You Are My Happy Love (kkb OS)

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A long one shot of our favorite couple Abhigya.. & I hope it won’t be a boring story.. Read it & tell me how is it…

At Arora Designings, Mumbai.

Office canteen:

” Hey guys.. you know what..? We are getting freedom from our Mirchi..” Tanu exclaimed happily..

” Look Tanu.. How many times I have told you not to call him in such names..?” Vin glared at her.. while Tanu gave him a ‘i’m  not so interested in your lectures now’ look..

” We know that she gone nuts.. Leave her Vin.. Crazy bird tell us the matter clearly na?..” Purab asked her..

” You…!! you again call me crazy bird.. I’ll show you who am I!!..” she glared at him.. & continued..” We can expect a new CEO by end of this week.. ” She gleamed in joy..

” Really.. Then its party time to celebrate our upcoming freedom ..” Bulbul  cheered up & gave a hifi to Disha..

Purab & Abhi smiled at their antics while Vin gave a unbelievable look..

” Bhaiyya… Bhaiyya.. Give us your special chicken briyani  6 plates..” Ordered Disha happily..

The servent nodded his head in yes..

” Girls… Relax.. It could be a rumour too..” Abhi said while suppressing his laugh..

” uffo.. you dumb.. Can’t you tell me before I place the order… wait let me cancel the order…orelse you people made me to pay the bill” Disha chidded..

” Dishh.. no need to cancel yaar.. Its not rumour.. ” Tanu said to her..

” How can you so sure darling??..”  Abhi winked at her..

"  Abhi winked at her

” Bhaii.. thats the profit of having boy friend in board member.. I just called Nikil & he said there is a discussion going on about new CEO.. ” Tanu said showing her all teeth..

” Come on Tanu.. Half of the things he is saying are lies..” Bulbul huffed in disappointment..

” Vin.. you know na?? Tell them yaar.. atleast support me in this??..” Tanu asked with a puppy face..

All are seeing Vin as their prey.. & Vin nodded his head in Yes..

” Why are nodding your head now??  For Bulbul’s statement or Tanu’s question..?” Abhi asked all set to tease the duo..

‘Watching their fight is one of their favorite time pass..’Abhi thought..

“For both” Vin said smirked..

” You mean to say Nikil is a liar? ” Purab added the fuel to the fire..

” Ohho.. Is that what Bulbul said.. ?? Then I’m sorry..he is not a liar..” Vin said & Tanu smiled at him.. ” He is a CHEAT..” Vin glared at her while Tanu face fell off.. All others are giggling..

” You.. you all will know about him one day.. That day you will  feel..” Tanu huffed..

” Same to you darling..” Abhi teased her..

“Go to hell.. ” saying so Tanu left from there..

” Why did you tease her this much guys.. See..she left without having food..” Disha said sadly..

” Dishh.. You are mistaken.. She is Tanu.. Tanu shree Mehtha.. Whatever it is.. She won’t leave her food.. She had taken two plates of Briyani..” Purab said with a smile..

“Why she is not listening to us?.. ” Vin asked exaseperated..

” Because she had gone nuts..” Purab spat back..

” Abhi.. You should make her understand.. I think she considers you as her brother..” Bulbul said with a concern..

” I’m tired Bulbul.. She is not even listening to me in this matter..I feel the time is not so far for Nikil’s  end..” Abhi assured her..

1 week later…

“Ladies & Gentlemen.. I welcome you all for the grand success of Arora Desigings(AD).. Its not so easy to withstand in designing world for 25 years..  & we.. The Arora designing family made it.. Its the day to celebrate our Silver Jubliee.. Without you people its not possible.. Your hard work, support, dedication are the main reason for our success.. Day by day our competition gets increasing.. & we have to cope up with new desingings.. Our AD family consist lots & lots of young, energitic, talented guys.. In that list, we gonna have a sportive, energitic   25 years young  new CEO..  I hope you people will support me like  always.. & I’m very happy to welcome my one & only  daughter  PRAGYA ARORA.. The new CEO of our Arora Desingings..  Give her a big applause.. ”  Ragveer The founder of  AD cheered the crowd..

" He is speaking like really he is  a friendly boss that anyone can get

” He is speaking like really he is  a friendly boss that anyone can get..” Purab murmured..

” yeah.. For the first time in this  2 years he is saying that we are talented..” Disha said huskily..

” Oh.  Dishh.. Think of us.. we are working here for 4 years.. & believe me.. I never saw him speaking this much polite..All he knows is SHUT UP & GET LOST..”  Bulbul said with a sad face..

” Abhi.. where are you lost??..” Vin hits Abhi’s arm with his elbow..

” I’m waiting for Pragya.. look.. The name itself give me some kind of  .. umm.. what to say.. umm.. kind of good vibe..” Abhi said dreamily..

” yeah.. Good vibes.. only in your dreams bhai.. As far as I know she is a  female Ragveer Arora.. ” Tanu said disappointed while Vin glared at the duo..

