be my future life..

But, I’m so sure that my college life will be  my best part in my life forever..

Because.. I met HIM.. my LOVE..

All love stories are beautiful..♥♥
       But ours is my favorite..♥♥

After 8 long years I’m in my college.. Not for any get together or aluminii meet..

Its just that I wanna spent time in my most favorite place..

The place which will give me peace..

I have to attend batchelor’s party tonight where all my friends will definitely come..

Before that I want  to live with my past.. feel my evergreen memories..♥♥

I  don’t know when I reached my class entrance.. the entrance which holds the first meet of our friends gang..


Mruga muruga muruga muruga..”a girl chanting her lovable God’s name to be with her in her new environment..

The very first day of her college life..

Nervousness or fear or whatever it is.. she felt that terribly..

A bunch of guys standing in the entrance of her class

A bunch of guys standing in the entrance of her class..

When she tried to pass them ..a voice echoed that make her to shiver more..

“Not so easily madam..stop there..” a charming guy smiled at her mischievously.


‘Muruga.. what I said.. what you are doing?..’ she mentally frowned at her God..

” Sor..sorry.. senior.. But I heard that no ragging in our college” she stammered..

” I think management lied to you.. care to tell your name Ms. Chashmish?” He asked by raising his eyebrows..

“Pragya.. Pragya Arora” she said with nervousness..

” Pragya.. nice name.. but I’ll call you as chashmish..” he said with a wink..

” Any thing you prefer senior..” she smiled nervously..

‘Chashmish.. urgg.. I just hate that.. crazy senior..’ she mentally gave him a punch & felt satisfied..

Two other guys joined them..

“So Abhi what  task to her?” One tall handsome guy asked the  first crazy senior..

‘So he is noted.. will see him in my payback time..’she thought..

"I'm thinking Vin

“I’m thinking Vin.. look at her.. Already she is ready to faint..” Abhi said..

‘ So the second senior is Vin.. not a problem for him if & only if he didn’t insist me to do any task’ she thought..

” why I strangely feel that you are not going to rag her??” The other good looking guy asked..

" because you are my best friend Purab

” because you are my best friend Purab.. & you caught my mind voice too” Abhi said with a wink..

‘ so the other one is Purab.. These three are best friends.. Purab looks cute though..’ she mentally slapped her thoughts..

” remember.. when I asked to leave Bulbul.. what you said..?? All are equal.. rules are rules .. blah blah blah ” Purab glared..

‘ oh.. so Purab is already booked.. ‘ she huffed..

” yeah bro.. You go.. we will handle her” Vin said & turned only to look a beautiful girl.. noh.. Angel.. an another entry..

" what are you guys doing in the entrance?" She asked with a cute smile while her dimples make her even more beautiful

” what are you guys doing in the entrance?” She asked with a cute smile while her dimples make her even more beautiful..

” I.. I.. we.. wee are..” Vin stammered

” We were getting into the class mam..” Abhi said what Vin is trying to say..

‘Uffo.. this guy.. shamelessly drool over the lecturer.. he is not your type Pragya.. remaining one.. now who cares if this Abhi the crazy senior committed or not..’ she literally lost her hope of finding a guy for her..

” thats good.. get in” she said & they followed..

‘Stop stop.. they followed.. why the hell they are entering into my class??.. Are they making a fool out of me??.. They are my classmates??.. Murugaa… That insane kings were made me a joker..They. are. Not. My. Seniors.’ She furiously saw the trio where they were trying to suppress their laugh..

” Good morning students.. I’m Aliah Mehra.. Your Faculty Adviser.. If you have any suggestion/ problems feel free to share with me” she said ” Now.. you people introduce yourself to the class” she added..

After the formal introduction Aliah gave them space to adopt in their place while she roamed around the class..

Vin is busy in his ogling session.. Abhi & Purab were discussing something..

Pragya is in last bench with Bulbul..

