Lets Love Through Text (kkb os)

My second os.. read it & give your valuable reviews guys..

Two unknown persons with different lifestyle,status, way of thinking..yet they are going to tie a knot between their hearts & that knot is definetly not marriage now..they are going to meet in a little different way.. we will see what is the way that links their heart..

Guys.. meet our charming hero Abhi Mehra aka rockstar..nobody will call him as rockstar other than himself..22 yrs young man.only son of business tycoon Ram Mehra..Lives with his grandparents.. Abhi is such a husband material who thinks even a kiss will take away his virginity& he is saving his virginity(first kiss) for his not existing wife.. THOUGH HE HAVE EVERYTHING ,HE FEELS SOMETHING IS MISSING IN HIS LIFE..

Next is our very pretty heroine Pragya Arora.In her brother’s language, she is the princess of monkeys world.. a very naughty 19 years old girl who always fight for her rights.. She tried each & every pranks that eats Purab’s head in the end..Lives with her mother Sarala& his brother Purab.. THOUGH SHE IS NOT SO RICH,SHE THINKS SHE HAVE EVERYTHING IN THE NAME OF HER FAMILY& FRIENDS..

Pragya looked at the mobile phone which was technically gifted by her lovable brother.. she had PRACTICALLY SNATCHED the only mobile phone that purab had with internet facility..

She had passed in the board examination that too with 35% of marks.. actually its a medical miracle for them.. STUDIES & PRAGYA LIKE TOM & JERRY.. Teachers being Tom always run to catch our Jerry Pragya.. she managed to escape from their clutches..

But purab owes that atleast she should pass in the board examination thereby they can get her a seat in nearby college for her well being & for his mother’s happiness..

So, he dealt with Pragya with usual bro/sis mocking fight& that ended up in a bet..

If pragya passed in her examintation purab should give whatever she wants.. If not, she have to do whatever purab says..

Pragya being Pragya not liking the idea of doing what her brother says started to study sincerely.. purab was too happy to see his little sister’s sincerity unknown to the consequence for the bet..

Atlast.. she passed in the examination making purab& sarala on the ninth cloud.. she pushed purab from that cloud by taking his mobile in the name of bet.. he had not expected this from her. He thought she will ask her favorite ice cream or will ask to take her for a silly movie..

Pragya smiled remembering the tearful aidue of purab for his mobile.. she is not so stone hearted fellow to watch her lovable brother like this.. so, she generously offered HIS.. Noh.. HER mobile phone to him for half an hour daily.. and in that half an hour she only took it for every 5 minutes & keep it in her hands for 2 minutes to check the messages even though there is no new messages for her..

Purab crused himself for betting like a stupid for upteenth time & he really fed of his little devil’s atrocities..so, he gave up on HIS.. errr… HER mobile phone..

Now PRAGYA owns a mobile phone & started her college as well.. she made friends & kinda explore her happy college days with her naughtiness..

she never want to show her deep down feelings to anyone.. atleast to the people who she knew well.. she is afraid of that they will mock her if she shows her emotional side..

she had seen her friends using facebook & she asked about how to use it.. her mind was occupied by it..

she created an account in HER mobile.. she updated a ‘chasma picture’ as her profile picture.. & in background ‘ a library’ picture which is not even her cup of coffee..

she randomly updated her profile , send some friend requests.. she is determined to be friendly with the very first one who accept her friend request ..yet she is not so sure about being friendly with an unknown person..

” Chashmish gave you a friend request” a notification popped up in his profile..
“Rockstar accepted your friend request” a notification popped up in her profile..

After checking his profile she concluded that he is going to be her unknown friend to whom she is going to share everything without any fear..she felt an unknown pull towards the “ROCKSTAR”..

[Normal font rockstar& bold italics chashmish]


Hii rockstar..

How do u do chashmish?

Err.. don’t call me chashmish..

Oops. Then tell me ur name?

Is that important to know my name?..lets be unknown?..

Unknown? Friends?

Yeah.. unknown friends.. no need to tell our real identities..but we can share our stories.. we don’t know each other.. so,i’m not going to judge you.. even if you judge me it won’t affect me.. because we are not going to meet anyway.. so,why not give a try to this unknown relarionship???…

Not a bad idea chash..oops.. how can i even call u?

You can call me as ‘chashmish’ the offer is only for you.

Thanks for the great offer chashmo..

No mention..

Looks like you are new to facebook?

Yeah.. & you have only few friends?

Hell.its my fake account.i’ll use it only to know how people think about me.. especially my girl friends.thats why i didn’t updated my pics.

LOL.. girl friends? How many girlfriends do you have rockstar?.. you are such a play boy.. aren’t you??..

NO. I’m not a play boy as you think.i want to know who is real in this dramatic world. You know I have been ditched by many girls.their main aim is to become rich at any cost.& for that they are using me.

Hey.. i’m sorry if i’m going overboard.. but can’t stop asking..why you even give damn choice to cheat on you?.. be a man.. don’t let yourself to think about what others will think of you.. if you have those thoughts then believe me.. you can’t enjoy your life..

Yes. You are right. My past girlfriends think i’m a prude.

I don’t think so..

Yeah. i’m not..I just

You just???

I just saving myself for my future wife.

Then why are you even have girlfriends.?. You moron..

Come on chashmoo. I just trying to find who is the one for me.every time i pick a girl with full confidence that she is going to be my one. Unfortunately, every time it goes wrong.