 " Tanu said disappointed while Vin glared at the duo

Pragya.. She is hot as like as a star & cool as like as  the moon.. The way she is carrying herself is simply elegant..No one could divert their sight while seeing her.. The confidence in her eyes.. The slight smile in her lips makes her even more elegant.. She reached the stage & her eyes swaying  around the hall to observe the people.. The crowd clapped for her..

” Now the stage is all yours my princess” he said & handed over the mike to her..

” Good evening all.. I’m glad that our firm completed its 25 years.. & I hope it will reach great heights in future too.. My papa  gave me a big oppurtunity anyone can’t get easily..& I want to win with all your support..” she said & smiled  with a confident look..

” Mumbai will be our headquaters from now on.. & I’ll visit other branches oftenly… So, Thats it from my side for now..” She said with a smile..


” Pragya beta.. He is Vin.. My PA..From now on he will be with you.. ” Ragveer introduced  Vin & she nodded her head..

” He is Abhisheik Mehra.. Our head designer..” Ragveer introduced him & both smiled at each other..

” Okay dear.. I take my leave & you carry on with your works..” Ragveer said & left from there..

“Mr. Vin.. Did we met before??” Pragya asked him..

He nodded his head in No..

” Its like I’ve seen you somewhere.. but its okay.. you carry on..” She said & went to her cabin..

” Hey.. buddy..I can’t believe this.. she is right infront of me.. ” Abhi said with a glee..

“Ochh..!” Purab yelled in pain..

” You are  shouting.. so its not a dream..” He said  with a grin..

” Idiot Abhi..If you have a doubt then pinch youself to confirm its dream or real..” Purab glared at him..

” That will hurt me na..!! Leave that… Vin.. you don’t remember her??” Abhi asked him with a curious look..

” No Abhi.. ” Vin said  walked away..

Abhi, Purab , Bulbul, Tanu & Disha reached the canteen as it is their break time..

” So Abhi.. You know that beauty queen before itself ah??” Purab winked at him.. While the girls gave him a ‘These boys are always like this..’ look..

” yeah.. I know & She is your to be bhabi Purab..” Abhi scoffed..

” I don’t have any brother..” Purab chidded..

” You have & thats me..” Abhi winked while Purab glared at him..

” You are not going to leave atleast one girl for him?? .. Its you & Vin always behind all the girls..God knows whats the happiness getting while flirting..” Bulbul spat him..

" Its not our fault that he is like a mahan & living like pilgrim

” Its not our fault that he is like a mahan & living like pilgrim..we enjoy our life..” Purab said & put his arms on Bulbul’s shoulder while she  glared at him..

” Its not mahaan thing guys… I was waiting for my girl.. & Now she is here..” Abhi said dreamily..

” So how did you know her bhai??..& You didn’t shared it with me??..”Tanu screeched..

” Its all started when we were studying in University…” Abhi said all ready to narrate their story ..

” Oh.. You both were classmates?? ” Disha prompted her query..

” No.. She was in her first year & I was in my finaly year..” Abhi said remembering those memories..

” oh.. ho.. senior-junior play…Same college…Then I’m sure you were a rockstar & first she might be hate you then after knowing you fully she must have proposed you?? Am I right Abhi?? Or it could be like this where you were ragging your junior & you saw her.. then both of you fell in love at first sight…thanthana thanthana thaa… the background music played where you both lost yourself in your so called eyelocks..” Bulbul said with a glint of happiness like she solved a  difficult level sudoko..

“Howmany times I have told you not to read more fanfictions..!!” Purab glared at her & Bulbul gave an oops reaction..

“I wish it should be happened like that..but poor me.. we are not collegemates too..” Abhi said disappointed..

” you both were neither classmates nor collegemates.. then why the hell you said it all started from you were studying in University..??..” Tanu huffed..

” Relax darling.. I will tell you clearly.. Vin & Pragya were collegemates.. As you know Vin & me were roomates .. I  happened  to meet Vin in his college at the last day of  his college day.. Freshers of the year gave them farewell..There I met err saw  her..She also danced for a song love love happy love.. & you are my happy love..” Abhi concluded..

” But she didn’t gave a damn look like she know you already… She saw  you like you are  a stranger..?? ” Purab  asked him..

” Because I’m a stranger na? .. I said ,I saw her..” Abhi grinned at him..

” Abhi.. You are saying that she don’t know you..??” Purab glared at him..

” Exactly dear.. Even I had seen her only  once.. After that Vin & me vaccated our room & came to India…Then we joined in The famous Arora Designings Under the great Ragveer Arora…” Abhi said sadly..

” & we thought you both were hopelessly in love due to the build ups you created..” Disha hits her palm in her forehead..

” Did I said like that?? No na.. But, It will happen one day.. Chances are there..!!” Abhi winked..

” Haan .. In your dreams.. ” Bulbul said furiously..

” Come on.. for the first time my bhai is trying a girl.. don’t discourage him naa.. Bhai.. Success will be your side..” Tanu said while putting imaginary tilak on Abhi’s forehead..