Its so sweet of Bulbul to offer a place for Pragya in the last bench corner seat

Its so sweet of Bulbul to offer a place for Pragya in the last bench corner seat..where Pragya loved to sit..

” Excuse me mam?? ” a voice from entrance..

” yeah.. come in.. This class??” Aliah asked..

” yeah mam” she said..

“First day it self late huh?? .. Introduce yourself & take a seat” Aliah smiled at her..

” Actually mam.. because of my papa’s laziness I was late..Well I promise I’ll be on time for the next class.. nah.. nah.. before the class starts..By the way I’m Disha..I’m from Mumbai.. I did my schooling in St. Johns..I love my papa & mama.. though I love my papa more..& I love..”

" haan

” haan.. Disha.. enough for now.. ” Aliah smiled at her antics.. she too smiled sheepishly & sit after Bulbul where the only place available for her..

“Hey Disha.. myself  Bulbul & this is Pragya .. she is a hosteller & I’m a dayscholar..” Bulbul beamed in joy..

‘ Got 2 crazies  exactly like me.. wohaaa’ Pragya thought..

Friends with same mental disorder are hard to find.. & difficult to leave..


I Came back to my sense when a lone tear escaped from my eyes & touched my cheeks..

That was my very first encounter with my buddies..

I don’t know when I reached my Place.. yeah.. My place.. I sat on my place with my closed eyes..  the  feeling of back to home.. where I did lots & lots of craziest things with my crazy idiots…

Like other friends we too promised that we will meet in a certain day for yearly once  without any fail ..

But.. Not once we friends met again.. Even for friends marriage always someone will not attend.. & most  probably That some one will be ME..

Not that I don’t want to meet them.. But I was in abroad & I could not make it..

Even for Purab Bulbul marriage I didn’t got my vacation & stuck with my stupid work..

Thank Abhisheik.. he was on video call with me & showed me all the joyful happenings of their marriage..

I Missed them.. missed them alot.. will be an understatement..

Finally I’m back… I’m going to see my buddies.. my loved ones.


So students.. this is all about fundamentals of computer..I hope you are clear with it.. If any doubt ask me” prof. Suresh said while adjusting his specs..

” Sir.. when will this period will over.. 11:15 or 11:20??” Vin asked.. ” a small doubt”  he added..

” Every class have a guy like you.. utterly wasting parents money” Prof Suresh spat back..

” Sir.. sorry to say this.. But That is not the answer for my question.. ” he said innocently looking at his watch..

“Its 11:30.. You. Got. It..? Now continue your sleeping session..” Prof Suresh glared at him..

” Thank you sir.. ” vin said & murmured “ufffo.. 15 more minutes to go.. who will complete the whole unit in one day.. that too in first day..”

“Students.. tomorrow  there will be a unit test.. be ready for it..” saying so Suresh left the class..

” you know girls.. this Vin is such a bold guy na..? ” disha said dreamily..

” yeah.. yeah.. very bold to drool over lecturer.” Pragya said sarcastically..

” he is just doing that for fun yaar.. ” she huffed..

” hey dish.. open your eyes & look at that guy when he ogling Aliah mam.. A mouth full of waterfall” Bulbul huffed..

” hey disha.. why are crying.. stop that now..” Pragya said concerned

“You know him..? I mean you know him before??” Bulbul asked her concerned..

” yeah.. kind of.. he is my love.. I love him from who knows.. but I love him.. thats all I know..I joined in this college & chose this department only for him..” Disha said clearing her tears..

”  Is he love you back??” Pragya asked..

She nodded her head in NO with a beautiful  smile..

” Girl you are unbelievable are more sensitive..” Bulbul said..

“Yeah.. when it comes to  my Vin..” Disha  said cheerfully..

‘This girl is a crazy queen.. next to me..’ pragya thought..

The rest of the day went uneventful.. most of the prof. asked for self intro..

Next day was really a hectic day.. All staffs started to take lessons & giving notes..

