Swasan TS (Now FS) – Made for each other (Part 12)

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Story starts from goons who is smirking at her evilly, swara who is helpless and the other men who is also smirking…. It’s starts to rain too…

G1: hey who are you? U r not this area people? Did that madam send you to help us.  K then..  (to swara)  now what will you do dear… (smiles evilly)

Swara looks here and there. There she found wood rod, she takes it and looks at goons…

G2: do you want to hit us? OK dear we will see it… We are 5 & they are 10. Do you think u can do it? (sarcastically said that coming towards her)

But next moment he fell down screaming.  She started to hit him with that rod again and again. Seeing this others also came towards her to hold her. But she jerked them away and started to beat them.. The goons are fell down on floor injured. But she didn’t stop beating..  The new men didn’t come towards her or them to help.  They stood there watching the show..

[u all want that na.. See she did it]

G3: (to new men)  Oye don’t you want her? Then come and help us…

Man: we want…. Not ma’am but u..

Goons and swara shocked hearing this.. Goons looks at them horrified and swara looks at them confused..

G4: who are you?

” this sherni’s bodyguards and her husband’s followers ” . Sanskar says this holding her waist and pulls her towards him.  Swara looks shocked and relieved seeing him.. Rain is also finished …

Sw: sanskar.. ?? they tried to molest me..

San: they only tried.. U did it naa…

Sw: huh…

San: a gang, raping a single girl is not the Gang-rape but a single girl rip the bones of a gang is called gang rape… (pointing to the goons) and I’m proud of you my Princess… I’m very proud to have u as my wife..

Goons became shocked seeing him

G5: but as per the information we got, her husband is mad. But u are not… ? ?

Sw: what did you say? (again tried to beat them.  But sanskar holds her back)

San: I’m not mad but they are… They become violent when they see the woman eating animals..

Goons gulped hearing this. They looks the men and sanskar simultaneously..

G1: (scared ??) but sir bhabhi has beaten us so much.. So please leave us..

San: oh now she became ur bhabhi.. But it’s only after getting beat from her na? But after seeing ur punishment people like you will scare to see a girl in that way…  I want to punish you now.. But she is my priority. (yelled) John….. (leader of new men came forward) take them away..

Jo: OK sir (they take them).

Sw: but they were sent by someone.. I want to know who is it?

San: I will tell you everything. First we will go to farmhouse.. You are so drenched…

Sw: but home.. ?

San: Aman informed mom dad as we are with him and will come late ..  Now come.. I think it’s going rain again..  We will go to farmhouse then get changed and go to home..

Sanskar’s farmhouse

Sw: this is so simple and cute sanskar…

San: u can see it later. Now go and change

Sw: no.. First u tell me who is that? who did this with me?

Sanskar shakes his head seeing his stubborn wife…

San: why are you so stubborn?

Sw: Sanskar??

San: (take a deep breath)  Ragini… Ragini laksh Maheshwari…

Sw: what? She? ?? No I can’t believe that…

San: why? She tried to kill you… Then also u can’t believe that?

Sw: it’s not like that sanskar… I mean she is also a girl named.. (sanskar makes faces sarcastically) how can she ask a goon to harass me? If she can’t consider me as her sister.. Atleast she could have think as I am a girl… I didn’t know she stoop so low to make me suffer..

She started to cry sitting on the floor .. Sanskar came towards her and hugged her comfortably.. He consoles her… Then break the hug and cups her face..

San: princess (wipes her tears) don’t let ur precious tears for her.. Some girls are there to disgrace other women. She is also like… Didn’t u see in that news channel, one girl has killed her own parents and children to save her extramarital affair.. She is also like them.. May she doesn’t has any extramarital affair, but she will stoop so low to save her obsession of her life…We have many other things to do other than thinking about her.. Now go and change your dress.. There is the dressing room (points to one direction) I will also change.. Then we will go home…

she is about to get up sanskar pulled her towards him..

San: I will never leave you and I’ll never let anything happen to u.  No matter what happens I’ll be there for you.  Even if I die I will be….