Days passed.. Pragya is now familiar with all business tactics.. Vin always helped her  & give his suggestions to her in which she is confusing herself alot.. She started to like him.. His honesty.. His dedication towards his work.. The perfectness in his work.. No one can raise a single word against him when it comes to his work.. He did helped Pragya in every situation where she lacks.. He supported her..Most of the time Vin is around her.. Other than Business related talks she really don’t know about him & they don’t talk much..

‘ Vin is the most talented guy..A geniune person.. He have all the ability to manage a company like my paapa.. I think papa is suppressing him under me.. I want to talk about this to papa…But, why I feel he is hiding something from me?? .. A longingness or hurt or pain..?? Is there anything I missed out?? I know he is my senior & he identified me too.. But why he said he don’t know me?? .. sometimes he is seeing me calmly like he cares for me..& sometimes he is glaring me as if  I had  taken his favorite thing from him… yaar.. Pragya.. whats happening with this Vin & me..’ She wondered..

” Mr. Vin.. I want to look after the new designs.. Inform Mr. Mehra to bring the sample designing..”  Pragya said while her eyes fixed on her desktop screen..

” Abhi will be busy in designing samples.. I’ll call Bulbul to bring that..Is that okay for you??” Vin asked..
‘ Already this Abhi is in full  day dreaming mode.. If I allow him here he will definitely play his cards well to woo her..what I did in my previous birth..!!’ He thought with a huff..

” yeah.. I’m okay.. but let me remind you Bulbul was on her leave.. ! ” Pragya said while looking at him..

” Oops.. I forget.. Then I’ll inform Disha..” Vin said after little thinking..

” Mr. Vin.. Whats the problem you have ? Whenever I want to check the sample designs with Mr. Mehra you always boycotted him.. Whats wrong..? ” She asked him with a unbelievable look..

” No.. I’m not boycotting him.. He is just busy with designings & all.. ” He said looking away from her..

” So.. Now you are going to inform him or I call him by myself??” She asked him..

” I’ll inform him.. ” Vin said  & left..

Sometimes later…

Vin came back with the designing samples..

” He is not well.. He is suffered from severe  stomach pain .. may be food poison.. He is in rest room now..”Vin said   with a sad face..

” ohho.. Its ok.. take that samples & come with me..” she said & went.. Vin followed her with a wide look.. & they reached Abhi’s cabin..

“You said he is in restroom.. ??” Pragya glared at him while Vin gave ‘now the cat get caught’ look..

“He might came now..” Vin said..

” that I’ll ask him.. you may place the samples on the table..& go..” she oredered him..

Vin left from there giving a one last look to Abhi..

” So is the new project going on? Did you  have finished it off with samples??”  Pragya asked him..

” yeah.. almost completed…” Abhi said..

” oh.. thats good to hear.. & Mr. Mehra.. Now are you okay?? You can take off if you are unwell..” Pragya said while looking at his face..

” No.. mam.. I’m perfectly fine..”He said with a confused look..

" Then why the hell you didn't bring the samples to my cabin??

” Then why the hell you didn’t bring the samples to my cabin??.. ” Pragya shouted at him..

‘Now I can understand why that idiot Vin gave a puppy look to me..He trapped me in her angry mood.. ‘Abhi thought..

Sometimes before..

” Hey buddy.. She is asking your sample designings which you are working now..” Vin said while entering into Abhi’s cabin..

” why didn’t she just call me & ask me to bring it.. You know na..I met her only twice or thrice in a day..that to when she  is crossing my cabin..for that I’ve to come before her & stay until she leaves..” huffed Abhi & Vin glared at him..

” already she is hell angry on you that you are taking lot of time to finish it off..If you go near her then she will give your send off party today itself..” Vin said with a wink..

” oops.. then go man.. Go & give the sample to her.. I don’t want to meet ms. Lady Ragveer Arora now..” he said worriedly..


” Just now I’m fine.. before you came I was unwell mam..” he said acting like sneeze & cough..

” oh..Mr.Vin said you are affected by stomach poison.. but you are suffered by cold??” She asked..

‘This Vin.. I’m going to kill him.. Why can’t he just tell me that she wants  me to bring that sample.. I would have happily agreed.. even I’m waiting for it..’ Abhi thought..

“Ochh.. Its paining.. I feel thirsty..I feel my head is stomach is paining.. & whatnot..” Abhi said while his one hand on his head & other hand on his forehead..

" Abhi said while his one hand on his head & other hand on his forehead

‘Dramebazz.. but cute though.. suffering because of his own friend’s antics..’ Pragya mentally chuckled..

” okay okay.. take rest then.. I’ll  arrange a doctor for you..!” she said  faking her concern..

“Mam.. No need.. I’ll be fine.. You don’t worry..”Abhi said making faces..

” okay take care..” she said & left from there..


After that incident whenever Pragya wants , she herself go & check on Abhi’s designs not to mention Vin will try his best to stop her.. But she used to give him another work to divert him..

Every friday Pragya will be visiting Abhi’s cabin to check on weekly designs.. & They both started to expect friday to spent time with each other..

They began to understand eachother.. They bonded well like friends.. then best friends..

They never shared about their past.. Their past??we know about abhi’s flashback.. Then Pragya must be have her side of story na.. yeah.. She have her own love story without Abhi but with his designs..