” hell with taking notes.. I won’t write anything hereafter” Abhi huffed..

” you are saying as if you had written all the given notes??” Purab glared at him..

” haan.. scribbling your name in your note doesnot consider as writing notes bro” Vin countered..

Being last bench the trio girls can hear what the trio guys speaks & vice versa.. but guys are guys.. they don’t know how to speak secret things too..

“You shut it guys.. ” abhi furiously looked at them..

” Chashmish..” Abhi called her huskily..

‘ Don’t even try to hear that crazy idiot’ she reminded herself..

” chashmishhhhh..” Abhi again called her more like a moan..

Her cheeks turned to the shade of Red..She saw him & raised her eyebrows & mouthed What..

” I want your FOC notes for that FOC period..” he said with an ever so Puppy look..

” No way.. I want it.. I can’t give you” she glared at him..

” planing to copy in the first exam itself huh?” Abhi smirked..

” so you are asking for that purpose? I swear I won’t give you” Pragya said furiously..

‘ haan.. My payback time..This is for making me hell nervous on my first day.. Thanks Muruga..’ she thanked her God..

” Abhi.. may be I can help you.. here You go.. My notes..” Bulbul said cheesily..

” thats so sweet of you Bulbul..  I owe you a favour” he said with the same cheesiness..

” Bro.. you are my best friend naa.. you know naa.. what I’m talking.. you..” Purab trailed off his sentence..

” chill Purab.. what can I do.. Its all my charm that girls fall for me unlike some chashma wala chashmish” Abhi smirked..

Vin, Purab & Pragya rolled their eyes in disbelief..



We started to tease each other..That teasing leads us to team up to pull others leg..

When I want to tease Abhi I teamed up with Purab & Vin..

Purab teamed with me to tease Bulbul..

Vin, me & Bulbul together tease Disha.. while Purab & Abhi gave her their support..

Haan.. teasing Vin with Aliah mam was our favorite hobby.. while he enjoyed our comments Disha will stand for him..

As days passed we really bonded well.. friends.. like close friends..

Myself & Purab were hostellers.. Vin was trying to get into hostel as Aliah mam was also stayed in hostel..

They started to bring extra food for me & Purab.. Make us to sit with them to eat..

Eventhough I’m a bhramin girl I  get used of that non veg smell..yes.. I won’t eat NV.. but I can sit at the place with out any fuss..

How I’m a pure vegetarian like that Abhi is a pure non vegetarian.. He .. without  NV will be a miracle..

His lunch box will have both veg & non veg after we became friends..

Abhisheik.. The first ever guy in my life to whom I shared a lot of things..

He is a true follower of Jesus Christ.. A kid by heart.. A self praising adult.. A flirt.. A naughty guy.. mom’s sweet son..

He is a combo of seriousness, craziness, smartness..



Some days later..

During lunch break:

” I think someone is trying zero size” Abhi said eyeing at Pragya..

“No.. I’m not” Pragya glared at him..

” I said someone.. Not You..” Abhi spat back..

” whatever..” Pragya murmured..

“Here..” Abhi placed a tiffin box infront of Pragya..

” What?..” She asked.

” Lunch for you.. ” He winked..

” No.. I will eat in hostel mess” she replied..

‘ oh..ho.. what this dumbo is trying.. Am I torturing him so much??.. He added anything in that food??..’ She thought..

” I’m not trying anything chashmish.. I just bring it for Purab.. He is not feeling well to eat this.. Thats why I’m  offering you..” he said while Purab rolled his eyes..

‘Am I that much audible?’ She thought..

” Not much audible.. but I can guess what you think by your weird eyes moment.. ” he smirked..

” Thanks.. but I won’t eat Non veg..” she said reluctantly..

” yeah.. Its veg only..” Abhi replied..



From that day onwards they started to bring extra food for me & Purab..

Disha & Vin know each as they are same area.. we all belongs to different places.. different cultures.. even different religions..