Rockstar its teens disorder.. & if you want true love then wait.. don’t try to search it.. the love of your life will reach you like the oxygen that reach your lungs..just feel it from your heart..

As you say.I’ll try to wait chashmishhh.

I don’t know why I even speak like a philosopher 🙁

LOL. Philo sobber..I can imagine a chashmish old man with a long beard & reading a philosophy book with a walking stick in his hands like you 😉

Aww.. I can’t even imagine that i’m talking to the most humourous person in the world.. uff..

Bad joke right.okay leave then. Chashmooo gotta go. Bye.

Bubye rockstar…nice day…


After the text conversation Abhi felt relieved.. He can’t even understand why did he told his problem to an unknown person?? Why her words soothing him?? Why he thinks that her words are true. May be.. maye be he can wait to find his true love..

He was sure, he can say anything to her.. because he don’t know her& she won’t judge his character..little did he knows is, he started to trust her in the corner of his heart..

Pragya is in full excitement afterall she got a poor slave to listen her blabber..she was thinking about rockstar & his open declaration for anything she asked ! like a kid who can’t lie to his mother..

As days passed both their mornings started with a good morning message & nights ends with a good night message..

They talked from nothing to everything. There is no day without their chatting.. They shared alot& a lott.. still there is so much to talk..

slowly & steadily their bond of friendship became more than friendship without their knowledge..Either it is sad or happiness..they starts to share with each other at first before anyone else.. Their preferance got changed..

They wish they should know each other as persons without each others knowledge.. They are dieing to meet .. but then they are afraid of each others reactions too.. & then the both stupid heads don’t know its all because of a little thing called Love..

Normal font rockstar; bold italics chashmish]

She left me chashmishhhh..

One to go…. 😉

What one to go?

To celebrate your silver jubliee break ups..more importantly its only after we started to speak.. who knows it could crossed golden jubliee if we consider your before broke ups too.. 😀 😀

Here i’m feeling for my love & you are counting my broke ups& ready to celebrate my upcoming break up?? You devil , dinossor, buffalo, ape, & what not 🙁 :O

Feelings??.. my foot..!Man its your 24th.. i thought you just habbituated to all these kinds of stuffs..

Whether its first or 24th. Feelings are feelings. Can’t help myself.. :'(:'(:'(

Whatever.. 2 days you will cry like a baby & no triming to get the devadoss look.. after that you will again get a girl friend.. really i’m bored of all this rockstar.. its been two years you are blabbering the same thing..

No. I’ll trim my beard everyday. Health consious you know.?

Its beauty consious mr.

Whatever! I thought my worry will reduce after i share with you. But you raised my BP. You stupid girl.

Thats good to hear kiddooo..

Urggg.don’t use kiddoo. i’m not a kid. You are a kid. You don’t have atleast one love story like me..

Oh ! Please don’t say yours are love stories.. i’ll puke..

Then tell me your love story. I try not to puke.& yes don’t say me its ranveer..

He is my past week yaar.. now guess who?.. he is the one handsome,hot & cool i have ever known..

Come on.. you are saying the same definition for all the guys in bollywood , hollywood, tollywood& what not??

You are sick rockstar..moron..

Aww.now i got it. It’s me. Rockstarrrrr.. But then you hadn’t seen me.. i wonder!! Are you fell in love with me by my texting style? 😉 😉 afterall who can resist rockstor’s texting style!!

Texting style..???!! For God’s shake.. shut it..

Okay chashmoooooooo. just kidding. Gotta go to nag my grand pa& grand ma;-) meet you sooooooonnnn;-)

See you…


Pragya wondered why she can’t tell him ‘NO’ for his silly question “ARE YOU FALLING IN LOVE WITH ME BECAUSE OF MY TEXTING STYLE” the same question again & again ringing in her mind..

Is she really have feelings for him.. A big NO.. but whats that tingling feeling whenever she gets his messages..

Then she managed to brainwash her brain by saying how can she love a guy who is dating different girls for different months..

But then she knew that HE is a kid at heart.. she tried hard to put many negative things about ROCKSTAR in her mind.. but her poor heart& soul took only the good things about him..

she just confused about whats in her heart.. whenever she confused she will go to Purab to relax herself by eating his brain..Because of him & his mobile this little 21 years old girl have to face this big problem..

ofcourse she is not going to tell him whats her problem instead she will create some problems to the Poor Purab & will find her solace when purab hardly manage to set all the problems..

#Mehra Mansion#

“Hey son.. looks like you are too happy..Any improvement in your love story” asked daada with a mischeivious smile.

“Howmany times I have to tell you.. Chashmish is not my love” frowned abhi..

“Haan..why you always teasing my abhi with that girl??” asked dadi with a huff..

” why you both reacting this much when I even didn’t mentioned the girl’s name in the first place?”daada asked with a smirk..

” You always take her name” abhi chided..

” young man.. but now i didn’t na..? Then you old lady..please don’t poke ur nose in youth matters” said daada as a matter of fact..

“you called me as old lady??as if you are in your sweet 16..? Huh????” Daadi glared at him..

“of all the words I spoke you caught only the very true word”OLD LADY”daada said stressing the last words..

” remember by next month you are turning 80.. not to mention you are 6 years elder than me OLD MAN” dadi countered back..

“In heart I’m very young.. believe me.. even now I can date a girl..” daada winks at her..

” In your Dreams Mister” daadi frowned..

” Guys.. stop it right now.. I came to chat with you guys..but you people are in fighting mood I guess” annoyed abhi slightly hitted his forehead..