When she started her second year her papa send her a beautiful dress that is like exactly designed for her & only for  her .. & after that she  asked her dad to design for her for every occasions.. & She did asked about the designer to her ever strict papa.. & he told his name as Abhisheik Prem Mehra..

Every dress he designed  for her  were  apt for her.. More than that she feels comfortable to wear that kind of dresses.. The combinatiom of both comfortness & beautiful..which girl will say no to the dress..She will be breathtakingly beautiful in that dresses.. No one could blink their eyes.. She will be a beautiful diva in that occasions.. All eyes will be on her & her dress..

Before knowing  him she just want to thank him for all the dresses he have designed for her.. & After knowing him this much she wants to love him & get back his love only for her..

She have noticed his gang which is always a non stop chatter box.. Always she noticed him with a happy smile in his face.. The smile which won’t leave his face & she wished to see him with that smiling face forever..


” Now a days somebody is always expecting Fridays..” Tanu said while munching her favorite pop corn..

” No Tanu.. Somebody is Praying to God that everyday should be Friday..” Bulbul said with a teasing smile..

" Haan

” Haan.. I’m all set to hear your bakwas..” Abhi said hiding his emerging blush..

” Aww.. here.. Bulbul will you please learn from him?..” Purab asked pointing to Abhi..

” Learn what?? ..” She asked him curiously..

” See.. we are just speaking about her.. & he is blushing this much.. & you.. you don’t know how to blush even  when I kiss you..!!.. ” Purab huffed..

” Its because they are new to all this Purab.. & You are old to me.. that hugs & kisses all are habituated now..” Bulbul said with a smile..

” God.. This girl has no shame..” Purab huffed..

” yeah.. Because I’m your girl friend na.. Its your effect darling!!..” Bulbul teased him while he gave a glare to her..

” You first propose her.. If she agrees then only I’ll believe your love..” Disha said..

” no.. make her to propose you bhai.. that will be thrilling..” Tanu said  with a fluttering eyes..

” haan.. all make him to feel the heart break.. ” Vin said while glaring all of them.. ” & you.. Abhi.. you are not doing anything like got it??” Vin asked him & Abhi nodded his head like a kid..


At Arora Mansion..

” Paapa.. Why Mr.Vin came here?? & why he is furious??..When I called him he just went out without  speaking to me..Whats wrong??..” Pragya asked worried Ragveer..

” You know Nikil  sood??..” Ragveer asked her..

” yeah.. one of the board member..” Pragya said in not so interested tone.. she wants to know about Vin & the reason behind his anger..

” Nikil asked for your hand..Vin came to know about that.. & Vin asked me not to marry you to Nikil.. He is not in talking terms with him..” Ragveer said sadly..

She mentally thanked Vin for this favour.. but how could he decide her life?? Thinking that she asked her papa” & what you think papa..?”

” I’m not okay with it..” he paused & then continued ” after Vin said to me not to take this allainze to next level..” Ragveer said..

" So he can decide with whom I want to spent my life

” So he can decide with whom I want to spent my life..? Isn’t it papa?..who is he to me?? ” she asked him furiously..

” your well wisher.. Now no more questions.. you may go now..” Ragveer said in his usual bossy angry tone which he didn’t shown to his lovable daughter until now..


At Arora Designings..

She was furious about what had happened in the morning.. Her dad glared at her.. All because of this Vin.. She tried  to calm down.. but to her dismay Vin came there as usual.. She couldn’t sit there & relax herself.. She don’t want to speak with him.. So she just got up & went out of her cabin..

She reached the store room & without any thinking she entered into it..There is no one in the room.. Vin saw her entering into the store room in cctv cam..He knows that she is disturbed by his presence.. so thought to give her some space..

But.. when he look at the person who is following her he is not able to sit & watch it.. He rushed to store room.. Thank God he didn’t closed it..

Pragya is looking at the materials with deep thoughts..

Its a foot step difference between Nikil’s hand  & Pragya’s shoulder..Before he could touch Pragya Vin reached there & turned Nikil & Slapped him hard..

Thats sound broke her thoughts & she saw them with a shock..They are holding eachothers collars..

” Pragya.. he is trying to misbehave with you.. how could you do this ?? Shame on you Vin..!! ” Nikil said while trying to tightening his grip..

” Gods grace I have came on right time..else..he would have..” Nikil stopped as his nose felt a strong pain & blood oozing from his mouth & nose..

Vin punched him hard & started to beat him blue & black.. She was first confused whats happening around her.. when she  realized it she can’t stand there for a second..

She ran out of the store room.. controlling her threatening tears she reached Abhi’s cabin.. Seeing her like that condition Abhi face went pale.. She throwed herself in his arms & hugged him tight as if her life depends on that hug.. she felt secure in his arms..

He patted her back & assured her that he is with her

He patted her back & assured her that he is with her..She broke the hug after some 3 or 4 minutes & she relaxed  herself..

” now tell me.. what happened??..”  Abhi asked her..

“He tried to.. to.. misbehave with me..” Pragya said while fresh tears started to come from her eyes..