Friendship brought as together.. Purab & Me spent most of the time together as we were hostellers..

Purab loved Bulbul.. Bulbul was a funloving easy going girl who was not interested in Love But a flirt then..

Disha had her eyes only for Vin.. where as Vin had his eyes only for Aliah mam..Crazy guy..

Abhi.. No one can judge him.. Till now  no one can tell whats he  is upto..

He treat all of us equally.. If he shares any thing he will share with all of us unlike us..

We girls.. when we spoke our heart out to all.. we will open it only when the person is very close to our heart..

Sometimes we hide things from those loved ones too to save relationships..

Vin was always a trouble maker.. He won’t leave any chance to taunt any professors..

Sometimes Abhi teamed up with him &  they will end up in punishment with bringing the poor Purab in that mess..

God.. this Bulbul & Disha were not less than these guys..

I have to struggle alot to shushh them..

It became a routine for us to stay back in college after our classes..sometimes will chat.. sometimes will play.. sometimes will study..

A perfect group.. that was.. though all are imperfectionalist..

As days passed.. somewhere I felt more comfortable with Abhi..

Abhi.. the guy I first met in my class…

The guy I named him as crazy before I know about him..

After knowing him also there is no change in his name.. He is really crazy.. crazy about relationships..

He treat us like his prestigious gift from God.. Took care of each & every one of us..

What Bulbul likes.. What disha will like.. Whats okay with me.. what for purab& Vin..

I don’t know what others will think of him.. but for me he is the only one who can understand what i’m feeling without saying anything..

He is special to me.. I started to realize it by passing days.. we started to spent more time together..



“Birthday babs..happy birthday.. ” All said in  chorous..

” Thank you guys..Thank you so much” Pragya beamed into the class with a happy smile & was awed to see a chocolate cake with the caption ‘Happy birthday chashmo’

She didn’t expected this.. She even didn’t said anything about her birthday..

"So thats why you asked me to come early to the Class

“So thats why you asked me to come early to the Class..Thank you so much guys..I didn’t expect that you all will call me at 12 o’ clock.. specially this sleepy head Abhi” She is literally jumping in excitement..

“Hey chashmo.. I’m not a sleepy head..”Abhi glared

” yeah.. I know.. you won’t sleep during lectures..” Pragya said mockingly..

” Thats different.. this is different..” Abhi spat back..

” Guys.. stop that & my stomach is waiting for the cake..” Vin licked his lips..

“And I didn’t have my breakfast” Purab said eyed at the cake..

” its for all.. not only for you both.” Bulbul glared both Vin & Purab..& Vin face went pale..

“Vin don’t worry I will give you my share” Disha said looking at the worried face of Vin.. & instantly his face lightened up like 1000 watts bulb..

Pragya cut the cake & took a piece to feed them while they took the cake &  smashed it in her face..& they all played with the cake..

Then they quickly cleaned their place & refreshed themselves in washroom..

Then they all gave a common gift to her..

” Pragya promise me.. you  will try it now.. I specially bought it for you..” Abhi said lovingly..

‘ oh boy.. how cute he is’ she thought & nodded her head in Yes..”I promise.. whatever it is.. I’ll try it” she said smilingly..

” yea.. Prags open it now.. we too want to see that… we can’t accompany them..” Bulbul & Disha said chorously..

She unwrapped the gift cover & saw a box..she opened it.. there it is..

" what the hell??

” what the hell??.. ” Pragya asked Abhi who is already 10 feet away from her..

Remaining were laughing like manics..Bulbul & Disha were laughing while holding their stomach..

” if you don’t like the gift give it to me Prags.. ” Vin said smilingly..

” haan.. we will share this” Purab  said..

” Chashmo.. you promised you will try it..” Abhi said teasingly..

“I’m not.. you trapped me..” Pragya said accusingly..

” No back out now..” Bulbul said cheerfully..