” oh.. beta.. we are finished..its just that we can’t be in the same place without fighting” daadi said with a smile& daada nodded his head in agreement..

“I will bring snacks” said dadi & left from there.

she remembered something& came back to ask but stopped as the conversation proceed with the duo..

” now that olddie is not here.. we can speak freely..tell me whats the reason behind your happiness??” asked daada..

“Daada.. I’m going to take you eye hospital to check your vision.. I’m heart broken.. & you are asking the reason for my happiness??” Abhi said in a pissed tone..

” haan.. then.. you look at the mirror.. if you find any trace of worry then we will check my eyes.. ” daada smirked..

” but I was worried then.. ” abhi scowled..

” then I chatted with chashmish.. ” abhi said with a smile..

” so the reason is her.. !!son.. I think she completes you.. think about it & yes she is a nice girl.. don’t miss her..”
Said daada in a matter of fact tone..

“how do you know that she is a nice girl?” Abhi narrowed his eyes ..

“its because of you.. whenever you are talking with me you are talking about the girl.. so i just guessed it” said daada by avoiding the eye contact..

” Am I missing out something?..” abhi questioned in a doubting manner& curiously looking at his daada.. Daada smiled sheepishly..

“speak out daada..”

” we are also facebook friends you know.. we kinda like each other’s company& we share a special bond” blushed daada..

” but chashmish didn’t told me anything that you both are in contact” said abhi by controlling his anger..’how can she hide things from me.. ?? ‘ he thought..

” you expect me to introduce myself as a grandpa for 24 years man ?” Daada prompted his question..

“SO??..” abhi asked to know more..

” I never said that I have wife.. then how I can have a son& grandson??..” winks daada..

“But you updated all the information in your profile” abhi spatted..

” you are such a dumb head exactly like your daadi.. I have another account & in that i gave my age as 22;-)” daada said proudly..

” wow.. daada.. I’m impressed & the person behind you seems more impressed than me” said abhi with a devilish glint..

” ha ha… that’s my charm son” by saying this he turned to see who was behind him& dadi is ready for the next world war..

“RETURN.IF.POSSIBLE (RIP) daada” saying so abhi went from there..

He was annoyed why she didn’t told about daada..according to her daada is 22 years old young man.. how can she even talk to other guys just like that.. didn’t she promised him that she will share all the things with him only?? Then why did she even talk to other guys..

An unknown jeolousy formed in his heart… No.. she cannot do this for him.. she is only HIS chashmish.. she won’t cheat HIM.. may be.. it skipped her mind ..thats why she didn’t mentioned about daada..

but then he can’t fully trust daada.. because dada always use to irritate others by hitting on the right spot..

So Abhi took chashmish side & trust her whole heartly.. even before realizing it he is standing in the living room where daadi is ready to bite daada’s right hand with full force..

abhi pulled daada’s left arm” daadi.. I want him please don’t do anything” shouted abhi..

” no .. I want him” said daadi & pulled him towards her..

“I want him”

“I want him”

both were pulling daada’s each hand towards themself ..

” Godddd.. save me from these brainless fellows.. what I have done in my previous birth that I got a devil’s queen as my wife & shaitan’s princess as my grandson”daada said irritated..

Tired abhi& dadi left daada’s hand at the same time & unexpected daada fell down.. he mentally thanked the sofa in which he fell down..

” daada.. you lied to me.. ” he said more like a statement..

“may be or may not be my son” daada replied..

“i’m not asking daada.. i’m sure..& I trust my chashmish.. she don’t like to hide things from me..”

” you trust her over me..? Your daada?? ..” daada asked furiously..
abhi nodded his head in yes..

“for that i feel sorry for you..& what I said have both truth & lies..” said daada thoughtfully..

“now you are confusing me daada” abhi said in a monotone..

“abhi beta.. you said you trust your chashmish over me.. first make it clear is she yours or not” saying so he left with a smirk..

” This old man has no other work than confusing my little boy” huffed daadi..

daadi can’t see her lovable grandson’s worried face..she sat on the sofa & gestured him to sit.. He sat near her & placed his head on her lap.. daadi slowly caressed his hair..

“I’m confused daadi”

” whats that abhi??” Daadi asked with a smile..

” I don’t know whether I have feelings for her or not..”

” abhi .. you sure.. that she is a girl? ”

” yeah.. I’m sure dadi.”

” how abhi?..”

” daadi .. we are talking around 2 years..in this 2 years I didn’t even get a doubt that she may be a boy.. i don’t know how & when I started to trust her.. ”

” hmm.. !!” Daadi hummed..

” first its all started for fun.. I even thought a guy is playing with me.. as days passed she is kinda close to me.. everyday she shared everything not mentioning her identity..she is not so rich daadi..she knows that I’m rich but she behaves as before.. no change in her texts.. ” said abhi with a sly smile..

” its only her benefit na.? See now you are talking about that girl.. if you give a chance to that girl then that girl will be rich !!” Daadi said thoughtfully..

” she is not a money minded person daadi.” Abhi argued..

” how you know that abhi?” Daadi asked..

” because only I had talked to her for the past 2 years.. rich is not by money but by heart.. & according to me she is richer than us.. you know daadi.. she lost her dad at the age of 10. They were rich before then after the death of her dad , their business partner cheated them & they became poor.. her mom brought up her brother & her.. she even didn’t want to study more to reduce her mother’s burden & started to help her in stitching.. she is really a sweet heart dadi”

” then me?? ” asked dadi with a fake anger..