” who? ..” Abhi asked gritted his teeth..

” Vin.. There…he..Ni..”Pragya struggled to tell while Abhi gave a unbelieveable look..

” what are you saying Pragya.. Vin can’t do this to you.. He never do this to any girl.. especially you..” Abhi said glaring at her..

” No.. I said Vin is fighting with Nikil.. if not  Vin that Nikil will be misbehaved with me.. ” Pragya said while resting her head in Abhi’s chest..

” you should go & check on Vin.. I don’t know what will that Nikil will do with Vin..” Pragya said..

” If you have to worry about a person.. then it should be that Nikil.. poor fellow will get a lot of punch & kicks from Vin the wrestler..” Abhi smiled at her..

She noded her head..

” You doubted Vin?? ..” Abhi asked her..

“No.. I don’t.. ” Pragya replied firmly..

“Why so??..because he is my friend??..”Abhi asked her..

” No Abhi.. It can be one of the reason.. But the main reason is he can’t misbehave with me.. I know him for the past 8 months..We were alone most of the times.. A girl can judge a guy from his One look.. I  saw only his sincerity & the honesty he have for my papa.. He care for me but he won’t show it.. His first priority is me.. you know every day he follows me to home to check whether I reached home safely or not..You know even papa is considering Vin’s thought.. He have a certain place in papa’s heart too…”

Realizing their position she  parted away from the hug.. ” how you are so sure about Vin?” She asked back the same question to him..

” I can answer well in our previous position itself..” He said & winked at her.. she smiled & leaned on him “now tell me..”

" He considers you as his sister

” He considers you as his sister.. ” Abhi said with a smile..

” why..? ” she asked him again..

” Because you are his best friend’s love interest..guys considers their friend’s lovers as their own sisters..This is simple friendship law..” he said feeling the closeness of her..

” so Is purab is in love with me?? ” Pragya asked him curiously looking into his eyes..

” haan.. in your dreams.. Bulbul won’t spare you..” Abhi said disappointed..

” then who else his best friend?? ” Pragya asked him teasingly..

‘Ohho.. she is teasing me..’ he thought…

” the one who is hugging you now is Vin’s best friend for 8 long years..” Abhi said with a soulful smile..

” aww.. you are the one who loves me??..” Pragya asked shocked.. & parted away from the hug..

He nodded his head in yes..

” can’t you say it in words.. you idiot..” Pragya huffed..

“May I come in..?” Bulbul asked  & came into his cabin while Abhi gave her a death glare..

” Abhi.. come to store room.. big drama is going on..don’t want to miss it right??” Bulbul asked & then only she noticed Pragya .. Bulbul gave an oops reaction..

“Am I disturbed you??.. sorry mam.. ” Bulbul said with a puppy face Abhi said “Already disturbed naa.. lets go..”

” We should go now..”Pragya said & rushed to store room followed by Bulbul & Abhi..

"Pragya said & rushed to store room followed by Bulbul & Abhi

“Vin.. one more punch on his face.. he won’t show his face again to any girl..” Tanu said angrily..

Vin punched him hard on his face & Nikil shouted in pain..

“Wait.. I’ll show him who am I..” Tanu said while pulling Nikil towards her &kicked him hard where sun won’t rises again.. She slapped him across his face..All office memebers are seeing it with curiosity..

“GO. BACK. TO.YOUR .WORK EVERYONE..” Pragya ordered while  Disha & Purab trying to unhold Tanu’s clutches from Nikil’s collar& Vin is holding Nikil’s both hands..

Everyone left except the gang, Nikil& Pragya..

“Purab.. Disha.. leave me idiots… I’ll kill him now..How dare he is playing with girls emotions.. ” Tanu said again punching him in his cheeks..

“Ey.. Tanu darling.. stop it else he will die by your hands.. ” Abhi said & pulled her towards him..

“Bhai.. this guy cheated me bhai.. I hate him.. I hate him.. “saying so Tanu leaned on Abhi hugged him tight pouring her heart out.. Abhi let her to stay like that & patted her back..

“BHAI.. we will hand over him to police…” Pragya said  looking at Vin..

Vin was dumbstruck.. He is looking at Pragya with various emotions.. & unhold Nikil while Purab taking incharge of holding Nikil..

Vin nodded his head in yes & trying to register whats happening around him..

A pair of eyes shedding its long time tears.. Happy tears.. She ran towards Pragya & hugged her tight.. “Thank you so much mam… “Disha said hugging Pragya.. Pragya patted her back with a confusing look..

“Aww.. whats going on? Is this a huggy day?? ..” Bulbul hissed to Purab..

“Come darling.. Give me Hug now. ” Purab asked her with a smile..

 " Purab asked her with a smile

“Yuck.. You hug that Nikil itself..” Bulbul said & turned towards Vin who is looking at the scenerio with an awe..

“Bulbul.. whats happening..? ” Vin asked her..

“You idiot.. You are the reason for this..”Bulbul said..

” what ? Me??.. how..?” He asked..

” wait.. I guess..Disha will tell it now..”Bulbul said with a smile..