“Yeah.. wait..” Abhi said & reached Pragya in no time.. ” I’l help you to open this  ” he pulled the bottle & opened it in one go..

” Purab.. Vin ..” Abhi called them & winked..& They got hold of Pragya’s both hands..

“No.. No.. What are you doing.. idiots.. leave my hands..” Pragya glared while trying to unhold her hands..

“be a good girl chashmo.. taste it.  Come on open your mouth..” Abhi said while cupping her face..

She zipped up her mouth while Abhi forced to make her drink.. finally he succeeded in it..

She tasted it.. ” wait guys.. give it to me I’ll drink it by myself.. afterall It taste good..” she said..

” yeah.. after all its apple juice..” Abhi said with a smirk..

” I thought its rum..” Pragya huffed..

And then they all gifted her  a beautiful  bracelet..

The day  went with their happy chats..


” Today you are  looking gorgeous..” Abhi said while sitting near Pragya who is reading a book..

” Thanks..” Pragya said smilingly..

” Pragya.. I want to tell you something..” Abhi said..

By his voice & mentioning her name instead of chashmo/ chashmish she can tell that they are gonna discuss a serious issue..

“Whats it Abhi..?” She asked him eagerly..

She can feel her heart beats raising..

” I didn’t shared this with them..”he said in the same serious tone..

She is curious now..

” Mom fixed my marriage..” he said almost choking..

She starred at  him with disbelief..

” howmany times I told you not to play in this kind of things..? You idiot.. good for nothing arrogant dumbo..” she said with a glare..

” ok.. ok.. cool.. don’t get into lady ” he said while smiling..

” but one thing is sure that I’ll marry the girl of my mom’s choice..because no girl is willing to propose me in this big college..” he huffed..

‘He is sucha dramaking.. isn’t he?.. but definitely a mom’s boy.. who won’t say NO to his mom.. his only love.. his only family.. ‘ she thought..



His mom.. A lady with pride.. who lost her husband in a road accident when she was pregnant with Abhi..

Theirs was inter religion love marriage.. No support from both of the families..
She struggled alot to bring up Abhi..

When she needed help there is no one to her.. After she acheived a great height in her business her relatives started to mingle with her..

For her.. Abhi should not be lonely at any cost.. He should be with his relatives ,friends & all..

She thought The pain she went through alone should not  affect Abhi also..

So she asked Abhi only one promise & Abhi gave a word for her.. thats his marriage..

She don’t want him to separate from his so called family..

She was scared of the thought…If he do love marriage then there the history will repeat the same…

I respect her alot.. I love her alot.. I adore her alot.. She is a gem who lived her whole life for her only son..

Deep inside I know I truely love Abhi.. But I didn’t have the courage to open up.. Thanks for my cowardness..After I learnt about him & his promise I just buried my feelings..

The feelings which born & died inside me without anyones knowledge…

Afterall Its just one sided love with no harm to others.. its just me…

The time I spent with him & my friends are the most beautiful parts in my life..

When I was with them I was myself.. now I badly missing being myself..

They had the impact on my life that every single actions in my life  which reminds me any one of them..

Now It makes me to shed tears when I think of  our cute silly antics..

There is not a second I forgot these idiots..

Purab & Bulbul are the happy married couples.. Its been two years..still our Bulbul is behaving like kid .. God knows how Purab is managing her..

Disha & Vin are getting married by next year.. they are engaged..

Oops.. I want to refresh myself  before going to the batchelors party..

I  reached the hotel & refreshed.. I wore a white color anarkali type chudi which is favorite color of Abhi..

I Reached the Party venue & met my very crazy kings & queens..

“Surprise” I said with a warm smile while my tears have its own way to reach my cheeks..

They ran to me and hugged me like as if all their lives depends on that hug..

Disha & Bulbul’s eyes glistered with tear drops.. we girls won’t change..

After that Purab & Vin pulled me into their warm hug..

“We missed you so much Pragya.. we missed you in every get together.. we missed you in our marriage.. ” Bulbul said again hugging me..