” you are my first sweet heart .. you know daadi .. I felt jealous of daada when he lied to me.. but then I forgave him after all he is my darling daadi’s only hubby.. ” daadi smiled at his antics..

” you & daada always taken good care of me..but there is always a longingness in my life.. I don’t know whether its for mom’s love or dad’s care.. whenever I speak to her the longingness is disappeared just like that.. Now – a -days I myself eager to find some faults in the girls whoever I’m dating.. & run before they say me as a prude or whatever.. ” abhi said with a small smile..

daadi is looking at him curiously..

” daadi.. you said nothing??” Asked abhi..

” what can I say.. you are lending your brain for any good cause or what? Dadi furiously asked him..


” don’t say that..you are not realising your love for that girl??”

“noo granny.. i’m not” growled abhi..

“Then prove me”

” prove you what? That I don’t love her??” Abhi questioned..

” yeah”

” but how??”

” listen abhi.. I have an idea for that.. you are not going to chat with her for just 1 week” daadi said keenly observing his reactions..

” whaatttttt?? Jusss…. justttt… One longggggggggg weeeekkkk…????” Abhi looks at his granny with bewilderment..

” abhi.. not onnnnnnneeee looooonnnnggg weeeeekkk.. its just a week..” dadi spat back..

” even for a day I can’t stop myself from messaging her.. then how it is possible dadi?..”

” try to do it abhi.. You are a rockstar na.. you can do it.. ! “Daadi teased him .. ‘ I know abhi.. you love her.. but I want to know what that girl is thinking about you.. whenever we go far away from our loved ones that time only we can realise how much we love them..’ thought daadi..

” yes dadi.. i’m a rockstar & I can do it.. ” promised abhi..

Meantime.. when daada went away from their so called conversation..

[Bold italics chashmish; bold normal rahul]

Hey handsome.. whats up?..

Hey beautiful. just sitting & chatting.

Well.. its boring yaar.. you know he went to chat with his grand parents.. & my bro was not at home.. 
And you feel like tangling someone’s neck?? & you got me?? Isn’t it lady magombo?.

Not bad.. you guessed right.. I feel like.. why I even started to speak with him.. He is just in all the things I’m thinking,seeing, hearing & whatnot..

What you saw in that rockstar that not in me??.. even you didn’t saw him once??..

We are seeing through our hearts & by our words.. he makes me smile by his words itself.. but I know what i’m thinking is not going to happen..

And thats why i’m telling you to cut his relationship ..& I’m sure we will make the perfect pair.. what say..?

Yeah.. okay.. but first I’ll talk to daadi then we will discuss about it.. what say old man.. ??

I wish I didn’t shared my pic& my age with you:-(:-(

If you didn’t .. then even I won’t started to speak with you.. & most importantly.. I had not talked about HIM..Daada.. you are like motivating me .. whenever you oppose HIM ..I can’t let go off it& I end up in stand for him

Ho no. is it the problem.? Then I will praise him in all the way I can& there by you try to hate him.

Daada… i’m confused.. what I’m feeling for him??.. 

Even I’m confused betii.. ;-)but i can tell you a solution..

Tell me daada..

I have a grandson.. I told you na..his name is ABHI.. he is really handsome & cool guy.. If you are okay I will speak with your mom..

Usually I don’t have the habit of scolding grandparents age people… soo.. please daada.. ! Understand meeeeee…:'(:'(:'(:'(

Good to hear beti..instead of saying this you could directly scolded me..:-D:-D:-D& take your own time to tell your opinion.. I’ll wait..& my grandson also will wait for your answer..

Urggg daada.. I’m leaving.. 

Even i’m also leaving.. think & tell beti..

Uffooo… you are seriously a comedy piece daada..

That I’m.. bye dear.. god bless.. 

Its been two days.. abhi didn’t touched his mobile phone.. everytime he is wondering.. if chashmish had texted him or not.. if chashmish will forget him?? If chashmish have feelings for him??

So many things.. but only about chashmish.. he can’t hold his hand more.. & took his mobile..

when he logged into the fb account he got 400 + messages.. thats all from chashmish.. HIS Chashmish.. he was jumping high as if a kid got its favorite ice cream..

He read all the messages with a smile crepted in his lips.. she had pleased him, scolded him to talk to her..she cared for him.. she asked whether he is fine.. is there any problem..whether she has done anything wrong.. or he got a new girlfriend… in all the ways she had asked so many questions.. when he was about to finish reading all the messages a message popped up..
[Bold italics chashmish;Normal font Rockstar]

Finally you are here.. read all text? Reply me idiot.. I’m sure I gonna kill you.. you monkey.. how can you so irresponsible.. idiot.. where you went withouy informing me?? GO TO HELL.. & please don’t text me..

Okay. as you wish.

Hey you.. rockstar.. I wish now I’m infront of you to give a hard punch on your nose..

Exactly.I too wish that.

Err.. you Wish for a hard punch??

I wish to be Infront of you now..&..


And.first …


Shall we meeet????

You wasted this 2 long years to ask this.. you idiot..

As if you didn’t wasted it.. for your kind information.. you only said lets be unknown.. these girls..:-(

Cool down.. cool down.. & we will meet at central park exactly at 5 pm near the fish aquarium.. are you okay with it..

Yeah.. double done.. waiting to see you..

Mee tooo.. 

Both are in their own dreamland.. for them they are least concerned about the outer appearance. They both know that they find solace in each other..