“Mam.. I thought You & Vin are…. I’m sorry mam.. I should not thought like that..Its just he is taking care of you more than anyone else… He is spending most of the time in your cabin.. I know he respects you alot.. But.. I thought you two were in love.. & I thought you seperated Vin from me.. Before you came he actually spent alot of time with days passed I started to miss him.. & I thought you are the one who seperated him from us.. but I don’t know you are considering him as your brother..” Disha said while sobbing..

” How can you think like that Disha?? ” Vin asked her furiously..

" How can you think like that Disha?? " Vin asked her furiously

“I’m.. I’m sorry Vin..You didn’t spent time with me.. You didn’t tease didn’t missed me but  I missed you Vin missed you more than anyone..”Disha said while clearing her tears..

” oh.. baby .. I too missed you.. come on .. give me a kiss now..” Vin winked at her..

To his shock she ran to his arms & slapped him lightly.. then Kissed him in that cheek& then hugged him tigjt… He saw her with disbelief.. Usually he will tease her like this..She always behave as a shy girl infront of him.. So he will always call her as baby, beauty, hoty,s*xy & He teased her as if he is her boyfriend..

He doesnot know that Disha will started to feel for his silly antics.. He liked her.. But love??.he have to think of it.. ! But then…he don’t want to leave her without hugging her.. He want to hold her like this forever.. &That second he knows that he too love her  with all his heart beats..

Meantime pragya called Police & gave a complaint about Nikil.. After sometime,Police arrested Nikil & all went to their cabin.. Rest of the day went uneventful..

Vin & Pragya needs sometime to face eachother.. So Vin spent his time in the designing hall where all his friends work together..Vin asked Abhi to be with Pragya & Abhi happily agreed to it..


1 week passed ..still Vin & Pragya is not facing each others.. Tanu is now okay after a long long lectures from her beloved friends& bhai..

Abhi & Pragya also not speaking much about Vin & that incident..

“Mam..”Abhi called her..

” yeah.. tell me Mr. Mehra.. ” Pragya said all ready to tease him..

“Now why you are calling me Mr. Mehra??”Abhi asked her furiously..

“Why did  you called me mam?..”Pragya asked furiously..

“I don’t know.. In what position I’m in now?? ” Abhi said while looking at her..

“You can call me as like you want to but not mam” Pragya said with a smile..

“Why so..?”he asked..

“Hmm.. we can wake up sleeping people.. but we can’t wake up who are acting like they are sleeping..”Pragya said teasingly..

"Pragya said teasingly

“I don’t get it..” Abhi said smiling &  looking away from her..

Pragya seeing him blushing came near her & kissed his cheeks..& smiled at him.. “Now also you don’t get it means.. I’ll find another guy who can get my spoken & unspoken words..” Pragya said with a glint of naughtiness..

Before Abhi could react There comes the furious Vin..

“Good Job Mr. Abhi.. I thought you are working.. “Vin said furiously..

 "Vin said furiously

“Actually Bhai.. Its me..”Pragya said while looking at Vin..

Vin again awestruck to see her.. & get back to his normal mode quickly..

“He is a right choice for me naa??.. ” she asked him with a hope though she don’t know why she is asking for Vin’s choice..

“I don’t want you to get into this trouble Pragya..” Vin said pointing to Abhi & continued..” If you like to handle this then it’s double okay from my side..”Vin said  with a smile..

“Yeah.. I know you won’t let me into this trouble.. But will be there for me na..I can handle this trouble.. “Pragya said relieved..

“You just said I’m a trouble??”Abhi asked them with a disbelief look..

“Abhisheik..can’t you hear..he is okay with our relationship..”Pragya said with a glee..

“Yeah.. But.. you both said I’m a trouble..”Abhi said with a huff..

“Leave that truth Abhi.. ” Vin said teasingly while Abhi glared at him..


At Arora Mansion:

“Pragya beta.. Is that true?? ” Ragveer asked her sternly..

“What papa??.. I can’t understand..” Pragya said with a confused look..

“You & our head designer Abhisheik..?”He asked her..

“Vin Bhai told you about this??” Pragya asked while thinking how to tell her papa about her love..

“Vin?? Bhai??.. no.. he didn’t told me.. ” Ragveer asked with a shock..

“Yeah..But why are you getting nervous??..”Pragya asked him..

‘Abhisheik,Vin bhai & me were the only people who know about my relationship with Abhisheik.. Abhisheik won’t asked my hands as off now.. Then Vin Bhai also not told papa about it.. then whom?? & why paapa is so tensed when I call Vin as Bhai..Something is there..’ She wondered..

“Nothing.. you go now.. we  will talk some other time..” Ragveer said to her..

” Papa.. please tell me.. Is there something wrong?? I have lots & lots of questions.. I couldn’t think straight.. “Pragya said with a confused face..

“If mumma is there means I could have asked her…But she passed away 6 years before.. ” said Pragya with tear filled eyes..

Ragveer can bear a big loss in his company but not a tear drop in his  darling daughter’s eyes..

“Ask me Princess.. I’ll let you know the answers for your questions..”Ragveer promised her..