He is interrupted by a slap.. Yeah she slapped him.. He wriggled in pain and immediately holds his cheek…

San: (in pain, continue with a pout) with u….what’s this princess.? If any hero says this to his heroine, then she will stop him by covering his mouth.. But why did you slap me?

sw: because ur heroine is different.. If you dare to say that again, she won’t slap you but kill you… (she is about to get up, he holds her back shows his cheek)

San: it’s paining shona…

Sw: u deserve it…

she gets up and went from there..sanskar sits there with a pout.. She came back behind him and kissed his cheek. Sanskar startled and about to hold her, but she went from there giggling. He smiles and went to change…

After sometimes swara came back to hall and went outside started to play with rain… At that time sanskar came there but he stood froze seeing her from back.. He is intensely looking at her.. She didn’t notice him, continues to play with water. He slowly walks towards her and back hugs her, sliding through her waist… She stiffens by his touch..

San: (moves his face in her nape and place his chin on her shoulder, calls her husky) Princess …. You are looking so… (paused and moves his lips towards her ears, brushes his nose on her earlobe and says a word huskly which widened her eyes)

She then turned towards him but her breathe become stopped seeing him in that dress… He is so handsome and dashing. She started to breath heavily. She couldn’t look at his eyes and looks down shyly..

San: by the way Mrs Maheshwari we shouldn’t go to home.. (swara looks at him confused) outside weather is not good and inside it’s amazing… (her eyes widened hearing this)

Sw: but Mr Shameless Maheshwari, Aman bhai had informed mom, so we have to go. So come now… (she started to walk from him but couldn’t walk after the half of the distance of her Dori length… Yes it’s hold by her husband)  sanskar.. Leave me…

San: not now Mrs Maheshwari.. First I will solve your problem (takes the mobile and dialed a number)

san: hello Aman.. Here weather is not good outside so we will come tomorrow. Inform mom as we are staying with you..

Aman(on phone) : so when will you come tomorrow morning or afternoon?
San: what about night? ???

Both Aman and swara widened their eyes..

Am: what?

San: don’t u want a niece? Cut the call and go back sleep.. Let me do my work.. (he cuts the call ,swara shocked hearing this. She stood there froze till she felt sanskar’s hand on her belly.)

Sw: how can you say that to bhai..

San:(huskly)  why? don’t you want a daughter? (swara stiffens hearing him).. I need u princess…

Swara could feel difference in his voice.. She slowly turned towards him and looked at his eyes.. She can see that he is looking at her with a different feelings.. She also drowned with this feeling… She replied to him with all love…

Sw: I’m yours sanskar…

He smiles widely and leaned towards her lips. She welcome him by closed eyes. They both get into a deepest passionate kiss ????. After sometimes they broke the kiss.  He picked her in bridal way and went towards them room. He placed her on bed and come over her.

Mizhiyil ninnum mizhiyilekku
thoni thuzhanje poyi nammal… melle…
Mazha arinjill(a)-iravu arinjill(a)-akamazhinjo nammal thammil… melle…

From eyes to eyes they (their gazes) rowed a boat, slowly. The rain didn’t know, the night was unaware, that they lost themselves to each other, slowly…

Aniyam aayi nee amaram aayi njaan..
Udal thulumbi thoovi,thammil… melle…
Thoni niranju, praanan kavinju..
eenam aayi nammil… melle…
mayaa… nadhi…

From the stem (front of a boat) who is she, to the stern who is he (their) bodies filled and spilled, between us… slowly… Filling the boat, transcending their lives became a tune in them…slowly…in this enchanting river…

Harsham aayi.. varsham aayi..
vinnile vennila thoovalayi naam..
Oru thudam neer theliyiloode paarnnu nammal namme..
melle.. melle..
Pala nira poo vidarnna pol,
punchiri niranjo raavin chundil?…melle..

They became happiness, they became rain… They became the feathery moonbeam in the sky… Through a cup of clear water, they saw each other… slowly,… slowly.. Like flowers of myriad colors blossoming did a smile brim on night’s lips…slowly

Mizhiyil ninnum mizhiyilekku
thoni thuzhanje poyi nammal… melle…
Thoni niranju, praanan kavinju..
eenam aayi nammil… melle…
mayaa… nadhi…
mayaa… nadhi…
[this enchanting river
this enchanting river]

They embraced ourselves in the water drops..  Slowly… Finally our Swara and sanskar becomes Swasan… ?????

To be continued….

I’m not good at writing in romance… I know it’s not good… But please spare me… I translate song with swasan… I hope you like it

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