HE knew SHE will care him like a mother.. guide him like a father.. tease him like a best friend.. she is the one who will fulfill all others place in his heart.

SHE knew that he is the sunshine of her life.. he bear her whenever she nagged him just like a father.. he is always approachable to her.. he gave so many silly ideas.. after all he is still a great human being who loves to spent time with god’s child while many of us even forget their own child in the process of money making.. she blushed while thinking about her rockstar..

They both realised their feelings for each other.. yes.. its.. loveee..♥♥♥ & they both are planing to confess their love in the first meeting itself…


At central park: (5 pm) :

A girl with chashma is standing near the aquarium..& a guy just reached the place & wondered who it can be..
[Bold italics chashmish;Normal Font Rockstar]

I’m here.where are you?.

I’m also here.. your dress color?..

Blue shirt & black phant ..yours?.

Yellow top & black jean..

Both looked shocked when they spotted others…

“I thought you were a boy” he said with a smile..

” even I thought you were a girl” she said with a sad face..

“oops.. i’m really sorry.. she.. that means.. my sister.. err. Chashmish.. your fb friend is girl only.. yesterday when we were chit chatting i found her smiling while looking at her mobile.. I kind of eager to know the reason.. any brother will doubt if his sister blushed in that way.. I thought..a new problem is on the way .. when I got a chance to go through her mobile only this place was mentioned to meet.. & i blast on her.. I came to see who is that idiot.. & to give him a piece of mind.. unfortunately its you.. ” purab concluded..

‘oh.. I’m always right.. the one who text was a girl..he caught her.. poor girl.. but how can I meet her now’ she thought & said “oh..by the way i’m bulbul”

” I’m purab..” he said & forward his hand& she too forwarded her hand for a gentle hand shake..

they both were loss in their own thoughts.. when a voice interupted them..

“what the hell you are doing here that too with a guy??..” asked abhi furiously..

Already he lost his mobile phone.. that doesn’t matter but then he don’t know any of his password.. so he couldn’t log in to his fb from yesterday..now, he could not identify his chashmish..& that sucks..

Bulbul his beloved cousin sister was attached to him like glue throughout the day & the previous night.. he couldn’t avoid her.. as much as he hates to admit it he loves her a lot that he could not avoid her..

And now she is in her own romance with a guy.. that makes abhi more furious.. he is ready to fight with purab..

when bulbul said “its chashmish….” abhi cut her off by saying..

“chashmish???” His world collapsed.. how can he love a guy & even he thought to prospose him.. oh God.. he had dreamt of a life long commitment with his chashmish.. but now it will be called as gay relationship.. how can he do that.. Noo.. He can’t do this.. he closed his eyes in dread.. he thanked all the stars because he didn’t proposed in the text itself..

bulbul is studying his facial expressions & controlling her laugh she said.. ” bhai.. its my friend chashmish’s brother Purab.. & Purab this is my bhai Abhi” said Bulbul with a smirk… confused Abhi looked at Purab..

” bhai.. Purab is so responsible same like you.. how you doubted that chashmish is a guy likewise he also had a doubt that rockstar may be a guy.. so , he came to give a piece of mind to ROCKSTAR..” bulbul said by stressing her last word..

” little change is that you allowed & followed me.. Purab didn’t allowed her.. I don’t know when will I get a chance to meet her..” bulbul said with a worried face..

Purab was guilty.. he is ashamed of his activities..he doubted & shouted at his own sister..remembering, Pragya remained silent & cried makes him more guilty now.. she always stand for herself whether its her fault or not.. so, he wants to make it up for it..

“Umm.. err.. can you please come to my home?” asked Purab with a little hesitation..” you can meet her there..” he added..

All the while Abhi was standing like a statue & mentally dancing because he is not HIS CHASHMISH.. ‘you can meet her there.’ It caught the attention of Abhi..

” yeah .. sure.. I’ll come with you”Bulbul said happily..

” haan.. In your dreams.. how can you even expect me to let my sister to go with you? .. will you let your sister come with me???..” Abhi asked sarcastically.. ‘ come on Abhi.. today you should meet her.. whatever it is..’ he thought.

” urgg... who wants your permission.. i’m going.. thats final” Bulbul glared at him..

” Abhi please.. I really want to clam her down.. ” Purab said ..

‘ yaar.. going on right track.. maintain Abhi’ Abhi thought..

” hey Purab why are you pleasing him.. he is not my brother.. come we will go.. ” Bulbul said & smirked at Abhi.. & Abhi glared at her..

” arrey Bulbul.. see how caring he is.. & you are saying he is not your brother.. you are exactly like my Pragya.. no wonder you two are friends.. ‘birds of same feather flock together’..” Purab said realising Bulbul is not less than Pragya..

” leave her Purab..we brothers are always caring however our sisters are all devils..& I can understand your situation but then I can’t let my sister with you ALONE..”Abhi said by stressing the last word..

“Then you too come Abhi”Purab said atlast what Abhi wants.. “as you wish.. but its only for you Purab..because A BROTHER ONLY KNOWS OTHER BROTHER’S HERAT”. Abhi said as serious as he can..

” thank you so much Abhi” Purab thanked him whole heartedly..

whereas Abhi patted himself as if he had done a difficult task in a very easy manner..

Their travel was silent..while abhi glared bulbul.. & bulbul galred abhi..

#Pragya’s home#

Pragya… come& see who came to our home..” Purab shouted in happiness..