“Who is Vin papa? Why he is taking so much care for me?? Why he is supporting me all the things I’m doing??who is Vin to me?? I know its not just the honesty like all employees have for their boss.. its more than that.. & I want to know what is that??..” Pragya asked her long running  thoughts..

“You will hate me Pragya.. If you know the truth.. you will hate me..”Ragveer said emotionally..

“May be.. But I have only you papa.. Love or hate .. I’ll show only to you.. Whereever the river goes.. one day it will reach the ocean… & Always my ocean is you papa..”Pragya said  with a longing eyes..

“He is you brother Pragya.. You both share same father but different mother.. This the dirty secret of mine.. Vin hates me for this.. He didn’t added his last name because of me.. He know his father’s name but could not tell it to anyone.. I loved his mother sarala & married her.. your grandparents seperated us & made me to marry Janaki by blackmailing me.. I have no other choice than this.. I can’t leave Sarala but she left me after knowing I married your mom.. After 3 & 1/2 years of searching I got her .. Thats when I know I have a 2 years  old son.. that time Janaki also got conceived.. Doctors said that your mom is too weak & don’t give her stress.. If she stress herself then she may slip into coma & its not good for baby also.. So I hided it from her.. After that I never get the courage to tell her about Sarala & Vin..But Sarala know all the things about you.. & She loved you like her own daughter.. & Vin hates me for not taking his mom’s side for once.. But Sarala had asked him to be with me in every situation.. He loves her alot.. Thats why he is working in AD.. & He loves you alot.. I don’t know how it happened.. But every small thing which I gift you will have the contribution of Vin..Be it a teddy ,chocolate, dress whatever.. he used to choose it for you.. & you liked his choices more than mine..”Ragveer said with tears..

Pragya was dumbstruck to hear this.. Her tears were finding its own way ..Vin is her own brother.. That mere thought made her to feel the goosepumps..

“Why you did to us papa?? .. you should said me before?? Atleast after the death of mumma.. you should have told me all this..”Pragya asked him with tears..

“I’m sorry beta.. I’m really very sorry for that.. I thought you will hate me if you know the truth that I have  an affair…please forgive me beta…” Ragveer asked her forgiveness..

“I’ll forgive you only on one condition..”Pragya said determined..

“I’ll do whatever you say..but please don’t hate me.. You & Vin are my children.. The most cruel thing for a father is hated by his own children.. Don’t punish me by that..”Ragveer asked her emotionally..

“Papa.. my condition is you should bring them to our home.. Its my mom & bhai..I can’t leave them live seperately.. You should bring them & accept sarala ma as your wife.. &you should make  bhai to add his last name as arora.. Thats what I want..” Pragya said with a smile..

Ragveer hugged his daughter”I’ll do it Pragya.. I’ll..”

“Papa.. is it okay for you.. that.. um.. Abhisheik.. ?? ” Pragya trailed off her words..

“When your bhai is okay with this then who Am I to broke it??..” Ragveer asked her.. “morever you always liked his choice.. & Abhi is also kind of his choice..” He added..

“Really?? Bhai told you this?..” She asked..

“No .. Sarala had told me about their friendship.. & yesterday night sarala called me to tell this.. actually Vin will share every thing with Sarala & vice versa.. Sarala said If Vin is a girl then he will choose Abhi for himself..” Ragveer said smilingly..

“Thank God Bhai is a boy.. ” Pragya smiled..


At Vin’s Flat:

“Bhaiii…. ” Pragya ran to the double bedroom falt & hugged Vin with all her sibling love… The moment Pragya called him with that emotional voice Vin knows that Pragya came to know that he is her brother..

The intensity of her voice shows that still she loves him as a brother despite of their different moms

The intensity of her voice shows that still she loves him as a brother despite of their different moms..

This many years he just needs to say her that there is a brother for her who loves her to the moon &its back..

He may hate Ragveer for not withstand with his mother.. but Pragya is not at fault.. He really loved her as his own sister.. He wants his sister will get all the best things..

Unknown to her, She was always take cared by him.. He hugged her as if he is hugging a precious thing of his life..

After sometimes they both smiled while their tears reduced… She saw Sarala ma “I lost my mom 6 years back.. will you be my mom to show me my mom’s love.. I really miss her..??..” She asked with tears breaming in her eyes… Sarala nodded her head with her open arms.. & she ran to her like a kid..
Sarala kissed her forehead & then hugged her..

"For your kind information I'm also here

“For your kind information I’m also here..If you wish you can hug me too.. come on.. no need to be shy..”Abhi winked..

“Abhi..” a stern Vin voice came into the effect..

“Chill bro in law..” Abhi said smirked..

“You know all that before itself..?”Pragya asked him wide eyed..

“Come on he is my best friend.. but he said it before some 4 or 5 months.. That too I asked him why he is always boycotting me to meet you..”Abhi said..

“& why he boycotted you??” She asked him..

“Every best friend knows their best friends well.. So he do know my all secrets.. he he.. dirty secrets too.. So he just changed from my best friend to your saviour brother..come on all brother will do this to save their darling sisters..Its siblings law..”Abhi said with a wink & put his hand on her shoulder..