This girl’s hug.. God I missed it these many years..

“I Missed you more than anyone..” Purab said geniunely.. & I know he mean it.. “afterall I don’t know how to handle this girl.. I wonder how could you sit next to them for four years..”he teased Bulbul..

I couldn’t speak as this moment  is more overwhelming.. like the weather.. rain with warm.. tears with smile..

“Oh.. Pragya..You know how much I missed you..ask disha..  how many times I said her to book air ticket to meet you..This girl is even jeolous of our friendship..” Vin said with a naughty smile..

” don’t believe him Pragya.. he wanted to meet Aliah mam.. For Gods shake she is haplily married to suresh sir & settled in US..still this idiot want to see her..” Disha huffed..

I smiled at them.. still I didn’t speak anything.. I wanted to see him.. After 8 long years..

“I missed you guys.. really really missed all you.. & I love you all ..” I said cheerfully..

” you didn’t told us that you will come..” Disha glared at me..

“Is Abhi know?” Bulbul enquired..

” If so I won’t leave that idiot.. ” Purab huffed..

” yeah.. I will Punch him hard in his nose before he could marry that girl..” Vin chided..

Thats when reality strikes my mind..

Abhi is getting married tommorrow with a girl of his mom’s choice..
Today he is giving batchelors party..

I know I have to face this situation.. I could not move on in my life.. If I see that he belongs to someone else then My heart can accept the bitter truth that he is not mine..

Thats why I came to atten his wedding..

All love stories can’t have the happy endings… Mine  too one among the  love failure stories..

“Hey Prags.. we are asking you?..” Purab patted my cheeks..

“Where is he?” I asked them..

” Haan.. speaking of devil.. here comes the devil .” Vin said & Disha beat him on his arms..

“Hey guys..enjoying without me huh??” Abhi asked while he is facing my back with four or five steps away from us..

My breathe hitched.. A lump formed in my throat.. The same shiver when I felt  on our very first meet.. Only he can make me to go weak with his voice..

I’m going to face him..after 8 long years. We are in contact through video calls & all… but its definitely different..

Relax Pragya.. you can do it.. just turn & see him.. don’t get over emotional.. & don’t ran to him &  hug him.. It will be awakward..

I turned to see him with a smile in my face.. I saw him.. his eyes & mouth wide opened.. First shock then turns to surprise…

He smiled like an idiot & ran to me & hugged me tightly like he loved me

He smiled like an idiot & ran to me & hugged me tightly like he loved me..

Hell with my self control.. I’m here with not to run to his arms.. not to hug him.. not to kiss him & all.. here he is doing all.. not all .. except kiss..

To my surprise he kissed me.. he kissed my forehead & again hugged me tightly as if his life depends on our hug..

I know i’m crying..I’m hugging my life’s most precious Gift.. I’m living in this moment.. I felt alive after years.. yeah.. after so many years I’m alive..

He cupped my face ” I missed you chashmish..” he said  while his eyes glistening with a tear drop..  again he embraced me in his arms..” you didn’t told me about your arrival..” he added..

This is my  dream come true moment.. I felt safe & secure in his arms.. I felt his lips  pressed the top of my head.. He caressed my back..

I really forgot about where we are.. what we are supposed   to do..

“Guys.. enough for now.. come on.. we will eat..I’m feeling hungry” Bulbul said childishly..

I don’t want to leave him.. but.. what to do .. I have to leave him.. leave his thoughts completely .. we parted away from the hug reluctantly..

We ordered our favourites like old time outings… after dinner caught up with our memories..

I didn’t spoke much but listening to everyones blah blah..

Abhi.. he is happy.. happy with his life progress.. Though I missed my Old Abhi who is always a naughty prince.. Now he is calm & composed..

He looks like a responisble matured guy.. He is not that college wala Prankster.. May be The effect of marriage.. More responsibility in his head now.. A husband…A son in law.. he has readied himself to play the various roles in life..