He don’t know why he is happy.. it is because of the happiness which he will see in his sister’s face or he had met his special one?? & that too he brought her to his home in the first day itself..

yeah.. he felt unknown happiness when Bulbul is around him.. from the time he met her his mind & heart was full of color color butterflies.. & he managed to say somethings.. & he was hell bent to bring her to his home to spent some more time with her..

Pragya can easily guess Purab is happy to the core.. but why.. he scolded her alot.. & now he is all happy..

she came from her room only to look at a tall young man who is really a handsome hunk..it looks like he is thinking which leg he should place first at the entrance& somebody from behind pushed him & he placed his right leg sentimentally at the first visit of his sasurals home.. he looked at her.. their eyes met.. ‘ he don’t want any confirmation he knows she is HIS CHASHMISH.Somewhere around the mess his heart says she is HIS CHASHMISH..

‘ How can a girl look so beautiful with puffy eyes that has chashma & messy pony tail.. she is breath takingly beautiful without any mistakes..’ thought abhi while his eyes scanning her& his lips curved to make a charming smile..

Pragya is awestruck.. yeah.. she loves Rockstar.. for that she can’t stop herself from oggling at the man who is just infront of her.. In her second thought where the hell you gone when I fell in love with my rockstar..

“Here you go.. your rockstar..” Purab said making both of them come out of their trance..

Pragya mentally did a jig as she got her ROCKSTAR & not to mention he is the most handsome guy in the world.. her eyes reflects her happiness..

” move away man.. I want to see my chashmish” Bulbul pushed him to the other side & ran to hug Pragya..

Now that our Pragya’s world collapsed under her feet.. ‘My chashmish?? ‘these many days did she talked with this girl?? How it is even possible..? ‘I had dreamt of my future with a girl?? Oh.. shit.. shit.. shit..what I have done..Gods grace.. I didn’t proposed her on the message itself.. else it will be lesbian relationship..’she thought& felt uncomfortable when Bulbul hugged her tightly..

Abhi is enjoying the show of Pragya’s facial expression .. looks like anytime she will puke.. she excused herself to make coffee for them.. she noticed the way Abhi looked at her.. her heart beats fast when his face comes into her mind..

she made coffee & joined with them..
“Here you go.. coffee..” said Pragya with glint of naughtiness played in her eyes..Bulbul & Abhi took the coffee& took a sip..

” urggg.. whats wrong with this coffee?.. ” Bulbul spitted…

while Abhi sounds”ummmm…”
like he is enjoying the coffee..

” whats wrong Bulbul?” asked purab with a concern..

” shit… you prefer cinnamon coffee na…. I totally forgot it” Pragya said with a devilish grin..

Bulbul glared at Abhi while he grinned like an idiot.. she had made 2 cups of cinnamon coffee exactly how her rockstar prefers to drink..& by now Pragya confirmed who is her ROCKSTAR..

with the presence of Purab they didn’t know what to speak.. & how to speak.. but they don’t forget to steal glance of one another..after the coffee they left from Pragya’s home..

Purab asked his apology & gave HER mobile.. now that she is free to chat with her rockstar..

With Abhi & Bulbul

Abhi whistling happily & it turns to an excitement when a notification popped in his mobile..

” Purab Arora send you a friend request”

He readily accepted the friend request..& smiled..

“Why are you smiling like an idiot bhai?” Bulbul asked..

” you know my to be brother in law wants to be a friend of mine..how sweet??..Isn’t he?” Abhi asked dreamily..

” bro-in-law? But who? & what are you talking about?” Bulbul asked with a glare.. ‘Is he planning to find my groom without my knowledge?..then what about Purab?..hey bagwaan’ she thought..

” Purab..??”Bulbul blushed hearing his name..& Abhi continued..”if I marry Pragya means he will be my bro in law na!” hearing this Bulbul wants to bang her head on nearby wall but due the pain consideration she left the idea..

Hey Bulbul..

Abhi read the message again & again..”what the hell?”he muttered..

“What happened bhai?

“Why he is saying ‘hey’ to you?” Abhi asked furiously.

“Oops.. I think he is thinking me as you..” she said smiling..’Is he also feels the same for me?..’ she wondered..

“Pardon..”he asked confused..

Bhai .. I think he is thinking me as Rockstar..” Bulbul said the matter of fact

“Is he out of mind or what? How can he think like that?..” asked Abhi in a no nonsense tone..

Uffo..bhaai.. according to him rockstar is me.. I introduced myself like that only na..” she elaborated..

“Oh.. but why he wants to talk with you?” Abhi asked

” To paly a cupid for your love” Bulbul huffed..

” How sweet.. better he can contact me directly..I’ll give him instructions”Abhi said in a matter of fact..

Bulbul patted her hand on her forehead” I’ll give him your number.. but now give me your mobile”

” why I feel its not for my love but for yours??..” Abhi asked with a doubt..” Is there something something??”
Bulbul blushed hearing Abhi..

” oh.. please stop that blushy blushy thing.. I neither going to help you nor give you my mobile..”

” I helped You & you are not helping me in my most needed situation..” Bulbul faked her anger..

Hearing that Abhi felt guilty.. but then he is Abhi the Rockstar.. No one can stop him na..

” how dare he thought to speak with my sister..sure I gonna make his life hell..” Abhi fisted his hand

“Yeah.. how dare he.. here you only love his sister & talk with her from only 12 am to 11.59 pm. dailu & he … how can he dare to THINK to talk to your only sister.. isn’t it too much..you should make his life as living hell by making me as his wife.. I’ll confirm that he will pay for it.. &I decided that” said Bulbul quickly .. she took his mobile & went to her room before Abhi could reply her..