“Abhisheik.. mom..”Pragya signalled to him..

“She knows everything about me..& about us .. so no prbs…” he said & smiled..

Then After a long long emotional drama of Ragveer & Pragya.. Vin & Sarala said okay to stay with them in Arora mansion.. & Vin started to add his surname.. Soon the life settled for themselves..



So.. My dear staff members ,Relatives,share holders& other business tycoons… I welcome you all to the grant party of  26th year completion of our Arora Designings..“Pragya smiled at the people who cheered her..

“So guys.. I’m very happy to introduce the new CEO of our Arora Designings.. Are you guys eager to know who is our new CEO?..” Pragya asked the crowd..

“New CEO?? But who?? Not again Mr. Mirchi..”Tanu huffed..

“Tanu.. “two stern voices came up with a glare..

“Bhai ,he may be your to be father in law..& Vin, he may be your father.. that doesn’t mean I can’t say the truth infront of you two..”Tanu glared..

“Yeah.. agree with Crazy bird..”Purab supported her..

” So our new CEO is none other than Vin Arora..Give him a big applause & bhai come to the stage..” Pragya called him..she handed the mike to him..

“I didn’t expect this..”Vin said emotionally.. “I  don’t like to be a CEO.. Pragya is the right person..” Vin said smilingly..

“Aww.. bhai.. you are the correct person.. Its your right.. You are the heir of  Aroras… you should be the CEO because it is founded by our Papa..” Pragya said conviencingly..

” ladies & gentle man.. today is the special day in my life.. along with 26 years completion of AD three more happy news for our family.. First one is new CEO.. & The next is my princess Pragya is getting engaged.. ” Ragveer said with a heart filled smile & Pragya looked at him in awe..

“Its my surprise for you choti..”Vin said while side hugged Pragya..

“You are the best..”Pragya smiled at him..

“So.. I kindly invite my to be brother in law to the stage.. Mr. ABHISHEIK PREM MEHRA.. come to the stage to get you girl’s hand..” Vin said with a smile..

All are clapping their hands while the love birds exchanging their rings

All are clapping their hands while the love birds exchanging their rings.. Abhi was lost in his own world where he & Pragya were alone..

“So now.. I would like to engage my son too..”Ragveer said with a smile..

“But.. I .. I..”Vin tried to say something.

“So I welcome the to be bahu of Arora family.. Disha  beti come to the stage.. “Ragveer said smilingly..

“This is a surprise from our side..” Pragya said to Vin..& he smiled at her..

Vin& Disha exchanged their rings happily..


After 1& 1/2 year:

Dish bhabi.. please help me ..this dumbo is not allowing me to meet Abhisheik..” pragya chidded..

“Vin.. leave her na.. why are you controlling her??” Disha asked him..

“You forget it so easily baby.. 6 months back when I asked her to allow me to see you she restricted me.. That is inaspicious to meet bride & groom before marriage & my pay back time..”Vin said happily..

“Not fair bhai.. I hate you..”saying so she went from there..

“& I too love you chotii” Vin shouted while Disha smiled at the crazy siblings..


“Yaar.. Vin.. its too much yaar.. I want to see her.. I miss her yaar.. but you thick head fellow not allowing me to see my girl..”Abhi huffed..

“Remember I helped you.  I took you to meet Disha saying lame excuses to pragya & aunty..but you.. you are restricting me..”Abhi glared at him while Vin smiled at him..

“Dramebaazz.. I came hear to bring you to my home..” Vin said with a wink..”without anyone’s knowledge you meet her& come .. okay.. ?” Vin asked him..

“You are the best..”Abhi hugged him& Kissed him..


At Pragya’s room..

“Yaar pragya.. help me to climb up..! ” Abhi asked her while climbing on the balcony..& she rushed to help him..

They both looked into their eyes as if they saw them in previous birth

They both looked into their eyes as if they saw them in previous birth.. They lost in their own world..

Slowly they broke the eyelock & came back to senses..

“How come you here?” She asked him with a shock..

“You don’t like it..?then I’ll leave..” he said  disappointed..

“I love it.. & I love you..”said Pragya & hugged him..

“I love you too love..”Abhi said while taking her lips in his for the first time.. 
Pragya caged her fingers in back of his neck while he pulled her waist to fill the gap between them..

They lost in their first ever kiss that sealed their love for eachother.. One thing leads to another.. With in some minutes Abhi is in top of Pragya..


“Abhisheik.. “Pragya moaned..

“Hmmmm..”Abhi hummed..

“I want to do it in our wedding night..”Pragya said  nervously.. his close proximity kills her like anything..She don’t want to leave this moment just like that.. anything..

“Even me too..”Abhi said suddenly regain his position..

“Sorry just carried away with my hungry hormones..”Abhi huffed..

“Even me..”Pragya said sincerely..

“Love you Pragya..”Abhi said while kissing her forehead..

“Love you too Abhi”Pragya said with same love..


A very big thanks to all who takes their valuable time to read it.. Thank you so much guys..

Looking forward to your read your reviews too♥

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