Tommorrow.. his big day.. His Marriage.. I don’t know whether I will withstand when I see him with another girl.. But..I have to make myself more strong..

The one thing which is killing me always is Everytime he is the one who understands me even before I tell anything..

Then how can he not feel the love I have for him..

Am I that much good to hide my love from him..?

Atleast one instance I might shown him in that 4 years.. & then 8 years of calls& video calls..

Then why he didn’t asked me anything..

Anything about my feelings.. Anything about my  future.. Anything about when I’m planning to get married…Anything about how I expect my future husband..

Is he purposely avoiding this?? Is he aware of my feelings for him??..

I closed my room & retired to my bed with various thoughts.. I don’t know when sleep engulfed me..

A knock on my door.. I feel really tired.. I tried to open my eyes while taking my mobile..

Adjusting my eyes to the mobile flash light I  saw the time 12 o’ clock.. God who is this now.. I slept only one hour..

I saw a lady .. not any lady.. she.. my abhi’s mom.. I opened the door as a reflex action..

But.. she gone without even having a word with me..

I glanced her retreating figure.. I really don’t know whether I should follow her or I should continue my sleep..

Its a dream.. I said to myself & turned my right side feeling a tingling feeling near my neck..

“God Abhi.. you scared me..” I chidded..

He smiled like an idiot.. ” Wait why are you even here at this time??& Why is mom going without speaking with me??”  I asked him thoroughly confused..

” Won’t you allow me inside..?” He asked with a smirk & I gave him way to get in..

He locked the door..
” now why are you locking the door.. what are you doing here? .. tell me Abhi.. whats happe” he placed his palm in my lips..

“How many questions you will ask at a time?” He said without taking his palm from my lips..& our eyes  locked..

I can feel his hot breath near my lips

I can feel his hot breath near my lips..and his lips replaced his palm..

I closed my eyes in ecastacy.. First I was shocked to respond.. then surprized as my Abhi is kissing me.. The love which I have for him overpowers me & forgot all other things.. kissed him back with equal  love, passion, desire, hurt, pain longingness& all..

Reality strikes me.. He is getting married Pragya.. I said to myself.. but I don’t want to leave him..

I felt my tears find its own way to reach my cheeks.. slowly I parted  away from the kiss..

” Go Abhi.. you have.. have  to wake up early..” I said reluctantly.. ‘be with me like this’ my heart screamed..

“Why is it so? ” he asked as if  he don’t know anything..

” Tommorrow morning…is .. you..your  marriage Abhi.” I said nervously..

” so what.. I can sleep here na.. You will wake me up early..” he said like a child..

“What if someone sees you here??.. you can’t stay here Abhi..” I glared at him..
‘Definitely I’m dreaming.. how on the earth he will be here at this mid night.. seriously I want to check a pshycardist’

” hey chashmo.. you are not dreaming..I’m really here.. with you..” he said in a husky voice in which I lost myself..

‘ again he is guessing what I’m thinking.. back to my Abhi…’ I  thought..

“Yeah…YOUR ABHI..ALWAYS..” he said with a geniune smile..

I gave him a disbelief look..  I can’t think straight.. really my mind strucks..

“I love you chashmish.. I love you so much with all my heart beats..

I don’t know when I started to fell in love with you.. But I started to like you from our first meet itself.. That day you feared to face me na.. !!!
Then after that I don’t got a chance to scare you..its you always scaring me..

Believe me..I can say what you think by seeing your eyes itself.. & its only you.. not others.. not even mom..

If you ask You are that easy to  guess.. then Its a big NO.. you are not easy.. you are special to me… only I can say what you are thinking & feeling chashmish..

I  don’t know when I sarted to  fell in love with you.. But I clearly know when you started to love me..

you remember .. when me & Nikil got into a fight because he tried to misbehave with you..From that incident you started to treat me differently..