Some days later..

Bulbul & Purab are in good understanding.. she had given him her number& They are contact through mobile calls,whats app,video call& whatnot.. They both share about their families, their college days, Purab’s work & all.. Bulbul hide Abhi Pragya relationship from Purab..she is little afraid that how he will take this..Purab is little serious when it comes to Pragya unlike her brother who easily agreed to their relationship..Little did she known is Abhi really liked Purab’s character from whatever Pragya shared& after their meet strangely He really Loved him as a Brother in law..

After that encounter in Pragya’s home the four started to meet frequently in different places.. Abhi & Purab are pretending to be body gaurds for their sisters & the reality is to see each others love..

During the time Abhi & Purab bonded well just like Bulbul & Pragya.. Abhi admired Pragya in a lot of things where as Bulbul also loved Pragya for her naughty yet cute lovable character.. not to mention Purab also have his own admiration of Abhi& Bulbul.. and Pragya.. she is really on top of the moon.. she felt like she have completed all the levels in candy crush 😉 😉

With Pragya & Purab

Hey bro what are you doing?”Pragya asked as she entered into the kitchen by chewing the chips..

” taking bath buddhu..” Purab replied.

” ha ha.. what a comedy..” Pragya glared..

” Then what will we do in kitchen.. cooking only.” Purab said..

“you are adding coffee power? What food is it?..umm??…”

” God.. its coffee only.. by the way where is cinnamon?” Purab asked

” Cinnamon?? But why?.. ” she asked suspiciously..

” today Bulbul is coming here..she asked me not to tell you.. but who can help me to surprise her ” Purab said with a puppy face..

” bro..eversince she came into your life I can see a different bro.. ummm.. err.. what is the correct word.. ! Yeah.. blushy blushy.. love sick..
puppy puppy..” she teased him..

” okay.. I’m surrender.. now please help me to make her favourites..” he said..

” ok.. I’ll help you.. My bribe?” She winked..

” umm.. Yeah.. I’ll see a good bride for you then..” he said in a naughty tone..

” its.Not.Bride.. Its Groom” she said furiously.

” oops.. tounge slip.. I’ll find a groom for you” He said..

” I won’t give you that burden.. I’ll pick him.. You don’t worry.. Only thing you should do is be my side” she said playfully.. but she is really afraid of his reaction..

Purab hits her back head pllayfully
” speak like a small girl..”

‘ When he is going to realise that I’m a lady now & already ready to marry my man..’she thought with a huff..


“Now whats that bro?” She asked..

” Today maa is not here na..”

“So???” She narrowed her eyes..

” I..I .. I’m planning to propose Bulbul.. ”

” so.. I have to go to my friend’s home?.. isn’t it??..” she asked

” you are the best sis in the world” he hugged her..

“I know..DRAMAKING.. I’m leaving then”

When she was about to go out..

” hey Pragya , Purab.. we are here..” Bulbul entered excitedly..

“Bulbul behave.. don’t be a monkey atleast infront of our saasu ma..” Abhi said while she glared at him..

Pragya & Purab welcomed them..

Hey bagwaan.. how much hardwork I have to put to propose Bulbul..first I have convinced maa to go to chachi’s home then I have convinced Pragya to go.. finally when all is going to set at correct place my love is here with her everloving brother.. how can I manage him now’ he thought with a huff..

” what a pleasent surprise..but I have to meet Kunal now.. so, you guys carry on” Pragya said while showing thumbs up to Purab & eyeing at Abhi..

‘now who is that idiot Kunal..I’m damn sure I’m going to kill him’ Abhi thought..

After she left Abhi was restless while Pragya was waiting at the corner of the street for Abhi..’If he come to look after me means then today is going to be my best day’she thought..

“Abhi..what happened? Why are you so tensed? ” Purab asked..

” I totally forgot to check a file which is very important.. now that I remembered.. ” Abhi manages to say a believable lie..

” then have your lunch & then go Abhi..I have prepared for you both..” Purab said although he too badly wants to propose Bulbul..

” Its ok.Purab.. I’ll leave Bulbul here.. she will eat my part too& don’t cheat her in food matter.. she will become a real devil” Abhi said innocently while she glared at him..

” Go.. your work is waiting for you” Bulbul spatted back..

” Bye guys..enjoy& Be safe..”Abhi said..

“Yeah I’ll be safe bro” she said to her caring brother..

“I said it for Purab” saying so Abhi went from there leaving a glaring Bulbul& smiling Purab..

Pragya spotted Abhi & started to move when Abhi also spotted her started to follow her.. she increased her phase while he too did the same..

#with Bulbul& purab#

Its feels damn neverous.. only two of them.. Both were expected this loneliness for a long time..everytime they would binded by His sister& Her brother..now they are alone..but they really feels so shy even to see each other..

By breaking the silence Purab asked
” so shall we eat?”

” its just 11’o clock.. will eat later” Bulbul said nervously..’I thought I only feel so shy but looks like he is more nervous than me..Oh god’

” then coffee? ”

” yeah.. that will be ok.”

“Here you go.. specially made by me for my special person..♥♥” Purab managed to say with a nervous smile..’Hell.. why is it too tough to make a sentence infront of my love!!!’

Bulbul blushed hearing him& took the coffee smilingly.. she took a sip.. & there comes the spit..

“Yuckk.. yuckk..”

“What happened Bulbul?.its not taste good?”

“If you have any problem with me say it na.. don’t show it in this..its horrible” she said with a fake anger..

His face became pale hearing that..
“Hey I just said it for fun..its superb..you added some powder in this I guess.. not a matter I’ll manage”she said to pacify him..’God..how I’m going to eat the lunch..’

“But its cinnamon coffee.”

“What ever.. I’ll drink it only for you” she said shocking Purab..

“Isn’t it your favourite coffee??..” he asked her suspiciously..

“Oops..I.. that.. yeah.. yeah.. its my favourite ..”she said looking at everywhere but at him..’I’m dead now.. how can I forgot that my idiot bhai’s favourite cinnomon coffee’she thought..

“Ok.. now tell me clearly.. I have random thoughts about ROCKSTAR.. whenever we meet Pragya seems to know about Abhi more than you do..& He do reflects the same..when I ask about it you people try to cover it by saying silly reasons.. ” he asked in a matter of fact tone..

‘Now the cat is out of the pot’she thought..

#With Abhi&Pragya#

Uff.. its been 20 minutes.. she is walking walking& only walking..& he is like a gentle man following her without noticing where the way leads them..After a good another 15 minutes walk they reached a prohibted area..

“Hey Kunal.. now I’m here.. come & take me with you” she shouted like her life depends on it..

‘Come Kunal.. I want to see you.. Is you better than me.. that she had chosen you over me??’ He thought by hiding behind a tall tree..

“Its been 10 years you left me here..people are saying you died because of that naagin..but I believe in my love.. come back to me”she shouted again & from corner of her eyes she can see Her Abhi..An afraid Rockstar..

‘Is she talking to a ghost??’ He thought in a dread..

Haan.. I came for you my love ..I will bring you to the world we belongs to..” a sound echoed in the place.. while her face goes pale.’its not Abhi’s voice..then who’ she thought with a fear..

‘Now that the ghost is replying her..she always used to say she have a terrible secret.. I didn’t even imagine in my wild dreams that she will talk to a ghost.. that too.. that too.. a real naaginbited ghost..’ he thought & closed his eyes in dread..

Abhi suddenly felt a weight hanging on his shoulder& hip..he started to shout” help meee… bhoot.. bhoot..help me.. leave me..”

“Help us bhoot.. bhoot.. help us” Pragya shouted back while clinging on Abhi.. Though his heart liked & affected by the closeness of Pragya his mind was occupied by the Ghost.. bhoot..

“You insane lady.. you are the one who called it..now go & talk to him..tell him to go.. tell him that you want to live with me..go tell.. he will hear you”he said without taking breathe

“I just played a prank on you.. I swear there is no Kunal in my life.. I don’t know who is that ghost..Abhi.. help me Abhi.. I want to live with you & make innocent babies like you”she said dreamily

“Noh..noh.. naughty like you..” he said offended..

“Ok.. 5 babies like you & 5 babies like me” she said still clinging on him..

“Babe.. only 10..I thought more..”he huffed..

” aww.. yeah may be 100..& I’m sure there is no one in the world who proposed their love out of fear for a ghost ” the same voice echoed..

They both nodded their head in agreement & their cheeks turns to red..while the reality strikes.. they indeed proposed each other..

“Ghost .. please.. leave us.. we sure we won’t come here after this..”Pragya pleased..

” thats not possible my love” the voice replied..

“Wha.. what you.. want from us?” Abhi asked tensedly..

“Your girlfriend.. I want her to marry my grandson Abhi& believe me I’m asking this for a long time” he explained..

“What a coincidence.. my name also Abhi& I’ll be your grand son & will make your wish comes true” Abhi said with a nervous tone..

” wait wait.. its Rahul right?” Pragya asked with a curious look..

“I thought it right.. among you two.. you have some brain my love..” His voice came in a reply..

” which Rahul you are speaking about??& how dare he is telling that I have no brain?” Abhi huffed..

Now that Rahul came infront of both..
“Finally.. daada.. we met.. how long i’m asking you to meet me.. now only you have time ah..that too like a ghost..??” She asked..

Daada blessed her & side hugged her.. Abhi is seeing this scenerio with his mouth wide open..

“Daada.. you are the ghost? How come you here? .. & whats this Rahul??”.. Abhi asked curiously..

” Rahul is my fake fb account..”he smiled sheepishly& continued “I’m the one who said to take you here.. see Abhi its our farm house left side.. & the ghost thing is just my plan to trap you both to confess” he let out a laugh..

“So you are Abhi’s daada?but you never said it to me.. “Pragya furiously asked..

“I said.. but you forgot little lady” daada said with a smile..”now that all clear.. so come..we’ll drop Pragya first then we will pick up Bulbul from there..I hope everything will be fine there” he said & Pragya noded..

#with Purab&Bulbul#

Bulbul said whatever she knows not to mention she knows everything about them..Purab glared her..

“Believe me.. my bro will be the best guy a girl can ever get..” Bulbul said in a matter of fact..

” yeah.. If I search also I can’t get a man like Abhi.. but what maa will say..?” He asked with a worried tone..

“For that only I’m here.. I’ll talk to your maa & somehow I’ll manage to say yes for the two proposals..”daada promised..

After so much of pleasings,beggings sarala gave her permission for their marriage..

After 2 years they got married with the blessings of the elders..& then happy ever after..


Read it?.. Thank you guys for patiently reading it.. I hope you smiled atleast one time..

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