A kind of possessiveness.. more than a friendship love.. more care..  When you saw me I can feel a glint of happiness in your eyes.. eyes full of love..

how can I not feel what  you are feeling for me… but that time I was held by a promise.. thats why.. thats why I said you about my mom,her insecurities & my promise..

I thought I have to stop your feelings for me anyhow…when I said about my promise you  started to distanced yourself from me I can’t bear that..

I want close to you but I don’t want to broke my mom’s promise too..

I don’t know what to choose.. If I tell you what I feel for you.. you would suggest  me to  fulfill my mom’s wish.. because you told me many times to be my mom’s side in every situation..

Like a stupid cat..I closed my eyes tightly &  thought now no one can find me in this dark..

I hide my feelings from everyone & I thought everything is going to be fine..

I scared to ask you about your future.. what if you convey your feelings for me? What if I hurt you by saying something which I not supposed to tell..

Nothing is fine with us.. our religion.. you are a brahmin& I’m a christian.. You are a vegiterian & i’m completely opposite to it..I hide my feelings.. while you expressed your feelings by your eyes.. what will your parents will think?? They will give your hand to me.. A christian by birth..& My promise to my mom..

The main reason is the last two which I feared of..

Today after reached home mom called me & asked me whether I’m happy with this marriage or not.. I don’t know what made her to ask her like that..

Strangely I was very happy when she called me.. when mom asked me such a question I was dumb struck..

You know what she said?? ..

Abhi …There is a glow in your face which I missed to see this many days.. A real smile that reaches your eyes.. Am I took a wrong decision by fixing this marriage??

Thats it.. I can’t hold my emotions.. 
I siad she took a wise decision.. but I’m the one at fault.. I can’t control my feelings towards you..

She slapped me.. for the first time.. & told me that I was in a verge to spoil three lives.. for her… my happiness matters more than the promise..

She dropped me here to express my feelings to you..

After our confrontation we have to go & face the brides family.. you will be with me na?? .. ” He asked me..

“I love you crazy idiot.. I’ll be with you” I said & hugged him tightly with a fear if i leave him he will vanish..

 I'll be with you" I said & hugged him tightly with a fear if i leave him he will vanish

“one more thing is My mamma & pappa will be okay with this marriage.. they said they are okay even if I marry any guy.. they literally  begged me to get married.. Now they will be more happy if they know you are my man” I said without breaking the hug..

Again he pressed his lips on top of my head..  A lovable kiss from my crazy idiot..

Then we reached his home where his mom is waiting for us.. I  bend to touch her feet to get her blessings.. she stopped me in the mid & hugged me..

” There is no need to touch my feet Pragya.. you are going to  be my daughter.. God will bless you always..” saying so she kissed my forehead.. feeling my mamma’s love..♥♥

Next day early morning we confronted the bride’s family.. & they seems to be understandable.. Abhi & me personally met the bride & asked our apology.. She wished us & we moved out their house.. 

All settled now.. I informed my parents & they started their journey to see their to be son in law..

In one day my life became more beautiful.. what I expected in these years… what I wished for … all  happened in just one day..

One day life will change as  like we wished..

For me .. life changed .. the 8 years of  waiting is worth now.. finally I got what I want..

I gonna spent my whole life with my Abhi..♥♥♥


And yes.. their love journey begins..

Thanks for reading..

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    abhigya meeting in college n abhi calling her chashmish was cute.surprised to see aaliya as a lecturer.perfect pic to show her crazy after her n Disha mad about vin. cute.abhigya food scene and pragya birthday was cute.abhi’s gift rum was funny.but surprisingly it turned out to be a rum. surprised that rabul and vinsha are married and aaliya married Suresh. still vin dying to see aaliya.funny.abhigya meeting after years was so emotional and romantic. abhi’s confession and his cancellation of marriage was a surprise.happy that abhi called off his marriage with his mom’s support.pragya saying ILU to abhi was sweet.nice pics

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